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Of Auto Parts and Ninjas
Date of Scene: 13 April 2020
Location: Hempstead, Nassau County
Synopsis: A attempted capture of a auto parts theft kingpin goes wrong
Cast of Characters: Dick Tracy, Cloak, Dagger, Shredder

Dick Tracy has posed:
Tracy drove down the streets of Hempstead, a determined look on his face as he examined the area he was in. This whole affair began back in Metropolis when a local mechanic,Jud Dawson, was gunned down in what seemed to be a drive-by. The investigation lead him to arrest a hitman by the name of Jud Gristle, who confessed to be working for a criminal nick-named Coffyhead, who seemed to be running a multi-state crime ring that specialized in stealing auto parts, often stripping the cars dry of their most valubable parts and fleeing before the owner returned. He had finally tracked down Coffyhead to Hempstead and, with permission with the Local PD, was here to arrest him. As he got closer to the warehouse the criminal was using as a hideout, he pulled out his walkie-talkie out of his yellow coat and said into it,

"Dick Tracy calling Hempstead PD, get ready to move soon."

The Foot had many criminals under it metephorical wings at this point, so it really did not concern Shredder at first about a new, seemingly small crime ring popping up in Long Island that appeared to be stripping cars bare. This changed when one of your ninjas reported a local gang leader's car in Manhatten being striped in 10 minutes by a group of thugs, and what appeared to be some Juvinile deliquents. This got your attention, and you managed to track down a name for the ringleader of this outfit, one Albert Cof, or Coffyhead as he prefered to be called. A ring organized enough to operate in muliple parts of the state must have a hiher power controlling it, that is waht brought you here to Long Island at the "Gentleman Jack's Coffe Warehouse. You wanted to meet with Coffyhead and hopefully, get a name for his employers and possibly meet with them.

Runaways are not a new thing for you, considering that you were one yourself. It is also not uncommon for crooks to take advantage of them and use them. But, it was still a surprise when you stumbled upon a group of them in The Bronx taking apart a car. Most of them fled but one. The one, whose name was Rod, revealed he ran away from a abusive family and was taken in by the aptly named "Uncle Coffyhead", who paid him and gave him boarding in exchange for helping his men strip car bear and selling off their parts. This disgusted you and tonight, you are seeking to take Coffyhead out. You find yourself standing outside of the Gentleman Jack's warehouse, a hum of activity happening inside as you look for a way in.

Cloak has posed:
From across the street, the shadows start to pull together tighter, thicker, and colder. The litter strewn upon the floor gives a bit of a rustle as Cloak appears, opening the billows of his long cloak to reveal Dagger who steps out in her bright white leotard. As he snaps his cloak shut, he lets out a cold growl in the back of his throat.

"If they are forcing these kids to work against their will, and harming them, they will understand true pain and be swallowed by my dark."

Dagger has posed:
With a shimmering glow within her hands once she is free of Cloak's dark dimension, Dagger gives a firm nod in agreement. "This is not our usual mission though. Even runaways need to make money and eat. Car jacking is not a big deal, as long as they are not being strung along with promises of drugs, or worse." Blowing her blonde hair away from her face, she sighs. "But criminals like this Coffyhead guy always starts out small, then they look to line their pockets with poison at the expense of children. Perhaps, we should send him a lesson now, before he gets bigger ideas in his head."

As she looks back to her partner, she gives a nod of her head. "Let's go to the roof and find a way in." As the pair are in agreement, she steps once more into his darkness and becomes swallowed by the cold as they blink out of existance to land on higher ground.

Shredder has posed:
    Normally, the Shredder himself wouldn't bother with an operation like this in person, but the possible ties to something larger, and with the past experience of having to devote far too much attention to a rival drug trade meant that Shredder wanted to make sure to handle this immediately. Not only this, but someone else recruiting the local dilinquents means possible PR problems if he has to start killing them. He'd rather avoid that obstacle. By now it's no mystery that Shredder himself has a large number of delinquents that are under him. It's considered a place of honor by many of them to be accepted into the ranks of the Foot, and it isn't something achieved by simply 'wanting' it. The youth that become Foot have to prove themselves first. Still, once they are in, they are family. A family that few want to mess with.

    Koya circles the skies, and a team of Foot wait in the wings. Two elite guards with their demon masks and rice hats stand by his side, but Shredder is not concern with them opening doors for him. He's unconcerned with who might see him in the evening, but then, he's a ninja. Despite his remarkable garb, he can move with relatively low presence when he wants to. He doesn't knock, but before entering, his Elite scan the surroundings for possible alarms, whether through human or artificial means.

Dick Tracy has posed:
As Cloak teleports himself and Dagger onto the roof of the Gentleman Jack's Coffee Warehouse the sounds of tools and chatting fill the air. Unfortunaltley, there is no sunroof to peer intoto the main parts of the warehouse. However, you suddenly smell something very familiar, coffee, and whoever is brewing it obviously likes it black. The smell seems to be coming from a smaller window on the very edge of the roof. If you were to peer inside, you would see a man wearing a black suit and a white bow-tie brewing a cup of coffee from a very expensive looking coffee maker. However, once you got a closer look at the man, you see someting bizzare. His head is shaped like a coffee pot, no wonder he was called Coffyhead. Before you can try squeezing into the warehouse, a car horn sounds and coffee head immedialtey rushes out of his office, obviously excited by what he heard.

Shredder would notice a notice a white 70s Thunderbird driving quickly up the street towards the warehouse. It was being driven by two teenage boys wearing matching leather jackets and sunglasees. The two boys stop at the warehouse and honk three times in a row. Suddenly, a garage door opens up and the T-Bird drives in, the door quickly closing behind it.

Cloak has posed:
The dark of the evening continues to thicken and pull around the pair of street heroes to keep them out of sight. As they peer thorugh the window, a low, raspy rumble echos in Cloak's throat. "His head is shaped like a coffee pot." His tone is simple, void of any emotion as he narrows his eyes. When it appears the criminal leader is being pulled outside, the pair then move to the other side of the roof without a sound as he teleports the pair from here to there. He looks to keep Dagger's light dulled beneath his billowing cape. "Who is that?" He asks in regards to Shredder.

Dagger has posed:
"I don't know, Ty." Dagger says as she leans in against him, feeding him a bit of light to stave off the hunger that she can feel gnawing away from within his dark. "But he looks dangerous." As she peers through another window, she looks to see if the kids appear to be in good health. "Let's just wait this out and see what happens for now, but be prepared to move if necessary." She says softly to her partner.

Shredder has posed:
    "Master Shredder," Koya speaks from her circling vantage. "Someone is on their roof, it looks like you aren't their only visitor tonight. It looks like a teleporter. No, two teleporters. I can't tell if they are using powers or some sort of tech." The youth naturally make the process even simpler for Shredder to make his arrival, though he gives no answer to Koya's observation. As the boys drive by and enter through the garage door, he and both elites move from the pedestrian door they were about to use, and instead tuck inside the garage door before it closes, moving back toward the shadows and allowing the noise of the T-Bird and the boys' show of arrival to mask their entry like a sleight of hand trick.

Dick Tracy has posed:
As the car pulled into the garage, a group of men gathered around it, chatting enthusiastically. As the teens climbed out of their car, Coffyhead rushed up to meet them, grinning happily as he looked at the car and said,

"Well, well boys. Looks like you brought Uncle Coffyhead something nice tonight. This is worth about $5,900, i will give you about 15"

As he reached into his wallet, he finally noticed Shredder, and immiedatley let out a grunt of surprise as he pulled out a pistol from his suit jacket and said,

"Who the hell are you?!"

The rest of the thugs started somewhat hostily at the ninjas as the teens took off into a back room.

Cloak has posed:
"Looks like an unwanted visitor." Cloak rumbles to Dagger as he practically hugs her with his billowing black and blue cape. They do this to dull her glow, and to quickly escape if necessary, while giving his glowing partner an offensive advantage. So far, they have not noticed the flying creature above them. "Perhaps they will work this out with bullets, but if they start firing upon each other, our mission is to protect the children." His voice is cold, uncaring, despite what compassion may be lingering for the kids who are helping them jack cars for their masters.

Dagger has posed:
"Got it." Dagger confirms as she furrows her brows. "Fifteen bucks for a six thousand ride? That doesn't seem very fair." She gives an amused grin at her partner for a moment before she shuffles a bit in her place within his cloak to get comfortable. Her hand continues to glow, clutching a trio of blades between her knuckles as if ready to strike on a whim's notice.

Shredder has posed:
    As he entered, Shredder and his elite took up a pseudo-conspicuous position, and watched the interaction take place. When Coffyhead notices him, Shredder responds casually. "If you have to ask that question, you've not done a good job of scouting your operations," he answers, casually ignoring the hostile stance of the goons. The two elites take a rather guarded stance with their spears, ready for action. "I believe the children you employ could give you the answer, but I will save the trouble. I am the Shredder."

    He steps forward a little more, not wavering, unconcerned with the nature of the deal. "You see, when you do business in my city, you have an obligation to respect the authority of the city. You haven't done that. I understand you ahve abroad interests which have sent you carelessly into this situation. So I give you the opportunity once. This city belongs to the Foot. The boys I'm sure can tell you that we need no display of force to further prove our willingness or capability to establish that claim." His voice is deep and methodical. "If you want to do busienss here, you and yoru benefactors will do it under me."

Dick Tracy has posed:
Coffyhead's face is obviously angry as Shredder berates him about his operation. But, when Shredder states that He and his bosses whould have to do business under him, Coffyhead reacts unexpectdly. He first grins, then suddenly Coffyhead bursts out laughing as he suddenly says,

"Whoah, whoah whoah, Ninja-Boy! Are you telling The Apparatus what to do? There is no way that they will even consider you a threat. But, if you really insist on embrassing yourself, I'll get you in touch with The Chairman. Luigi, get my Laptop and get The Midwest on the line, I wanna talk to The Chairman. He is gonna love this!"

Coffyhead continues laughing as Luigi, a thin man wearing a polka-dotted Hawaiian Shirt runs off to get his laptop.

Cloak has posed:
"White people are so strange." Cloak rumbles to Dagger with a long sigh under his throat. "The way they do things is so different from my streets in Boston. We don't deal with calanders. We'd just pop our caps off into their ass, show our strength in our fists." He glances down at Dagger, his face full of emotion at the memories of his old life. A life that lost his best friend, Billy, to those same streets.

As he tilts his head upwards a bit, he furrows his brows, then says to Dagger. "We got someone in the skies. A bird like creature. Mutant perhaps? She could be a spy." He says as he gives her a nudge with his cold hand, trying to get her attention.

Dagger has posed:
There's an amused snort from Dagger. "Yes, white people are strange." She has a wry grin along her face as her eyes roll up and to the side. "I'm surprised they aren't whipping out chess boards and sipping Brandy." She elbows her friend in the side before she glances upwards at his warning. "Huh. Definitely mutant." She says. "Well, we'll keep an eye on it for now, but let's not get too worked up just yet. If they start shooting each other, we're just going in for the kids."

Shredder has posed:
    "You. Boy." Shredder singles out one of the teens. "When MD10 attempted to use their international strength to challenge the Foot Clan, what happened?" The answer was that there was a lot of dead people. An entire city block was ruthlessly slaughtered in one of the largest mass murders the NYC had seen. The Hook drug disappeared rather quickly after that.

    "Any fool can learn from their own mistake. If you are wise you will learn from theirs. I care nothing about your superiors, and right now you should not either. You are the one facing your death today if you do not submit." It certainly is not a delicately placed statement filled with politics.

    Koya lands opposite the warehouse, her falcon's eyes watching carefull as the team of six more ordinary ninjas start to close in. Koya, though, she is watching the two on the roof, perceptive that they are unknown factors in the operation, and she stands with her wings ready, in case she is needed to intervene. It's a standard procedure for the group of black suited ninjas, and while these six may not be anything particularly remarkable, clearing out dissenters is their normal task. This is a day at the office. They know the drill.

Dick Tracy has posed:
Coffyhead's amusement went to anger as he heard Shredder speaking to him. He turned to the teen, who just came out of the door with his money and said,

"Tell me what happened to MD10 boy." He all but glared at the boy, droppng his kindly attitde from earlier. The teen looked surprised for a minute, but slid a finger across his throat, signifiying death. Coffyhead than said, anger barely contained,

So, your the one who jacked up MD10? Can't say The Boss wasn't impressed. You took half the time he would've. Well, speak of the devil."

Coffyhead's bizzarly shaped head turned towards Luigi, who was carrying a laptop that was closed. Luigi suddenly placed the laptop on a plastic table, opening it. It revealed a room that was dimly lit with a desk-lamp, illiminating a mahogany desk. Suddenly, a Caucasian hand comes out of the desk and seemingly straightens up the webcam. The figure sitting at the desk was partially hidden in shadows, hiding his face and upper profile in the darkness of the room. The figure takes a puff out of a cigar and says in a voice that was obviously being distorted with a distorter.

"What the hell is going on here Coffyhead? Who's the ninja?"

Shredder has posed:
    "I find it rare that someone will intentionally put themselves in a more precarious position," Shredder muses, though if he finds it an entertainment point, it's difficult to tell with the overly serious tone. He doesn't bother looking at the laptop as he answers the Chairman's question to Coffy.

    "He is deciding the value of his own life. I am the Shredder. I have told him that if he desires to do business in this city, he does it under me. Hiding behind a remote location makes you..." he turns to the screen "A low priority."

    It's as if there is a cue hidden in the statement, or else the elite know their master well enough to recognize his intent. both of them fling a hand from beneath the cloak, a series of smoke pellets darting across the warehouse in all directions, making nothing but a cloud of smoke to be viewed in the main floor, with a singular clear space to be seen from above where the Shredder stands. The elite disappear into the cloud, aggressively lashing out in the obscurity. The six outside simply wait, as if prepared to intercept on all sides of the warehouse someone who might attempt to escape.

Dick Tracy has posed:
As the six waited outside, they seemed unaware of what was coming their way. Once the smoke pellets and what sounded like screaming started to sound out, Tracy had to ditch his original plan to arrest the gang and have the police break in by force. As the police got ready to ram in through the front door, Tracy ran off to go in through the side, only to run into Ninjas seemingly waiting outsdie to rush in and join the massacre. Tracy almost immediately pulls out his pistol and yells towards them,

"Police, freeze!"

When the smoke bombs were dropped, Coffyhead let out a swear as the elites start carving up his crew. Ignoring the Chairman's cries of anger and demands of knowing what was happening, Coffyhead started to try to sneak away from the carnage, only to suddenly hear the front door bashed open and yells of "Freeze police! fill the air. Coffyhead lets out a swear of anger as he suddenly dashes towards a window and try to leap out it to escape, not caring if any of the ninjas or cops sees him.

Cloak has posed:
"Dagger." Cloak rumbles out with a cold excitement in his throat. Hunger. Starving. "It appears that Shredder's forces has attacked. It's time." He says as he wraps her up in his dark folds quickly, then disappears in a shadowy swirling blink.

From within the warehouse, they emerge amonst the smoke, which quickly begins to get sucked into the empty void of the dark dimension. "You have spilled blood and now, I will know your sins. I /hunger/." He rumbles as one of the elite may soon find himself sucked into the portal that leads to one's personal hell.

Leaping out of the dark is Dagger now as she waits for an opening on either side of the fight. Coffee or Ninja, her blades will fly with pin point accuracy , looking to strike a target and /shock/ them into an awe struck paralysis as if one would have stared into the eyes of the Lord. "We are Cloak and Dagger! Now face the light!"

"And face my wrath!" Rumbles out a hungry Cloak as he becomes a light starved vacuum cleaner, looking to draw combatants into his dark. "Get to cover, policeman." His voice of ice calls out to Dick Tracy.

Shredder has posed:
    As the elite finds himself sucked toward the dark dimension, he slings his spear down, catching it in the table that holds the laptop. It may or may not be enough to keep him from being sucked in, but it's his only chance if he wants to stay in this dimension.

    Of course, Shredder is not so careless with his most valuable soldiers. As Cloak begins his attack, he responds, spinning to the side of one of the blades from Dagger and then leaping forward, his own cape billowing behind as he leaps over the cloud of smoke, hand reaching downward in an attempt to catch him by the head as he flies overhead, and pull so that he can throw him away from his Foot ninja. Of course, that means that Coffy has an opportunity to escape to the window, since the inside ninja team is now occupied.

    Outside, Koya leaps into action, swooping down and over the police that have started to converge. "Get in there!" she orders the outside ninjas. They burst their respective doors, and one hits the main garage door to allow Koya a path inside without landing as it starts to crank up during her approach.

    The two that are near Tracy turn, and for a moment they drop their weapons, as if they are listening to his command. But then one suddenly snaps out a kick, attempting to knock the gun from his hand while the other drops low for an attempted foot sweep.

Dick Tracy has posed:
The Police look on in surprise as a mutant bird swoops over them and orders more ninjas in. As the chaos inside continues, One of Coffy's men is struck by Dagger's attacka and collapses screaming in pain. Meanwhile, the Dagger meant for Coffyhead misses and Coffyhead leaps out the window, a large shatter being hear throughout the warehouse as he does. If one were to llo outside, they would see him rushing towards a nearby red sports car. Meanwhile, the rest of Coffy's men start to flee as well, wanting nothing to do with Cloak.

Tracy lets out a grunt of surprise when the gun is kicked out of his hand. Luckily, he is able to jump out of the way of the sweep and responses by trying to upper cut the kicking ninja in the jaw

Dagger has posed:
As they move together in perfect unison, Cloak and Dagger know each other well, too well. As the Elite Ninja grabs on to his staff to hold him in place, he is met with a kick to the back as Dagger leaps forward, planting her foot hard into him, sending him tumbling into the dark void of Cloak's folds. If he screams, it would be snuffed out before a sound can be heard. As she lands on her feet, she spins about on her feet like a dancer, whipping out more blades towards the oncoming ninjas that come through the warehouse. "Cloak! We got incoming!"

"Then let them come! I am /starving!/" Cloak bellows out as he accepts the gift that Dagger kicked into his void. When Shredder leaps at him, he lets out a strangled noise of surprise as his head is grabbed and he is flipped end over end. Yards of cloak flutter as he is thrown to a wall. Right before impact, he disappears in a swirl of inky smoke, then descends from the top of the warehouse with a loud roar.

Did it just get darker in here? It definitely got cold enough everyone can see the frost start to break past their lips. "YOU DARE!"

Shredder has posed:
    As the cloak disappears into a cloud against the wall, Shredder watches, admittedly puzzled, and taken by surprise as that same figure descends from above. He glances up...only to immediately disappear into the darkness, along with the Elite next to him.

    Inside the darkness, Shredder finds himself in an all too familiar setting, his armor is gone. Saki's fist is raised in command, having just unleashed the lost souls of the underworld upon hell itself. The demons and dead spirits do battle. Saki's fight is fierce, knowing where it leads. He's done this before. This isn't a nightmare, this is deja vu. "Stop!" he commands, but it's too late, the battle has begun, and he commanded the assault. The next hour commences, as horrible demons and beasts try to defeat him. But that isn't what he fears. He makes his way to the throne room, the king of hell itself on the throne. "That's enough!" He shouts. There's no response. The king fights furiously, the only man to ever be a match for him. He knows how this fight ended. He has to change it this time. In the end, though, his blade pierces the heart of the king again, and he drops to the ground. In anger, he violently tears the helmet from his opponent. An older version of himself. "You fool! You knew how this would end!"
t"So did you," coughs the blood sputtering older Saki. "It is inevitable."
    "No! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS!" he spits in rage back at his older self. "I WILL CHANGE IT!" He roars loud enough to put fear into a bear, and finds himself kicked back out into the world, standing once again in the room, the battle alight.
    He finds Cloak in the number, and points. "You have made a mistake," he growls, and even behind the hidden mask, the rage in his voice is unmistakable.

    Outside, the ninja takes the uppercut. Is this a youth? He seems young. The other ninja comes back up with a jab strike at Dick, ready to deliver a strike of his own to the cop.

Dick Tracy has posed:
Tracy punch connects with the Ninja. As the ninja collapses on the ground, Tracy could not help but wonder how old that ninja really was. This was interuppted suddenly by the other ninja striking Tracy on the face. Tracy stumbles a bit, blood running down his nose as he suddenly charges at the ninja and swings a left hook into their face.

As Coffyhead made it into his car and started to fumble with his keys, a new figure pops their head from the backroom, it was another child, of about 13 years old. He looks horrified of what he sees and automatically slams the door shut.

Cloak has posed:
As Shredder is shot out of the dark, Cloak looks a bit surprised. Not many has been able to find their way back out of the dark dimension of their own free will. The cloth of his cloak rustles in the now pitch black dark of the warehouse, the cold chill becoming strong. Goosebumps will rise. Mist will form about the lips. It's freezing. He stares back at Shredder, then bares his teeth at him.

"You were /delicious/." There is a swipe of the tongue across his teeth as his cloak whips out to the side, snatching up another ninja and pulling him screaming into the void. "And so is he." He takes a step towards Shredder, his eyes gleaming hungrily. "I saw everything. You're just like everyone else. A coward. The only thing you will change tonight is your pants after you shit them again."

Within the chaos, Dagger is blazing like a hot star, dancing her blades of light this way and that as she ducks under punches, steps aside kicks, then blinds both ninja and gangster alike. "My light will strike your soul and cleanse you of your sins! You have poison in your hearts and I am the cure!" She takes a punch to the face by a ninja, tasting blood between the teeth before she returns it in kind with a round house kick to the jaw.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder is highly skilled at many things, but witty banter is not among them. He doesn't offer a clever comeback, nor rise to insults, but instead a straightforward threat. "You will not live to gloat in your superficial tricks, demon," he says with a rather constrained viciousness. "I will find everything that you love, and I will destroy it, and then you will weep as you die." Very serious.

    The second ninja goes down, also probably young, freeing up the detective to pursue the fleeing target of Coffy, who seems to have managed to move himself to the backdrop of the attention.

    Koya blazes in through the garage door, her wings beating the smoke as her bird instincts do what comes naturally. She dives for the brightest object in the room. Dagger. Of course their purpose for being here has been removed, as Coffy has escaped.

    "Koya!" shouts the Shredder. "The coward has escaped. He glances back at Cloak, as if his attention is to indicate that the offense will not go unanswered. But for now, there are more important matters to attend to.

Dick Tracy has posed:
Once Tracy has dispatched the ninja's he heard a commotion to his left and saw what remained of Coffyhead's gang getting arrested by the police. But, where was Coffyhead? He heard a car start up and saw the familiar figure of Coffyhead driving out of the warehouse area in a red sports car, driving like a mad man as he did. Tracy pulled out his pistol and shot at the car, but the bullets did nothing as the car sped off into the night. Tracy glared slightly, there went Coffyhead, who knows if he would get another chance to arrest him.

Tracy, after making sure the ninjas were not going anywhere, storms into the smoke-filled warehouse and points his pistol at every not-cop present, his yellow trenchcoat billowing in the breeze as he said," Police, everyone down!"

Cloak has posed:
"AND I WILL SUCK THE LAST BIT OF LIGHT FROM YOUR BONE MARROW!" Cloak bellows back at Shredder as his cloak billows out behind him, much like how a cobra would flex his hood. He shows no fear. He /is/ fear. There is nothing but his floating head in the middle of the void beneath his hood, his eyes gleaming hungrily.

As she gives one last kick to another one of Coffee's henchmen, blades of light twirl about Dagger's fingers. She can feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins, keeping her instincts honed and sharp. Her eyes glance upwards to Kona as she is divebombed, and she channels her light in one brillaint POP, looking to blind the avian in mid-air while rolling to the side to hopefully dodge her talons. "Cloak, we gotta get out of here!"

As Cloak takes a step towards Shredder, he lets out a hiss, then swirls forward, passing through the bad guy to appear next to Dagger. He wraps her in his folds, then disappears out of thin air. The room becomes warmer now as the shadows recede, leaving behind a trail of cold, shivering ninjas and elite who are screaming , terrified, paralyzed with fear.