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Surviving Infinity: Rescue
Date of Scene: 30 January 2020
Location: Garnet (Knowhere, Sector 17)
Synopsis: Avengers and Friends (and Guardians, sort of) rescue the missing Tony and Steve from Knowhere's bounty hunters.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Thor, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wasp (van Dyne), Hulk, Power Girl, Star-Lord, Drax
Cast of NPCs: Ant-Man (Pym)
Tinyplot: Surviving Infinity

Iron Man has posed:
The message arrived in the evening, close to ten PM on a Friday. The message was much like kicking the Avengers' hornet's nest: all of the alarms went off. Emergency message. From Tony Stark.

It's audio and messy video. The camera is a low angle, shot upwards, revealing an exhausted and haggard looking version of Tony in the foreground, and a Steve in the back, who is looking away, guarding. "Hey, so. It's us. We're needing an emergency pickup at a place called 'Knowhere' -- yeah, I know. It's a real place. Get in range, and I'll pick up and ping your locators."

"Wear your battle gear, there's a lot of pressure on us. We'll need, uh, McCoy and Pym. I'd also like a cheeseburger." Tony glances at Steve, asking a quick question: does he need anything?

Tony looks back to the camera. "Steve's good, just rescue for him." There's a sound, and the feed cuts quickly as Tony gets up, moving the object he's using to send the message.

Thor has posed:
The Bifrost is being put to extensive use lately. First, it takes Thor, Diana, and Karen back to Earth, to report on what they'd found out there...only to hear that there's been a message from Tony and Steve from the rest of the Avengers. He relays first that, "We're coming with the Bifrost, so look for that." This time, he'll take everyone with him to Knowhere. Heimdall knows where that one is, and it's an easy jump anyway. Well, easy on the Bifrost at least. The Bifrost really does span the cosmos, and it's actually fairly comfortable even when going billions of light years all over the place. It does feel like walking, but it's more like a morning excercise walk than anything really strenous. Well, at least it feels like that to Thor and other Asgardians.

The Bifrost deposits the team on the correct planet of Knowhere, spanning that many billions of light years like that.

"Now, we just have to find them." Which is the harder part on a planet that looks like this. It's quite populated, and it's more than possible the shining light of the Bifrost attracted attention from the locals. They do call it a rainbow bridge after all.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana had returned to Earth with the others and adjusted some of her gear. The battle that they were in on the remote planet Thor had first taken them to left her needing to swap some things out, her shield and her armor specifically needed to be swapped out. Now, in a set of golden armor, along with a new gold and silver shield adorned with an golden Eagle upon its silver center, she appears on this KnowWhere with the rest.

Her eyes start to scan this way and that as she takes in the colorful surroundings. "This is... unique." The Princess of Themyscira comments. She glances toward Thor and then nods once to him. "The sooner we get home the better, I would say. We do not want to draw much attention." Which will be hard, considering what they all collectively look like.

Captain America has posed:
Needless to say, the Bifrost is shiny and loud and attention-grabbing. That a good number of people all arrive at once might as well have waved a flag and said, "Here, look at us!"

The entire street around the arrivals goes stuttered and, in some pockets of folks, still. These pockets appear to be armed -- heavily armed -- and uninterested in getting into a scuffle with a group that size at first glance. Some disperse from their interrogations as to "the location of two Terran slanderers" while others try to step more into the shadows to avoid first contact.

Regardless, it could be that these folks have bounties to fill and both Terran slanderers are going for a steep price back to Mikonia's people.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet's champing at the bit the second that the message is received. If the Mansion is a wasp nest of activity, it's because Janet spends the interminable middle span before Thor's return by viciously harassing everyone into working to the absolute limit of their ability. Anyone not essential to the mission is flatly turned away at the door by JARVIS, under Janet's specific orders.
% The trip on the Bifrost is made even longer by her constant growling upset at the delay. Never mind that Thor's transporting them across space and time in a matter of minutes instead of years; for Janet, an eye blink of teleportation would take too long.

"Well, they did say they'd find us," Janet reminds Thor. She flitters out of sight and then emerges again standing on his shoulders for a borrowed perch, barely pixie-sized. She's dressed for a fight, golden helmet protecting her head, and a small knapsack settled between her shoulderblades.

"We're a little past the point of beind discreet, Princess," Janet tells Diana with a dry tone of sarcasm. Throuh her HUD she dials up the short-range communicator built into her gear and sends out a shortwave ping of the area, on the standard Avenger's emergency frequencies. If Tony or Steve are plugged into the local network, it'll at least let them know that their allies are nearby.

Hulk has posed:
Doctor Banner has actually been very absent lately, after he was shunted into Limbo fighting a massive dragon in Central Park as the Hulk. Since then, he's been off the radar as it were for almost a month, outside a potential Hulk sighting in Bludhaven.

The emergency message has him show up to the mansion for the first time in a month... and wearing a blue suit that looks very familiar to anyone who recognizes the Fantastic Fours uniforms, only without their symbol on the torso.

By the time Thor comes and gets the Avengers, Bruce is already in a frantic pace as he starts to put together some tech pieces that will eventually get burned out in an attempt to create his own bridge... whether or not it'd actually work would be anyones guess, with the state of Earths technology... and all those pieces are left on the floor as Bruce joins with the Bifrost trip instead.

"So this is another planet in the galaxy?" Bruce asks as the blue suit is stretched at the shoulders, "I'd like to not have to bring out The Other Guy if I could, but no telling with that message. I got the impression they're dealing with hostiles."

Power Girl has posed:
"This is...new..." Karen comments as the Kryptonian is left to regard the scene and setting of 'Knowhere'. It was certainly different to her own brief explorations to alien worlds! The blonde woman was once more in her usual white costume, cleaned but otherwise still showing the marks of damage on that bright red cape. At least they were in the right spot this time...probably. Exhaling a breath, she turns in time to overhear Janet's comment and can't help but offer a smirk of her lips.

"We're not exactly dressed or designed for stealth over here..."

Iron Man has posed:
"Were they bleeding from all orifaces in the transmission?" wonders Dr. Hank Pym at the other Avengers, irritated at being dragged out of his other project to come to another planet. It's not even a NICE planet. Even if it were a nice planet, he'd find something to bitch about. He's sticking behind the group, in his personal gear, and a tiny medical pack. Doesn't have to be big to have a big assortment in it.

"Because I still doubt I was mentioned /by name/ to come out here by Stark; his ego wouldn't allow that," Pym sniffs. Janet's explosion of activity just made Pym more frosty, but it's mostly aimed at the other doctors present, Dr. McCoy and Dr. Banner. "Unless it's to torture me. ....Success, so far." Grumble!

Despite all the complaints, Pym is there as a medical gear resource.


Tony's response to the ping from the equipment for the Avengers is immediate. He's very rapidly hacking into their equipment. Well, not hacking: that would suggest he didn't have all the passwords. He does, so it's more just taking over. He lights them up with not just location -- they're about three miles away in the deeper dregs of the city, under'ground' - but also with a maze of buildings overlaying it: an upload of what he gathered from the city's local structure itself.

"They're here. Lots, with friends," Tony murmers to Steve from where they squat, trying not to attract the attention of a bounty hunter literally made of plasma and fire. Tony's forced to both knees, having to stop and take some deep breaths. He's taken a massive turn for the worse in his health level.

Captain America has posed:
Steve knows that his friend doesn't want to have to be carried -- it would only draw more attention -- and so the super-soldier, scuffy and too looking more pale than usual, with sweat at his temples, kneels at an angle to try and hide the inventor. A snatch at a nearby barrel nets them a swatch of fabric and he throws it overtop them both. Now they're a homeless blob, yay!

"That's a good thing, Tony, that means they'll be able to track your signal. Now c'mon, to your feet, we gotta find a place a little more off the beaten path if you want a breather." He then attempts to get Tony's arm up over his shoulder in a carry used to move wounded fellow soldiers off the battlefield and move on, before that flaming horror of a bounty hunter notices them.

Wonder Woman has posed:
As Diana is walking along with the others she feels a tug on her golden cape that covers up her shield and weapons upon her back. She looks down at the source of the tug and spies a small alien girl with an orange and blue flower that she extends up to Diana.

"Awwww..." Diana says as she turns and reaches down to accept the flower from the girl. "Thank you!" The Princess says sweetly.

And then Diana punches the girl right square in the nose! The little orange skinned alien girl goes flying backward into a metal support beam on a structure across the street as people scatter out of the way!

Diana straightens up and tosses the flower away...

The little girl? She starts to stand up and shakes her head as she suddenly changes shape and turns into a large 8 foot tall alien lizard that pulls out two blaster pistols and aims them right at the Princess who is now walking toward him!

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession, wouldn't you say?

As the hunter starts firing at the gold encased Wonder Woman, she uses her bracers to start to deflect the shots!

Thor has posed:
The Bounty hunters come in quick...and fortunately, Thor has the all speech at his disposal, so even if they don't have universal translators, he does by his nature as an Asgardian. But when they say something along the lines of "Surrender, Terrans", Thor only smiles and says, "We are a delegation from Asgard, and Asgard is not the same realm as Midgard, which you call Terra." Granted, Thor can say this, technically, because he's the King. And he can declare anyone as his entourage, even if some of his friends are, in fact, Terran.

Perhaps he's at least put doubt in the minds of some of the bounty hunters whether this is actually worth it. For the one that doesn't seem to care, well, even Thor has to throw Mjolnir at the guy that won't stop firing despite his claim of Asgardians aren't Terrans.

Loki might've been proud of him if this had worked better. This one's for you, brother.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"Three miles!" Janet yelps at the others, and vanishes entirely off of Thor's shoulder as a gunfight breaks out. She's not bothering to stand around and deal with the bounty hunter-- short of a few galactic forces, it's not likely anyone on Knowhere is going to offer a meaningful fight to the Avengers and their allies. A more formidable fighting force would be difficult to assemble.

"Let us know when you're done dicking around with the locals, Princess," Janet remarks with a vexatious tone.. "Everyone follow my bearing and try to keep up," she informs the others, tersely. Barely visible as a gold-plated glimmer, the Wasp arrows away towards Steve and Tony's location with a speed and purpose no insect could possibly achieve. Flying ten feet over the heads of the citizens of Knowhere she almost disappears into the hazy off-color lights and holograms.

Hulk has posed:
Hostiles, indeed.

"Huh." Bruce gives in a 'well then' sort of tone, as he watches Diana take the flower... punched the living daylights out of the alien girl, and watches them turn into an eight foot alien. There's a mild look of fascination to Doctor Banners face as he watches the whole scene onfold.

Right up until his distraction is capitalized on by a rather skinny looking haphazard looking red combat droid with hammers for arms, the owner of said combat droid nestled securely inside the chassis.

As soon as Thor is done giving his speech, the alien inside the droid speaks, and out of the droid comes "Translation: You all look the same to me. We can just knock you out and scan you later to be sure."

Down on the ground, Doctor Banner is clutching the back of his head, his now greening eyes plainly evident as the transformation begins.

Iron Man has posed:
"Kkkkkkhhhhh!" snarls a towering dark gray alien with multiple horns and tusks. He has extra arms, and extra guns, and is roughly similar in size and height to Thor. He gestures at some of other bounty hunters in his squad, suggesting he is some kind of captain. He doesn't seem to have eyes, maybe there's some other method of sensing. "Asssss-gardddd-eee-n," growls the captain. "Maybe so. Do your bizniss, then; don't cut in on our proffffits," warns the gray alien.

It does reduce some of the fighting at least for the moment, other than those who have literally picked a fight with someone near them, or aren't part of the gray's crew: such as the 'droid' by Banner, or the 'girl' with Diana.

"Doctor Banner? Maybe not right here," Dr. Pym recommends, frustrated, trying to put a hand on Banner's wrist, tone not exactly soothing, but that's not really Pym's 'area'. His bedside manner includes asking why the patient isn't healing faster.

"If I pass out, THEN you can drag me," Tony points out at Steve, with a finger, unable to fight much of the being pulled along. He's too sick. "But I'm staying awake. Just so we're clear on... that."

Captain America has posed:
"Yeah, you'd better stay awake, Tony, because you're not gonna be able to stop me from throwing you like a sack of grain over my shoulder if you pass out," mutters Steve quickly as they duck into a side alley. The cover of the 'borrowed' swathe of fabric has still kept them from immediate recognition, but it's Steve's blond hair that's a beacon of interest still. It's not a common hair or fur type on Knowhere.

He pulls both men flat against the alley's wall as a group of armed individuals go by. Thank god for the Captain's own back muffling the gleam of the spangled shield and its resonance upon impact.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana continues to block the green and blue laser beam blasts that fly from the Alien Bounty Hunter's guns. She can hear Janet's words as the littlest Avenger soars off behind her but she doesn't comment on them.

When Mjolnir slams into the one firing on her, Diana slowly lowers her arms down with her bracers burning hot from the energy weapons that had been deflecting off of them. She looks over toward the others. "He wanted me to smell that flower. It had a sleeping agent inside of it." She warns, having been able to smell it and sense it's intent. "That, and I could hear his breathing through the glamour that he was wearing."

She glances back at where the Bounty Hunter had been knocked off too. "We should follow the ever lovely Janet onward." The Princess then says and starts in said direction!

Thor has posed:
Thor nods, "Very well. You leave mine in peace, and I will return the favor." Once again, the All Speech serves the Thunder God well, as the diverse group of aliens he's talking to will all understand him just fine.

And with that, Thor means to simply...walk forward towards the next destination. If the others follow, and the bounty hunters stop fighting, it can end there, and they can proceed towards those who need rescuing. If the Bounty Hunters actually listen to him. He figures at least one of them will scan him and confirm he is not in fact Terran at some point. He keeps an eye on those with him to make sure the Bounty Hunters have ceased attacking. Speaking of which.

He changes his mind, and heads on over to the droid Bruce was on the wrong end of. "Scan me now. I'll wait."

Hulk has posed:
A slot on the forehead opens on the droid, a whitish beam of light slips over Thor's head. "Asgardian. Well, how about that." Comes the chittering reply on the alien inside that probably only Thor understand. Next up, Bruce, who's on the ground still. He's not transforming yet, but the green is definitely still staying as he tries to get the pain under control... and Thor's attempt at meddling slowly having a calming effect.

The white beam goes over Bruce's head... and more chittering ensues, "... Asgardian, what is this one?" The droid turns slightly to regard Thor. "The scan is corrupted at the cellular level. It's like there's a constant flux of some energy I've never seen before, and I can't tell if he's Terran or something else."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet makes phenomenal speed. Not that she's faster than anyone else-- quite the opposite, given the gods and godlings and godlike beings currently along for the ride.

But she's fleet, facing no traffic or obstacles, and making fantastic time towards Steve and Tony's location. The Wasp almost swoops to crash directly into Steve the second she sees him; her heart leaps into overdrive and lodges somewhere in her throat. But remarkably, basic prudent commonsense overrides her impulse and she overflies the two hiding Avengers and flies a tight overhead circle. An opportunity is spotted; Janet dives low and vanishes under a derelict light hovercraft, a skimmer that surely hasnt' run for a few decades at least and is corroding apart in an alleyway. It vanishes with a *puft* of displaced air.

When it reappears, it does so from behind and above the trackers pursuing Steve and Tony-- and it's twice as massive as it was, and moving like it was whipped with a fastball pitch at the little tracking party.

"<Honey, if you can hear me, take a hard left into the alley and then your first right behind those buildings,>" Janet says over the comm set. She risks a flickering of green bioplasma and loops a fast mobius in the air in Steve's line of sight to try and get his attention.

Iron Man has posed:
While yes, they are being let through by the crew led by Captain Grayhorntusk, they are also being semi-escorted by them. They may not be under attack, but if they want to lead the crew //to// their quarry? That is all right by the Captain. He does pull some of his people back to a more prudent distance, but to say the Avengers and friends are not being heavily watched and followed would be an incredible understatement.

"Lookieee thissss, goin' the saaaame waaay," remarks one of Grayhorntusk's crew to Diana sideways, peering at her. The crewmember has deep red skin, long black hair in dreads, and a pleasant grin to her features. It isn't aggressive, more like someone without social skills being friendly. Or trying. She's just a bit shorter than Diana is. "Nice bracelettttsss. For ssssale? Trade?" suggests the reddish crewmember. She's armed: pulse guns.


Janet's attack on three aliens that are thoroughly scanning for the two Terrans makes them yell and scatter in alarm and confusion, and causes a big traffic problem, that abruptly gets other passerby involved!

"Are we there yet?" Tony smirks aside at Steve, dryly. Still awake, it seems. Tony's an awful mix of shades: ashy white, and red in other areas, as the illness has gotten far more severe over the past few hours. Tony's wearing his gauntlet, but isn't doing much with it other than as a fashion accessory, and that he's using it to hold his device securely. His own weak grip is augmented by the gauntlet. "Tell me when we get there; I'm going to throw up."

Captain America has posed:
"If you need to puke, then just puke. This suit's not gonna get saved. It's gonna get burnt," the Captain murmurs back to Tony. He's not happy with the colors showing on the inventor's cheeks, but his own stomach is finally starting to burble. The sweat at his blond temples is still cool.

Then comes what, at first, he takes to be a hallucination. Was that...a green Mobius strip? He knows that bioluminescence...!!! Tony might feel a literal shudder of surprise go through the man helping him remain upright -- that, and he'll hear, "Roger that, Shortcakes, hard left into the alley and first right." Poor Tony: now the Captain attempts to march him double-time beneath their borrowed blanket.

When he darts across the street, the blanket slips. A gleam of silvery metal is the spangled shield and then the pair disappears into the alley. It's roughly near where the Wasp's signal glowed.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana a moves along with Thor and she glances over to him to offer him a small smile. "You are advancing as a diplomat, do you realize this?" She asks, making it sound like a slight tease in a fun and good hearted way. "You will get a new reputation of being the Speaker for the Avengers if you keep that up." She lets her red lips form a smile for a moment before her eyes go ahead again.

As the Alien speaks to her, Diana's eyes glance down to her right forearm then back up and over to the one with the dark dreadlocks. "Why thank you. I am afraid they are not for sale, they are very dear to me, you see. I have had them since I was quite young." Her true age being very deceptive when it comes to the number of years she's actually been living and breathing on the world of Midgardearthterra.

When Diana spots the lovely Janet going to assault her previously missing Man Friend, Diana smiles and starts to move to catch up with them. She lets Janet and Steve have their moment and instead looks for Stark.

Thor has posed:
Thor smiles at Diana, and adds, "Well, perhaps I picked that up from you." Or perhaps he picked it up from being a King, and NEEDING to be more diplomatic to begin with. It's a change, but he's had to do so much adapting since he's in charge. There's so many lives hanging on his words these days. As for what Banner is, "He is a good friend. But you are quite right, the radiation has changed him. The form you see now is but one of his forms, and if you saw the other, you would quickly conclude he is very different indeed. I believe it is called...Gamma Radiation." Of course, if he checks for that, it'll check out as exactly that.

It helps to be able to talk people, he's quickly finding out. Still, he's giving peace a chance, and it seems to be working so far.

Iron Man has posed:
When the whole Avenger group spots their missing friends, so do the other bounty hunters. The dreadhaired bounty hunter also moves, flipping her hand towards the rest of her crew. Her Captain in the background just grins, readying his guns. With a tap on her own gear she teleports and flips a little spike weapon from her sleeve, appearing behind Steve. "Let me help you with thaaaaaaat," says the female crew member with red skin and dreaded black hair, attempting to apply her electrical prod to Steve's spine, seeing as Tony is clearly not going to fight. Her crew closes, one of them shooting a net grenade. "ALL IN, M'BOYS!" yells the Captain.

Hulk has posed:
More chittering, "The bounty said nothing about shapeshifters... or Asgardians. Seems like it can explode anytime. I'll be on my way." The droid intelligence finally interjects, "we are going searching again?" Comes some chittering inside the 'cockpit'.

Without answering the droid, tentrils from the little alien inside grip various bits of technology, and the combat droid suddenly deploys a series of thrusters as droid and owner take off.

It takes a moment for Doctor Banner to realize he's not being attacked again, and he uncurls from the ball, rubbing his head as he moves to stand up, "That was close... another hit and I wouldn't have been able to hold that back." Bruce brushes off the form fitting suit, before he looks over in the direction of where Janet is 'working'. His eyes are normal again by this point. "Is that where they are?" Bruce almost dumbly asks, his hand still rubbing the bruise.

Of course, that net grenade gets a "Yep, that's definitely where they are."

Captain America has posed:
Hearing an unfamiliar voice behind him, Steve has time to look over his shoulder and see the sudden appearance of a red-skinned alien -- oh god, a Khundian, one of Mikonia's people!

She gets lucky to boot. The Captain, distracted with putting himself between the encroaching alien bounty hunters and Tony, is at the correct angle for the shield on his back to be of no help.

Electrical energy floods him and poor Tony no longer has any patriotic support system. Down Steve goes like that aforementioned sack of grain, his shield ringing out like a clarion bell on the hard alley's ground.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana reaches behind her as she spots Steve and then soon after she expects to see Tony...

From behind her back, beneath her shield, Diana has a small leather backpack that she pulls a white bag out of. She brings the bag around and a red 'WENDYS' logo unravels with a clear bulge inside of that bag that indicates a burger inside of it. And indeed there is a cheeseburger inside of that big. It is a Baconator and it is loaded with bacon and cheese and char-broiled beef between two buns!

But when the combat starts, when Diana sees Steve get attacked and then hears the sounds of other attackers incoming... she is forced to drop the white 'WENDYS' bag and it... in slo-motion dramatic fasion... starts to tumble end over end toward the ground.

Diana is forced to spin around and reach for her sword from beneath her golden flowing cape, to draw it and lunge upward to slice the NET LAUCHER round in half before it can achieve its target!

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
The only warning anyone gets is a flash of green light, a millisecond before the red-skinned woman's head simply.... evaporates upwards in a gory spray of red mist and singed brain matter. The body ragdolls violently aside, revealing Janet standing behind the dead bounty hunter with bioplasma curled in the palm of her hand.

"No no. Allow me," she quips, with a grim humor.

The bioplasma is dismissed and Janet skitters quickly over to Steve and Tony. Steve's checked first, fingers pressing to his brow and temples. "Steve? Steve? Baby, wake up. We gotta go. We gotta go, honey, c'mon, get *up*," Janet urges him. When he doesn't immediately respond she bites her lower lip hard, looks at Tony. There's a few seconds of internal debate before she forces himself to check Tony over as well. He doesn't look like he's in any better shape than Steve is.

"<I found the boys, but they're both hurt bad,>" Janet informs the others. She looks around. "<We can't stay here; I'm coming to you. Hank, be ready, Steve got hurt and Tony isn't looking good. Diana, help cover my flanks. Thor, hold your ground and be ready with the Bifrost. Bruce, try to stay calm. We need a doctor right now, not more muscles.>"

She takes a breath. "<Okay, Avengers? Assemble.>"

The ground crackles underfoot as Janet stands-- and stands-- and stands. She goes from her dainty five-foot something to a towering twenty-five feeet tall, shouldering aside a few inconvenient holographic displays inhibiting her progress. Steve's cradled in her left arm like a baby; Tony, she throws over her shoulder like a sack of meal.

Just for good effect, she swings her foot and kicks a three-hundred pound trash bin down the street with as much effort as she'd punt a soccer ball. "ANYONE ELSE FEEL LIKE GETTING IN MY WAY?" she booms in a giant voice, and starts quick-stepping towards the rally point before anyone else stops to challenge her.

Star-Lord has posed:
Something overrides the local PA systems.

Cosmo is going to be angry about this later probably.

Still music fills the air from the emergency system in this section of NoWhere.


Which is about when a jet of flame slams into The Captain of the Bounty Hunter crew back over yonder where he is watching and grinning and readying his guns. >It Looks Very Painful< which is accented by the way he is screaming in an alien tongue... which does not do much for the musical accompaniment really.

Quill is standing back behind him having pretty much shot the guy right in the back like that without honor one of his two guns still whisping smoke, his helm down, red coat flapping dramatically due to the rush of superheated air. "Hey now... that is Captain Fracking America.... he is like a senior citizen.. like at least a hundred on a good day.... do not hurt the poor old man..."

Quill asides "Drax... do your thing... try to be more impressive than the Giant Chick we need to make an impression here."

Drax has posed:
A loud roar of anger bellows forth and a hulking, green muscular figure drops down amongst the bounty hunters. His upper body surges with muscles, left bare though he is wearing paints.

No, not that hulking figure.

This one has red markings across his bare chest, his head is bald and his eyes are red as he grabs one of the bounty hunters by the feet. Drax the Destroyer yells out loudly in time with the music, if not in tune with it. "I FALL IN LOVE WHENEVER WE MEET!" He swings the bounty hunter about by the feet, bashing him into two others and knocking them all down. Drax lets the captured opponent go towards a third like he were a hammer thrower in the Olympics. Though his target moves in a blur, suddenly to the side of where he was.

"These are our Terrans!" Drax yells, drawing a pair of knives though the speedster is on him in another blur, hitting Drax with a flurry of punches that knock Drax back a few feet though only stagger him.

Thor has posed:
Thor heard that distinctive clang of vibranium, and not clanging in a good way. Twirling the old hammer around, it's time for that Iconic line, except Janet beat him to it...

And then he throws the Hammer towards the marker Janet left. And that will send him crashing right into the bounty hunters looking for Terrans. Granted, it's been established that HE is not Terran, and they've surely heard word of that from their droid buddy and the other guy. And the way he's swinging Mjolnir around, he's not acting very Terran either!

Bounty Hunters on another world, Thor isn't actually sure how much they can take, but with the way Mjolnir, electrified, is flying around Tony and Steve's immediate vicinity to at least make the bad guys back up, he must be presuming it's a lot, because that's the kind of throw he usually saves for Frost Giants. Thor hurries next to them. He doesn't want to take any bounty hunters with the team on accident. It'd be more of a mess than he wants to be bothered with.

Iron Man has posed:
"We can't treat /anybody/ in this mess," gripes Dr. Pym as he arrives from the back, before rushing over to join Janet with Dr. Banner, resuming his own size once he's next to Thor, and promptly ducking a projectile. "Either Janet needs to talk a walk, or we need to port out," Pym yells over the electrical feedback of being so close to Mjolnir's display, to Banner. "Who you want? Cap or Steve, Banner?" Because he's going to like torturing Tony.

Tony's not out, he's woken up a little more, enough to shoot a weak blast at someone behind Janet. "I'm good to go," Tony mutters, entirely unconvincingly, but he rarely admits injury. "Not dead yet." Ha, ha.

Hulk has posed:
Being an expert medical doctor out of necessity does tend to have it's advantages when you're attempting one of the most complicated biological feats in the universe.

It also helps to treat battlefield injuries quite well... except everything is exploding. "I can handle Cap. Modified biochemistry is a specialty of mine, after all." Bruce answers Pym, his own hand going up to shield his eyes from the electrical storm in front of him.

"WE CAN'T DO ANY SORT OF TREATMENT IN THIS. THEY'RE JUST GOING TO KEEP COMING, LET'S GO!" Bruce yells over the fighting around them.

Who knows if it'll register, even as Bruce tries to head for Steve.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana is up in the air when Janet grows huge and she looks over to the woman when she asks for backup, which is summarily provided.

The golden armor clad Princess swoops out of the sky and slices a Bounty Hunter's weapon in half, then pulls her lasso from her hip. It shoots to life with a golden glowing light, and with a snap of her arm it swirls around her body before it lashes out at the legs of one of the other hunters which she tries to yank and pull backward over her head into two more, using the Hunter as projectile weapon to slam them into more!

"I am ready to leave this place!" Diana announces before lunging herself toward another pair as they appear from around a corner. She slips down into a leg sweep that topples them both before she rolls back up onto her feet and rushes back toward the God of Thunder and where the others are!

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet stomps towards Thor and the rest of the crew, trusting them that they'll protect her from the worst of it. At her size, Janet's a tempting target, but she's moving quickly to cover the distance while her allies efficiently shred the bounty hunters around them. Tony's handed off to Hank; Janet sets Steve down more carefully, trying her best to support his weight as she shrinks down to size again. She's stronger than she looks; Janet slings his arm over her narrow shoulders to support him as best she can.

"Is someone singing Whitney ****ing Houston?" she pants, inquiring of no one in general.

"We've got the boys-- time to split. Everyone, get to Thor! We're getting the hell out of here right now! On the bridge, or get left behind!"

"Light it up, Asgard. I wanna get Steve home yesterday," she orders the Prince.

Star-Lord has posed:
Quill ducks as one of the Crispy Captain's minions takes a swing at him and then fires his other pistol encasing that one in Ice as he stumbles past Quill all off balance.

Well more like freezing him pretty solid. Which when he topples over and shatters. That will be very gross later.

"As soon as we get rid of these bounty hunters we can get all of you out of here yes!" misunderstanding what the Avengers intend to do really.

"Drax.. quit embarassing me buddy.. punch where he is going to be or something like that."

Drax has posed:
Drax is in quite a fight with the speedster. The rapid fire punches are more inconveniencing Drax than hurting him, but each swing the speedster darts around to the other side in a blur. "Confound you!" Drax screams flailing with his knives and missing again and again.

Finally Drax picks up two of the downed bounty hunters, one by his hair, the other by his feet and swings them together from either side, catching the speedster in the middle as he was coming in for another series of punches to Drax's head. The alien is fast, but not particularly hardy. He's staggered by the bodies hitting him. Drax jumps on him finally, grapping him and throwing him into a wall resulting in a bone-jarring crunch.

Drax turns, pointing to the giant woman and then to Star-Lord. "These have your skin, allies of the Terrans?" At least he didn't call it pasty skin. Drax picks up a gun dropped by one of the bounty hunters, shooting a second one with it and then throwing it into the face of a third. He follows it up with a leap and a blow with the handle of his knife that knocks the bounty hunter out. "Let us join them!" Drax calls to Star-Lord as he starts running towards the Terrans and the Asgardian.

Thor has posed:
The team is gathered, and Thor is sure nobody's getting left behind. The two who aided them are given a friendly wave and, "We thank you for your aid." Counting on the All Speech to make sure Star Lord and Drax understand him.

Then he looks up, having gathered the time. "Heimdall!"

Sure enough, the mighty rainbow bridge of Asgard comes crashing down, taking everyone, including the wounded Steve and Tony...on the bridge. It is notable that the bridge isn't the best place to treat people because of the whole 'journey' aspect to it, but it also doesn't take especially long to get back to Midgard.

Assuredly, future bounty hunters will probably remember that bridge and equally remember that bridge means whoever's getting ready to use it are pretty much lost quarry, but that is a lesson for their next bounties. As always, Asgard leaves its mark, with the sigil of Asgard being blasted on to the ground of Knowhere. There's actually a second sigil where they arrived too.

Iron Man has posed:
"We're both infected with space-flu, resist the urge to make out with me --- and I want my cheeseburger, it's right there," Tony grunts to whoever is near as he's handed off to Pym, pointing back at it. And then recoils a little. Ugh, Pym. WHY.

"I've always said you needed medication," Pym retorts.

"Not arguing," Tony replies. "Bring it on, I'll try not to puke it up."

Pym drags his Tony cargo through to the Bifrost, following Janet.

"You're in luck: it'll be a suppository," Pym deadpans.

Star-Lord has posed:
Quill bends down to pick up the Bounty Hunting Captain's gun "Hey this is nicely expensive.... yoiink..." and is straightening when the bi-frost slams down hard around the Avengers and they all vanish like Dorethy from Kansas or something, was that the song not the mode of travel....

"What. The. Hell. Was. That." he looks over at Drax who did ask him a very good question and then back to the imprint left by the Asgardian technology on the ground. "We definitely need one of those ... Rocket is going to flip out."


"Oh crap Gauntlet Tony bailed without paying Rocket... we are definitely going to Earth now."

Another Pause.

"Awesome I can get a new Zune full of music!"

In the background still blaring for a moment is Amorie Handspeth ... .. then it cuts out and a very stern and angry voice echoes through the streets Psionically. QUILL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW ... it had a Russian Accent really too... and random gawkers start to run for the hill as the very cute dog in a cosmonaut jumpsuit stares at Quill from down the way.

Quill mutters "Frack" .... ... "Wait is that Wendys!?" and Quill is just walking to the burger joint bag trying to ignore the angry psychic dog.

Drax has posed:
Drax watches the Terrans depart in the column of glowing energy. "We must travel to Terra. The vermin can have his gauntlet. And I will have Thanos's head," he says, running a thumb edgewise across his blade to test the edge. A bounty hunter staggers back to his feet and Drax backfists him to knock him down again as he walks over to join Quill.

"The vermin will be keen on collecting his reward," Drax agrees, "Especially as we did not get paid for the bounty." Though that wasn't why they took the job in the first place, they still owe Yondu.

Drax eyes the bag that Quill picks up. "Then bring it along. We shall return it to Wendy, or any other Avenger it belongs to, when we reach Terra." He sheathes his knives and turns to stalk back to the Milano.