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Guardians of the House of Ill Repute
Date of Scene: 13 December 2019
Location: Contraxia House of Ill Repute
Synopsis: The Guardians visit an 'establishment' on Contraxia. Peter and Rocket make up.
Cast of Characters: Mantis, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Star-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy.jpg

Mantis has posed:
A little research found that the shipment that the Milano had been waiting for would be delayed longer. So it was that the crew decided on a trip into the nearby town. One of those hives of scum and villainy that made for good downtime for crews of freighters, Ravagers, and anyone else looking for recreation that was probably illegal on more civilized planets.

The daily snow had left the ground white and smooth in most places, but the footprints of people coming and going almost always outpaced the regular snowfall. Mantis's feet add their prints as she walks through an arch that marks the border of the small settlement. The sounds of energetic, tinny music is playing loud enough to be heard even here. Customers linger outside of the establishments, drinking and behaving raucously, sometimes breaking out into fistfights which quickly spawn rounds of betting.

The buildings themselves have colorful names and have lit signs that advertise any number of sins. Robots with yellow 'skin' are lifelike automatons, and the popular entertainment for many of the customers, though live employees also wander inside the establishments and out. "This is exciting!" Mantis says as she eyes the energetic bustle they are approaching.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora, in bleack leather pants and jacket over a black vest and a white shirt beneath that, walks alongside and on the left onf Mantis. She's not bothered by the cold, it doesn't do much of anything to her really, so she's just taking in the sights, sounds, and... smells of this place. Her multi-colored hair of dark purple and bright pink waves gently against her shoulders and her bare hands go to rest on the edges of the buckle of her belt.

"Charming place." Gamora comments softly. "I think we might lose a couple of people here, permanently." She glances over to those with them. "Not that I'm complaining." She states with a smirk.

"Come on. I need a drink." And with that said, her booted feet carry her on inward, searching and eyeballing everyone looking for the place that surely exists here that hands out liquor and alcoholic goodness.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket really aint sure he should be here right now, what with Quill still sore at him and himself still being sore at everybody, specifically Gamora, at home he is glaring every couple steps because he's a jack ass and holds grudges. "I don't see the appeal with tryin' to fornicate with robots.. ain't that just physical pornagraphy? Does it even /count/? I could look up more excitin' stuff on the wave..." He's not unarmed, but he's left behind the heavy blaster rifle he usually carries along with him.

Groot has posed:
     Groot follows slowly behind Rocket. Not because he is sulking, because his massive strides require one Groot step for every twelve Rocket steps.

  The massive tree holds up a finger in retort to Rocket's assessment of the ho-bots. "I am Grrooot." Not thinking it counted, which was the appeal to mammals, or at least as far as Groot thought.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "Yeah, I know... I mean I like her..." Peter says to the robot in the room that seems to be getting more and more impatient with him.

    "Insert Credits."

    "Yeah yeah, I heard you the last fifteen freakin' times." Peter says to the robot who he's more than neglected and he moves to sit on the corner of the bed and shakes his head. "I mean the ship is like my K.I.T.T. but Gamora... she's... She's..." He puffs his cheeks out and cups his hands where a butt would fit and then shakes his head and moves his hands to his heart. "I care... like... y'know..."

    "Insert Credits."

    "You don't know." Peter sighs and stands back up and opens the door and steps out of the room and puts on a face. "Yeah... ruined that bot for the next loser."


Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket glances back at Groot, furrows his brow, wiggles his whiskers, and snorts, "Damn right it don't count.. except for for Quill, cus otherwise he aint gonna get nothin'." The tiny murder mammal grabs hold of Groot's trunk like leg and scampers right up his side to drop down in a seat on a massive shoulder. From this vantage he can see Star Lord, exiting the room with the robimbo, "Hah, I bet he aint even did nothin'.. you aint did nothin'! I want DNA evidences or I'm callin' bullshit!"

Mantis has posed:
Mantis is wearing her green outfit. Not that one, or the other one. The one with the deep green and the black trim. It is form fitting enough that, alongside Gamora and her leather pants, and with Rocket and Groot walking further behind them, there are a few propositions thrown the way of the two women by those who perhaps share Rocket's view on robots.

Mantis puts on her friend-making smile and tells one of the men who made such an offer, "Thank you but I think we are staying here. And if we did want to go around the world and park your ship in back, we have our vessel. And it is parked in front," she says, pointing off the direction of the Milano.

She looks back to Gamora. "People are so friendly here. I'm sure I will make a new friend."

Groot has posed:
     Groot's movements do not need to slow to accommodate his fuzzy friend. Their bromance game was just that strong.

  "I am Groot." He says quietly to Rocket. Pointing to Peter walking out of a conjugal rendezvous room. Since the flora colossus had no use of a concubine, he walked to join Gamora and Mantis at the nearest alcohol procurement center.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora finds, not a bar, but a person giving out drinks. So she grabs as many as she's capable of. The first one is offered to Rocket, she's well aware of him still being mad at her. She's pretty sure she saw him glaring at her while she slept last night, which usually means Rocket wants you dead...

The second drink, she sips for herself. "Peter is here somewhere, likely... actually nevermind, I don't want to think about it." Another sip is indulged before she glances to Groot and watches him catching more than a few eyes around this place... he has that effect on folks after all.

At Mantis, Gamora smirks. "Mantis, darling. You..." She glances to the yellow skinned robot women, she's heard a number of them talking and sounding disturbingly similar to Mantis' own speech patterns. "I think you'll fit in just right here. Just be careful about going to private rooms with strange men, okay?"

Star-Lord has posed:
    Peter stumbles out of his the room, blue balls and all and he looks left and right before shrugging his shoulders in a sobering motion and he turns to start looking for a place to get some drinks.

    He raises a hand up to his head and smacks his temple with the butt of his palm and shakes his head heartily before he sees, "I'd recognize that branch anywhere. Groot! Rocket!"

    Peter steps closer to the drink vendor and holds his hand up with two fingers extended, wanting a double but quickly getting two cups put into his hands. "Okay kay... anyyways." Peter says eyeing his whole crew and finding he has nothing immediately to say so is likely interrupted by Rocket.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
How strong is their bromance?


Rocket was definitely glaring at Gamora. Laying on his side in his cot, which was move suspiciously close to hers, and got closer every time she opened her eyes. Hell, he wasn't just glaring, he was going full on Grudge. Like now, glaring. Right at the back of her head.

Until she hands him a drink...

He blinks.. reaches out for it and squints... eyes narrow.. looking from mug to Green Whore, to Quill... To Mantis, to Green Whore to Groot... To Drink to Green Whore...

"Okay yer forgivin' for betrayin' me when I betrayed Quill an' almost got us all kill, which I still hold!-" Stressing this point with a raised clawed finger, "-Is still indirectly Quills fault on account of I don't like to take responsibility for things when they fail... and he's not here to defend himself... Also he's dumb." Sipping his drink.

"And I hate him."


"Also he smells bad..."



Mantis has posed:
Mantis stays alongside Gamora, still looking around at all the pretty lights of feminine shapes here kicking a leg into the air. Male shapes there kicking a... that's not a leg shape is that?

After seeing others of the crew get one of the drinks, Mantis does as well. "Thank you," she says brightly to the serving bot who wanders on, credit chips scanned automatically as the drinks are taken. Mantis looks down at the yellowish liquid with the foamy head on it and takes a sip. She ends up with foamy lips but her smile must mean she likes it.

"Peter Quill!" she calls out when she sees their fearless leader approaching. "Are you going to shoot at Rocket more?" she asks. The whole shooting, and throwing things at Peter, reunion was rather enjoyable for her.

Groot has posed:
     Groot was used to such eyes looking at him in disbelief. To which the walking, talking tree just offered kind waves to. Another moment later, the warning to Mantis only garnered one fist slamming into Groot's open palm, protective of his crew mates. "I am Groot." He comments, pointing again to Quill, giving a hearty laugh.

  And yet another booming laugh as Peter is called out on his not boinking said robimbo. The tree does manage to give Peter a reassuring small pat on the back for being a trooper in the face of being the butt of so many jokes.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's listening to Rocket prattle on in Rocket ways, when she catches sight of Peter approaching just before he gets named dropped by Mantis (And Groot?). She knows where Quill had just come from, so she just looks back down to Rocket (angry maybe?).

"Look." She says to the Raccoon. "We're ironing things out. Just, relax a bit. This is the kind of place I thought you'd actually be able to unwind some. Even if its the kind've place that makes me want to start cutting people to shreds."

She finishes off her drink and hands it to one of the sexbots as it walks past her. The sexbot doesn't know what to do with it so it just keeps walking.

Gamora turns her back to Peter and moves to find another drink giver. This might be one of those nights where the 'Green Whore' is going to try to get drunk again, even if it really doesn't work that well.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Well that was anti-climatic...

"That was really anti-climatical..."

What with Quill not even respondin'.

"What with him not even respondin'!" Thumbing at Quill.

Guess there's nothing to do but relax.

Deep breath, hoping down from Groot's shoulder to flop into a chair beside Gamora. His left hand up to rub at her notched left ear, "I guess there ain't nothin' to do, but relax?"

Still, aint no way he did anything with that robot.

In a quiet whisper, looking into his drink, almost defeated, "Still.. I bet he aint did nothin' wit that robimbo..."

Mantis has posed:
Mantis seems safe from propositions for the moment as Groot's display turns the men away and back to their drinks. Mantis finishes her drink, and walks over to the bar in search of another.

At that bar, a bearded midget Xandarian sits with a rather large mug of alcohol that looks potent enough to be used as an engine degreaser. He finishes a story and there's a laugh that goes up. "Wait wait, I have an even better one," he says.

"So I walked into this brothel with a honeycomb under one arm and a donkey under the other. The Madam of the house asked what they could do for me," he continues, pausing only for a drink, those near him falling quiet to listen in.

"I told her I needed a woman to bed, for mine had left me," the midget Xandarian says grandly. "The Madam asked me why she'd left, and also what the honeycomb and the donkey were for," he continues. "So I told her. My woman had found a genie who granted her three wishes. The first was for a house fit for a queen, so he gave her the honeycomb," the bearded midget says.

He continues in his deep voice, "Her second wish was to have the nicest ass on all the planet. So he gave her this damn donkey." One of the men listening asks, "What about the third wish?"

The midget motions to him, "That's what the Madam asked next. 'What about the third wish?' And I said, well, she asked the genie to make my pecker hang down past my knee. The Madam replied to me, 'Well, that one's not so bad, right?'. And I shook my head and said, 'Not so bad!? I used to be six foot three!"

Mantis stands with her new drink, looking at the midget's legs with a curious expression before turning back to move over to rejoin her team. "How tall are you Rocket?" she asks curiously in what is hopefully a non-sequitur.

Groot has posed:
     Groot simply stands, making himself comfortable as he watches people talk, though the story with the now tiny Xandarian has him snort and laugh, overhearing the story that he told.

  Where Mantis asks Rocket's height, he didn't have anything to say. Though the appearance of a sexbot with three breasts catches his attention, mouth agape not believing what he was seeing.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "I so had sex with one of those ... bots..." Peter says not even quarter assed to sound like he's trying. The captain frowns as he holds two cups of the hard stuff and is trying to explain to the rest of his crew that he's not a bad guy he just needed time to think things over, plus there was that whole mutiny thing to discuss... But then as he had turned to grab a table, Gamora and the crew with her Peter looks up and squints.

    He throws one shot down and into the back of his throat and the second he holds and looks for Rocket and Gamora...

    "Now's a good a time as any to discuss what the." Peter's voice is loud and boisterous before he drops down to a seething hush. "What the /heck/ that was... Rocket!" He says with a sharp point to that exclimation point and throws down the drink at Rocket's feet for good measure.

Gamora has posed:
Once she'd found a seat to settle in at, Gamora glanced over to Rocket when he did the same beside her, then she just accepted a new mug of bright orange liquor a 'Sunburst' and set about to consume it while she listens to the others on her crew. "We're going to need a new job soon, otherwise we're going to end up at each other's throats again."

She glances to Groot to see him gaping at something, so she looks to what it is and sees the tri-breast sexbot model. She shakes her head and looks back to the bar, then gathers up a holographic game controller that is attached to the bar. She thrusts it over to Groot. Its a space ship game where you control holographic ships above the bar and shoot them down to unlock a holographic girl stripper who strips clothes off the more levels you complete... Gamora doesn't know about the stripper part, she just thinks the game might keep the tree entertained and not looking around at the Robo-Whores.

"I wonder if they even have any male models around here." She mutters then, before taking another sip of her drink. "Maybe I'll just indulge. Shake things up a bit. Do something different for a change." She won't.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
"Fer a captain' you sure have trouble with captainy stuff, Quill..." Rocket keeps scratching at his ear, drinking his drink until it's gone, then smacking his lips. His tongue runs along his muzzle, "It was a mutiny... unsuccessful, but that don't change nothin'. Now, I guess, for now, yer Captain again." His shoulders bounce in a half arsed shrug, "Why ya wanna big thing out of it? Why you being dramatical?" Sneering up at Quill when he throws his drink down at the chair cus Rocket's legs arent long enough to make it to the floor.

Mantis saves them a fist fite though!

"Huh? Why? Ya think my heights got anything to do with my captainin'? I WAS A GOOD CAPTAIN! Until /SHE/-" Pointing right at Gamora beside him as if shes far away and requires shouting to get her attention, even though she don't, "-Throwed me off the ship like trash..." They'd just made up, now he's all sore again.

Arms crossed over his chest, "Plus my peckers TWICE the size of that guys!" Pointing at the Xandarian, even though there's absolutely no way he could possibly know that and the fact he wears skin tight body suits largely points to this statement being absolutely false.

Mantis has posed:
The bearded midget Xandarian hops off his chair, reaching up to take the hand of a golden sexbot. "Only because I currently have it folded in quarters to fit," he says with a pat down along his leg. "Come my dear, I have credits that need spending," he says, leading the robot off.

Mantis takes a seat back with the rest of the Guardians. The yelling back and forth is rather calming to her. Things are back to normal.

She takes another sip of her drink and then lets out a little laugh for no reason that anyone can spot. Mantis is about to say something to Gamora when one of the robots stops at Mantis's side, and leans down to whisper in her ear. Mantis's pretty eyes widen and she looks happy and excited. 'Why yes, I would like for you to be my friend," she says, rising to her feet. "She is not a strange man," Mantis says towards Gamora, remembering her earlier suggestion.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "Damnit Rocket, you traded me for a ship. I thought ... I thought maybe we were something..." Peter says with his own rage shifting rather quickly behind his eyes to something a bit more, vulnerable. The shattered glass and spilled booze on the ground are ignored by the captain.

    "I think maybe it's time you find a new way off this planet." Peter says actually rather hurt and sorrowful before he looks down into Rocket's eyes, square and firm. He's having to be the captain.

    Peter doesn't want to ignore Gamora, in fact he could really use some encouraging word from the woman or anyone else, but he can't actively ask for help or anything, not in this moment.

Groot has posed:
     Having been distracted long enough by the sudden thrusting of a game controller into his hand, Groot starts to play, and quite well at it after a few seconds of getting used to the controls.

  Groot's abilities to multitask keep him in the conversation somewhat. "I am Groot..." He comments to Rocket. Until Peter says what he just said, making Groot do a trouble take. "I..." Shocked. He looks around, stopping at Gamora, then Rocket, then Quill, then Rocket again. "Am Groooot!" Now shouting hurt, and angry at the two of them not simply getting along.

Gamora has posed:
When the bickering starts again, Gamora downs the rest of her drink and she slides off of her stool. She pauses to glance at Mantis and to take in the sight of everything going on there... considering to step in and stop it, but she realizes that the likelihood of anything happening besides that sexbot being told eccentric stories for the next several hours in a private room were very slim.

She pauses to look back at Groot as he seems to be enjoying his game.

Then Rocket and Quill... she's going to want to kill them both if she stays around them though, so she turns and walks over to the midget with the good jokes. "Come on." She steps in between him and the sexbot he'd claimed and takes hold of his hand instead. "Try and keep up." She states as she starts to walk off with the funny vertically challenged Xandarian.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket is kind of use to the back and forth between himself and Peter being jabby and stabby and barby and usually he's the instigator, but... There's a dejected kind of sorrowfulness in Peter's tone of voice that kind of hits the ol' murder rodent right in the feels. "Aw come on, Quill.. where's yer.. you mean yer not gonna.." Motioning back and forth, alternating hands, between himself and Star-Lord.

"I didn't trade you for /any ol ship/! I traded you for YOUR ship... and /this/ crew..." Because that, to him, makes it okay! Rubbing at his ear with the tips of his claws, more so, more insistantly when Groot shouts. "Okay okay..." Quiet..

Rocket frowns, "I admit that /maybe/ I shouldn't have done that.. an', in my haste to become captain', I /maybe/ stabbed ya in the back.. an' there's a itsy bitsy part of me tha' thinks, /maybe/ I shouldn't have....."


"I'm sorry, Quill. I don't know why I dun that." Watching Gamora go dance with a tiny midget. "Man, that guy really does got a big pecker..." Non-sequistor.

Mantis has posed:
It's a beautiful moment in the history of the Guardians. Which Mantis misses as she walks off with her new 'friend', heading up some stairs and towards one of the rooms as Mantis says, "Why yes, I do have a credit chip..."

Meanwhile the bearded Xandarian of low stature but high esteem smiles to Gamora as she interjects herself in place of the robotic employee. "Well, very well. And I promise I'll even give you a discount," he vows to her as they too head off towards a room.

Up above the bar, the holographic scoreboard figure slides off some leggings, but as Groot gets distracted by the conversation, he loses ground. A sleeve is pulled back on.

Star-Lord has posed:

    Peter takes in a breath. "Thank you Rocket. Don't do it again. Else Xandarian dick will be the furthest thing from your mind, cause it'll be smeared across the quandrant. I'm glad you understand." Peter says and holds up his fingers again for two drinks.

    One is given to Rocket after Peter sits back down and looks to Gamora leaving and decides enough is enough. "Like hell I'm letting short round get a ride with my ... her."

    Peter stands up and takes another shot in very short time and leaves the empty glass intact this time as he moves to try and take Gamora's hand and run with her through the brothel centers and shops.

    "I hear this planet has the most beautiful sunsets. Lets go find one."

Groot has posed:
     Groot gives one shake of his head as he watched Quill and Rocket de-escalate from each other. Though as he crosses his arms in some semblance of a victory pose, Quill's ultimatum has a bark like eyebrow raise. "I am...Groot?" He looks to Rocket, and his crotch, still not sure exactly what Quill had threatened.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket opens his mouth, then closes it, then looks over at Groot... suddenly the pair of them are alone and the smaller of them is wrinkling his nose up, baring fangs, "He ain't comin' nowhere near my pecker! Especially not if he aint took some kind of cleanin' solution to that droid before he DEFINITELY DIDN'T BOINK IT!"


He downs his drink and climbs up Groots arm to roost on the big trees shoulder, "Let's get the kriff outta here. I aint even thirsty no more."

Groot has posed:
     Groot suddenly has an aversion to nearly everything in this robo-brothel. Like peckers had been just everywhere, helicoptering around like a high school locker room. You ever see an eight foot tree run? Now ya have, robohookers!

Mantis has posed:
The dispute between the group is just another bit of a noise in the raucous fun of the bar. As Quill grabs Gamora's hand to pull her away from the midget Xandarian, he calls out after them, "Very well then. Call me!?" He turns back to the robot he was previously about to head to a room with. "Now did I ever tell you the time I took a piss of the tallest cliff in the quadrant?" he says, sliding his arm back around her to head up the stairs.

The stairs. At the top of which a door is just closing on a familiar voice making an ooooing noise followed by, "I /would/ like to see what else you can do with my credit chip."