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Keyboard Kat(herine)
Date of Scene: 28 March 2020
Location: Computer Lab - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Kitty and Shannon have an early morning talk about harpies
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Shannon Lance

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty can be found anywhere in Xavier's really on any given moment. Take now for example. She's 'borrrowed' a computer in the lab to run analysis on things. Things that have wings and shriek andd have claws. No not family at Thanksgiving...though that was her first thought. Harpies.

So Kitty's at a computer tapping away. Admittedly she's turned her chair to watch the room.

She's got her winter coat on, and boots, jeans and a t-shirt, one that says 'I brake for nothing'

Pretty apt given she's phasing through things, really. It's Kitty through and through.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     While she has no need to borrow a computer from the lab, Shannon nevertheless is in there on a weekend, where generally one will not be disturbed. She has her own laptop out on one of the tables, her little MIDI keyboard, and is just now plugging her headset into one of the USB ports on the side of her computer. She's in a very comfortable pair of spring green leggings, a long, plain white t-shirt, and her sheepdog slippers. There's a spillproof mug of what smells like coffee on the table next to her, which she sips, settling back in her chair. A brief up-nod is given to Kitty, and she smiles. "'morning! Whatcha got there?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty waggles fingers in what could be called a wave (if anyone was being generous) and cracks a smile. "Hey Shannon, I could ask the same question. I'm running analysis on things" she says and nods. "Ran into some harpies the other day so I'm running the data on them to see what's up with it" she nods, "I got three guesses what you're up to on a weekend morning. Music, music, or....wait for it....music" Kitty asks and glances back to the screen.

"Hmm. Interesting" she says looking back to Shannon then. "You got coffee and didn't share? I did return the plate and washed it, dried it and put it back" Kitty noods looking pleased before she smiles. "I think I'll leave the catering to you and Gwendolyn though. Sandwiches are nothing compared to what you both make"

Shannon Lance has posed:
     The mere mention of harpies wipes any hint of a smile off of Shannon's face, and she sets her headphones down on the desk, closing her laptop. "Harpies, huh? Don't suppose by any chance that's /all/ you saw, is it?" Her brows furrow deeply, and she seems to be making some mental notes. However, the mention of sandwiches and catering does bring her smile back briefly. "Naah. Kitchen staff here has things covered. We just like to dabble a bit. Their jobs are safe."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shrugs, "Harpies yes. I ran into them in the park" she says and looks over at Shannon. "They were sorted out because I had a few friends. I ran into the Punisher and a guy with an ice spear. Didn't get his name" Kitty muses watching Shannon again.

Looking from the screen to Shannon again. Kitty leans back in her chair and taps a few keys. "In happier news, I didn't sleepwalk last night" she grins.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon's eyebrows must have one helluva lift system, because her left one lofts oh, about halfway up her forehead. "Ice spear? Or... water trident?" She pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a little sigh. Something told her this was going to be a very busy day.

     The mention of a lack of sleepwalking made her smile a bit, and she nods. "Good. What causes that for you, anyways? And... wow, I bet you've got some tales to tell about that, especially being able to phase through things. You must've wound up in some weird places."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Oh yes I do" Kitty giggles. "See, I could tell you some but some aren't fit for student ears" she says "You'll be scandalized!"

There's half truth to that one. She's been places. "See, once I woke up sprawled on the floor in the danger room. Or the time I sleep phased into the kitchen and was halfway through the fridge hunting down popcorn. I don't know either" Kitty nods. "Or yesterday's adventure"

Looking over again Kitty's keping the talk on sillier things to distract from the darker stuff, the heavier stuff.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon, however, was not quite so easily distracted. She crosses her arms and pins kitty with a 'look' that brooks no opposition. "Seriously. Ice spear, or water trident? Because if it's a trident, then I've got a pretty fair idea of who to have a talk with." It seems that the seraphic sophomore had her own fair share of adventures, many of which remain unspoken.

     But as for being sprawled out on the floor of the Danger Room? She just rolls her eyes and laughs a little bit. "Won't ask how it happened to you, but in my case, Jubilee had challenged Triage and I to a 100-pushup fitness challenge. We completed the pushups, and she'd buy a massive stash of ice cream. I think some of the ice cream is still in the freezer." Is that a... smirk?

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks dubiously to Shannon. "Ice spear, why?" she asks, then looks worried. "So...who won that challengee?" she asks sounding a tiny bit envious. "I never get those challenges. It's all 'kitty guide this person' or 'you want a challenge? Salvage so and so's school career' she says doing the air quote thing with fingers.
$R"So how deep in the mire are we if harpies were around, and some ice spear guy?" she asks, suddenly looking serious.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Please. Triage and I did, of course. However, Mr. McCoy was witness, and now I'm bound to training to that level every single day. Which does wonders for my figure and /has/ actually saved my life a few times. And I can pretty much eat anything I want, since the calories would be burned off anyways..."

     As for the harpies? Shannon rubs her temples a little bit and closes her eyes. "I've been trying to pin down the Professor for /weeks/ about this, since that one patrol with Illy and Gwen that went a bit sour. But now I'm going to have to backtrack a bit... see, ice spear, I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds a bit like something maybe Poseidon would have an inkling about. See, several months ago, I actually wound up meeting him. Wound up friends from it. Yes, /that/ Poseidon. And after that last mission that went south, where I sort of had to drop some satchel charges into the ocean so they wouldn't actually /kill/ anyone, I figured he was owed an explanation... I wound up in the medbay, and... god, I don't know how, I really don't know, because I have never, NEVER mentioned the school to him, not even once... somehow he knows about it. And was asking permission to meet with the teachers here about a possible alliance." There is a very heavy sigh from the girl. "Look. Long and short is, if you even /think/ that's who it might be, say something... and maybe we'll have to go talk to him. About the harpies, and other things now, too."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty arches an eyebrow. "See. This is is useful information. It's....yes, it's valuable info. You ran into Poseidon? So, he's the reason for the harpies or he's fighting them?" Kitty asks....jokes forgotten. This is serious now. Kitty leans forward watching Shannon.

"If you need my help I can come with you" she offerx

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "More likely fighting them. Either way, though, both are from Greek mythology, and he'd be the first I'd ask for information about it, and possibly help fighting them off if he isn't already." The winged girl smiles a little and nods. "Yeah, ran into Poseidon. I didn't want to be /entirely/ under the table about it, so I did introduce Cannonball and Triage to him, so at least /someone/ would know who I was talking to, ya know? And I trust their judgement implicitly... if something was hinkies about it, I think either one of them would've said something to me afterwards." leaning forward on the table in front of her, Shannon closes her eyes and rubs her temples lightly. "I would've wanted to tell Jean, but every single time I run into her, something else gets in the way. I've tried camping out in front of the Professor's office, with no luck. So right now, I'm not sure who else to tell, except maybe you."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods, "I can kick that up to Jean and Professor Xavier as well, I'm fairly sure my word would carry weight with it" she says and smiles looking serious, then over to the screen, back to Shannon again.

Looking over at Shannon again, Kitty looks pleased.

"I'll go up to bat for you if it's needed" she adds. "We'll figure this out"

Shannon Lance has posed:
Shannon nods and smiles a little bit. "Now the cat's out of the bag, might as well formally introduce you. Heck, the perfect place would be by the lake right here on campus, but no way in heck was I going to give him an 'in' that way, especially not after that whole mess with Loki." She pauses, biting her lower lip. "There /is/ a spot that's a short hike off grounds, though, with a little brook that's become something of a meeting place. The last time we talked, he asked me to pass on his request for an alliance, and the reasoning being was that if I or another needed healing or assistance, he would be able to step in."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods. "Alright, that's a plan" she grins tapping at keys, looking over to Shannon. "Alright" she says slowly. "You've got a lan in mind, don't you?" she adds looking pleased, then over the room.

"So, would you give me an in with whoever can help us out?" Kitty says gently. She watches Shannon earnestly and finishes tapping away at the keys.

Shannon Lance has posed:
Shannon nods a little bit. "I can at least introduce you. If it was him, you'll probably know. And even if it wasn't, we can at least ask him about the harpies, and figure out a plan from there." She cracks a bit of a smile and gets up, packing her laptop and other gear away in her bag. "I'd better get a couple things from my dorm, and some hot cocoa for all three of us." She chuckles a little bit and shrugs. "Think he's gained a taste for hot cocoa of late."