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Words and (Pixie) Stix
Date of Scene: 17 March 2020
Location: Saint Mary's Park, Fort Clinton
Synopsis: Morgana meets Pixie and Strange, shows off magic to Pixie
Cast of Characters: Morgana le Fay, Pixie, Doctor Strange

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana le Fey tends to think of humans beneath her. They are nothing more than pests...and deserving of her wrath. She's still not gone home after her earlier trip to a coffee shop. Black robes swish as she moves, minus the crown on her head (which is safely in Avalon), and she's moving with a purpose. To her, graveyars and cemeteries are nothing more than locations where dead people rest. Given her beliefs, or lack of 'big religion' (hello she's from a different time and place), she's not overly attached to the graveyard. Instead she is walking it to be respectful to the spirits and to clear her head. In her world, spirits are left alone. Hence Morgana not trying any magic. She finds a clear spot in the grass away from the graves and wiggles a little, getting comfortable.

"Goddess guide me" Morgana says staring up into the sky...as if the God and Goddess will appear to give her infinite wisdom. Instead, she smiles, looking over the rows of headstones. It's a weird peaceful feeling here for the Arthurian, pagan fey. She's got enough room to sit back and props herself on her elbows, relaxing some.

Pixie has posed:
Oh yaay, she's back at that spooky graveyard site where those meanies tried to pull off her wings. I mean, what NERVE! It's not like she LOOKS like tinkerbell...Okaay, maybe she does, but that's besides the point!

Oh yeah, Megan is sitting in a clearing in the cemetary, sitting in a fairy's circle of mushrooms of all things, holding a little mouse in her hands and murmuring some sort of spell, over and over. Nope, she's not trying to turn mousie into a toad, because Megan has yet to learn transmogrification spells..

NOpe, she's just trying to cast a simple sleep spell on mousie, but it just squeeks and wriggles and bites her several times, making it hard to focus. Let's just hope her spell doesn't go awry and she ends up waking up the dead instead!

Cuz that wouldn't be fun at all..

Today, in the warming weather, Megan hasn't bothered to hide her sparkly wings under a thick jacket, and they pop right through the modest lining of her pale green spring jacket. SOMEONE is looking for trouble. Again.

Doctor Strange has posed:
"Interesting..." Dr Strange was nearby, not wearing his "heroic acoutrements" this time, instead wearing a black suit, a dark blue tie, and Italian leather shoes, also black. His sunglasses were of the highest quality, and even Tony Stark himself would be impressed with the good Doctor today.

Walking into the graveyard, Strange is carrying a large coffee cup in his right hand. His footsteps are not covert or stealthy, instead making his way amongst the grave sites carefully, not wanting to take the chance of disturbing the rest of any other dearly departed.

"...it would seem that a few spirits /are/ noting the two mystic maniupulators in the graveyard, and are concerned that things are going to be "uprooted" for them." This last was loud enough, that he hoped Morganna and Megan both heard him downwind. A little minor push of air magic helps a bit too.

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana's on her feet hearing Strange. Gathering herself, the fey goes in search of a place to see both Pixie and the good Doctor and still be able to watch the graveyard. Morgana looks between the two mystics and smirks. One's clearly more talented than the other. So...Morgana heads for the less skilled first. If anything, Morgana thinks she could help.

She's still keeping a watching eye on Dr. Strange mind, in his suit and shoes he's not hard to spot, and le Fey wonders what his occupation is. Mystic attorney? Is that a thing here? Hmm....maybe. Attorneys have everything else so why not mystc ones?

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn sighs, was it the mystical presence in this area that distracted her? Or was it the magical presence of two other people nearby that pulled her attention away from the matter at hand..?

But no, she knows she can do this! Megan opens her eyes, still holding the perky little squeaker by the tail. "OK! One more time...Mist of Morpheus go!" and she wriggles her fingers over the fiesty lil' mousie, causing it to suddenly go still..

"Ummm hello? PLEASE don't tell me you just died on me.." but thankfully, it seems to still move slowly, breathing softly and she giggles, stroking the little guy's head, "Yay! I did it! Oh..Umm...Who's there?"

Eyes narrow, peering around, tensing slightly, it better not be those punk bullies from the other day!

Doctor Strange has posed:
Doctor Strange's eyes narrow at Morgana, as she moves towards Pixie, whom he at least knows in passing. This new sorceress though...something familiar about her. Something he can't quite put a finger on. Not yet. He can sense she is not to be triffled with, just by the way she moves and looks at him. With a smirk nonetheless.

Walking forward, Strange moves slowly, wanting to see what happens next. He uses his free hand to lower his sunglasses, so that Pixie can see his eyes if she looks in his direction. Then, with his forefinger, he pushes the glasses back.

"Using the Mists of Morpheus...a new trick I see." He was still a distance away but she could hear him fine.

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana watches this all and stays quiet...and breathing. So good, she's not a corpse. Insteadd...

She nods to Pixie. "Good work" Morgana says then looks to Strange, a raised eyebrow. He's powerful, too. Morgana's Morgana however, and definitely not to be trifled with. Instead, she's searching for a spot to sit again, robes beneath her like a cushion.

"If you don't mind me asking, what were you doing?" she asks. It's a question for both of them, really. Morgana's got her own explaining ready if asked. And a lot of magic, too.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn beams at the compliment, recognizing Doctor Strange, even if he's in more 'normal' clothes today. "Doctor Strange! Hii! I guess we didn't get to finish our conversation the other day..Look, it worked!" she gently holds up the peacefully sleeping mouse. Hey, at least she didn't blow it up or anything! Go her! "I'm getting better at that spell..But there's still sooo much more I need to learn.."

And then her eyes slide over towards the strange woman, a bit warily, and shivers. Yes, even as a novice spellcaster, Megan can sense the powerful magic that this woman possesses. And perhaps something else too, something..Familiar.

"Um. Hi! Who are you? Are you...?" What is it that she is sensing from her, something so familiar and yet..Megan cant quite put it into words.. "Umm..I was practicing a sleeping spell, see?" she shows her the cute sleeping mouse.

Doctor Strange has posed:
Walking up to the two ladies, Strange takes a moment to take a sip of his coffee while regarding them both without comment. He doesn't reply to Morgana's comment/question, at least at first, waiting to hear what Megan says to her. As Morgana finds a spot to sit, Strange doesn't move, considering.

There was a brief moment when Dr Strange actually smiles. "Hello Ms. Gwynn. We did not finish our chat. Perhaps another time soon." Looking at the mouse, Strange says, "Ah. Well done. I am proud to see you did well."

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana looks to the mouse then Megan, and actually smiles. SShe nods and then turns her eyes to Dr. Strange. "So. Who ae you?" she asks, with a note of caution in her voice. Morgana doesn't get up, attention split between the mouse and woman...and Dr. Strange. "Actually, who are you both?" she asks, looking over them both, greenn eyes flicking back and forth to each of them in turn.

Looking over to Megan, Morgana looks to the mouse, "Try changing the color of his fur?" she suggests. It's child's play to her. Not to everyone else, though....she looks to Dr. Strange again, narrowing her gaze on him for a moment.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles brightly at Doctor Strange, always eager for his praise. He DID promise to train her..Maybe. Right? You know, when he's not busy doing important stuff like saving the world or whatever. "Yay! Thank you, I've been practicing for soo long!" she nods, biting her lip. "Yeaah..There was so much I wanted to ask you, but..."

And then she's torn between him and this strange woman, who reeks of powerful magic. Fae magic. Megan's not sure how she knows that but.."Umm..Hi! I'm Megan. I'm um. Just some girl.." with pink hair and glittery wings. And magic. And stuff. "Who're you? Are you new around here? You seem kinda..Lost?"

Doctor Strange has posed:
"That is a very deep question and answer, Ms...?" Strange says, with a slight respectful nod of his head. "Names have power of course. As you probably already heard from our young lady here..." nodding to Pixie "...I am Doctor Strange. I have a passing knowledge of the mystic arts. No where as accomplished as you are I think."

That was not humility. It was a lure, to see if she allowed the small bit of praise to get her to reveal more than she would normally.

Narrowing his eyes slightly behind his sunglasses at her request that Megan change the color of the mouse's fur, Strange considers. A bit more advanced than he would suspect that Megan could accomplish, but perhaps..."Of course I can teach you Ms. Gwynn. And you are not just "some girl" that is strikingly obvious. We can certainly continue our discussion."

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana's emerald eyes glitter with dark amusement. "I am Morgana" she says simply. That's one part of her name. Only give so much power up, but...

Morgana looks to Pixie for a moment, "I could also teach you" she offers. Morgana. Magic. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out who she is. She looks to the mouse and smiles a litle. "Don't worry, if you end up with grass colored fur you can hide better" she asides to the mouse, then turns her attention equally to both Strange and Megan. "You're both mysttical. Ah, then..." Morgana says, debating what to do to join the 'show off using magic' club that's apparently here. Nothing springs to mind.F
So she sits again.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks at Doctor Strange regarding names. "Do they..?" she bites her lip. Oh yes, she's read that in some books. So it must be true then. "Well.." she blushes and giggles at the compliment, "To be honest, I'm not entirely sure WHAT I am. I mean...I have..Wings and..Pink hair and.." she shrugs and giggles a bit, still peering at Morgana curiously.

And then she utters that name, and Megan blinks, "Morgana? Like..Ummm the Faerie sorceress of Arthurian legend?" if she hadn't already sensed how very powerful this woman was, she'd probably just assume she was just a normal woman with the same name but..Could she be..?

"Ooh, sooo how do I change the color of its fur? It couldn't be too hard..Right?" marroon eyes switch eagerly between both potential teachers. Oh there's so much she wants to learn!

Doctor Strange has posed:
Now that caught Strange's attention. "Morgana...nice to meet you Morgana." Looking at her dress, the way she looks, everything else about her told Strange volumes. Several incantations came to mind, but none that wouldn't cause collateral damage with that young mutant nearby. For now, better to be civil.

Listening to the conversation between Pixie and Morgana, Strange nods. "Yes. We are. Two mystical types. There are a few of us around. I will be helping out at a school for Mystics, not far from here in the near future. Perhaps you both might be interested in it."

Looking back at Pixie, Strange looks her over for a second, amused. "Yes. Pink hair, wings, and many other positive features I am sure. You are unique. That is what makes you special." Strange finishes off his coffee, and takes three steps towards a garbage can. Depositing the empty cup, he returns to the conversation.

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana nods to Pixie and then Strange, watching him silently. She looks to the mouse for a moment, and while she won't do her own spells that she's asked Megan, Morgana does call forth a tiny lightttt show. "Come to me, lights of the air, Come to me" she says and moves her fingers. It's a little like having fairy lights in a Christmas tree by her fingers, and she keeps it up for a few moments and smiles before the lights fade and vanish. She looks pleased and nods to Megan. "I could provide more light if you need to see better to concentrate?" she asks.

Then the thorny issue of Strange. Oh, Morgana thinks there's something off about him, and she is still trying to be absolutely civil. "A knowledge of the mystic art itself?" she asks. Okay, she's so used to speaking like she's in Avalon that she doesn't always think on word choices. Instead....she just speaks at times.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn oohs, "It'll be sooo exciting! You should totally join the magic school too, Miss Morgana!" and then they could be BFFs! Or something..And then Morgana puts on a fairy lightshoow and Megan squeaks in delight, "Oooh, soo pretty!" she jumps to her feet, dancing and spinning and twirling in sparkly lights, "Can you teach me that trick too? That's sooo much fun! I mean, after you show me how to change mousie's fur?"

Doctor Strange has posed:
Strange watches Morgana cast her spell, and studies her method of magic, including where it "comes" from. "Fascinating." His eyes glance back to Megan. "I need to go Ms. Gwynn, so we will continue our conversation soon. In the meantime, be vigilant. Don't try and learn everything all at once..." his eyes glance at Morgana..."...but continue to learn. As we all do."

"Farewell, both of you. Morgana...it was a distinct pleasure." With a final short bow of his head to each, Strange, turns, and heads out of the graveyard with a steady pace, moving off in the distance fairly quickly.

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana watches Strange take his leave and turns her attention to the mousee and Megan. "I can teach you anything your heart desires" she says simply, plainly. It's a fact that Morgana le Fey can. "And yes, like the Arthurian sorceress" she adds without much of a fuss. Morgana thinks for a moment, and has a gleam in her eye. "Tell me what your heart's desire is. I can't grant it, butt I can nudge you toward it" she offers. "Or give it you if it's small enough"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn ooohs and waves to Dr. Strange as he leaves. "Byyeeee! See you later.." she turns to Morgana and glances back at mousie who is finally starting to stretch and squeak as it wakes up. "Oooh, well I was hoping to turn mousie pink but..Ouch! Looks like..Meep!" she squeaks as mousie bites her hard on the finger and jumps out of her hand, scurrying away.

"Awwwe...So much for that idea. Hmm..How about you teach me something really useful? I dunno, a spell to ward off demons say?"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana hands the mouse back to Pixie and waves a hand casually. "You want pink fur. I decree your fur is pink" Morgana says with a hand waving to the mouse. Bingo. Bubblegum pink mouse. Morgana an't help but laugh. "Oh you want something useful?" she ads, with a hint of amusement. "Okay. You want to ward off demons. I can teach you how to unlock a door by magic. That's useful for when you lose your keys" Morgana dds. "I think demon protection is a little above you right now"

She's not trying to put the poor girl down. But teaching magic lockpicking? Fine start to corrupting her

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn eeeps! "Pink mouse! Soo cute! How'd you do that?" and she peers down at mousie, trying to imitate Morgana's hand motion and inflection, "I decree your fur is...Green..with purple polka dots!" she yells at poor mousie. "Umm, did it work?"

As for demon wards, Megan pouts a bit, "Ooh really? Is it that difficult? I mean, it'd be useful, but maybe..Later? Ooh, ok, sooo how do I unlock a door, saaay to that crypt over there?" she points to a creepy old stone crypt not far away, who knows what evil lurks within?

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana peers at a green and polka dotted mouse. "Yes, it worked" Morgana admits looking bemused. "Just will yourself to open the door and cast the spell. It doesn't really matter what you say, it's about magic" Morgana says. "If there's any evil in there, hit it with a stick or something" she offers. Morgana's not caring if evil's in there. She can deal with it on her own. But Pixie learning? See. That validates Morgana. "You could always try throwing the door open with magic?" she asks and heads over to the crypt inspecting it with a grin. "All yours"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn cheers, "Yayy, this is sooo cool!" she giggles, but peers towards the creepy looking crypt and bites her lip. "Hmmm, is this really a good idea? Umm.." but heey, if she's nothing she's adventurous. Right? Right!?!?

"Umm...Okay!" she stands up, letting spotty mouse go. Hopefully that lil' spell will fade out eventually. She draws a deep breath, stepping towards the door, closes her eyes with her hand out towards the door. "Door? OPeN!" she commands it. "Umm, did it work?"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
The door creaks open. Morgana looking on quietly. "Good, and that's one confused mouse" she adds. "You head in there first"

Yeah so Morgana can hide...if things go that badly. Still though, she watches Pixie gesturing to the door.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn swallows. "Um...Sure! Hah, nothing in here but bones..It's not like there are vampires or walking skeletons or demons or.." she shivers and laughs nervously again, quite surprised that her spell worked. But she steps in and squeaks, looking around nervously. "Umm could do with some light"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Morgana nods. "Light" she says simply, clicking her finngers. Light fills the crypt, as Morgana looks around. "Is that enough light for you?" she asks. Oh if Pixie wants more light, she can do that. Les light...Morgana can do that too.

So she nods again, inspecting the crypt and watching Pixie. "So" Morgana says simply. "So, I can teach you useful spells"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks as light fills the crypt, shining on coffins and memorial plaques and dried up flowers. "Oooh, creepy.." she shivers, "Why'd I come here even? Creepy!" she glances at Morgana, laughing nervously, "Soo Umm can you like make those skeletons dance? Make flowers bloom again? Ooh that would be pretty? How about you teach me a glamour? glamours are cool!"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
"I could" Morgana says and turns her emerald green eyes to Pixie. "Because this was your idea wasn't it?" she she asks, walking around the crypt examining it. Morgana pricks her ears up and raises her hands, gesturing to the flowers, she speaks in what sounds like Latin. With her hand pointed toward the flowers, Morgana speaks rapidly, quietly, and the flowers bloom again, as Morgana nods at the flowers (which are now in full bloom too) as she looks to Pixie again.

"Glamors are taxing" Morgana says. Still, there's dried up skeletons as Morgana concentrates.This'll be taxing for her, but fine. Fine. If her new friend wants...Morgana will teach her...

""Keep practicing the lockpicking magic" Morgana says simply. "Now. For dancing skeletons. You want to learn neat magic? Okay, Concentrate on the skeletons, and will them to do what you want. It's taxing however" Morgana warns. Which is why she's not stupid enough to try it.

But if Pixie wants...fair game.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn oohs and claps her hands when the flowers start to bloom, "Oooh so pretty! I didn't quite catch the words you uttered though..Can you repeat them?" oh right and then there are the skeletons..She laughs nervously as she peeks into a coffin, "Meep! I guess it'd be kinda cool but.." Megan licks her lips, "Okaay, so walk me through this step by step?"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
"Take some flowers" Morgana offers with a nod gesturing to said flowers. Sure, desecrate crypts, or discuss it...good job, Morgana. Good job. Still though, she nods and moves with a flowing grace. "Alright. You want to go through the spel? I can write the flowers one down for you. But" she smiles a little. "It's not an easy spell. but I can write it down for you. There's several steps. One. Figure out what you want to do. Two, summon the magic. Three" Morgana adds counting on her fingers. "Three, focus on what you want the magic to do, Four. Bear the cost of the magic. Lastly...do the spell. However yoou do magic" Morgana says simply. Oh it sounds so, so easy on paper...Morgana's a master sorceress. Unlike Pixie....but Morgana's willing to teach. For a price

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn ooohs and nods, grabbing some flowers, wrinkling her nose at their dry crinkly paper texture, "Welp, let's see, Umm..." she counts off the steps on her fingers, "Um okay but, Err...Wait, bear the cost? what exactly is the cost?" she pouts, wondering what she's getting into here....But it might be fun!

Morgana le Fay has posed:
"Magic has a cost" Morgana says simplyy. Magic has a price it takes from you. Sometimes it is an instant price. Sometimes it's way down the line but magic always exacts a price" she explains. "But if you want to. For instance, those skeletons" Morgana offers.

Turning her attention to the skeletons, Morgana smiles. "Something like that would take a lot out of anyone, it'd kill somebody who was in over their head or exhaust them" she points out.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn meeps, peering at the skeletons, shivering, "Oooh, that sounds scary but um...Magic can be good too, right? For instance if I can Learn to breathe new life into these dead plants, I could also use that magic to save someone's life one day, right?" okay well, at least flowers aren't deadly right? She grabs the bunch of flowers, eyes closed, brow furrowed in concentration as she remembers the several steps involved, then she opens her eyes, emulating Morgana's hand movements along with uttering the Latin phrases she uses. But meep, Megan's first attempt is certainly not flawless, who knows what terror she unleashed instead?

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Pixie's not quite got this. Instead, the flowers come to life straining and lunging for Megan, <Morgana reaches for the flowers.

"Drop the flowers. If you let them go they'l freeze in place" she calls over.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn meeps, "Zombie flowers?! Eeek!" she holds them away from herself but seems mesmerized by them too! Did she make them? Too cool! Oh wait, not cool, they're like, evil and stuff. "Meep! what happened!" she finally tosses them to the floor. Then stomps on them for good measure. "Die!"

Morgana le Fay has posed:
Zombie killer flowers. Great. Great...

Morgana's totally not responsible...nope. Pixie did this.

No. Really. Pixie did this. She created the zombie flowers that wanted to murder her. Yikes. Morgana watches Pixie and shakes her head. "That's not quite what you wanted, hmm? Zombie flowers" she mutters quietly.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn laughs nervously, "Haha, that was fun...I'm what did I do wrong?" she pouts, "Not like that wasn't cool, but I dun wanna get eaten by plants...Should we try again?" she's all nervous but anxious to learn more.

Morgana le Fay has posed:
"Sure, start with something smaller though. For instance" Morgana says. "Start with one flower" she explains. "One flower is a lot easier and simpler to start with" she says with her emerald green eyes flashing with magic and watches Pixie quietly, as if silently asking what she wants to do. Looking to the flowers that Megan stamped on, Morgana looks back to Pixie.

"So. What do youwant to do?" she asks, her voice soft, quiet.