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Marshmallows and Malls
Date of Scene: 01 May 2020
Location: Salem Center, Westchester County
Synopsis: Kitty runs into Saoirse and her sister and is 'persuaded' to keep an eye on Saoirse. Kitty stands up to demands
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Saoirse Flynn

Shadowcat has posed:
Salem Center, ah, Salem Center. Kitty's out here enjoying the nice, warm spring day in her summer attire. Shorts, flip flops, blouse, shades. Cat trotting by her. yeah, Lockheed and his holo inducer again. Currently, Kitty's settled at a table in an outdoor cafe, perusing the menu. She's asked for and got a kosher menu, enjoying the warmth and the nice, relaxing day. It's a chane of pace from her usual things.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse is wearing a blue bikini with little white polkadots under a semi-clear white loose tee in which the blue shows all the way through. A big straw hat on her head, and a knee-length red skirt, with a matching red ribbon tied around the straw hat under her chin to keep it in place. Wearing open-toe sandals she's floating about a foot from the ground as she moves along her sister, a long-haired blonde with wide hips, and long black sleeves which lead into black gloves, as well as black leggings under brown shorts, with a black undershirt and a brown half-shirt worn over. "You know" comments Michelle "You probably shouldn't float around like that."

Saoirse shakes her head "You've told me that, sure sure normally people can't float, but this is who I am, and why would I be anyone than who I am?"

Michelle answers without a hitch "Because it makes you stand out and look weird."

Saoirse shrugs "But I am weird. Weird by definition is to be different from the acceptable expected or the norm, so if you are talking societal normalicy then yes, I would be weird. So why wouldn't I embrace the weird by being a s weird as I can be, when the only people that should be concerned about how the weird is concerned with is me?"

Michelle narrows her eyes "You'll never be able to keep a low profile, will you?" She reaches over and tugs at Saoirse's ear, in which she shrieks "Not fair!"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's not caringg. Much. She's seen flying things, and, honestly, she's used to it so, hey, she doesn't really care much. Instead, she looks over and sets down her a menu, a 'hey come over here' thing. Chairs are pulled out too as Kitty looks over to the floating girl. Hey, sure, why not float if you can?

That, coming from the woman who can phase through things, though. Hey, that's not a bad idea really.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse points at Kitty "Look, she looks like she's looking at us, maybe she wants your autograph?"

Michelle shrugs "I'm tired of signing shite." She narrows her eyes as she spots Kitty "Mmmn, more like you should ask her for hers." Saoirse looks puzzled "Is she famous?" to which Michelle responds "Nope."

The two walk over, more Michelle decides to and Saoirse follows after. "Hello!" Saoirse offers cheerfully. Michelle's greeting a little less bubbly. "I'm surprised to see you outside of your merry little school of unbridled optimism."

Saoirse smiles "Oh, that sounds pretty nice. I wish I went there.."

Michelle responds "You kind of did. She goes to a school like you went to. But it's hush. Like the school you went to. Remember? People in fight club don't talk about fight club."

Saoirse looks puzzled "Oh, right. Fight Club. So how do you end up joining fight club if you can't talk about fight club? How does fight club get any members?" Michelle narrows her eyes again as she looks at Saoirse "You're talking about Fightclub. Babbling about it technically."

Saoirse blushes and clasps both hands over her mouth "Oh, right!"

Shadowcat has posed:
"I want your autograph? No, no. I could use company. I got let out for good behavior" Kitty says with a straight face. Nah she's out or a walk, but....likes the whole heyy, I got out early joke.

"Fight Club? Good movie, but I won't talk about it for obvious reasons" Kitty nods, and gives Michelle a sarcastic look. "So what're you both doing in this bit of New York, out to see the sights or?" she asks with a glance back to the menu again with a shrug. Okay. Fine. Soda and chips and sandwiches it is. Fine, cafe, you win.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Michelle points from her waist towards Saoirse "I'm showing my little sister around. Floating-wonder here loves to eat." Saoirse puts her hands up in the air "It's true, I do! And then maybe we'd go to the beach!"

Michelle smirks "Yeah, well I keep telling you that the Hudson isn't that kind of place, but you'll see. Oh, how you'll see." A soft amused smile, then she looks back over to Kitty "Staying out of trouble lately it seems? That seems rather good. Saoirse went to a school like yours. Perhaps a little more inclusive."

Saoirse has a curious look all over her face. To which Michelle responds "Fancy elite private school. They train special students to be the elite, kind of like they tried with you."

Saoirse shakes her head "I didn't really get to be elite though. There were all those classes, so many classes. And the flying. I had a girlfriend that could do fire from her hands and heat, and we melted so many marshmallows together and ate them. That was the best superpower. So tasty."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head at Michelle. "I'm staying out of trouble. You're right, the Hudson isn't that sort of place. it's...all wet and such and there's no sand" Kitty shrugs lookimg over to Michelle and tilts her head at Saoirse as Kitty speaks.

"Yes, elite private school. You went to one too?" Kitty asks Saoirse and looks pleased. "Was it a school teaching you to float and eat?" Kitty adds simply, wondering what sort of school Saoirse wenr to.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse rests her hands on her hips "I was hoping there's be beach time!" Michelle pokes her sister with a finger "As much as you might hope, don't think your going to use that bikini your wearing under there. Seriously, you don't want to go into that water."

Saoirse pouts a bit, but then she's all smiles again. "Oh! Well..I learned how to do the eating on my own. However it was a school that focused on people with super abilities and powers. Like mutants, and people with specific superpowers, and flying, and super strength. And stuff like that. They wanted to give a good education, and also to make sure that people had control over their super abilities. And they were hoping to come up with superheroes too. I went to Coral Springs. Though there weren't a whole lot of people, it wasn't a general school for the public. I think that was a mistake though. Because it's best if people can integrate together instead of learn how to be seperated. I think everyone can learn something from one another."

Michelle eyes Kitty "I think she's got it Saoirse, super school meant to raise goodguys. Right?"

Saoirse shakes her head "Sort of. But..you know, with everyone learning these things, the harsh truth is that being a hero is painful, there are sacrifices, and it isn't easy. It takes a very great toll on a person and their psyche."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Indeed" Kitty says, ordering her food. "Okay see" Kitty nods. "Hudson's not really a swimming river, not with all the things in it" she warns. Shaking her head Kitty listens.

"So let's see. Let's see..." Kitty muses. "You got a good point. So, you wanted to find a beach huh?" kitty muses, watching them both.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse nods "Yup! Fun in the sun! We could blow up a beach ball, and hit it around, and play in the sand, and make sand castles, and sunbathe. That sounds like a lot of fun. We could always have the drone fly us out there?"

Michelle responds "The Drones are not for carting you around. They are for business purposes."

Saoirse tilts her head "And watching that guy from apartment 2304 when he's taking his clommpphhphphph!" Michelle puts her hand over Saoirse's mouth to silence her. "Business purposes! Business, that's for Business!"

Saoirse ducks under the hand after a moment to peer at Kitty "He's very attractive!" Michelle tries to grab Saoirse but she wiggle free to float above the two about 9 feet up facing downward. "He's got a very toned hiney! Hee. I like that he has his name brand of Hanes on his undies, I like when things are clear and labeled."

"Shut up!" Michelle calls out, hopping up to grab Saoirse's feet, and yanks her back down to pull her next to her, holding her in place by the waist. Michelle explains "She took some pretty severe damage, and it took a toll on how she think. So she thinks of everything all at once, without the good sense to not talk, so she babbles and doesn't process things in the same order that normal people would."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head with a sigh. "Yeah I get that. Still though" Kitty shrugs, "Hey, listen up and think before you speak" she says looking to Saoirse. "I'm a guidance counselor. Soo I'm used to things like this"

Looking over to Michelle, Kitty looks understanding at having to deal with people like Saoirse. She's been there, done that too many times.

The joys of being a guidance counselor...

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse shakes her head "Well..I'm much better than I was before. I've gotten through physical therapy after an incident. It was pretty painful but it's okay. If you put your all into the effort everyday you can eventually recover, even when your brain isn't quite the same."

Michelle releases Saoirse and lets her float there in place. "Well, technically you died. You managed to do something very foolish yet equally as brave, and you managed to completely damage your brain. You heal better than other people. You certainly seem to be still my little sister, but you do have to be careful. Not everyone will treat you well, no matter how you treat them." She eyeballs Kitty "Saoirse is a gentle soul, filled with wonder, curiousity, and positivity. I am the opposite, built to rain down thunder on those that annoy me. So I expect if she ever wanders over your way, or is in trouble that your going to take care of her. And if that doesn't end up happening, we're going to have some rather uncomfortable words when I come to visit."

Saoirse shakes her head "Well..everyone can be a little bit a hero, it isn't always easy. And it's okay now, I learned how to talk again, and I can move, even all of my fingers now. So you don't need to be angry about it." She purses her lips, tugging at her sister's shorts. "Stop being mean and threatening people all the time. Stop bossing. You've been like that ever since you ripped the heart out of that other me. I remember. Maybe even before. You should be happier. You're the bionic girl!"

Saoirse settles onto the ledge of the table with her rear, not tipping it one bit as she looks to Kitty. "Do you have a codename? I don't have a code name. It'd probably be like Marshmallow Girl or something. Cause I like marshmallows. And I'm kind of squishy. I never did pick one up in school. That I remember anyway."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks unimpressed at the demand. She's an X-Man, and deals with them on a daily basis. "I'm going to do what now?" Kitty asks, fixing Michelle with a look. "You think you can just swan in here and tell me what to do? I can look after your sister if you ask, but demanding things..." Kitty trails off. Oh, she has half a mind to tell Jean and Scott about this one. Hey, get a few of her folks around here. Not to fight Michelle, no. But...explain things more to the point.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Michelle scowls "I'll tell you exactly what I mean, it's.." holding a hand up Saoirse this time puts her hand over Michelle's mouth to silence her. "That's enough sister dearest. Go take a break, before you get yourself into an uh-oh moment." She points over at the inside "Maybe get us something tasty to eat?" Michelle looks annoyed yet "Tch. Fine."

When Michelle practically storms off with a sneer Saoirse rests her hands in her lap as she looks to Kitty. "I'm sorry for my sister. If she knows you, and your school, it probably has some kind of military application. Michelle has had a uneasy life in the spotlight and it hasn't done well for her. Working with the military in such a fashion she carries out those decisions, sometimes good, sometimes regretable. The people are the ones that carry out the mistakes and predjices of others and the toll lies with them. It takes a heavy toll on those involved when a difficult decision is made. I died protecting others, because I chose to beleive in people's innate ability to persevere and be good to one another. My decision was mine to make, and I lost my body to it. There was someone else like me who attacked us, what you might call a clone kind of. She had attacked us. She finished her off to take her heart out, and put it into me. I lived, she did not. None of that could have been easy for her. Everyone deals with pain differently. I don't think Michelle deals with pain very well, but I try to help her relieve it. She's always been very protective of me. Realistically I'm not really a human anymore. I'm also not quite a non-human. It's kind of really difficult to explain and being in that place is not only difficult but also very scary. I hope..that I can be human enough that I'll remember what it is to be human when I'm not human anymore."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty watches Michelle storm off as she looks to Saoirse. "Okay" Kitty says gently. "I get it. I get her anger but that helps nobody else. It's not helpful really is it?" she wonders aloud, staying in her seat.

"Wait. Military applications?" Kitty asks looking suddenly serious. "Such as?" she wonders, leaning forward in her seat and watching Saoirse. Okay that's got her attention now...

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse nods "Mmmhmmn. You two seemed to know eachother, that's what it seemed like? I thought maybe it was from work? She works with the US Military contracting in anti-superpowered training on several task forces and special units they put together. You know, when mutants and superpowered people are bad, it's her job to train people how to put them down using a military application of stragic skill and force. She takes part in missions sometimes too I think. She's the face of National Robotics, it's how she managed to beat cancer, and how I was able to learn how to move, talk, and think of myself as I had severe disabilities before the treatments. She doesn't often mingle with too many people outside of military circles or corporate circles, so if she knows you - then I thought it probably was some kind of military application or maybe your school is associated with the military or training? Mine kind of was."

She kicks her feet a little under the table. "I didn't really like the reason why we were at school. It was to become heroes in a roundabout away. But they don't teach about the incredible toll, and I don't think they prepare you for the violence you will encounter. I was a bit..suggestive of not being a hero. Is it okay to take the scholarship and not want to become a hero? I don't know if that's okay. Maybe I'm just not a very good person, being very selfish. But the people there with me, they wanted to go out and become heroes, but the countries they would be fighting for - I don't see it being very beneficial for them. My girlfriend at the time, she was Mexican, and a lesbian. That's when a woman is sexually inclined towards women. Mexico didn't accept lesbians or women being couples, and was actually quite predujice against them - that's what she told me. She was from Mexico. I'm from Ireland, so I don't really know. I didn't think she should become a hero, but her country sent her there. There was a lot of pressure. She ended up going her own way, and I hope she's safe now. But..she had a fiesty personality so..she's probably gotten into trouble at some point."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods silently watching Saoirse. "I understand that but still, her snapping helps nobody" Kitty says patiently and looks to Saoirse again. "I'm Kitty, and yes she knows me. Much to her annoyance it seems?" Kitty ponders. "See, you seem all sunshine and rainbows and not angry like your sister though" she admits, looking past Saoirse. "But. She's right. You really do not want to swim in the Hudson. There's nothing to gain from it, really. Just a lot of stuff that shouldn't be in he water"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse nods softly. "Yes..well. Everyone deals with stress differently, and they choices they make in life. My brain was completely damaged by the intense heat of a superlaser that went off, it also burned off my arm, and well..it caused a lot of ouchie. It's been a few years now and I've mostly recovered. Actions like that require sacrifice. She was taken out of comission, so others would've become like me if I didn't act. I didn't have a choice in becoming like I am, I don't think anyone thought superhuman when they went to help me. I didn't have the ability to make a decision for myself, but it's wrong to thrust that upon others. So she could only watch until the aftermath. She deals with her pain in redirection, sarcasm, and not letting people get too close. It's something commonly done by people who have post tramautic stress, or other symptoms of combat related stressors. She's not a bad person. She's quite the good person really. But when people approach her they often want something. Sometimes it's not bad, somethings it requires a lot. Our parents aren't the most scrupulous of people either."

She kicks her feet again a few times. "Friendship doesn't come easy for her. After all, sometimes she may be allies with people, sometimes they may be enemies. She's faced off against people she's cared for, loved, or been friends with I'm sure. She doesn't much talk about it. Do you have those kind of situations too? Being sunshine and rainbows isn't always easy either though. People think I'm silly, or dumb. And that's okay. Sometimes it hurts though, but I like to think..that humanity can come together and overcome. It's way more difficult than you would think to look past our shortcomings to do that. People see mutant, or superhuman, people see power and greed and desire. These are tempered with hope, and friendship, openness. I've chosen to beleive in humanity. And while I accept it, it has worked out pretty horribly for me. I hope people's choices in life work out better for them then the ones I've made for me in my life."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty listens and smiles. "Oh isn't that the truth?" she asks with a nod. "People can be cruel and cold and, and...such" Kitty sighs shaking her head. "See, I'm all for people getting along, right, but....but I still don't think Michelle liked me standing up to her" Kitty adds. "Which okay, I'm kind of feeling bad about. But. Let's be honest. If somebody just starts saying oh you're going to do this, or this, or that, then....I'm not going to sit down and take that, no. I'm gonna stand up and protect myself"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse looks thoughtful for a few moments as she considers what to say. "Michelle..she can hurt people if needed. She's grumpy, and over-protective sure. But she isn't a bad person. I know she's done good things, and I'm pretty sure she's done things she isn't proud of that she hasn't told me about. She gets annoyed pretty easily. Our parents fought, and..well. It's because of her that I'm the person I am. I was injected with nano machines. She fiddled with the formula that makes my little tiny nanoguys make their own decisions - they do what they consider will keep me human and make their own determinations. That also means they are closed off and dont accept outside influence. That meant meddling in our father's affairs. In secret, betraying him in a way. I didn't have a choice in what I became."

Saoirse pulls her knees up to her chest as she wiggles her butt more onto the table, not tipping it at all since she displaces her weight with gravity manipulation. "Mother and Father fougt, she went with Father and his nano-stuff and I went with mother who felt it was an affront to god. When I changed, things didn't go well. Father began thinking that because of all the supers - mutants, aliens, magic, and all kinds of things - humans couldn't survive permanently amidst all htis chaos. So. He came up with a plan to use a dispersian system to infect a african population center with nanos so they would mutate into people he could control. He disabled Michelle, and someone had to stop him. So that wasn't easy for Michelle. We lost our parents that day too - as they became terrorists, and we were under suspiscion too. It takes a lot to stand up for the right thing even if it costs you everything dear. I think this horribleness has cost her something - her sense of tact. She used to be able to smile - I've seen it in pictures. But now it's not the same. I'm sorry if she's kind of rude. That's just the way she is now. But you can be sure if someone needed help, she'd probably complain about it sure, but she would be there. She is very strong, much stronger than I am. That's because she's built on military technology. I'm not. I was built on..well, I suppose more like a dream-like technology. It self-evolves when needed."

She smiles "Hee..I also eat a lot of marshmallows, so it's probably powered on that too. I remember my sister would give me some marshmallows before I evolved. They were sweet, and gooey, and chewy. They were some of my fondest memories when everything was like in a fog, since they brought me a little tickle of happiness. There wasn't much to be happy about back in those days."

Shadowcat has posed:
"But were they stopped?" Kitty asks, understanding to a point Saoirse's plight. Not that she's ever been through that but still. It sounds awful!

Looking over to Saoirse again after looking around and wondering where Michelle went and what's taking so long, Kitty looks a tiny bit worrieed. Still though she shakes her head. "She sounds like if you strip away her anger, she's loyal to a fault. You ar too" Kitty offers

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse purses her lips. "Well..the missle that was meant to be a dispersal system for vaccines in populated areas was stopped. Sometimes there's a cost however, and that cost was me. I fired a damazed lazer for a space platform by sending my micro-reactor into meltdown. I was able to distroy the dispersion missle, but I also cooked my brain away because of the heat, and well. It took a few years to recover from that. I had to re-learn how to talk, move, and think again. I'm not sure what has happened these last few years, there was probably some movement, but my father infected my mother with nanites and I beleive she has to follow what he says now. She didn't have the kind of nano's that I and my sister have that are resistant to exterior commands. I'm pretty sure they haven't been caught. But in the military, they don't always tell you things."

She smiles "So I beleive in people. That people can overcome our differences and keep disaster from happening. It may happen at great cost, but I don't belive it's right to change people without giving them the choice. It's difficult to say, but what happened to me was not the right decision to have made. So that is why I had to step in. There wasn't anyone else who could right then." Michelle is inside still, looking like she's arguing about a drink. Something about 'This is soy, not almond milk, and it's caramel, not chocolate. Make it right this time.'.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head again gesturing to Michelle with a 'really' look on her face. As in, is she really doing that?

Kitty looks understanding, to Saoirse though. "If people can overcome our differences, then" she starts. "We wouldn't have mutant haters, or the FoH or people like that. I hope people can overcome differences. I don't believe because it's not happened yet" Kitty muses"But I'll do whhat I can to foster good relations between humans and mutants" she says with a smile, looking determined

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse shakes her head "No..there are all kinds of people. I don't know how someone can hate so much. But I'm not a mutant and I don't hate them. I've known some of them, and other people with superpowers. Sometimes they just need some encouragement. I don't see why people want to rip one another down but it's happened throughout history. Take the Americas history as an example. You had the slavery and apartied. I remember that from the history classes. But you also had people who were leaders in supporting and aiding freedom, and integration. Even in the midst of so much hatred, and one way of thinking there are those that lead the way. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice, but eventually those ideals become the everyday normal. We are much different as a people than 150 years ago. I wonder what we'll be like in a thousand years? Michelle and I will probably be around for that - because of our nanos. Hmm. I hope my model kits hold up that long. I think the plastic is going to get pretty brittle."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Yes but you can sort that plastic out. Same for being around for a good thousand years or so. Now what you're on about, that's humans. But I got no idea how to nudge them along" Kitty admits with a sigh. "Seee I'm not sure what's good for that"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse shrugs her shoulders "Well..isn't it like anything? Treat one another with kindness, love, and compassion? Listen to others, and validate their worries and concerns and try not to judge them when they fail or fall down? Keep an open heart as much as you can and be faster to forgive than to judge? Don't judge on appearances or superficial deeds? Pretty people are nice to sleep with but you wouldn't necissarily want to wake up next to them every day, or have them make you breakfast. I've heard my sister tell that to people before. So maybe being pretty has it's place, but that prettiness only will get you through for so long."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Yeah but that's easier said than done when people are out there spewing hate" Kitty says gently. "It's not as easy as you make it sound" she explains looking just a little worried. "Oh I agree with your sister on that, but I still feel like some days you need to hit people over the head"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse hmmns. "Well, she does that professionally sometimes, but I would think that would be rather scary." She shakes her head "Well..I didn't really get to grow up like other people. So maybe that kind of trouble gets instilled into you in school? Though..I just think that everyone is important, and thta has worked out well for me so far. Well for the most part. Everyone is very special. And the world would be just a little more empty when each person isn't in it anymore."

Michelle steps outside carrying a couple of to-go cartons for paninis and a couple of coffees."

Narrowing her eyes, she gives Saoirse her drink which she takes with both hands "Mocha Lattee with Almond Milk, extra whip, extra milk, sugar free syrup."

Looking over to Kitty "Has she been annoying you with excessive questions?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty smiles to Michelle. "No, not in the least" she says, "Why would you think that?"

Kitty's gearing up to have words with Michelle, really. Saoirse makes good points, and...yet still,Kitty isn't on best friend terms with Michelle. Mostly since Kitty's trying to figure how to word what she wants to say in a way that won't get Kitty halfway through a wall or verbally lashd

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Michelle rests a hand on Saoirse's head for a moment. "Because Saoirse isn't like other people. She has an open heart, and that tends to lead to an open mouth. Don't ask her about Gundams."

Saoirse brightens "Oh! Gundams? I like the Gundam RX178 MK II the most, it's piloted by Emma Sheen, she's with the Titans at first but she switches to the AEUG after seeing the intense injustice of the Titans." Being pat on the head she stops.

"Yes, I know. Oh, beleive me I know Saoirse. I know all about the Gundam MK II. All. About. It. Remember, you bought every model of them."

Saoirse nods with a bright smile. "It's good to have hobbies!" She looks to Kitty "You do your best with those military students okay?"

Michelle looks a little surprised "Oh? She told you about that?" To which Saoirse shrugs "I figure it's probably like Westpointe. Right?" To which Michelle responds "More exclusive, but uh. Let's go with that, sure."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods. "Very, very private and prestigious school. Think you can't tell a soul anything about it" Kitty adds. "It's....well, t's secret, ya know?"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse shakes her head "Well okay, but ins't advertising usually beneficial?" Michelle puts a hand on Saoirse's head again.

Michelle says "In their line of schooling, very elite. The people who need to know where they are, already know."

Shadowcat has posed:
"That" Kitty nods sipping her coffee. "Is true. People need to know? They know. Like now, people know I'm out here having coffee with you both and that more importantly, you aren't a threat. If you were there'd be trouble from all sides" Kitty observes. "Mostly because people who know would come in to protect me, without me having to say a word"

Which is onn the one hand, great. On the other?Nah. Not great. Still, though. Kitty's relaxing to a point. She's smart like that and capable of kicking up her heels and kicking butt. If needed.

Right now? Nah, not that bad realy.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse hmmns. "Well I've been thinking of going to college. But I'm not sure what I would do. I'm really good at numbers like binary, hexidecimal, and things like that. But it's kind of boring. It's just too easy. Nursing seems like a good idea, but I'm not very good with blood - and some of those prescriptions are really hard to spell. I'm not sure what I would do. Maybe something with events. Welding pays well, and those sparks the torches make are pretty, but they also seem kind of scary and it's loud, and it smells bad. So probably not that."

Michelle laughs, bonking Saoirse lightly on the top of the head. "Kiddo, you can be whatever your little heart wants to be." She points at Kitty "Saoirse, if you get into trouble, go to the Xavier school and ask for Kitty. That's a safe place to go, just don't tell anyone you are going there. But you shouldn't go there normally. Elite place and all. So it's on the shush."

Michelle looks to Kitty "Saoirse here is a pretty unique soul. She's a nano-driven person. A person so advanced it allows her to be wrong, or only have the right, or correct conclusions. She has to be taught, and come to her own conclusions. But she also can't be hacked because of that. So I'd appreciate it if you looked after her if she ever came for help, because it's possible that someone might try to grab her someday. It's happened once before."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Now you've asked, I can do that" Kitty nods looking thoughtful then smiles. "Sure, knock on the door and say you know me and you need my help" Kitty says with a grin. "Just be prepared for questions and....and all that"

Kitty looks over to Michelle and Saoirse, "I can help out but I'm not comfortable sneaking anyone into my work"

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Michelle deadpans as she stares at Kitty. "You've seen Saoirse. There's no hiding her. For better, for worse, she's right there, and this is what she's like all the time. She'll float, she'll cheer, and smile, even when told that she shouldn't be floating. Oh beleive me, if she comes to visit she's not quiet about it."

Saoirse nods "That's true, I do float and stand out. It's just who I am." She takes a sip of her super-sweet cream of what's barely coffee anymore. "It is true I'm not very good at fighting or anything. I am pretty good at eating though! Though that doesn't really help much in a fight.."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks a little bemused....no, a lot bemused. "Okay so what, do we need to encourage you to walk and knock on the door?" Kitty asks with a nod over to Saoirse then over to Michelle and watches them both.

"I can help you though. Long as you don't float around and get everyone eating marshmallows all the time" Kitty offers with a stern look.

Saoirse Flynn has posed:
Saoirse shakes her head quickly "I can't promise that! I float, it's how I get around! I have a big butt so I'm not very aerodymically sound to do regular walking!"

Michelle interjects "That's why you /should/ be walking!

Saoirse responds with "Nuh-uh! And..and Marshmallows are delicious, they even make some with chocolate, chocolatey in the middle! How could you not want to eat one when you see one?"

Michelle rolls her eyes with a goodhearted smile. "Okay marshmallow wonder, I think it's about time we get to the river hmm?"