11227/When I Was Your Age

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When I Was Your Age
Date of Scene: 22 March 2020
Location: Manhattan Subway Station
Synopsis: Brin seeks Blurr out in an abandoned subway tunnel, but is now faced with a dillemma.
Cast of Characters: Blurr, Timber Wolf

Blurr has posed:
    So! Brin, aka Timber Wolf, would find himself in an abandoned subway station at the end of a defunct route that the city probably decommissioned due to lack of use. It is cluttered with trash and crumbling walls and equipment, and probably hasn't been touched in ages.

    Still, once Brin tears through the junked railcar with his sturdy claws, it won't be hard to pick out a blue sports car that looks like a custom rig built by someone like Stark himself, sitting on the other side of it in a corner of the old station. Yep, it looks just like the one they'd spotted in the park earlier.

Timber Wolf has posed:
If nothing else...Brin's doing a good job of getting the line re opened again. Albeit by slashing through things and making his own path into the station. There's still, somehow, the cotton candy even if the chilli dog's eaten now. Looking around the station for a moment, Brin's guarding the sweet treat like it's precious intel. Which it is when it comes to the legion and Cosmic Boy. So he's just got a location where to get some. Or if he feels mean, Brin will ask Drake to do his job for him. Cotton candy ehlps with Morale after all so!

Looking around more, Brin has his nose metaphorically to the ground. He's tracking Blur right to where the car....thing is hiding.

"I'm not out to hurt you. I saw what that giant jumped up meat grinder did. I'm unarmed and I don't come to harm you. I'm a member of the Legion of Superheroes" Brin calls out. He's hoping that he's listened to and trusted. The ring alone should be proof, but....

Brin's only going to give up the cotton candy if it's a last resort type of thing, mind. Hey, maybe he can get a ride to get more?

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr heard Brin coming, and had been worried it was the Terran authorities. But he relaxes a bit when he sees that doesn't seem to be case. Well, -seem- being the operative word, there. As Brin approaches, what appears to be a blond-haired teen human suddenly materializes in front of him, dressed in typical Earth attire for someone of that age.

    The Legion of Superheroes--had he heard of that organization before? "If you're going to ask me why that 'meat grinder' is after me, I'm not telling."

Timber Wolf has posed:
Brin nods. "I'm not out to hurt you. Honestly between you and me, that big robot's got some anger issues fighting with you. I don't want to rat you out at all. I'd rather go back and say hey, he vanished, he left this place" Brin admits looking around. "Look, I get it. You're hiding. When I was your age I was fighting to survive" Brin explains and looks serious.

Leaning against a pillar, brin watches and listens quietly.

Blurr has posed:
    Uh-huh. 'When I was your age'. Blurr wonder if this flesh creature has ever -been- his age. That being about five million Earth years old. The avatar arches a brow at Brin. "Oookay. Well what do you want, then? If you're not looking to grill me with questions about what I'm doing here, and not looking to capture me or anything, then what do you want?"

Timber Wolf has posed:
Brin looks thoughtful for a second, a rare case of thinking before he speaks. "What do I want? I want to make sure nobody else is harmed. That's what I want. I'm not on anyone's side" Brin says simply, chomping on cotton candy. "You're what...15, right?" he adds between bites. Optimist, Brin. Optimist!

Brin shakes his head. "I want that metal tower up there to not shoot at you and hurt innocent people" Brin added after a moment's thought. "Mostly since it ticks me off. Stuff that ticks me off gets punched"

Blurr has posed:
    "Look, I'm not trying to hurt anyone, here. I'm just trying to -not- get captured or killed myself, while also doing my duty as a soldier to carry out orders I've been given by my superiors and protect the interests of my people." Faction, really. But 'people' usually sounds more noble to other cultures.

    Blurr scoffs a little at the age assumption. "Fifteen what? Vorns? Not even close. Try five million of your Earth-Sol cycles. Er, rotations, whatever you Terrans call it."

Timber Wolf has posed:
Brin understands that one.

"I hear you. You're running and hiding from homicidal robots who like to blow up whatever you're on. See, what do you want to do about that guy?" he asks, then scoffs at the five million. "No, sprock it. I meant fifteen years for your two legged self. The teenager looking one" he says with a pointed look.

"So what do I tell my people, that I talked to you but you got away and I lost you? They won't buyy that. If I tell them I helped you, I step into your fight. Though" Brin says running claws down a support pillar gouging out tracks and claw marks.

"If I step into your fight for the greater good it puts my people imn danger" he says. "But it's for the greater good"

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr smirks, the avatar looking down at itself, so to speak. "Oh, -this-? This is just nothing, it's just a projection." It flickers in and out of view for a moment. "Just figured it would be easier to talk to you properly as opposed to having to crouch the whole time."

    But then he sighs. "Lockdown isn't homicidal, he's just..." The avatar shakes its head. "He's a bounty hunter, and so all he really cares about is getting a job done and done well so that he can get his payday."

    "What? No, I'm not asking you to help me or get involved. If anything, you should be staying -out- of this business, the farther you stay the better."

Timber Wolf has posed:
"Ah, I see" Brin says looking like he actually does see what Blur's on about. "See. I want to help protect you but if I shouldn't get involved, then..."

He trails off looking back to the projection. "Even if he's a bounty hunter, there's still rules and protocols to follow, correct?" he asks

Blurr has posed:
    "Well yeah, everyone is bound by the Tyrest Accords." Blurr informs him. "The intergalactic laws of warfare established for all Cybertronians, regardless of faction or lack thereof."

    "I don't need you to help protect me, there's not much you can do anyway..." he shrugs. "Just go back to your people, and tell them you couldn't find me."

Timber Wolf has posed:
"But people here are not cybertronians? I'm a Zoonian. There's Terrans here. They are not bound by the same accords" Brin says but he's already speaking quicker than he's thinking, using the Cybertronian's words against him. "Okay fine I'll tell them you got lost in the middle of the tunnels, you took a turn and I couldn't track you" he sighs. It's going to be one fantastic lie to convince them. Still, still.

Still he can probably convince them. It was only him who went into the tunnels. Nobody else can vouch what he's saying. So Brin's word is sort of ironclad.

Blurr has posed:
    "I know, I meant Lockdown. Lockdown is the bounty hunter who is after me. He's the one your friend put on ice." Literally. "He is still bound by the Tyrest Accords." Blurr clarifies.

    He seems satisfied with Brin's answer. "Yeah, unless you know of somewhere I can hide that'll jam his sensor arrays and prevent him from tracking me, there's not much you can do other than stay the frag out of my way as much as you possibly can."

Timber Wolf has posed:
"Ah" Brin nods. "I don't know of many places on this planet unfortunately, so I'll just stay out of your way then" he says and looks to Blur. "So can you find somewhere in the tunnels? If so I'll leave you to it" Brin says with....sincerity in his voice. It's a sort of growl under his voice.

Blurr has posed:
    "I'll stay here for a while, I guess." The avatar says, glancing around the abandoned station. "I'll...figure out something on where to go next. Maybe he'll eventually give up the search. If he gets another, more lucrative job or something."

Timber Wolf has posed:
Brin just nods as he starts heading back the way he came. With a look over his shoulder to the hiding Cybertronian, Brin nods once, then he's finding his way through the scrap and debris and clawing, scratching and slashing his way out of here. If anything he can make a pretty good path out on his own terms, or dig his way wit h enough time and effort into a subway tunnel. Or just find his way back to the surface again.