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Getting Away
Date of Scene: 13 April 2020
Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland
Synopsis: Betsy and Piotr have a nice vacation abroad.
Cast of Characters: Psylocke, Colossus

Psylocke has posed:
As had been previously discussed, the trip was arranged. The slopes were calling, even if those slopes were in Switzerland. Better powder this time of year and Betsy could afford the splurge to take advantage of it.

The flight over had been part of the adventure, first class the whole way. It was nice and relaxing, plenty of spoiling going on during the hours they were in the air. Upon arrival, a car picked them up for transport to the hotel, which was quite a distance. Once there, they checked into their suite. It had a main living area with a bedroom to either side. The living area had a large set of windows, giving a breathtaking view of the mountains and the slopes they would be visiting during this trip.

As their luggage was placed in their rooms, Betsy moved to those windows to look out at the view. "Now this is worth it. Don't you think?" she said to Piotr, glancing his direction.

Colossus has posed:
    The trip over had been a rather nice one, in those pseudo compartments for first class with a small closed off area though which the stewards and stewardesses could peek in and make sure they had everything they needed. And she could tell she managed to impress Piotr, considering he usually does not travel so, had never been a part of the jetset she is used to frequenting. He even seems entirely taken with the hot towel given to them near the end of the flight.
    But once they had reached the suite there in St. Moritz, the tall Russian smiled that open smile of his as he shook his head. "It is a lovely view, Elizabeth. But worth it... I cringe each time I imagine how much you must be spending for this wonderful trip." That said he looks over at her and smiles, "But thank you, this place makes the slopes I played upon in my youth seem terribly small."
    He walks over to stand beside her and smiles sidelong at her, "What shall we do first? Take in some of the sights? Go into the town for some shopping? I could stand to eat." He nods to himself as he looks back at the snowy slopes and the snow lifts on their cabling, pondering their options for the future.

Psylocke has posed:
"Don't worry about the cost, Piotr," Betsy admonishes, looking over and up at him now that he's at her side. Way up. "This trip was already planned and paid for. It would've been a waste to not have someone along for that second spot, with Brian cancelling on me. So just enjoy it all and if he comes to visit the school, rub in how much he missed out on."

She turns and moves to the young man as he finishes up with their luggage. A large bill is passed to him. "Thank you." He scoots out quickly, pocketing his tip and closing the door behind him. Betsy turns back to Piotr.

"Let's go into town. I'm guessing you have never been here and it is lovely. Then we can get something to eat. If you want later, we can hit the slopes or save that until we can get a full day tomorrow. We have a week so no huge rush."

Had she mentioned it was a week before? She may have omitted that information.

Colossus has posed:
    The Russian nods slowly, then looks down at her and smiles a little, "That does mollify me a little, friend Elizabeth." His lip twists up a little, "And indeed, I shall rub it in entirely."
    That said he walks over and takes up his suitcase, since he only brought the one and smiles sidelong at her, "I am going to dig out my sweater and perhaps a scarf, and then we can get going. I shall trust you to show me the entirety of the sights and if we miss something important I will tell all of the others back home all about it."
    His lip twists as he moves into that side room, ducking a little to get under the lip of the doorjam, then tossing his case onto the bed. After a bit he fishes out the sweater, though first he does take the time to pull off his t-shirt and overshirt.
    And for a moment she'll have a chance to see the tall man's physique, that strong muscular back as he tosses the old t-shirt away and starts to pull on the replacement, unmindful of her as he gets the white shirt on, and then pulls the sweater over place, tucking the shirt into his waist and taking a glance in the mirror.

Psylocke has posed:
"Then I shall endeavor to be the consummate tour guide," Betsy promises with a laugh. Her own bags were placed in her room and set on the stands for that purpose. She does go in there long enough to pass through to her private bathroom, just to be sure she isn't looking bedraggled from the trip.

Returning to the living area, she notices he left his door open as he changes shirts. A moment as she takes in his physique then she quickly looks away as she's feeling a little like a peeping-Thomas. She adjusts her own jacket, designer of course, tightening the belted waist a bit as she fidgets to keep from looking back to see if he's ready yet.

Her wallet is tucked into the inner pocket of her jacket, easier to deal with there than trying to carry a purse while traveling. "Did you have any preference on what to eat? Or should we go with the local cuisine to make it a full experience?" she calls out.

Colossus has posed:
    Emerging from the room he smiles, "Something local? I like to experience what I can of the place I visit." That said he pauses before her and smiles, "You look ravishing as ever, Elizabeth." He shakes his head and then takes those few steps needed to reach the door, taking the key card for the hotel room off of the side table and tucking it into his pocket. Then he opens the door and holds it for her.
    "I imagine you have been here enough to know all of the best places." And once they are stepping out into the hallway he will fall into step with her, taking his strides slowly, evenly, knowing that his pace often is faster than most others simply by the nature of his height.

Psylocke has posed:
She tucks her own card into that inner pocket then starts down the hall to the elevator. A push of the button and they only have to wait a few seconds for it to arrive. Stepping in, she pushes the lobby button. "There are quite a few. Eccor St. Moritz, Veltlinerkeller. All well known and have high reviews. But I think we are going to go for something different today. We'll save those for another night."

They exit at the lobby and she walks quickly for the exit. Once outside, the brisk air is a bit like a slap in the face after the warmth in the hotel. Yet the sun is shining and it is a good day.

The valet asks if they would like a vehicle, which she declines. Then she leads the way down the sidewalk toward the street proper. "There is this little place. Local. What they would call a hole-in-the-wall back in the States. A lovely couple own it. Her father before her had it and his father before that. Only about twenty seats in the entire place but they have some of the best food in the city. They just don't get the level of attention that others do."

Colossus has posed:
    As they get out into the cold, she can see Piotr's features light up as he takes a breath of the crisp air. He nods to himself, keeping his thoughts to himself but if she really was curious it wouldn't take much for her to lightly touch his mind and realize how simply pleased he is to be there, in a lovely place he had never been, with Elizabeth whom he feels warmly about. That is perhaps one thing about his mind whens he has touched it in the past, it is how decent he is even under the worst of circumstances. Though this is far from being bad at all.
    "Then lead on, Elizabeth." As they start walking and when he glances sidelong at her, he notices the way the coolness might affect her and so of course he says, "Would you like my scarf?" He offers gently as they walk, "I am used to harsher winters, while you are delicate English flower."
    As he says that last his lip curls up a little, teasing her, but gently so.

Psylocke has posed:
At first, Betsy thought it was charming he might ask. After all, her cheeks are now getting a bit rosy from the chill as her breath mists in the air. It was a sweet gesture, befitting the man she knew.

Until he kept going.

A sharp snap of the head in his direction, brows arched high in surprise that he would say that. Which is when she saw the look, realizing he was kidding. Probably for the best.

"Just because I'm wearing designer shoes..." And everything else. "Does not mean I will not kick your arse right here on the street for everyone to see. You do realize it gets cold in England too, yes?"

Colossus has posed:
    When his laugh comes it is deep and resonant while they walk even as he holds up his hands as if to fend her off from what assuredly would be a most vicious aggression. But his smile remains there while he strolls along, getting a few glances from passersby simply because of how tall the large Russian is.
    But then he smiles sidelong to her and says, "Forgive me. I did not mean to disparage your Winters in England. Much." But there is a clear warmth and affection in his tone as he walks, his hands returning to his pockets as he moves and he asks of her,
    "Do you know what it is you shall be ordering?" A glance given. "Perhaps we should order several things and then share, that might be the best way to sample much of the area's cuisine."

Psylocke has posed:
"I think that's a brilliant idea," Betsy agrees. The area they are walking through is a bit less commercial, the diamond that is hidden from those who stay on the beaten path. The buildings are more traditional and there are less people on the streets, outside those who might live or work there instead of the tourists. Another reason that Piotr is likely drawing glances. Oddly, Betsy isn't getting quite as much attention despite being a Japanese woman with purple hair. A little but it is more the tall, dark-haired Russian that is drawing the gaze of the citizens.

"I know what I like but honestly, that is the best way to experience a new country. Even if you don't know what it says on the menu, order it. Try as much as you can. Experience. Too many people go somewhere new and order something from their own favorites instead of allowing for new things."

They come upon the restaurant and she reaches for the door, letting them in. There are about six people there, three at one table, two at another and one older gent sitting alone by the front windows with his paper in front of him.

As they enter, there is a sign that says to seat themselves. She leads the way to a table halfway to the back.

Colossus has posed:
    As they enter the restaurant he is perhaps not like many of her other 'dates' in the past. He is all open and warm with his gentle manner, offering a smile to the people therein and lifting a hand in greeting. "Hello, Guten Tag?" Taking a tip from the Xavier Primer of meeting new people, greet people in more than one language to show intent. A more commonly forgiven tenet of the tourist.
    Then he nods to the staff there as he follows after Elizabeth to the chosen table. If she grants him the chance he will make up for not getting the door by drawing her chair out for her and then taking a seat opposite her...
    When the chair creaks faintly. He eyes it a little warily, and then changes to the other one next to him, which thankfully did not complain as much as the first. Then once they're settled he asks, "Should we sample the local beers?" Then his head lifts, "Ah, you know it likely wold be amazing to be here at Oktoberfest, yes?"

Psylocke has posed:
Betsy does take the offered seat, settling in and giving him a soft "Thank you." Once there, she gives a quick nod to his suggestion. "We should sample them all. Pretend that it is Octoberfest."

The server arrives, a young lady with blonde hair and blue eyes as is stereotypical of the country. Seems natural too. She gives them both a bright smile but seems to be sneaking a lot of peeks at Piotr when he isn't looking.

Betsy smiles as they are handed menus, trying not to notice the loks but unable to miss them.

Colossus has posed:
    "Ah, I am onto you, Elizabeth Braddock." The tall Russian smiles as he looks through the menu and ponders the entries, not entirely sure what some of the dishes may be, but not overly concerned though he does recognize a word now and again, mainly through Osmosis being around Kurt so often.
    "You merely wish for me to become inebriated and then take advantage." He nods solemnly and looks up over the lip of his menu, smiling though teasing as he adds, "Drink me under the table and rush off into the city for the night clubs and the ninja shenanigans. I am onto you."
    He is not onto her.
    But he smiles a little wider as he then looks to the young server, "Ein bier, bitte?"

Psylocke has posed:
Betsy makes that two and gives the server free rein to pick any beer of her choosing. As the girl moves off to get their drinks, Betsy focuses back on her companion. "That was precisly what I was going to do. Once you pass out, I am certain there will be a massive attack of Foot or Hand ninja. Or any other appendage that might be represented at this point. Then I will be able to defeat them all and go clubbing after."

She shakes her head, smiling a bit. "We can come back here for Oktoberfest if you would like to experience it. Or just go straight to Germany?"

Colossus has posed:
    "That might be nice," But as she asks that, making plans for the future. She can see it affects him, and he looks away, but then looks back meeting those curious eyes of hers. A breath is taken as he folds the menu and sets it down. "I know that this is perhaps... not the best time to ask this. Perhaps I should have asked before we embarked on our trip."
    Uh oh.
    "But Elizabeth," She can likely feel the trepidation, the curiousity in the tall man's manner and flitting through his thoughts. "Is this..." He touches a hand to his broad chest, then looks to the side as if seeking the right words. "Are we?" He smiles a little and... his cheeks actually colour slightly as he murmurs.
    "Are we... dating?" He asks that as if it was the most confusing topic in the world and broaching it with her might be as dangerous as stealing Logan's beer from the fridge.

Psylocke has posed:

"Not that I am against the possibility however, you have not asked me out. We are friends and we are enjoying time together. Should you want it to be more, I would be willing to try it although I didn't think you looked at me in that way. If you understand my meaning?"

In other words, he has never given any indication he might want to pursue her romantically.

She smiles a bit. "You know I like you as a person. You know that I enjoy sharing time with you. If I was approaching this as us dating, I would've traded the room to one with a single king-sized bed." Then she gives him a bold wink.

Colossus has posed:
    A laugh is seen as he shakes his head and there is that subtle color to his cheeks as he looks away. But he looks back at her and he says, "I..." Piotr starts and then pauses, not finding the right words, not easily at least. He bites his lower lip for a moment then looks to the side, then looks back to her. "I have always found you so beautiful. And in some ways that is intimidating, yes. It is why I wished to paint you. To depict that beauty. I truly believe it is a timeless thing."
    His smile grows a little, "And things have always been wondrous, being friends, enjoying each other's company. There were times when you were single and I was not. And times I was single and you were not."
    "There is no harm in this just being two friends enjoying time together. But when you spoke of the future. It made me think of us doing things together in the future. And it... changed things for me mentally? And I felt it best for us to speak. I hope you are not saddened by this."

Psylocke has posed:
"Not in the least. I would be willing to see where things go if that is what you would like. You are not one that seems to pursue but instead is pursued and I never got an indication that youmight want to be something else. Other than friends."

As the server arrives, they are interrupted for a moment. Their beers are placed before them, drafts with a perfect head. Then she takes their order which is a wide variety of choices. All for the table with plates so they can enjoy sampling. Once the server is gone, she looks back at Piotr.

"So how's this for a plan. We spend time, see where this thing goes? And either way, our friendship will always endure."

Colossus has posed:
    "Ah," Piotr smiles a little, "I think it was perhaps more... I was aware of those you found attractive. And to me I was not like them in various ways. So I think I placed you in this... safe box in my mind." The Russian man smiles wryly and looks away, but then he nods along with her. He starts to say something else, but then holds his tongue as the server arrives.
    Once she departs he turns his attention back towards Elizabeth and he tells her with that Russian level-headed tone of voice he uses when discussing matters, "However, you should know Elizabeth. If you viewed me in a romantic light, I would need no time to question it." Simply, straight forward, pragmatic. Such is the Russian way.
    That said he leans forwards and touches his hand to hers, just taking a moment to lightly squeeze her hand should she allow it before he returns to his seated posture and takes up his drink for a sip.

Psylocke has posed:
"Piotr," Betsy turns her hand just enough to squeeze his a moment before he pulls his back to drink his beer. She picks up her own glass and takes a sip. "You are gorgeous. You should know this by now. If you don't, then trust me. You can ask our server. Or half the women...and men...we passed out there on the street getting here."

She grins, a little wickedly. "To be honest, you are better looking than any of those overrated Norse gods running around out there."

Colossus has posed:
    A small laugh comes from him, and he looks back at her, "I did not mean it that way, Elizabeth. Though now you make me sound conceited." He takes a deep breath and shakes his head before he murmurs, "I know I am... handsome." He says that, and ever the modest Russian, even that admission is hard won for her.
    "I was more meaning the men you have dated in the past. When you first joined the team you... are member of the nobility for England. You are beautiful. You are a model. I? I am farmer. At the core. Perhaps I am stronger than most..."
    He smiles a little and then spreads his hands, "But still. A farmer."

Psylocke has posed:
At that, she has to smile again as she toys with her beer glass, eyes firmly on the face of the Russian across from her. "I like vegetables. And meat. So being a farmer is a great thing, in my mind."

She shrugs a little. "I've been many things. "Model, adventurer. I was even a Captain Britain for a time. Well, a member of their Corps." She giggles softly. "I should show you pictures sometime. I had a rainbow wig. Just promise you will not laugh when I do."

She does shake her head again though. "You are not conceited. You are the furthest from it from what I've seen."

Colossus has posed:
    "I was more meaning," Piotr uncurls a hand, "That compared to the millionaires and the nobility and such, I did not feel I had as much to offer. But now..." He gestures with that hand, as if turning something over. "If you feel that you would be happy spending time with me. Enjoy having me as your..."
    For an instant he seems to try and find the right word and ends up with a curious one as he murmurs, "Your paramour? Then I would find myself very fortunate. And perhaps best to resolve this now, yes? Before we are all the way through our vacation and only at the last realize that we wished to fall into each other's arms."
    As he says that he smiles and his cheeks are still a little flushed, "Although now..."
    He straightens up and takes a deep breath, suddenly very serious. "You tell me of this rainbow wig? And I am perhaps thinking that I shall have to see pictures before I finally decide if we are compatible. Assuredly you understand."