10468/City Fall: Why Did You Do It

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City Fall: Why Did You Do It
Date of Scene: 17 December 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Shiva seeks out answers from Shredder
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Lady Shiva
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    On the edge of NYC, a rather peaceful garden home can be found. It's larger than most of its sort, several rooms inside, and the entire structure is that of a traditional Japanese feudal lord. Pristine gardens which exude a chi of presence and harmony, a quietly babbling brook has been constructed which snakes through the paving stones and under bridges that could as easily be stepped over. While the material is modern, the doors appear to be like that of the old paper sliding doors in Japan, and Nio statues.

    To those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, they just look like muscular patrons of the garden, angry faces on their countenance. To those who do, they are far more than simple aggressive decorations. They were the type of statue that Japanese emperors would have as spiritual guardians of their palaces, which says something about the owner of the house.

    The cold weather has the doors closed, and two of Shredder's Foot Elite, wearing their red masks and rice hats stand outside the rear entrance, while the front has no outdoor guard to give it away, but certainly interior are present. Of course, a visitor is expected, so unlike others who may need to enact feats of prowess to gain access, such is not likely to be necessary tonight.

Lady Shiva has posed:
When word had come through her sources that he was willing to meet, Shiva was pleased. It had taken some time for the word to trickle through. Information sources that didn't use technology took time, but were generally untraceable. Unless someone told tales. Those who dealt with people of their caliber knew better. Death was preferable to betraying either of them.

At the appointed time and place, she arrived on foot. Walking calmly to the back entrance, dressed casually. An Oriental style shirt in red, black pants, black slippers on her feet. A lightweight trenchcoat in black leather over the top, though it was not worn to ward away the cold or for reasons of style. Those here, the elite of the Foot, they would recognize that there were likely weapons hidden within. They would not be wrong. She was a veritable arsenal on her own, though she preferred not to use them. Yet, she was an assassin and it never did to have no tools of the trade.

She paused on the path a few feet from the doorway, waiting to be acknowledged or granted entrance before proceeding.

Shredder has posed:
    The door slides open, the elites making no move to stop her approach. The sliding door reveals a male servant who precisely opens the door at the same speed from both sides, and while standing in the center of the door way in his black servant's uniform, gives a deep bow. "Lady Shiva," he says. "The master is prepared for you," he says. He stands to one side, gesturing her permission to pass through the door in a rather traditional manner. A pair of uwabaki slippers are inside, just before the tile floor, and behind her, the servant moves to close the door in an equally formal manner.

Lady Shiva has posed:
Shiva takes a moment to glance around before turning to the slippers. Her own are removed and the uwabaki slippers are stepped into easily. Then she steps to the side, awaiting further guidance. Certainly she could go traipsing through the house and find her way but that honestly was rude. Despite being what she was, much as Shredder was, there were rules for propriety. She truly doubted this was a place he actually spent time other than a meeting here or there. That was too trusting. He hadn't lived this long having that sort of silliness.

Shredder has posed:
    The servant maintains the same pose as he leads her down the hall, filled with stories of ancient times, and then opens one of the doors on the right with his closest hand, and then finishes sliding it with the other. Inside sits a man with dark hair. Oroku Saki, Leader of Oroku Industries and StockGen, and the Master of the Foot Clan. He sits crosslegged on a cushion, a simple wooden table opposite him, and a matching cushion past that. The lighting is also simple, an indirect cast on the parchment colored walls gives a rather tan hue to the room.

    On the table rests a teapot made of clay, contrarily unadorned. A stir spoon made of iron, and the white and blue tea bowl in the place intended for Shiva has a koi leaping from the water, about to eat a butterfly. His own bowl is white and red, and features a crane standing on the back of a lion.

    The Shredder bows mildly, remaining seated. "Lady Shiva," he says. "I understand you wished to meet me. Kitsune consulted the oracle, and suggested that this may not be a meeting of ordinary business." His voice is as dark and powerful as when he is in his armor, but at present has a simple purple kimono with the emblem of the Foot on either breast.

Lady Shiva has posed:
It is a tiny thing. Something that most would never even be able to see. For a second, Shiva is surprised. The moment is so fleeting it could have been imagined. She knew who he was. She had learned it long ago. But she had never seem him without his armor.

Her surprise could easily be caught by her host, though none of those who served him most likely.

She returned the bow before entering, kneeling in her place on the opposite side of the table. Each detail is taken in though there is a tiny curve of her lips upwards when she spies the cup that was chosen for her.

"Oroku Saki. Thank you for agreeing to meet." Formal and polite. She always has this aura about her, as though she's at peace with the world. A zen like quality. She was comfortable with herself and her place in the world. "My visit is related to your business in Gotham. Though perhaps not in the way you would think."

Shredder has posed:
    The canister of tea, in this case made of bamboo, is pulled before him and Saki takes the iron spoon, preparing the cups. "Perhaps not, and what way would I think?" he asks, pouring the tea. He seems completely comfortable, and without any regard for his safety. But then he realizes the nature of what he has done with such a gesture. The tea ceremony has no station, and knows no combat. But it is also a place where no one is supposed to lie, which could be a rather dangerous prospect for either person involved.

Lady Shiva has posed:
"It is not in regards to your movements there. Your intentions. I care not for such things." That is something about Shiva. She isn't one to do power games or politics. Her sole purpose is personal enlightenment. To learn. To gain more knowledge and learn what more there is beyond the veil. Yet, to most, she is a killer and nothing more. Even those she has allied with often do not truly understand her motivations.

Of course, she also is one with a mercurial nature. If something catches her interest, she will devote more time to it. Thus, this moment and meeting.

"I am one who follows my own interests. One such interest is a vigilante known as The Question." She pauses, dark eyes focused on the face of her host. "It is my understanding you had an encounter with him. He did not fare well." He was almost killed. "I am curious why you would take such lengths against him?"

Shredder has posed:
    The Shredder finishes pouring the tea, and places both of his hands on the side of his bowl, indicating that it is prepared, but does not drink yet, guests are always to drink first.

    "The Question," he pauses. "Is this a man I personally engaged?" he asks. He didn't know the Question by his moniker, and so he's admittedly at a loss. "Regardless, if he interfered with my operations, I think you should be able to deduce why he would be removed. I do not cherish repeating tasks if I do not need to."

Lady Shiva has posed:
"To be precise, he engaged you."

Shiva places her hands properly then lifts the bowl and takes a sip of the tea. If he wanted her dead, he wouldn't do it over a tea service. That was not their way. There was no honor in poisoning someone.

She lowers it back to its place and continues. "A man with a trenchcoat, fedora. No face." She gives it a moment to see if it rings a bell. "You had chosen to frame the Bats for the events at the scene. He took umbrage to this and attacked."

Shredder has posed:
    Saki takes up the tea, and sips it as well, holding it politely in both hands, indicating that it is in fact not poisoned. When she mentions 'no face' there is a light of recognition. "Ahh, yes," he answers, a slight smile coming to his lips as if the memory amuses him.
    "The Question, as you call him," he says simply, "Made the mistake of attacking me. He had seen that I had no qualms about killing, perhaps one of the other criminals were in his favor, perhaps he served one, or perhaps he was just a principled idiot. It was not truly a concern I found necessary to explore. Did you expect that I would for some reason discriminate in his favor?" he asks.

Lady Shiva has posed:
"No." Shiva's response is truthful. It is rather rare she lies. It is another of those games she leaves to other people. "The fact you left him alive at all is a surprise. Though if it was on purpose or meant for him to suffer longer, I will not ask."

She raises her tea again to take another sip, considering what she is about to do. When the bowl is lowered again, she regards him evenly.

"You know some about me. We have worked together. Consider this the request of one professional to another."

She sets the bowl down precisely again before she speaks. "He is mine. To kill. Or let live. In the future, should there be another confrontation, I ask that you respect that. Incapacitate only. "

Shredder has posed:
    The neutral patience with which Saki regards his opposite is decidedly that of a tradesman's scales. "A request from one professional to another," he echoes. He takes another sip himself, and then places it back on the table.
    "I gather this is not a request of a professional nature, though," he distinguishes, an ever so slight arching of his dark brow. "You are free to ask, to be simple, I would have certainly expected him to die of his injuries. He would have needed rather immediate attention to prevent it." Translation, he now knows that Vic was not singular in his actions that night. "As one professional to another," he says, "I would like him not to put me in the position to make that decision again."

Lady Shiva has posed:
"Is any vigilante in Gotham ever alone?" is the counter from Shiva, the hint of a smile on her lips. At the suggestion to get Vic to just stay out of things, she has to admit something.

"Therein is the problem. He is tempermental and foolish. I would blame it on youth but that is not the case. Though I have tried to urge him to remain calm, he continues to let his emotions rule," Shiva admits. It was pretty obvious. Under cover then suddenly leaping to attack the armored man he saw had little concern about the lives of others.

"He interests me." That is enough explanation of why she wants him left alone, at least in Shiva's mind. "Your skills are more than sufficient to incapacitate instead of maiming or destroying. Simply do so then send word to me. I will deal with him."

Shredder has posed:
    Saki doesn't respond to the rhetorical question about Gotham vigilantes. He nods, "Interests." He recognizes a few directions that such a statement could be interpreted, but regardless of the correct interpretation, there is a positive attachment somehow indicated. "Very well," he says, "I will do you this favor," he says. "And further, I would like to extend it beyond him," he says with a tight smile. "I would even extend it to all of the Gothamite self-proclaimed protectors. "I will incapacitate instead of destroy, so that I do not show favoritism," he says. "Once." In other words, he has no intention of making this an ongoing arrangement indefinitely for The Question or anyone else. "But on that one time, I would like you to deal with them as well. It seems it would be the most harmonious and 'equal' way to negotiate this."

Lady Shiva has posed:
Shiva considers a moment, eyes simply focused on his. Weighing. Measuring. "You assume I have interest in the others." In fact, she has in the past. She's helped teach several of them, including their mentor who is now rumored to be deceased. There are a few who were under her tutelage, others she has worked with when it suited her. Yet, if they fell at the hands of another? Not really her concern.

"This does not sound like a bargain I care for. My intention is for the one to remain alive until I choose to kill him. The rest for a one time sparing of the Question? Does not seem equal in the least. However. For each time you give them a pass, you add another to him." That will give Vic up to nine lives potentially. "Agree to this and I will 'deal with' them, after you have allowed them to live."

Shredder has posed:
    "We all hear bargains that we do not care for," Shredder answers. "I do not care to spare the Question. I can easily assign my own to deal with the bats should they finally become cognizant of what is happening in their city. But you have a greater credibility than I do, and I can use their presence. I will subdue Gotham. But I wish for my timetable to be accelerated due to other pending investments. You wish for your...interest, to be left alive. If you need him to be repeatedly given opportunity to make the folly again, then perhaps you should change your method of instruction. You came to me with the request. I did not come to you."

Lady Shiva has posed:

Shiva shifts her bowl slightly. Had it been just off the spot originally? It was now. "I thank you for the tea and for meeting with me."

Just as simple as that, she gave a bow toward him and began rising to her feet in a graceful movement, like water flowing in a brook.

"I do not agree to your counter offer. I wish you luck in your endeavors. Should you have need of my services in the future, you know how to reach me." The usual methods of street contacts. Just because they don't agree on this point doesn't change business. At least, from her point of view.

Shredder has posed:
    The Shredder nods, bowing slightly. "Indeed," he says. "It was an honor to meet with you, Lady Shiva," he says. He does not get up to follow, nor does he try to find another middle ground for the arrangement. The servant opens the door in the same manner as he did previously, standing at the center and spreading it to its extend, then stepping to the side again for her to pass undisturbed.