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Kitty Coffee Klatch
Date of Scene: 10 May 2020
Location: Shannon's Room (East Halls), Xavier's School
Synopsis: After a hellish night and cruel words said, Kitty and Shannon patch things up over chicory coffee and croissants in Shannon's dorm.
Cast of Characters: Nightingale, Shadowcat

Nightingale has posed:
     It had been a hellish evening, and a sleepless night, with the only good things to come out of it being that A) Pixie got the help and understanding she needed and B) Shannon finally made clear her frustrations in her prior attemtps to communicate, at least to Kurt. With Kitty, however, it had gotten rather explosive, and had cut the young healer-in-training deeper than she would ever admit, enough to take the heart right out of her--and even kill the desire to heal.

     So it was that she was nowhere to be found that morning in her usual haunts. There was no sign of her doing her usual volunteer stint in the wellness office, nor was she in the kitchen concocting some edible goodies to be shared later. Worse, she wasn't in any of her usual thinking spots--even out by the lake, where, nine times out of ten, she could be found when she wanted to clear her head. Could she still be in her dorm?

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty hasn't slept either. She feels, if anything...guilty and hating herself for what was said and done. Grabbing a chickory coffee and croissants she's sloping her way to the healer's door and fighting to simply just....not fall asleep, right there. The smell of coffee's keeping her awake as is the desire to patch things up with Miss Lance. Kitty looks over the dorms and glances at Shannon's door. Okay, hmm....now. Problem.

Can't really knock withh hands full. Hmm, and kicking the door in would totaly send the wrong message, but...

Nightingale has posed:
     The smell of chicory coffee pricks a bit at Shannon's senses, but she tries to shut it out. Sleepless nights were sometimes like an old friend. She'd tossed and turned most of the night, and gave up hope of sleep about half an hour prior. No, this time she's playing the piano with her headphones off, soft notes filling the room, and a voice that's near to breaking.

"Sometimes I'm a selfish fake
You're always a true friend
I don't deserve you 'cause I'm not there for you
Oh, I wish I would be..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Great. Just great, Kitty's wanting to head on in. Okay, fine. Fine, If she wants to lure Kitty in so they can patch things up, Shannon's doing a good job. So, Kitty phases on in. Who needs to knock anywa as she just....sort of looks around the room, Kitty's eyes shining with tears at the song, as she looks over to Shannon dropping her gaze, offering the coffee and croissants.

Nightingale has posed:
     The smell of the coffee and croissants elicits a rather embarrassing growling noise in Shannon's general vicinity. As Kitty phases in, though, she's likely to see several feathers lying on the ground and on the bed--and it's not even the spring or fall molting season. Someone's been stress-molting.

     As Shannon turns around, there are circles under her eyes and tears in their depths. The song fades away, as the girl is brought to her feet. She's in a long, modest sleeveless white nightgown, and no slippers; it seems she has no intention of leaving her dorm for any reason today. However, she does move over quickly to help relieve her of the tray.

     "Hi... here, may I help with that?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty cracks a smile. "Of course. I wanted to see if you're okay" Kitty says gently, looking around the room with a critical eye and nods to the tray. "I got coffee and croissants and figured you could use some" Kitty adds, glancing around for a spot to sit and enjoy coffee and croissants with the elephant in the room. Looking over to Shannon, Kitty takes a breath.

"Listen, I want to apologize for snapping at you and Mr. Wagner and Josiah and Megan" Kitty starts, looking serious. "But you get my anger, I'll admit, I lost it and I was worried and angry" Kitty continues, nibbling a croissant while she's puttting words together in her head

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon just holds up her hand. "I deserved every word of it." Her voice is flat, as she helps take the tray to the sitting area by the fireplace. "I wasn't meaning to take a dump on the team. It's just..." She flops down in the chair with a soft /whump/, another couple feathers gone fluttering to the ground. "I'm not sure you realize how frustrating it was, trying to get in touch with people about everything that's been happening. There were /weeks/ I'd camp out outside either miss Grey's, Mr. Summers'. or even the Professor's door, and I couldn't get in touch with anyone. Hell, I'd be sleeping out there all night if I had to. Figured even if there was something keeping them away... and yeah, I know, it does happen a lot, it's just part and parcel of the stuff that goes on behind the curtain... sooner or later they'd be back, and I could tell them. Hell's bells, I was even ready to storm the Sanctum if I had to, to get in touch with Doctor Strange--and I do /not/ like that man. But I was at my wit's end, knowing damn well Pixie was in danger /weeks/ ago. It was /never/ about protecting me."

     At that, she can only hug Kitty fiercely, trying to communicate in a gesture, where words failed. "I suck at picking the right words to try and say all that. Never meant to make anybody look bad."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty returns the hug and looks understanding. "I know. I came with you to meet Poseidon, and believe me. I'm not exactly fine with our headmistress" she says looking over Shannon. "You're moulting, by the way?" Kitty asks, unable to not giggle a bit.

Nightingale has posed:
     "I see them both changing, though. For the better. And I want to believe it's true, that it'll hold." Shannon sighs softly, leaning back in her chair. "I'm not sure if Mr. Summers realizes how much a few things have meant. I mean, okay, helping with the Vespa, that was pretty freaking cool. Finding a helmet that wouldn't scare the crap out of me with claustrophobia was even better." She looks right at Kitty. "But you know what meant the most? It was during his recent parkour run in the danger room. I slipped and almost fell, but he actually came back to help me up again. Just for a sec... I could start to hope again, that maybe things would somehow turn out okay. That's the little stuff that matters. Never mind me for the moment, but Pixie sure as hell needs that now."

     She pauses, frowning, pursing her lips. "There was one more incident I was trying to get through to everyone all that time, that I'm pretty sure hasn't made it onto the report yet. I was attacked right here in my dorm. Just one gremlin at first, I managed to take it down and... yeah, actually hogtied and gagged the little sucker. Which turned out to be a good thing, because two more showed up outside the window. Curtains were drawn, they didn't see me--and they didn't hear their buddy, either. They gave up after a few minutes, and before I could ask the one I'd captured any questions, or even call for help... a portal opened up under them and they were gone again."

     The winged teen eyerolls, and facepalms. "Awww FRAK. Again? It's not even molting season. Stress does it to me, too. Spring and fall are my molting seasons. Any other time you see that, you can pretty well bet something's wrong."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods listening to Shannon quietly, just sipping her coffee and munching on croissants. "Hey look on the bright side, pillowcases and feathers, you save us all lots of money on bedding" she jokes then looks serious again. "Okay, see. You explained all this to me, and yes, the danger room session we all worked together. If I ever get asked to play the floor is lava again, I'll use that as a starting point" Kitty says with a laugh, "I mean, it motivated us didn't it?"

Nightingale has posed:
     "Yeah, it did..." Shannon smiles a little bit. "I didn't care so much about that part, though... just that someone gave a damn and reached back to help."

     Something seems to set the creative wheels a-turning in the young healer's head, and her eyes take on a positively evil, mischievous light. "You know," she begins. "I /could/ go have a word or two with Mr. Summers about the lava, if that's getting boring. There's always acid, or electricity, or quicksand..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks thoughtful and amused then over to Shannon with a raised eyebrow. "You're going to terrify all of us to run courses faster?" Kitty asks with a slow look around. "Well I'm sure we can get that sorted but..." she says twirling a croissant. "You're thinking acid, or electricity, or, hmm....snakes or quicksand?" Kitty asks. "You're up to something aren't you?" she asks. "I can't give you detention, and I won't. I will though lock down the Danger Room so you don't have to sprint across quicksand with a sea of lava coming in with the tide"

Now she's said that..that's not a bad idea actually!