10056/The Weekend Is Here

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The Weekend Is Here
Date of Scene: 15 November 2019
Location: Apartment 1A, Muggins Apartments, Jackson Heights
Synopsis: A girl, a boy, a dragon and a puppy. Also a sandwich, a yogurt, and a great movie where the love interests turn out to be brother and sister and the villain is the hero's dad. Sorry, spoilers!
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Shadowcat

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete finished most of his grading at lunch and head home after his class to get a nap that, if asked, he will say he deserved and earned. It's been a strange week, whether he admits to it or not.

Now sitting on the comfortable, thread bare, couch with his feet up on the coffee table, he's wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Disney+ on the television, he's catching up on his dose of Star Wars by way of the unedited New Hope.. "Boom.. argument invalid, Han shot first." He murmurs to himself, pecking at a sandwich resting on his thigh. Just meat and bread from the kitchen!

He's full on slummin' it.

Shadowcat has posed:
Jester perks up from where he's playing on the floor with a ball with a little bell in it. Rolling it around to make it jingle. He trots over to the door and gives a few small yips as he hears someone outside. The door opens and Kitty comes in. Lockheed takes wing to fly over and greet her, landing on her shoulder.

Two of her favorite men are given scritches, with Jester picked up to get a face rub in as well, then one for Lockheed. Kitty phases her feet to step out of her short heels, and then walks over towards the closet. She pulls her clothing through herself and puts it into a hamper, then pulls on shorts, Lockheed and Jester set aside as she pulls on one of Peter's t-shirts.

She grabs a yogurt from the kitchen and moves over to plop down gently beside Peter, their menagerie following up onto the couch beside her. "Oh good you're home," she says, snuggling against him. "It's cold out. I need body heat."

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete glances back over his shoulder with his sammich in his mouth for when Kitty walks in, "Herruh.." Because he's talking with his mouth full like an adult. See, Kitty, this is what you're dating. This is your boyfriend. THIS is your life now.

He kind of sort of watches her phasing in and out of clothes because there will never be a time when that is not the most amazing thing he's ever seen.. and then grins at her padding along to get a yogurt and join him on the couch.

Before she's even dropped down beside him, his arm is up and out so that as she falls and snuggles, it drapes around her to pull her closer. Turning just enough to kiss the top of her head, "Yeah, about an hour or so. Just had the one class today and traffic was easy..." Traffic being a trip through Narnia. He's an adult.

"Han shot first." He points at the television.

Obviously he had these unedited versions in his collection, but it still tickles him pink that they're being streamed.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Of course he did," Kitty agrees. "He's a scoundrel. Not like he's any worse of a person for knowing he was about to be shot and not sitting and waiting for it," Kitty replies.

Though she wouldn't have shot first in his place, it's a pretty safe bet. Of course that blaster fire would have passed right through her. Strike her down, and she only returns, stronger!

Kitty rests her head on Peter's shoulder as she opens her yogurt. Jester moves to curl up between them, while Lockheed moves to lie along the back of the couch, resting against both of them. "How're you feeling? Any lingering effects from the attack? We need to deal with this AIM reactor thing, but after we really need to get back to hunting down whoever... ah, was hunting you down."

Spider-Man has posed:
"See?" Pete sighs dreamily at Kitty's response to this age old question, "This is why you have to have my children." He jokes with another kiss to the top of her head. It's a fair bet that Pete wouldn't have shot first either.. but he wouldn't have been in Mos Eisley at all! He'd have been fist fighting Vader for hours aboard the Vaders Fist.


"Mmm..yeah. That was the first time in twenty years I felt like a moron." The beacon, a sheepish bite from his sandwich just so there's something going on with his hands. "But as soon as that's over, you're right.. we need to double down finding the gunman. I spoke with Gwen about it.. she's working on an anti-toxin just incase."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty rests a hand on Peter's leg while using the other to spoon out yogurt from the cup she rests in her lap. "It was a bit confusing to me too as I didn't realize some of what was going on," Kitty says. "I left that info on the hub where the Avengers could see it. Were you able to go through it?" she asks.

"There's the... whatever... that escaped from cells to deal with. And the nuclear reactor that's marked critical. Plus, try not to get stuck in 1989 when we go there. So, better brush up on your 1990s sports almanac, Marty McFly. Just in case. But no dating Aunt May," she tells him with a soft poke.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Oh you." Pete says with a smirk, lifting his hand to curl fingers into a few strands of Kitty's dark hair. He takes another bite of his sandwich and nods, "Yeah.. made a little more sense when it was spelled out for me like that, but.. man I wanted to be useful." Alas.

He is but a chemistry teacher!

"Mmm... man, Aunt May as a teenager?" Swooning, that turns into a yuck face, "Don't worry, I'm just going to put money in Apple when nobody was doing that and we're going to be living like fat cats when we get back to 2027."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty grins over at Peter. "My smart time-traveling boyfriend," she says, leaning over to brush a smooch to his cheek. Kitty takes another bite of yogurt as she watches the droids evading the Stormtroopers searching the spaceport. "I'm getting the feeling Mos Eisley didn't get sent the elite Stormtroopers. I mean they can't even conduct a house to house search capable of finding a shiny gold robot whose top speed is only slightly better than an old man with a walker," Kitty muses, waving her spoon towards the screen.

Kitty closes her eyes and snuggles in to the fold of Peter's arm a little deeper. "I'm totally going to doze off on your here. I have to warn you. There may be drool," she says, reaching up to pat his shoulder as if trying to determine if a bit of drool would ruin that shoulder. Though she gets distracted when she feels the muscles hidden away so cleverly beneath Peter's shirt. "Mmmm," she murmurs.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Hey, I have a particular set of skills that I've acquired over a very short career in a constant state of happiness since we got together." Pete, mmming quietly, nods to her assessment that she will be dozing and drooling and feeling up his muscles. He turns a little and lifts her as if she barely ways more than air, then only so he can shift around and lay down on the couch with her nustled up against him. One arm drapes across her hip, pulling her so her head is on his bad shoulder, which has healed pretty well all things considered.

"I know right?" Of the Stormtroopers, "I mean the reach a locked door and what do they do?" He makes all the 'krrrr' sounds too, "This one's locked, try the next one." Scrunchy face... "Really, bro? That's how we're conducting these searches? Okay bet.. I wish villains were that useless."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty gives a thrilled little giggle as Peter picks up her like that. It never gets old for her. Kitty sets the yogurt cup aside on the coffee table, and juggles Jester to get him to a new position he can curl up without getting in their way as they change positions.

But the pup? Nothing doing with just curling up. Now that Kitty and Peter are lying down, it gives the little golden retrieve full access to them! He joyously bounds up over Kitty, running along her side up to their heads where he commences giving Peter all sorts of puppy kisses. "Ok, not the drool I meant," Kitty says with a laugh as she witnesses the canine affection.

Kitty snuggles in against Peter, head resting on his shoulder. Though making sure he doesn't wince. She can be a little over-protective of him. May has probably picked upon that already. Probably one of the reasons they get along.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Oh hello there buddy friend." Pete brings his hand up to ruffle Jester's ears, scritching down the back of his neck while looking around for Lockheed, "Hey, you want in on this snuggle pile?" Calling out to the dragon with a wrist flicking invitation to take his place somewhere amidst the tangle of bodies.

He then resumes in lounging with Kitty, lifting her head by way of a finger beneath her chin, there is a kiss that is probably less pg-13 than would have been allowed on Disney+ programming. Thankfully, Sony still owns the rights to Spider-Man.

"I'm okay, I promise." Said as she dotes him, but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the attention from Kitty. "I love you.." Tilting his head, resting it against hers, but in such a way that he can watch Star Wars while she sleeps because basically this is the hottest thing ever.

Shadowcat has posed:
Lockheed climbs down from the couch back to join in, lying flat on his back atop them both, his feet sticking up in the air and his head lolled back resting against one of the softer parts of Kitty's body.

She grins at the kiss, returning it with vigor before finally snuggling down to begin her nap. "Love you too, Peter Parker," she tells him softly. Her hand slides up Peter's chest, resting on the corner of his neck and shoulder on the other side as she snuggles in close against his warmth.

"Wake me up if Juggernaut shows up at the door. Ordered girl scout cookies from him," she says, eyes closing. They pop back open. "That was a joke. I mean, our lives are weird enough I probably need to specify such things," she says, before closing her eyes again.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Man, wait no, you're joking?" Pete is quiet, rubbing his chin against the front of Kitty's scalp lightly as she nestles in. His free hand rubs Lockheed's exposed belly with plucky guitar string fingers, "Damn, I was kind of looking forward to some Samoa's.." He's joking, but seriously though, who doesn't love coconut macaroons?

Unless they're allergic to coconut...

In which case, take some freaking Benedryl first, it's macaroons!

Another kiss to the appex of her scalp. "What if it's ... uhh... damn, we're running out of villains that haven't tried to kill us in the last few weeks.. I'll get back to you when someone comes to mind."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty gives something near to a little purr at the kiss into her hair. She has her man, her dragon, her puppy. Curled up in a warm apartment with the cold wind and the unforgiving city shut away on the other side of the window.

A boyfriend who is a hero. A dragon who is a hero. A puppy who is adorable. How could live get any better than this? Kitty soon is drifting away to sleep, feeling safe and happy in Peter's arms.