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Guardians of the Feelin'
Date of Scene: 16 November 2019
Location: Cockpit - Milano
Synopsis: The crew of the Milano are intercepted by Yondu, whom they owe a lot of credits and/or drugs. Sans Quill, Rocket takes control of negociations and stages an unsuccessful mutiny with the arrival of Gamora. Drax's sudden unexpected arrival and expert diplomacy skills aid Mantis' gift giving forethought into a smooth transition back into normalacy. I. Am... Groot.
Cast of Characters: Yondu Udonta, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, Gamora, Drax

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Ravager ships don't exactly conform to intergalactic safety standards. Not that there are a lot of them in space; Nova Corps has some basic practices adopted by most spacefaring corporations, for instance, and Kree designs heavily influence many vessels of war.

Ravagers don't plan for a long shelf life for their crew. So their ships run fast and hot with minimal shielding and lots of power diverted to engines and cloaking devices.

The /Milano/ is currently parked in asynchronous orbit behind a triad of cluster moons. It's an old smuggler's trick for dodging space-based scanners while engines recharge. It's also illegal to do it at that altitude due to the propwash from the inertia fields, but then again, who gives a shit? Yondu doesn't-- which is why the massive /Eclector/ pops into existence with minimal warning aside from a bowsurge of hyperspace bleed, a thousand yards from the smaller M-class ship.

"<Milano! This is the Eclector. Hailing Milano, this is the Eclector, Milano do you-->" The video feed kicks on just in time to see the operator being kicked out of his chair. There's a flash of red and blue and then Yondu Odanta's broken teeth and narrow eyes fill the screen with a fishbowl lensing. "QUILL! You skimmy sumbitch, I know yer in there!" he roars in his raspy voice. "Get your hide out here before I skin you and mount you on my wall!" Yondu gives the camera a violent shake.

Groot has posed:
The comm is flashing. And there's a visual, with Yondu asking very pertinent questions. Not to worry, for Groot has answers. He slowly bends, his head leaving the vicinity of the roof, and moves one leafy finger to slowly descend onto the push-to-talk button.

Groot adjusts to be nicely over the mic, to be sure that he can be heard. And he explains the situation for Yondu:

"I am Groot."

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
There's work to be done on the Milano, just some mnior repairs of the engine because someone wanted to fly too close to a collapsing star cus they thought it'd be cool, it isn't cool Quill, it's stupid, you're stupid and you do stupid things... So with all this work to be done, Rocket is lounging in the pilots seat reading a magazine that he is definitely not holding upside down.

Groot is there, he's being helpful, because Rocket was not going to be helpful. He was going to arm weapons and start shooting.. it's a habitual thing, no real malice. It turns out, at least for the sake of himself anyways, that weaponized Groot conversation is far more lucrative for the Rabbits nefarious plots, "Yeah, I bet they want to leave a message... You tell'em Quill is indisposed because he's a big stupid ass who doesn't know an engine indicator from a rad counter."

Because he's reading, ya see. "I think he thinks he's actually on the screen..." More laughter, lots of laughter, fake laughter. It's a lot.

"God he's dumb." He does /not/ now that Groot has not lifted his finger from the push-to-talk.

Mantis has posed:
Mantis is still familiarizing herself with the controls of the Milano. The last ship that she used just reacted in accordance with the will of its owner. The ship and Mantis sort of had that in common, actually.

But the point is that she has some learning to do about how to fly a ship. And so she's going over the controls, learning what each of them does, and only garnering the occasional, "Don't touch that!" from one of the other crew.

Then Yondu's communication comes in, causing her to turn away from what she's doing. Mantis blinks her eyes and looks up from the controls and over to Groot and Rocket. "Wouldn't paintings or pictures be a nicer wall decoration?" she asks them in a voice full of naive curiosity.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
There's a very pregnant pause. "I kin /hear/ you," Yondu informs the partial crew in an icy voice. There's a *thrumming* as tractor beams lock onto the Milano and start drawing it towards one of the Elector's landing bays. "Ah'm comin on board. An' I'm gonna be leavin' with that crate of Kalaxian crystal dust Quill promised me." The camera zooms in on a slightly bloodshot eye that glares at the crew. "An' either I get my crystals, I get my credits, or I get t' feed the crew my new slaves."

The connection terminates abruptly. It will take just a minute for the Milano to be pulled into the portside landing bay.

Groot has posed:
Dark eyes from the woody colossi take in Rocket's running commentary and request. Groot slowly moves his mouth, making a quiet rustling noise, and then reorients towards where he knows the mic is. With a thoughtful, patient manner, Groot bends back down to it, considers how to rephrase Rocket's suggestions in a nicer way, and then politely answers Yondu.

"/I/ am Groot." A smile flows, warm and comforting, onto his face. (Yes, the button is still down.)

"I am Groot!" Groot approves of Mantis's suggestion, pleasantly, but isn't distracted from his call. Yondu still has full attention from Groot. Such as it is. But the kind tree is truly attempting to help Yondu out and soothe the upset Captain. Still, when the tractor beam starts, Groot frowns a little, and looks back at Mantis, then Rocket. "I am Groot," Groot says more sadly. He tried?

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"I know you can hear it! I said it lo- oh, wait you heard all of it?" Rocket blinks owlishly, "Even the part where..." He makes a quiet tsk sound of tongue against the roof of his mouth and drops his feet off the control panel when the Milano lurches forward to the Eclactor by way of tractor beam.

A hop takes him up on Groot's massive shoulder, patting his buddy reassuringly, "We live in a galaxy of trophies for attempt.. you did A plus plus negocifyin'..." BUT, "I don't know how we're gonna tell Papa Mohawk we done sold that dust and spent them credits, though..."

A swift glance around, "Where /is/ Quill, he'd have a really bad plan that would probably get us all killed and... You know it might not be too late for you to get the paintin' on the wall, bug lady. I'm like ninty percent sure he's actually gonna shoot us this time."

Mantis has posed:
The tractor beam locking on causes the Milano to give a brief but hard shudder. Mantis grabs hold of either side of the control console in front of her to steady herself until the moment passes and the ship begins to be drawn towards the much larger Ravager ship.

Mantis looks over to Groot after the helpful tree offers his feedback to Yondu. "I thought it was a good suggestion," she confirms to Groot in a helpful tone.

Mantis turns off the console she was working with and rises from her chair. She looks from the site of the Eclactor looming larger as seen out the cockpit windows, and then over to Rocket and Groot. Without another word she turns to hurry off into the rest of the ship.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
The Elector's automated systems draws the Milano in and lands it on the hull with a low *thumpf*. Various boxes of cargo are strapped down inside the vessel, some bearing official government markings and some missing any marks of lading whatsoever. Seems Yondu's been hustling himself lately. Everything from engine parts to black market weapons to pharmaceuticals.

The doors to the personnel deck slide open once the refractor shield's restored pressure to the bay. Yondu stomps forward the second they part. Behind him are a dozen of his personal coterie, some of the most vicious and brutal members of his crew. They're clearly ready for a fight. Yondu's long coat swirls around his ankles and in his wake with the hard forward step.

"Quill! Quill you open this got-damn tin can up, right now!" Yondo rasps as loudly as he can. He jabs his finger at the access panel at the back of the ship but is stymied by a lack of response from the machine. ".. damnit boy, show up ten days late with my shipment-- I said open this ship up boy or I'm gonna come at it with a fusion cutter!" he howls. For good measure Yondu kicks the rear door, twice, with a steel painted boot. It doesn't even scratch the paint. "I'll cut it up an' sell it for scrap metal! Then I'm gonna skin that damn rabbit an' wear him for a HAT! I'll sell that big fellah to the Collector! I'll turn you into soup, skinny little shit you are!"

"Open! The! Door!" he howls, and it starts to descend into blasphemies so sulferous that he'd probably be executed on a few different worlds just for uttering them.

Groot has posed:
Groot leaves the console, heading slowly but surely through the interior of the Milano, protecting his rider as always, mindful of any headroom that Rocket may need if he remains with Groot. There's no reason to stay in the cockpit for Groot: clearly all the action is about to be down by the access.

"I am Groot," Groot says in dismay to Rocket as he heads down to the doors, but otherwise only observes the whole of the disagreement with sadness. At least, until Yondu utters the blasphemies. Groot lifts both leafy hands to the sides of his head, shaking his head in abhorrence! Such filth!

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
All that colorful language is pumped into the whole of the ship too, so there aint even no place to hide from it! It was meant as a joke, see? Rocket had just crossed a few wires so he could force everyone to listen to him complain no matter where he was broadcasting from, but now he's kind of regretting it... It means he's gotta listen to Yandu complain the whole way through the ship.

"Yeah, I think he probably is pretty ticked off..." Says Rocket from atop Groot's shoulders, expertly ducking and bending to accomodate not knockin' his head off on a low hanging barrier wall or access point. "I can't wait to see the look on his face when we don't got that Kalaxian dust, units, OR EVEN Quill..." he says he can't wait, he can totally wait.

His voice sounds like he wishes they would wait.

But he also knows Yondu will cut the door open and that means fixing it and that means he might have to conversate with some of the Eclactor's crew. "KEEP YOUR SHORTS ON!" Rocket clambers down in the galley to grab his favorite gun that's maybe almost as big as he is, and strolls along beside the much bigger tree to disengage the locks on the Milano's bay doors and stand at the top of the ramp all heroically pulling at his crotch.

"Why you yellin', jeez... We can hear you. Quill can't, he's gone.. he has your Dust too.. also your units. He said f' you. That's why we're stranded, cus he abandoned us... I think his exact words were... Yondu is a dumb-ass, he'll never find me in the Cordiana system seven hundred light years from where we are now."

Nudging Groot's leg, "Play along, this'll work." He did those in reverse order didn't he?

Mantis has posed:
Mantis went elsewhere in the ship, leaving Rocket and Groot to deal with their 'guest', apparently.

Groot has posed:
Groot does exactly as Rocket wanted: the words weren't really needed. Groot is always in a state of 'play along', when he's aware that he needs to be. And he is, at this time. So he's there in the frame of the door as Rocket opens, with his hands till over his ears. Very threatening. He slowly lowers them, though, and rises to something closer to his full height. He always has to stoop through these doors, so it still is that he's crouching a little.

"I am Groot," Groot answers Rocket firmly, but steps partially up and over Rocket: he's much taller, so it isn't difficult, to frame Rocket with his body physically.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Yondu stares at Rocket with narrowed and thoroughly unimpressed eyes. A bold stride carries the Elector's commander up the ramp as if he owns the Milano. Groot's sudden looming presence behind Rocket slows the Ravagerr's pace, but not by much. Rather than charge into the ship he stops two paces away from them with one foot braced forward. Not towering over Groot-- few sapients can-- but definitely over Rocket. He sizes them up-- a pity that their inverted Pen & Teller double act is lost upon him, because the comparison's a funny one.

Yondu sucks his teeth, leans to the side, and spits. "Uh-huh." A sweep of his wrist pushes his long coat behind him so he can rest a palm lazily on his thigh, half-leaning on the ramp. It also pointedly reveals the quadrangle tip of his arrow in the sheath on his hip.

"Well in that case, rodent, ah guess the Milano's mine again," he proclaims in his wheezy rasp. Yondu looks back at his crew, then back to Rocket and Groot. "Seein' as how them crystals were promised an' sold already, /an/ he done taken the credits for the buy? I don't give a tinker's damm 'bout how you get it done, but I take some exception t' having to tell my clients that the hired labor absc-- abconder--"

He looks behind him at a skinny Ravager. "Absconded, sir," the man says, and tugs his hook-billed nose at Yondu apologetically.

"Absconded,' Yondu repeats with a nod. "I like that word. Nice fancy word. Since y'all part of his crew, and y'all /absconded/ with my goods, then I guess the only question I got left is what t' do with y'all. Somehow I ain't thinkin' you got fifty thousand credits in yer pockets, an' I'm damn sure you ain't gonna shit out five kilograms of K-lax on the way to the buyer's meetin'."

Groot has posed:
While Groot does not particularly give a fearful look to the arrow itself, the arrow can hurt those he cares about, such as Rocket. Groot grinds his bark-like teeth a little but stays non-aggressive: observing the situation, but with caution. "I am Groot?" Groot suggests to Rocket, voice low, a frown in the tone as well as his leafy face.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket glances up at Groot, "You wont lie to him? Buddy, I'm your translatin'er... and I got /zero/ problem's lyin'..." Or being subtle apparently. He keeps forgetting Yondu can hear him. "Dammit."

"Bug lady might shit K-lax dust, I don't know her that well yet..." Rocket is helpful, this is him being helpful. It is also him not lookin' too terribly intimidated. EVERYONE towers over him, even near-human children, everything that walks on its legs basically is taller than he is... but not as tall as him and his gun OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, the threesome of him, his gun, and GROOT.

"What if I tell you where Quill is? You can feed him to your crew, it'll be fun, everyone will have a laugh, especially me. It'll be my heroic laugh. The one I reserve specifically for when somethin' terrible happens to my Captain."

Another glance up to Groot, then back to Yondu, and back up to Groot, "I don't think we got fifty thousand units worth of nothin' he'd take..." Pause, "Except Quill's hair products..." To Yondu, "Will you take fifty thousand units worth of Quill's pomade?"

Mantis has posed:
The quick patter of Mantis's footfalls presage the woman's rushed appearance as she hurries to the exit ramp to the ship. As she nears, the empath can feel the tension issuing forth from those at the doorway. It quickens her step, arriving behind Groot. She tries to gently squeeze past him with a quiet, "Excuse me, Groot."

Mantis steps out onto the ramp, something large and flat held in hand, moving ahead of the weapon-wielding racoon. Mantis walks down the ramp and stops at Yondu's side, resting a hand on his shoulder if allowed and trying to empathically improve his reception of what comes next.

"But you don't need to mount Peter on your wall," she says in her sweetly gentle way. "We have an art work of great significance for you. It would look much better on your wall than Peter would." Mantis slowly turns around the framed picture of great significance, retrieved from the wall of Peter Quill's room.


Yondu Udonta has posed:
Yondu just stares at Rocket and points at the subtle cybernetic crescent that sits where a dorsal fin normally would. His scarred scalp is otherwise depilated. "Do I farkin' *look* like I need po-made?" he inquires with a savage rhetoricism.

Mantis is given a suspicious look when she approaches but the diminutive empath barely registers as a 'threat', particularly compared to the three-man team that is Rocket, Rocket's Gun, and his mobile launch platform that is Groot. "Piece of art, what the hell 'm I gonna do with..." Yondu trails off and examines it at arm's length. It's a faded poster of David Hasselhoff, wearing jeans and with laying recumbent just enough to show off some of his 1985 'fit guy' physique which has almost zero muscle tone.

"This is, uh... art, huh?" Yondu looks at the painting left and right, twisting it, then turns and shows it to his yeoman, Kraglin. The skinny Ravager looks it over, then shrugs dubiously at Yondu.

"I mean, it ain't bad composition," Kraglin says helpfully. "Th' monochromatic aesthetic really helps bring out th' contours an' you can see from the framin' that it's meant to create a contrapposto pose in that reclinin' posture."

Everyone, including Yondu, stares at the yeoman. Yondu's eyes are narrowed and his jaw is a bit offset as if weighing his response. Kraglin coughs into his fist and stares fixedly at the distant stars behind the refractor field.

"Well... I'm /keepin'/ it," Yondu decides, and rolls the poster up. "But it ain't worth no got-damn fifty thousand credits!" he declares savagely. He glares down at Rocket, leaning pointedly forward and ignoring Groot and Mantis. "You got two days, rodent," Yondu says. "You owe me money. I gave that lil' rapscallion Quill fitty thousand Nova creds for that buy," he reminds them. "That weren't no 'finder's fee' for a five-finger discount, neither. I want my money an' my dust back. That's fifty thousand for the dust, and fifty thousand fer the K-lax. With the vig, that comes to--" Yondu snaps and points at a goggle-wearing Ravager.

"Two hundred and fifty thousand, skipper!" the bulky fellow declares.

Yondu turns and stares at him.

"No it ain't, you don't *multiply*," someone says, and cuffs the fellow. "The vig means interest. We do that compoundin', an' it's thirty percent, so they owe us thirty percent of fifty thousand, so that's, uh..."

"Ten thousand!" someone shouts. The crew breaks down into bickering over the money. Yondu's eyes roll up into a wince of pain and he pinches the bridge of his nose with an exasperated sigh.

Groot has posed:
"I am GROOT," Groot says, in woe, as Mantis gives up his favorite of Quill's strange pictures, branchlike hands extending towards it sadly. Is that not a picture of Quill's family? Can they do that to Quill? Look at the hair of the Terran in the picture, it is truly inspiring. Almost as much inspiration as the picture of the cat hanging on to the branch. Groot likes branches. And hair.

Still, all of the uproar with the discussion over money is not something Groot will get involved in, so he just waits, with the patience of, well, a tree. He'll be there if Rocket or Mantis needs him.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket watches Mantis come in and hand over the picture to Yondu with a look of supreme satisfaction for havin' something of Quill's given away without him givin' permissions for it, "I like it when he suffers." The heavily armed, but tiny, Raccoon says desisively. That is until Groot chims in, "I know you loved that picture, buddy, but I tell ya what Imma do... Imma get you one of them poor-traits of a Monkey Lizard smokin' a pipe we saw at Nowhere." See? That's just love and friendship tied up like a perty bow.

Not nearly so perty as them fancy words spoken by the Yeoman... everybody starin' at ya, even Rocket. Blinking once.. then he looks back to Yondu awaitin' reaction for this best of all possible gifts, "AW COME ON! Quill loves that picture.. he says it's his special night time picture where he needs the lotion an' a box of tissue papers. I don't know what the hell that means, but he always looks rela-"

The Raccoon adjusts from one position to another, balancing his big gun on his shoulder easily. "Alright, so two days an' then we feed Quill to your crew an I get to be Captain? That's the deal, right? Cus we can skip the time jump an' go right to that if you want..." He has grossly misunderstood the terms of this contract.

Mantis has posed:
As Yondu considers aloud whether the image is art, Mantis gives a very genuine, wide-eyed nod. "Peter once said it is one of the great artworks from his planet," she confirms to him.

The artwork delivered, Mantis moves back up the ramp. She gives Rocket and overt wink while her back is to the Ravagers. His plan sending her to get something for Yondu's wall? Worked like a charm. Even if it was more rhetorical comment than plan.

Mantis moves back behind Groot then, slipping back into the ship to listen quietly as the Ravagers try to work out compounding interest.

Gamora has posed:
From deeper inside of the Milano, a figure in black leather and with bright green skin emerges at the mouth of the ship's boarding ramp. She catches the tail end of what Rocket and Mantis are saying and when she hears Rocket speak of being Captain now, she glances to her side and then spots a brightly colored beach ball from a recent beach 'experience' that the crew embarked upon.

She kicks it. At the back of Rocket's furry head.

"What exactly is being discussed here?" Gamora asks of the others, her eyes sweeping across them all, finally resting on... Yondo, while her hands go to rest on her hips, thumbs on her gunbelt.

Yondu Udonta has posed:
"SHUT IT!" Yondu bellows at his crew. It cuts off the nattering among them and he looks back to the Guardians to listen to Rocket's misguided proposal.

A sudden broken-tooth grin splits Yondu's face. "Hee hee!" he chortles, and rubs his palms together briskly. "Yer ambitious. Ain't no love for your captain, you mutinous sumbitch," he scolds Rocket. "But a captain who can't keep respect of his crew, ain't worthy of bein' captain! Is he?"

Yondu looks back at his crew expectantly. "Is he?" he repeats.

"AYE CAPTAIN!" Kraglin shouts reflexively, and the rest of the crew joins in a tumbling chorus of 'ayes'.

Yondu looks back in time to see Gamora sauntering into the dialogue. He grunts under his breath and gives her a leeringly appreciative head to toe. "We're talkin' about the money Quill done owes me, little lady," Yondu tells Gamora. "An' the merchandise y'all was contracted for. Since he ain't here fer me to take a pound of flesh, you better come up with somethin' t' pique my interest, or I'm givin' the Milano to someoen what better appreciates their duty."

He looks back to Rocket. "Two days, rodent. You bring me a score big 'nuff to make up for my missin' merchandise, an' you kin fly the Milano under Ravager colors. Hell, I'll even give you a bloodleather coat of yer own. Maybe a nice lil' vest or somethin'," he suggests in his wheezy voice.

Groot has posed:
The brightly colored ball moves, set to flight by Gamora's toe, and attracts Groot's dark eyes. He tilts his head at Gamora, moving aside on the ramp to give her clearance to move around himself and Rocket, though he's being watchful: Groot is on bodyguard duty. It may be necessary, considering what's been coming out of Rocket's mouth.

"I am Groot," Groot welcomes Gamora, with a slow wave of huge hand, though his tone carries a sort of exhaustion. Peace negotiations could have been better.

Groot nods slowly at Yondu, hearing the terms, and he angles his attention to his furry best friend, to pick up the cue from Rocket about if this resolution is one that he can live with.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket is grinning even if it just ammounts to showing a bunch of fangs and teeth, "Yeah?" Because he is ambitious and also murderous, and also would look Dapper in a bloodleather vest. Maybe he's imagining himself in it now, looking down at the orange and slate gray jumper he's wearing, smoothing one clawed hand down over his chest and tugging with delicate fingers at the jaunty smooth hem of an imaginary breast coat.

"An' people'll tip their hat to me as I walk by... they'll say, There's Rocket, he knife'd that dumb ass Quill in the back, took his ship, an' made good works as a Ravager." All very quiet and to himself. He's caught up in the fantasizin' that the beach ball BLOMPS off his head as kicked by Gamora and draws him out of his revelry with a flailing that is made ultimately more dangerous by the neutron rifle he's slung up in one hand, "HEY! watch it, yer addressin' yer new CAPTAIN..."

Blinky eyes up at Groot, "I unno, buddy... I think they're goin' pretty well myself.. We find a ton of expensive shit that belongs to someone else, take it, sell it... give all that to our new best pal Yondu here an' we finally get our own ship.. Also we can shoot Quill out of a missile tube... He'll look like a big jack ass flailin' aroun' in space..." One hand up, claws wrapping around his own throat, "Heeeelp, I can't breath on account of I'mma weak terran who don't got space gils, what sudden an inevitable betrayal by that dastardly, but smartly dressed, Rocket who is better'n me at literally everythin' includin' bein Terran, which he aint."

Rocket, for one, agrees with Yondu's terms. "On behalf of the entire Crew of the Trash Panda Express, we agree vehementaliatedly."

Mantis has posed:
Mantis's eyes widen and she gets an encouraging smile. In a voice intrigued by the notion, Mantis confirms to Rocket, "You would look good in a vest." She adds a somewhat eager little nod and looks back towards Yondu.

Mantis loves it when things work out so well. On the downside they only have two days to come up with restitution. On the plus side, they get to write in the Milano's logbook, "No one was skinned, or fed to Ravager crews today."

Mantis turns towards Gamora as the woman arrives at the ship's exit ramp and shares her encouraging smile with the woman.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's stance has her in the center of her 'crew' with Rocket in front of her a few paces and Yondu and his people beyond that. Her eyes glance to Groot, then to Mantis who gets a small smirk before she gazes back down to Rocket after hearing Yondu's response.

"And what would you do to me if I were to attempt to stop you, oh mighty Blood Pirate Trash Eater?" She chides the small, but very capable, Raccoon. "Look." There's a pause as she looks back up to Yondu. "Whatever money you think we owe you, we'll sort out. But we're not going to do that without Quill here to speak for himself, its only fair. You'd want the same, Yondu."

Her eyes glance back down to Rocket then. "And. -We- make the most money, when -we- work together. You know that, you've learned that, its why you're still with us here. So drop the delusions of grandeur. At least for the time being. I'm sure you'll get your own Trashy ship to fly away in eventually. But in the mean time..."

Gamora's gaze goes back to Yondu. "Lets try and be civil here. We're all capable people, who can earn a lot of cash, if we... again, put our skills to use as one, rather than divided and in disarray."

Drax has posed:
"The small, furry gun-beast will make an exceptional captain," Drax says suddenly, occupying space near Gamora that he almost (almost) certainly wasn't in a moment ago. In one hand rests a small foil baggy, and the other occasionally dips down to pick some sort of crunchy space confection from within and ferry it to his mouth.

CRUNCH. Crunch. Crunch crunch.

"Long have I waited to finally slay Thanos, my mortal enemy, on the blood-soaked field of battle. The gun-beast is psychotic and will bring us with haste to the fray. This is pleasing."

Slowly, blue eyes shift sidelong to Gamora. He stares at her for a moment, then down to the foil baggy in his hands, "You are allergic to these. It is best that I eat them all."

Yondu Udonta has posed:
Yondu blinks at Drax. "Damn, you're quiet," he grunts at the hulking man. "You been standin' there this whole time?" he wheezes. Drax is waved off-- the question's a rhetorical one.

The Captain of the Eclector turns and strides down the ramp back towards his crew. "Two days, rodent!" Yondu shouts over his shoulder, and holds index and middle finger aloft. "An' don't get no idears about tryin' to run-- I'll have every blooded Ravager in th' galaxy lookin' for you. I don't care if I have t' pawn the Eclector to do it-- you'll have every bounty hunter in the Guild lookin' for you also."

The crew follows Yondu back to the shuttlebay doors and they go back into the ship so the hull can be depressurized for the Milano to leave.

Just before the doors shut, Kraglin gives Yondu a worried look. "You-- you ain't really gonna sell our ship, is you?" he asks nervously.

"Don't be stupid, Kraglin," a man snarls. "Pawn is from chess. Captain gonna trade a pawn fer a -queen-. Like that drink of water from Sovereign, Queen Ayesha!"

A chorus of 'whooohoos!' surrounds Yondu, and the last that can be seen before the door slams shut is him pinching his nose as if trying to fend off a migraine.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's eyes go over to Drax, she knew he was there... probably.

Her hand reaches over and she slaps him on the shoulder with a subtle backhand. "Stop encouraging the mutiny." She chides the taller and much larger man. Her eyes then drop down to the bag he's holding and she reaches over to snatch it from him. "And stop ruining your dinner."

Her eyes then go to Yondu and she watches him as he moves off, a glower comes from the green skinned woman and her right hand dips into the tin foil bag to take one of the space confections out to raise it up to her nose to sniff at it, it makes her recoil in disgust so she tosses the bag back to Drax and turns around.

"Come on, we gotta get going. We have to rendezvous with the shuttle to pick up the CAPTAIN!" And this is punctuated with a glare over to Rocket. Gamora turns to head back inside the ship then... grumbling under her breath.

Groot has posed:
Groot looks down at Rocket as rocket makes extensive fun of Quill. The tree doesn't really go along with it: Groot likes Quill. Groot likes everybody. "I am Groot," Groot answers Rocket, his tone fond, though, with a movement of a twig near Rocket's general upper-body zone.

Still, it seems everything is settling down. What a relief. He bends a little automatically, expecting Rocket to join him, as he moves to agreeably follow Gamora.

"I am Grooooot!" Groot encourages, perhaps glad to see the whole of the tense situation resolved. His smile fans over them, particularly onto Drax: as his arrival seems to have really turned the tide, and Groot is happy to give credit where it is obviously earned.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket grabs hold of the extended twig arm and clambers up onto Groot's shoulders almost by reflex, settling down on the massive trees shoulder as the crew reboards the ship, answering Groot with a chuffing sound and, "No, I don't have space gills, but they don't know that unless we tell'em." Said plenty loud enough for everyone to have been thoroughly informed of his general lack of space breathing aparati.

Once back onboard, Rocket glances around at the crew, grinning toothily. He may have missed the part where Gamora is definitely not referring to HIM as Captain, maybe because he's still looking down at his imaginary bloodleather vest, adjusting it imaginarily on his chest. "I'm gonna be so dapper.." To himself, this is Rocket time okay?

Drax has posed:
"I am an unquestioned master of stealth," Drax answers Yondu between noisy crunching, immune to rhetorical questions, "I move with such calculated, deliberate motions that your untrained eyes cannot perceive me."

Gamora's chiding, however, hits home and the hulking green spaceman that (no copyright infringement intended) nods his head firmly as though coming to some great and noble resolution.

"Very well. There will be no mutiny." A pause, and then he speaks in a softer tone that might imply he doesn't think Gamora can hear him despite standing right next to her, "My decisive intellect and leadership skills clearly earmark me for greatness. Perhaps it is I who should be captain of the spaceship?"

When Groot smiles at him, he frowns and furrows his brow: "Already the tree challenges my authority. It begins"