10420/City Fall: Never Leave a Good Thing Alone

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City Fall: Never Leave a Good Thing Alone
Date of Scene: 13 December 2019
Location: StockGen Labs - New York City
Synopsis: Doc Ock and Grant perform a sting operation on StockGen Labs to try to learn more about a way to hurt the Foot Clan's control of NYC.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Doctor Octopus, Aguila 6
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder promised that the city would be safer with him in control. It's...not wrong, really. Crime is down, at least reported crime is down. Murders were up for a short while. In fact, they were REALLY up for a few weeks. That's slowed down now as well. However, as with any empire, more people means more leaks.

    StockGen Labs seems to be in close proximity to several Foot sightings lately. Not ninjas, but the rather mutated forms of the mutanimals that serve the Shredder. TCRI, the robotics division, is close by as well, so it's difficult to say which is the source of the attention, but given the presence of the scientific monstrosities that the Foot employs, it's almost certain that at least StockGen is involved in whatever is happening. The genetics lab has no paper trails to lead to the Foot, but that only means good track covering.

    Tonight, however, it is a different crowd that walks the darker streets. The Purple Dragons. A woman with white and black striped hair, a man who looks like an absolute mountain, standing almost seven feet in height with blond hair, an african american with a shaved head and a goatee, and...oddly a middle-aged man who looks like he's not a gang member at all. They walk down the street, speaking in low tones as the night traffic passes them in the moderately quiet commercial part of town. They stop across the street from the laboratory.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
The animal morphs are a problem. Being of the premier minds on the planet with high competency in genetics and biology (can't maintain a neural interface without intimate knowledge of brain and spine chemistry), Otto has decided to take on the challenge of finding ways to mitigate -or entirely remove- that advantage.

That meant getting into the StockGen Labs in a way that gives him time to search for and retrieve the genetics data he needs to create a toxin or antidote. Which means a diversion, followed by a one shot lockdown deep in the heart of the complex to find the answers he seeks..

On the rooftops above, Otto has gathered his teams. A lookout watches the streets to make sure of no surprises. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus stands on his own two feet as he addresses the dozen or so people around him. "I don't care if you kill any of them. What matters is you keep their attention on /you/." Otto glances to each of those involved. It's a mix of Octoboys, Kingpin mercenaries... and the new guy, Grant. Grant can see himself reflected in the safety goggles the Doctor wears, and his tentacles are fully retracted, but visible from his back. Even from here, those tentacles look mobile. And intimidating to an extreme.

Doctor Octopus is a name that's been in the shadows for a while now. He's been a spectre behind the scenes in a very small part of New York that the Octoboys claimed for himself. It's only recently that he's started to be very visible... and the few rumors that have popped up about him make him out to be extremely dangerous in combat with those tentacles. To the point he's engaged the Foot -including Shredder himself- to a standstill multiple times, and has lived to tell the tale.

Whatever his reasons, this operation makes it clear Doctor Octopus is /not/ happy with the Foot clan.

"I need as much time as I can get to find the answers I seek. If I am successful, a major advantage of the cretin will be nullified." Otto starts to walk along the rooftop, to one side. "If you get outnumbered, run. Even a chase will give me time to do what I need to do."

With that, Otto brings down all four tentacles, and begins to leap towards the other roof, once he has a clear eyeline. Next up, hacking security.

Aguila 6 has posed:
Standing among the other men who are geared up and ready to mount an attack upon the Stockgen building, Grant nods his head at Doctor Octopus and says, "Roger, sir. We'll hit them hard and keep them busy as long as we can." There's no fear or apprehension in him, more like a sense of building excitement. He briefly checks out the weapon in his hands, an H&K 416 with an underbarrel grenade launcher, making sure that both weapons are loaded and that the safeties are engaged on them.

Looking around at the other mercs and the Octoboys he says, "This should be easy enough. We act like we're storming the front of the building, kill anybody in the way. As soon as we're in a good position with plenty of cover we'll hunker down for a little while, then bug out when they arrive in force." He's confident giving orders.

Leading the way, Grant moves his men into position, shouldering his weapon and saying, "As soon as you've got eyes on the enemy feel fire at will. Remember to stick to cover, if you get dropped you better hope your buddies like you enough to extract your ass."

Shredder has posed:
    The light changes, and the mountain of a man starts forward. Those familiar with the underworld might recognize Arnold Jones. Nobody calls him that. Ever. Hun is the name he goes by, and he's the leader of the dragons. He's also been with Shredder for a long time, so his affiliation is hardly secret, and he didn't gain his reputation in NYC by looking tough. He would likely be able to hold his own against the Kingpin if he needed to.

    The others...they are not known. The man who looks a bit less like a gang member wears a light brown trench coat over a sports jacket and a dress shirt with the top button undone, and is first into view of the firing team. Maybe in his mid-fifties, his hands in his pockets as he casually walks near the Hun. Maybe a businessman? Maybe not. He doesn't look like a super rich one at least.

    They seem to be unaware of the operations that happen above them, though the two bringing up the rear seem far mor...alert. Fidgety a little bit perhaps.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
First things first. The first layer of security. He didn't have schematics to make this infiltration perfect, but he was a genius. No doubt he could jury jig his way past the technology.

Scanners, weapons, and other anti-intruder devices that are spotted are immediately grabbed onto and crushed by those four tentacles, his focus being momentarily wholly taken up by the pursuit.

Hopefully, he won't have alerted anyone already.

Aguila 6 has posed:
"Drop them," orders Grant as the older guy moves into line of sight of his shooters. The mercenary captain then turns his head slightly and yells as loudly as he can, "Advance on the objective! Fire at will!"

Then it comes time for him to prove why he's so valuable, especially as a distraction. Aguila 6 reaches the side of the rooftop and steps off of it. The fall would severely injure a normal man in all likelihood, but Grant's cybernetics allow him to land safely, tucking into a roll and coming up with his weapon at the ready. The rifle barks as he engages the patrolling force, firing controlled pairs towards the more alert looking pair of bangers.

Shredder has posed:
    The man in the trench coat looks up as his peripheral catches Grant dropping from the sky. He looks mostly unconcerned, rather blaise, while Hun, his larger counterpart does react. "Who are you?" Hun demands. "Bud, you messin' with the wrong folks, Shredder know about this?" he asks, a toothy mean smile on his face. "You think you gonna threaten some of his and get away with it?" The man in the trench coat moves in front of Hun, but lets him do the talking. What does the man in the trench coat do? He get's shot. In the head. His neck snaps back a little, but when he recovers, it seems he's completely uninjured. A rather unusual scenario. Meanwhile, the woman and black man behind them back up a little. "Shit, it's the Friends of Humanity!" the woman shouts, her voice quite frightened. She starts to run, not toward the building, but directly back across the street. The black man instead runs to hide behind a mailbox. Doesn't seem like these four are the most organized of gang bangers.

    Up on the roof, There isn't much to be seen, all of the stun weapons are imbedded into the structure, making it difficult to find things to crush. The door to the rest of the building is rather unguarded, a blue fingerprint pad, rather industrial strength, seems to be the only gatekeeper to the door.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Keeping an eye on the rooftop around him, Doctor Octopus takes out a device from the backpack he brought along, and begins to take the scanner apart to splice into it. Next step? Trick it at the firmware level that everything is legit, and someone legit is trying to gain entry.

Hopefully, he won't need to rip the door out of the wall instead.

Aguila 6 has posed:
Looking at the big guy, then at the dude who didn't die like he's supposed to, Grant speaks to them, "Ever heard of corporate espionage? We're who you call when it's time to go loud." Then he opens up with his rifle again, trying to gun down the guy taking cover behind the mailbox. As soon as he's ripped off a couple of rounds Washington starts towards the guy in the trench coat. If bullets didn't work on him it might be time to try something a bit more old fashioned. The rifle is slung and the merc starts to take on a stance reminiscent of a wrestler.

Meanwhile, some of the other dudes will start shooting a bunch while others start to advance out of their building, looking for cover on the street to protect them from the fusillade that's sure to come.

Shredder has posed:
    While the firmware seems rather difficult to hack at this location, it does seem that it can be prevented from sending a signal at all, which makes it possible to gain the entry without detection. The door pops open, revealing the rather unadorned staircase to the rest of the building.

    The man behind the mailbox takes a round to the arm, and...the mailbox flies forward, hurtling as a projectile. The woman dives into a car that comes screeching to a halt, passing through it without any incident. A moment later, she is opening the door on the other side, and continuing on her way. Looks like she is primarily interested in escape, but before she completely leaves the scene, she pulls out her phone, and starts to frantically dial on it.

    Hun leaps forward, letting his human shield take the bullets and then diving past him, a hamfist punch coming around as he tries to slug Grant.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"If it can be made by humanity, it can be unmade." Doctor Octopus muses to himself. "Amateurs." As the door opens, Doctor Octopus begins to walk inside, his tentacles coming up into ready position to take on any devices or personnel he finds. Security get a shove into the wall. Officers get searched. Any scientists With keycards get stripped of those keycards and knocked out... and if they look like they're higher on the totem pole? Doctor Octopus is going to do some interrogation.

He doesn't want to search the whole facility after all. Just the genetics lab. Eventually, someone is going to have empathy and want to stop him from massacring the people inside.

Aguila 6 has posed:
When it comes to fist fighting Grant is no slouch. Hun may be big, mean and skilled but Grant is superhuman and it shows when he ducks under the blow and returns the attack with a quick punch combination of his own, strikes flying like machine gun fire.

The other gunmen open up on the two gang bangers. Some of their rounds tearing into the would be escape vehicle while others send bullets towards the dude that slammed the mailbox.

Shredder has posed:
    It's a mostly empty office inside, but the security is rather sophisticated. Sophisticated enough that it doesn't announce the security breach when Ock comes barreling through the hallways. It's quiet inside, no security personell, no scientists after work, it's empty.

    The large leader of the Dragons takes the blows to the chest, stumbling back a little. "Oh, come on sugar, that all you got?" It looks like it hurt a bit more than he likes to let on, though. He certainly isn't a slouch. He uses those huge arms to try to catch Grant in a bear hug.
    The car is shot quite thoroughly, and the poor passerby in the car will be lucky if he just has a trip to the hospital, given how many rounds he just took. The woman tucks through a wall with her phone, the bullets slamming into the stonework of the building.
    The man who seems bulletproof moves to put himself as a shield to the telekinetic, as his trench coat is shredded by the rounds tearing through it, leaving him seemingly uninjured. He isn't fast, he doesn't seem particularly combat adept, he just...doesn't get hurt. The telekinetic happily keeps the coover and with a tilt of his hand the mailbox comes slinging in the direction of one of the gunmen even as a bullet makes it through to hit him in the leg, dropping him to one knee.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
First, the security hub. Otto goes through the building as fast as possible on his tentacles and moves to disable security at the source. Most likely everything here is password protected though, and he'll need to destroy the equipment to prevent further use... but who knows, perhaps he'll be able to break that encryption easily.

After that, it's a matter of exploring the building until he finds the archives or databases he requires... and dumps the entire contents into the Hard Drive he brought along. Genetics data first... then everything else. Given the lack of security inside, there's a good chance he'll be able to work uninterrupted, even.

Aguila 6 has posed:
"I like your attitude, big guy. You survive this and I might have a job for you," Grant chuckles as he rolls beneath Hun's arms, trying to come up behind the monster of a man to get control of his back. Washington is intent on going for the throat, aiming to get a metal arm around his adversary to try to choke him out.

The other criminals with him have mostly taken to the street, using vehicles and the sides of buildings as cover. One of them calls out to Grant, "Dude's bulletproof! Can you take care of him?" The speaker is then struck in the face with a mailbox and drops to the ground, clearly out of the action. Possibly dead.

Shredder has posed:
    As the Doctor searches for the security system, he finds a hub. It's not big, and it doesn't take a technical expert to realize that he system is decentralized. All the same, as he goes through the halls, it is fairly quiet, and so he is able to roam the halls freely to search for the genetics lab. It takes a couple of minutes, though, as it still requires searching the actual building.

    Down on the street below, Hun finds an arm wrapped around his neck, and he growls through the choke. "And betray...Shredder?" he laughs, "I'd be safer...taking a bullet, to the head..." He tucks forward, leaping up and doing something that's likely to hurt for both men, he flips forward so that he will fall on his back, holding Grant's arm so that he will take the cybernetically enhanced soldier with him.

    The telekinetic runs for cover, taking the momentary break in fire as the human shield runs with him, glancing back at Hun. Hopefully he'll be fine as long as he is in melee combat so they don't fire on their own. The telekinetic doesn't have such luxuries.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Nothing for it then, he'll just have to break security systems as he finds them. They'll already know he is here.

Lucky for Doctor Octopus that he isn't a normal human, and those tentacles are incredibly fast and agile. It'll make searching the building much quicker compared to someone on foot.

Of course, he doesn't have the ability to connect to technology beyond his harness... so actually finding what he needs? Will require a plain old fashioned hack. Which is why be brought along some specialist equipment for the job.

Aguila 6 has posed:
"I'll let you know when he's taken care of," Grant boasts as he tries to constrict the big guy's airway, holding on as tightly as he can. That tight grip works against him as Hun grabs his arm and slams them both into the ground. The mercenary let's out a loud gasp but does his best to maintain the chokehold through the pain and sudden expulsion of air from his lungs.

The gunmen take some more pot shots at the invincible fellow and his buddy, but they don't leave cover. They were told to hunker down, after all. One of them moves to check on the guy that got hit with the mailbox and yells, "I think his brains are coming out!"

Shredder has posed:
    Hun is not cybernetically enhanced, he is much stronger than the average person. He rolls over, to his belly and back to his back again, trying to get Grant off, but it seems he doesn't have the strength to actually peel the man's cybernetic arm free. "Strong...sonuva..." He never gets to finish it, as he's choked to unconsciousness.

    The mailbox man slids up against a pillar that is in front of the building, and blindly flings the mailbox again in the direction of the gunfire. It isn't very precise, though, as he can't see his target, nor the object he's controlling. "Can we get out of here?" he asks the older man.
    "Yeah, I think that'd be best, Hun is down! Where's Stacy?"
    Meanwhile, a sound starts to echo through the streets. Cops are on their way.

    Inside, a series of units are found, though all of them encrypted. The placard on the door to the room declares it to be something called the Utromium Research Center. Utroumium sounds like an element, but it's certainly not one that's on the periodic table.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Otto doesn't need to decrypt anything. He just need to find what he's looking for. Unfortunately, that means he needs to grab everything and start the tedious process of decryption later.

Taking the storage unit out of his backpack, Doctor Octopus begins to connect all the cables to various IO slots. His real hands begin the work of preparing the download, while his tentacles start building the connections, whether proper, or improvised on the fly.

He didn't have much time before the police showed up outside, and they swept the building. He paid the mercenaries well enough to take on the police for a time, but he's not about escalate this if he doesn't have to.

From the inside, Grant can hear over the commlink, "I've found what I'm looking for, and I'm downloading. I need just a bit more time." Otto informs Grant firmly.

Aguila 6 has posed:
After Hun goes to sleep it takes Grant a few seconds to get to his feet,"I think that big bastard cracked my back plate." Breathing a little heavily he moves to take cover behind a vehicle, reading his rifle again. To the other gunmen he says, "We'll see if Mr. Bulletproof can handle a 40mm grenade fired down his throat if he shows up again." Grant begins to chuckle to himself until he hears the sirens and Doc Ock's words, replying over the radio, "Understood, sir. We've got your back."

"When the cops show up light then up. Kill them or force them to seek cover. Be ready to move if their tactical teams show up," the mercenary commander orders as he takes aim in the direction the cops are most likely to approach from, reaching forward towards the trigger of his grenade launcher.

Shredder has posed:
    Various laptops and desktops have several types of connectors, but those sentient appendages do their work, enabling the stripping of information in raw data format to the unit Octavius carries.

    The man in the shredded trenchcoat steps back out, and holds his hands out. "Want to shoot something? Go ahead!" he calls out, and the telekinetic takes the opportunity to start running. The older man charges forward, heading for Grant at full tilt. He doesn't seem too terribly fast, he runs the way one might expect a fifty year old man to run, with a determined, yet probably not intimidating look on his face.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
As the process starts, Otto turns around and looks over to the various exits, keeping watch for himself as he awaits the download complete ping from the unit monitor. His teeth grit in frustration from how long this was taking already.

Aguila 6 has posed:
THUMP! Goes the grenade launcher as a 40mm high explosive dual purpose grenade streaks towards the fellow in the trench coat. No matter what it hits there will be a terrible noise as the explosive detonates, likely leaving those not used to such things temporarily shaken.

The big boom leaves the other gunmen ducking for cover as Grant reloads.

Shredder has posed:
    "Oh shi-" The man in the trenchcoat's eyes go wide as the grenade flies at him, the explosion sending him back and into the air away from the mercenary. The lights can be seen as the police cars start to show up, two, followed by four more, the SWAT team isn't here yet, but surely will be soon.

    Ding. The download is complete.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"I'm done. Start your retreat. When they chase you, I'll leave in the chaos left behind." Otto orders of the team outside, his tentacles grabbing the various connectors quickly as his main hands put the unit itself back into the backpack.

Within moments, Otto is heading back to the rooftop, and will be preparing to jump in a direction opposite the fighting below.