11141/Party Prep

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Party Prep
Date of Scene: 02 March 2020
Location: 10th Floor - Stark Tower
Synopsis: Pepper and Tony discuss his next party.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Pepper Potts

Iron Man has posed:
The arrangements for Stark's spring party are underway! The whole of the party floor is an explosion of busy activity: tables and decorations are being set up, electrical systems tended to by a mixture of robotic helpers and human helpers alike!

Stark himself is present; he's at the far end on the stage, directing his robots much like a conductor. If the conducter was a snark-fest, anyway. "If you plug that in there, I'll question your ability to comprehend simple instructions," Tony teases one of the little bots, who thinks better of what it was doing and moves the amplifier away from being directly next to Tony's head.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Since his return and recovery, Pepper had been trying to keep things going at work. It was her purpose in life, after all. Which meant she was often trying to herd cats. Well, if cats were an alias for one Tony Stark.

"Tony, I have about fifteen..." She paused as she came into the room, blinking in surprise at all the activity going on. She knew he was planned on working on his party. She even knew it was going to be today. She did not realize it was going to look like a circus of robotics and humanity all trying to get everything done in some sort of record time.

"...papers that are just waiting on your signature." She had the stack of folders in her left arm as she walked further into the room toward the conductor of the orchestra of party preparations.

Iron Man has posed:
"Autographs? Fifteen? You're selling these on Ebay," Tony accuses with light amusement, but begins to climb down off of the tech he's arranging on the stage.

Suddenly a flood of holograms burst into life behind him: a test, perhaps. A flood of fireworks and colors, blindingly back-lighting the showy inventor. And he's aware of it: he grins shamelessly and sits on the edge of the stage, expecting her to put the pile down near him. His hands aren't free, he's winding up cable using his other forearm as a base for twisting the ropelike cords up. "Who gets them today? Is this the merchandising thing?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
"Subtle. I expected something flashier," Pepper deadpans as she watches the explosions of light behind him, having to narrow her eyes slightly to tone down the brightness. "You've mellowed after your space flu."

She brings the folders over, that click of her heels on the hardfloor almost lost in all the whir of activity. The folders are placed next to him on the stage and she draws a pen out of her jacket's inner pocket to lay atop them.

"The third one down is the merchandising agreement. Honestly, I think we should make them wait a little longer and I'm quite sure Hasbro will raise their offer." She gives a little shrug, glancing around. "The first is in regards to the extra funding for the R&D area in regards to non terrestrial virii."

Iron Man has posed:
Tony finishes coiling the wire but doesn't put the cables /down/, he leaves them hanging over one forearm while he picks up the pile of stuff. However, her comments distract him from it a little: probably intentionally trying to frustrate her? He does try to get to her ... playfully.

"We never encounter extraterrestrial problems, that seems like an enormous waste," Tony observes while he skims the form and readily signs it, despite what he's saying. That was NOT a good time. At all.

"Mellow, am I? Sounds almost like you'd prefer I go starve in outer space more often," Tony smirks, going through the other forms, dark eyes skimming fast.

Pepper Potts has posed:
"Normally there would be mirrored holograms on all the...." Pepper stops talking. She looks at the setup the little bots are working on and realizes exactly what she was saying will be what happens. "Nevermind. You have not mellowed. And if the crew I saw outside is any indication, you may have actually doubled your efforts. Which is saying a lot for a Stark Party."

Pepper looks back over at him with a slight smirk on her face. "I would prefer you to never go to space again. You scared at least a decade off me this time. Let's stick with you being on Earth and only worrying me to that level instead of reaching for the epic proportions, shall we?"

Iron Man has posed:
"Keep your worries to earth-sized proportions?" Tony asks, thoughtful, distracted sounding as he finishes signing off the papers and hands them back in a bundle, then flips the pen through his fingers to extend that to her as well, as if it were her that were going to sign some things.

"Hard for me to resist outdoing myself, but we'll see, honey," he teases her with a flippant grin, sliding off the edge of the stage. His affection is quick and natural, a lean in to try to land a kiss on her cheek before he steers around her. "J-72, I changed my mind, I want full mirrors, not just half. Pepper made a good point," he instructs, and flashes a smile to Pepper sideways. Willing to give credit? It seems so.