10093/Guardians of Quill's Dumb A**

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Guardians of Quill's Dumb A**
Date of Scene: 19 November 2019
Location: Cockpit - Milano
Synopsis: The Guardians guard Peter's life from himself and his own idiocy.
Cast of Characters: Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, Gamora, Drax

Guardians of the Galaxy.jpg

Star-Lord has posed:
    Star Lord stands at the precipice of a daunting cliff overlooking a rather rundown and bummy looking outpost. One he called 'Most Elvis' over and over for no real reason when he fled off there like a giddy school boy. And now he's alone, looking down at the shit hole settlement and frowns with the tattered red duster blowing against the back of his calves. "Guess I should tell everyone they were right. This place is a dump." Peter frowns to himself and glances up towards the empty horizon and waiting against hope his ship appears.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"We don't /have/ to pick him up, that's all I'm sayin'.." Rocket's mutiny died before it every began, but that's not stopped him bringing it back up the entire trip to pick up their Captain, "Maybe he found a family.. maybe we're flyin' in an' ruinin' a great turn in his otherwise shitty life?" Both hands rest on the controls of the Milano, alternating thrusters to bring the ship out of FTL in the system where Quill's signal indicated he'd be waiting for them.

"This planet is a shit-hole. I can't wait to rub it in his stupid face."

A short while later and they're breaking orbit, a blue and orange dot in the sky for Star Crunch to see well off in the clouds. "There he is, even tiny he looks like a giant red headed turd."

Mantis has posed:
Mantis is sitting in one of the back seats, leaving the flying to those who didn't crash three times out of four while using the Milano's simulator mode. Even though two of the simulations didn't actually have another planet or ship that one could crash into.

So she's mostly sat in the chair quietly, enjoying the ride, listening to Rocket try to talk Gamora out of going to retrieve the original captain. Mantis is also occupying herself sorting through packets of creamer and sugar that she picked up when they stopped for fuel on Kaltros III. She's carefully sorting them, the white ones with black lettering going in one pile, and the black ones with white lettering going into another.

The blue ones with red lettering and red ones with blue lettering are left to the side in a pile. One can only take on so many tasks at a time.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora is seated in one of the auxiliary crew chairs of the cockpit and she's monitoring ship systems, specifically the sensors to make sure there's no incoming threats that are encroaching on them while Rocket flies them.

She's also leaned back with one leather booted foot up on the edge of the console in front of her and in her hands is a bag of gold tinfoil... its the version of whatever Drax was eating the other day that doesn't have the ingredient in it that she has an allergic reaction too... its also the version of that food that Drax there-by utterly hates and wants to destroy all existence of it.

"Oh stop it." Gamora says to Rocket. "You're wearing your jealousy on your fur, and it doesn't look good on you."

For about the 50th time since they started this trip, Gamora's eyes glance over to Mantis to watch her doing her sorting of those packets... she's mesmerized by it... so confused. 'Is she going to murder us all in our sleep some night and put us in packets too?' is a random thought that goes through Gam's mind.

But when she makes eye contact with Mantis, she just smiles at her 'friend' and looks forward.

"Fly in and land near him." She says then to Rocket. "Near him, not on him." She reminds.

Mantis has posed:
Mantis looks up and sees Gamora looking over at her. She breaks out in a small smile and holds up a packet, looking from it to Gamora and back. It's green with red lettering. Mantis's smile grows more excited and she sets it aside, refocusing on what she's doing.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "Oh looks it's tweedle Green and Tweedle Ass." Peter says as he holds up his gloved hand to shield his eyes from the blarring red sun above and the Star Lord starts to wave his hands around like that will actually do anything. It wont.

    Peter starts to take a step towards the ship and the ground beneath him suddenly gives out and there's a huge plume of dust and red smoke as the cliffside starts to give way and Peter is going with it.

    "Oshit! HALP!" Quill calls out over the comms as the space pirate turns and grabs onto the cliffside and that too doesn't hold very well so Peter is semi-swimming on dirt to try and stay alive.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket offers only minimal (a lot) of complaint in an 'under duh sea' tone, "Nobody'll know, Greenie... it'll be our secret.. I mean look't her back there?" Head nudging back in Mantis' direction, "She wouldn't know if we spelled it out in brightly colored letterin' and read it to her in seven languages." A glance back, just in time to see her holding up a sugar packet that is colored ala Gamora... One slow blink.

"That's easily the most disturbin' thing I've seen all week an' I walk't in on Drax showerin'... HE STILL HAD HIS PANTS ON.. Who does that?!" The ship is coming in closer, Rocket staring out at Quill waving his arms over his head as if that'll do anything at all.

It doesn't.

"Yeah, ya big dumb ass, we see ya... you're wearin' a trackin' beacon.. no, please keep wavin' your hands. That totally doesn't make ya look like a slow kid tryin' to eat catch a cloud cus he thinks it's a marshmellow..." Then the cliff gives way.

There is no alacrity at all from the Raccoon, "Welp, I guess we can leave now, right? I mean, we gave it our best shot..." He /is/ still bringing the ship in though, so that's a thing.

Mantis has posed:
Mantis is focused on her sorting, enough that she doesn't notice their fearless leader going over the cliff edge. Not until his voice comes over the comms and his moniker is changed to fearful leader.

Mantis looks up, her face showing concern. "He didn't wear his rockets today?" she asks, her head tilting to the side and her antennae waving about a slight bit more than they usually do. She pauses for a few moments in thought. "I don't think we should leave," Mantis says, an apparent display of loyalty towards Peter Quill.

"He might have the credits for the Kalaxian crystals on him," she adds.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's peripheral vision catches the little 'gesture' from Mantis and she gives her 'friend' a side-eye stare, a quick smile... and then reminds herself to buy that new motion sensing alarm she'd seen back at the last port they'd stopped at. Gamora does show her best attempt at an amused - and completely not creeped out - smile though!

Her attention snaps forward to the cockpit's view window when she catches sight of Peter in trouble. She'd heard all of Rocket's spiel but it goes mostly unacknowledged in the verbal sense. Gamora detaches her crash webbings and moves to stand up.

"Turn us around." She tells Rocket. "Back us up with the ramp down, so he can fall down onto it. "Why isn't he using his rocket booats? Did he not pack his boots?" Does she sound like a concerned mother?

Either way, she shares that question with Mantis, but starts to hurriedly move to the aft of the cockpit, ready to get to the back entry ramp to get it open and help him get inside if needs be!

Drax has posed:
Meanwhile, in the cargo hold of the Milano ...

A blur of green speeds through the air like some rapidly deflating space balloon, an uproarious laugh echoing off the metallic bulkheads along with the roar of rocket boots. The blur doesn't have a great deal of control, more than once slamming into hull with a 'KLANG' and a 'THWONK' before speeding off in another direction.

After a few moments, the rocket sound sputters to a halt and the laughter takes on a confused tone. Then, Drax falls from the air into a pile of crates. From the wreckage, a pair of feet wearing rocket boots several sizes too small (the toes have been pried up to make room) dangle in the air.


Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"Keep your pants on... jus' not while yer showerin'. That's weird." Rocket says hurriedly to Gamora, whipping the Milano around in a twisting roll about-face that has the ship pointed in the oposite direction of the falling wall of rock. A hand snaps out to drop the loading ramp.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "Can't believe I didn't wear my rocket boots." Peter grunts to himself with a groan as he keeps struggling to find something to hold onto but the Milano is in the air next to him and he cants his head, "God I wish you saw back to the future." Peter groans against despite his fate.

    The man falling is screaming though and stupid enough to have left his comms on as he does so. "STOP BICKERING IN THERE AND HELP ME!" Peter does know his crew enough that the several thousand meter fall is certainly going to be enough to kill him if they don't hurry.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket stablizes the Milano after the about turn and the complaints over Comms, "Why didn't you wear your rocket boots? Next you'll manage to get yer shirt torn off..." Complaints ontop of complaints, holding the control sticks as larger bits of sliding rock-wall plink off the hull of the ships shielding, "Stupid Terrans always wind up without their shirt on in harrowin' circumstances like this... NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YER GROSS CHEST HAIR, QUILL!"

The Milano cuts around, Rocket's muzzle pulling back from his fangy teeth with the effort of his tiny flexing arms, to fire afterburns and stop them dead in their Captains path. It also immolates huge sections of the more stable parts of the sheer rock wall which makes it less stable and more prone to falling, but whatever.

We're all idiots here.

Mantis has posed:
While Gamora rushes out of the cockpit and down to the back ramp, Mantis follows but with smaller, dainty steps that take her a little bit longer to reach the ramp. She looks around the room and then goes over to the control panels for the ramp.

Mantis surely knows how the ramp's controls work by now. The odds of her accidentally closing the ramp while Gamora is standing on it, and smooshing the green-skinned woman into a paste-like substance which would be easy to fill packets with, is probably fairly low.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's eyes glance over to the form of the mighty Drax as he exclaims how 'awesome' something is, but she's not aware of what he'd done moments before she'd rushed past him. She just rushse past him, assuming he was looking at some kind of a comic book or who knows what, perhaps a pants catalogue.

Either way, she gets to the back of the ship and starts to lower the ramp with a rushing of air transfer between ship and atmosphere outside, her purple strands of hair sweep about her face and shoulders. She glances back to see Mantis with her, but then just looks forward outside of the ship.

Keying on her Comms, she speaks into them. "Reverse, just a few meters, Rocket." She shouts loudly enough for him to hear her over the sounds of the engines and atmo shifting around them in the cargo bay now.

"Quill." She speaks to him directly. "We're going to angle so you can drop inside. We'll catch you." Probably.

Star-Lord has posed:
    Quill looks down in time to see the ship come beneath him and he smirks "You have seen back to the future!" He says before pushing away from the wall, planning on landing on the top and climbing into the cabin after a couple steps but then. "You idi-"


    Peter's chest hits the back of the ship and he snaps backwards as his legs keep falling down causing him to tumble and spin in the air before falling into the ramp. He makes a full turn just in time to see Gamora standing to try and catch him and yet he's falling uncontrolled and he shouts, "Gamo-"


Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"He's an idiot."

Rocket watches it all play out on the Milano's exterior cams. He watches Star Falcon tumble down off the ramp what he expertly angled for him cus he wanted to look COOL and HEROIC, "See what that got ya? Now yer gonna get smashed on the ground an' Imma rename your ship the Peter Quill was a big stupid ass and fly exclusively for a mail order sex droid delivery service, in yer honor, of course.."

He might be running off at the muzzle, but he's already getting the ship flying again. Both hands push forward on both yolks, feet slam on the thruster pedals, and they're off! Warnings /after the fact/ "Buckle up, we gotta go do somethin' stupid to save a jack ass from /himself/..."

Wing over wing tumble, "When we go past him, hook him with the cargo net!" Into comms, back to Gamora, "Or don't... I'm still okay with that too..."

Mantis has posed:
Both of Mantis's hands go to cover her mouth as she gasps at seeing Peter spinning bodily like a pinwheel in the Endless Storms of Ciegrim 7. And then smacking into the cargo ramp with the force anything else caught in the Endless Storms of Ciergrim 7 would slam into something.

Things like their fearful captain falling off the boarding ramp to plummet to his death are commonplace for the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mantis reacts to it with the cool precision one would expect. She waves her hands and antennae around in the air frantically. "Gamora! Save him!"

That's when Rocket's voice can be heard coming over the comms again. Mantis hurries over to pick up the cargo net launcher, used for snaring bounties, and she brings it to Gamora. She passes it over as she shouts towards the falling Peter Quill, "Don't worry! We're renaming the ship in your honor when you die!"

Gamora has posed:
Gamora uses one of the safety harnesses in the lockers to attach herself to the ship... perhaps making sure that if Quill falls, she definitely won't also fall? Or she's just making sure they won't both fall, probably that.

Either way, her hands go out to accept the net-blaster as Mantis brings it over and she reaches down to charge it it up just as Quill thuds into the landing ramp... he hadn't fallen quite like she'd envisioned he would (into her arms? That'd of been awkward)

The net-blaster is raised up, its surface coming to life with bright glowing blue accent lines, a satisfying charged sound and then...


The net blasts out of the blasters nose and sizzles toward Quill, still connected to the gun, it aims to ensnare the man in the sizzling stunning net (she forgot to turn the stun part off) and means to grab onto him, so as he can be reeled back in by the weapon's tether system!

Star-Lord has posed:
    Dazzed by the last hit with the ship and now falling below it before it screams past via the expert piloting via Rocket, and the quick thinking of Gamora and Mantis have Peter getting caught in a net. Peter's slowly waking up before he's forced into consciousness with a scream as he's still falling and there's a non-stop shock as he's zapped by the net as it goes taught around him and hooks onto the bottom of the ramp for him to swing towards the belly of the ship with no way to brace himself and thankfully he doesn't smash into the metal, not this time.

    "TURNITOFF!" Peter tries to scream through his gritted teeth while swinging back and forth hanging below his own ship in an electric net.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"Don't listen to him, he deserves that." Rocket can hear the shoutin' through the bulkhead and over comms and it's makin' him a little giddy knowin' Quill is sufferin', even if he's also kind of glad he aint dead, which he definitely wont ever say or tell or even hint at.

The Milano levels out at the last possible second before nose diving into the rocky face of the ground far below, heroic ass music plays, womenz throw they shorts at the stage where Rocket is thrash metal style pounding out power ballods in the meat of his mind. "Ooooh yeeeaah..." Cooking rock with afterburns, pulling the ship around, and settling it with a crunch as something is definitely smashed what aint Peter cus, "Should I tell him I'm the new captain or would one of you like to?"

Mantis has posed:
Mantis stands a little behind Gamora, up the ramp and in the doorway, leaning forward to see what happens with trying to snag Peter. Success! Mantis holds up both of her little fists in triumph.

She turns and heads back into the cargo hold, the wind blowing past her in the doorway, stirring her dark hair. She moves over with her dainty steps to where Drax is sitting, going through a catalogue now that his rocket flight is ended. And looking like he has no clue what's going on with Peter.

Mantis motions towards the ramp where Peter is being slowly reeled in after having such a tremendous fright. "I think maybe Peter is going to need a new pair of pants after this. Perhaps a pair of the shower pants you like so much?"

Gamora has posed:
Gamora notices that she'd left the stunning part of the net-blaster on so... well, she flips a switch on the side of the weapon to deactivate it. "Oops." She quietly mutters which mostly just is mouthed out in the chaos of the moment.

The reeling part begins, and it certainly wont' lead to Quill's head being bumped on anything... nope. Secured the bulkhead of the ship though, Gamora is able to have a steady enough time rolling their Captain back inside of the Milano.

She'll secure the gun and then reach out and down to grab onto the net around Peter to use her strength to finish drawing him inside and once she has him... she smiles down at him. "Welcome back." Then she adds. "Rocket says he's the Captain now."

Star-Lord has posed:
    The screaming stops when Gamora turns the net off and yet, he's still groaning after the CRUNCH that was the ship being parked by some animal. He knows that raccoon damaged something in the landing and yet Peter was lucky enough to not hit the ground on the impact he was dangling just enough to avoid the ground though there was still dust coming down from above off the cliff face.

    Peter gives a stupid grin as he gets pulled up by Gamora and looks down as he has the net taken off and "Aw man... my ... fifth favorite shirt." Peter says looking at several tears in the fabric from the rocks and grit and the smack with the ship. "Okay Gamora look. Is my chest hair that gross? I mean, Rocket has--- ROCKET!!!" Peter shouts hearing about the mutiney and he storms past Gamora and Mantis and Drax to go give that short poop machine a piece of his mind.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket unhooks his safety harnass and hops down from the pilots seat in a fluid, easy motion. After a little groinal readjustment, on account of this jumper runs, he pads up the steps leading out of the cockpit stopping only long enough to take something out from a box beneath the chair Mantis had been sitting on.

With everyone back in the cargohold, the demunitive psychopath saunters aft with his fluffy tail swaying behind him, carried on unhurried feet towards where Gamora is helpin' Captain Star Fire out of the cargo net. He leans a tiny shoulder up against the bulkhead, arms crossed, smart little SKipper hat set at a jaunty angle on his brow, and a smarmy smirk on his fangy face. "You shouldn't yell at yer CAPTAIN Star Pole. It aint' real respectful an' it's definitely gettin' you a demart for insubordination."

Mantis has posed:
Mantis is busy looking at the catalogue with Drax. It's tough to tell exactly what they are looking at, but she can be heard to say quietly, "It seems like brown pants would make much more sense for him."