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Many Hands Make Light Work
Date of Scene: 11 April 2020
Location: Frontyard - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Shannon and Pixie run into Colossus in the garden, for some companionable chit-chat. Many hands do indeed make light work!
Cast of Characters: Colossus, Shannon Lance, Pixie

Colossus has posed:
    Saturday afternoons, lazy hazy days that permit one the illusion of peace and quiet. A time when efforts are made to get things taken care of while still cultivating a time for relaxation and loafing around. But for Piotr, relaxation can take the form of someone's work. Such as today.
    The tall man is dressed in work pants, brown boots, and a loose hooded sweat shirt that rests comfortably on his large torso. A pair of clippers are in his hand and a smudge of dirt is on his brow as he wipes a forearm across the bridge of his nose, sitting back and smiling at the way the sun shines through a haze of clouds.
    Nodding to himself, he chuckles a little. Peaceful. Quiet. Indeed, very nice. He goes back to trimming the weeds out of some of the gardens around the mansion, taking his time as he does so.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     A lazy, stress-free day during molting season was a blessing, to be sure. Shannon had experienced the opposite over the autumn, and had been rendered flightless that time for about a week as a result. Thankfully, the fates have conspired in her favor this time, despite recent circumstances that have wound up with her being grounded for who knows how long.

     With her wings a bit thinner on feathers than usual--although still well-groomed with each feather that remains in good condition and in its proper place--the teen healer in training saunters out from the garage, in an old pair of blue jeans, well-loved white sneakers, and an old white t-shirt. She's got her hair pulled back into a ponytail today, a dark smudge of grease across her forehead and in various spots on her face and hands--and she's actually /humming/.

     What could have gotten into the young woman?

Colossus has posed:
    The tall Russian draws one boot up and plants it on the ground as he works at a reticent weed, pulling and yanking and digging up a furrow in the ground as he frees it from the grip of the earth. Then the clippers snip a few times as he pulls it out by the roots and tosses it into the pile behind him where he'd been working.
    Slowly he moves along the side of the house, casually pushing a few pieces of gravel around, here and there, lightly keeping busy.
    But when Shannon appears he offers a nod and a cam smile, holding up his work gloved hand in greeting.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Raising a hand and wing alike in greeting, Shannon smiles over at the gentle giant of a Russian. Though her pronunciation likely needs some work, there are always a few good words in most any language it never could hurt to learn. "Privyet!"

     Thankfully, it seemed this was as far as her command of the language extended. For now.

     Her sneakers crunch on the gravel as she approaches at a moderate pace, eyeing the pile of weeds with the dark soil that had been their home still clinging to fibrous roots. "Need a hand with that?" she asks, cracking her knuckles and preparing to quite literally dig in.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn is also out and about in the gardens today, enjoying the warm spring air as she inhales the scent of slowly blooming flowers. Being grounded as well, she is always eager to get some fresh air and stretch her kegs and wings. Today she is also dressed casually in a pink t-shirt, pale blue denim jeans and white sneakers. Megan has also started a little garden if her own and on her way there she spies a Piotr and Shannon, "Good afternoon, how's everyone today?" she's got a slightly impish look. What's she up to this time?

Colossus has posed:
    A small laughs lips from the large man as he rises to his full and considerable height, dusting off his gloves and smiling across the way to Shannon, he replies with a nod, "And privyet to you, Shannon." His accented voice strong and deep even as he looks across the way, "Nyet, unless you have little else that demands of your time we have..."
    He gestures distantly, giving a nod to the curve of the gardens along the walkway that leads to the back, a fair amount of work to be done. "A good portion to do before the day is over."
    "Ah, Pixie. Greetings. I am well, I trust you are also?"

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Well, my studies for the day are done. Plus, I believe I've also found a Vespa in the garage that needs a little bit of love. Maybe that'll become my shop project." Well, that explains the origins of the grease marks on Shannon's hands and face, at any rate! She's quite agreeable to the work to be done, nodding once and smiling. Her much shorter legs carry her to a spot it looks as if Colossus has not gotten to yet, and, taking note of what he's pulled from the ground and what's been left behind, she grabs hold of a weed and starts tugging. Hard.

     "You know," she muses. "We could make a mulch pile with all these, rather than waste them. Mix them with kitchen scraps for some good potting mixture."

     Pixie's timing is, as usual, sterling. The weed that Shannon's pulling on lets go all of a sudden, landing the younger teen on her backside with a little "Ooof!".

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks, peering at the gardening that Piotr's working on, "Ooh, I'd be happy to help! I haven't seen your sister around in a while, how's she doing? I wanted to ask her something..." she pulls on some gloves, finding a spot near Shannon and starts to pull up weeds, "Ooh, you okay, Shannon?"

Colossus has posed:
    "Here," Piotr says with a smile as he extends the clippers to Shannon, since he can still manage perhaps a little easier pulling the weeds out by hand, what with the gloves and all. "This should be of help, yes?" He gives a nod as he leans over and pushes a hand through the weeds he had dug up. "A good bit of mulch I would say."
    That said he kneels down and starts to dig into the weeds that he can find, using a small spare spade to dig around them to make sure he gets the roots. He nods to Megan and smiles, "She is well I believe, Megan. I will tell her you asked of her."

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon just laughs lightly and grins a bit sheepishly over at Megan, bobbing her head in response. "Yah, I'm okay. Just my pride, and plenty of it for me to land on!" As if. There wasn't a spare ounce of fat anywhere on her, with the rigorous training she put herself through on a daily basis.

     Pushing herself to her feet, she accepts the sheers with a smile of gratitude. "Spasiba! Oh yah, plenty of mulch. And just in time to get some herbs planted in the student garden, too! I'll have to clear it with miss Munroe, but I'd like to see a corner of the garden put to use for kitchen herbs. Which often double nicely for simple remedies, too." It seemed perhaps the winter had not solely been devoted to study and training, but some creative thought and planning as well.

     She tends to the section of soil she's claimed for her task at the moment, showing the weeds no mercy. But again, there's that humming, and a slightly starry-eyed look as she lapses momentarily into... daydreams? What is going on with her?

Colossus has posed:
    There's a tilt of Piotr's head as he continues to pull up a weed here or there, but he pauses for a time, "So tell me what has passed." His head tilts toward Megan and he murmurs, "For both of you." A length of green root is pulled with some ragweed attached and he twists it off underneath the dirt, drawing it out and tossing it into the pile.
    "It has been some time since we last conversed at any length." His blue eyes slip over toward Shannon and he cocks an eyebrow, "How fares your training?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smirks a bit at Piotr's response. It's no secret that she and Illyana are frienemies at best, but she's a wealth of information too. "Mulch, yummy!" she wrinkles her nose a bit as she accidentally uproots a little earthworm, carefully lowering him into the ground, "A herb garden would be cool. Me? I wanna create a flower garden to attract butterflies!" she beams, though peers curiously at a Shannon, noting the cheerful humming and smile, "Somethung happen recently, Shannon?" as for the last time they met? She looks back at Piotr, grimacing, "Erm...Well..." where does she even start?

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Oh, where to begin!" A knowing look is given to Pixie--hey, if Shannon was going to 'fess up to her sins, she was going to make darn sure her teammate did, too! "Pixie here calls me for backup chasing down a fairy to make sure some gremlins don't snatch them up, too. But we got a lot more than we bargained for when we came across two outer-space 'bots that were having it out. It got a little messy. We knew it was way above our pay grade, so I sent out a call for help. That help wound up grounding us." She mutters, though albeit good-naturedly, "Grouchy Canuck."

     A knowing smile is given to Megan, and she shrugs. "Nothing much... let's just say I'm really glad this phone has an unlimited text plan on it!"

Colossus has posed:
    Eyebrows rising as Shannon imparts some of the news but assuredly not all of it. He tilts his head curiously, but nods as he seems to at least follow along with a good portion of it. Then he turns to nod to Megan as well. "A flower garden might be nice." He pushes himself to his feet and gives a nod, "I will go get the wheel barrow." His lips twist slightly, "Can you manage for a bit without me?"
    And as he says that he starts to head toward the shed behind the garage, footsteps steady and a bit heavy for the large man.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn pouts a bit, "It was totally unfair. It's not like we were being irresponsible or anything..And that fairy is still hiding in Blurr's cockpit, somewhere, which means..." she frowns a little. "They'lo be after him next." as for Shannon, she smirks a bit, "Ooh did you figure out your little romantic issue?" her maroon eyes sparkle with mischief. Towards Piotr, she nods, "Leave it to us!"