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Pickpockets have common sense
Date of Scene: 15 May 2020
Location: New Lots, Brooklyn
Synopsis: Richard and Zachary Daniels meet after a failed pickpocketing attempt.
Cast of Characters: Dragon, Zach Daniels

Dragon has posed:
It happens, from time to time, that Richard leaves his dojo to just walk around New York streets, just to mingle, or to do some shopping, or a mix of the two. Today, as early in the morning as it is, the man is standing in front of one of the shops on a side street, watching a pair of jeans exposed in the shop's display window.
Said jeans, at a second glance, are fairly similar to those Richard is currently wearing, under a black short sleeved shirt, but the ones he's wearing seem quite, faded and old, in contrast to the new ones seen in the shop. Perhaps he's thinking about replacing them?

Zach Daniels has posed:
Half a block away there's a figure strolling toward the store, windows, jeans and things. Zach strolls over and just joins in looking at the jeans too. Looking over at the jeans through the window quietly. Looking around, Zach watches quietly, adjusting his wings under his clothes again and quietly watches the jeans. Huh, who knew jeans were behind windows?

Dragon has posed:
Probably every person who knows what a shop is. But in any case, Richard apparently just decided that yes, they are a good pair of jeans, that he can afford them, and that he will buy them. And so it is that he passes next to Zach, enters the shop and moves to the counter, to point the displayed jeans, and ask for a pair of his size to the clerk behind the counter, in the shop.

Zach Daniels has posed:
Zach knows what a shop is, even if..okay, yes he's been out of the way however.and only just in the last five years given this civilization thing a shot. Even so he's stepping inside and browsing...unlike Richard, Zach's fine wearing all black and ratty, run down things. Besides, Zach doesn't really need new jeans. Nope.

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon waits for the clerk to neatly fold his new pair of jeans, placing them in a paper bag with the shop's logo on it, and only then Richard draws his wallet, opening it to place some dollars on the counter as payment. Fortunately that's cheap clothes! Because, his wallet, right now, looks quite empty.
That's, though, something the two guys waiting out of the shop don't know. THey see a wallet, and draw the relative conclusions! "so, usual thing? You bump into him and I grab the wallet?" "hey, it was me bumping on the target last time, now it's you who must do the sorry clumsy person!" "look, he's coming out! You want to argue over this now?" "fine, fine, you asshole, I'll do it... But I want sixty percent of the money this time" "who's that has to run now, you or me?" "okay! Okay! The usual 40..."

Zach Daniels has posed:
Zach's without his crossbow this time, and sword's at his hip at least. Still though, Zach's no wallet. Nah, he doesn't really need money being ann angel who deals exclusively in cash. Okay no, he has no need of a checking account and soely deals in cash. Looking outside for a moment, he quits inspecting the jeans and shakes his head. He needs to get more money for these jeans if he wants them. The clothes he's got on aren't falling apart, nah....instead, he's all in black and looks like he's modelling early 2000s goth fashions. That's one way to word it/ Still he's watching Richard out of, well, curiosity. Okay, he's not getting coffee bought like....what was her name, did in Gotham. Oak? Something. Willow.

Stepping toward the door with a step, Zach finally speaks. "Hey....um....do you have anything that's cheap?" he asks. See, his normal haunts are Goodwill and thrift stores.

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon casts a glance towards Zach, his eyebrow starting to raise before he stops it and simply nods, paperbag in hand. And he walks out of the store.
Only for a shoulder to hit his chest, and a guy starts to apologize talking quickly and trying to straighten him up, that while another guy is subtly trying to slip Richard's wallet out of his back pocket.

Zach Daniels has posed:
Zach notes the eybrow, "what?" he asks. "I wear black, so?" he adds and begins making his own way out of the store. He's trailing behind and has beeen trained by the forces of Heaven to fight, and is a thousand years olld, give or take a few years. Even now, as a fallen angel...he's behind Richard and isn't happy with the theives.

"Hey! Put it back" he says, folding his arms. He may look angry but that's a ploy to get his hand closer to the hilt of his sword if needs be. Sure, he could learn how to summon it to his hand all fancy like, but his sword's under his jacket. Some people have guns. Zach? Anggelic sword.

"Put. It. Back." Zach says, under his clothes, he's shifting his wings in case he needs a quick getaway. True he's not been in trouble with the law but he'd rather not explain /why/ he's got a sword on him. Even so...he's sticking his nose in. If the shouts have alerted anyone? Job well done. Not all fallen angels are out and out evil.

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon seems rather calm considering what's happening, he's smiling, even! Even while his hand almost gently moves backwards, grabbing the wrist of the guy who was slipping the wallet out of his pocket, the thumb pressing in the center of the wrist, on the radial nerve which will cause the hand to open and release the wallet.
"All that trouble for a few dollars? Seriously, you must be desperate, guys..." he smiles, turning to glance again at Zach
"and thanks for the assistance, sir! Though I suppose those two have a bit of common sense and won't try that again, right, right?" one, at least, cause the other already got off running away in the street crowd.

Zach Daniels has posed:
Out come the wings as Zach nods. "No worries" he says as he unfurls all fifteen feet of wing. "He won't get away. Oh, trust me. He's going to get caught, and I figured shouting at them was a good thing" he says before he takes to the air in a hover, feet just off the ground. Yes, an actual (fallen) angel helping out. With that he's climbing, but still at roof height. Still possible to talk, or, shout to one another now his wingbeats have stopped and he's just staying there.

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon shakes his head, glancing towards the pickpocket whose wrist he's still wielding and letting him go "no need to, it's not like they succeeded, after all..." he states, glancing upwards, as if seeing a fallen angel was the most average thing in the world?
Something that other people don't agree with, since someone is definitely staring, on the street. It's not like you see such a thing everyday, after all "thanks for your assistance, anyways! I suppose I shall return home" Richard adds, waving towards Zach with the hand that's not wielding the shopping bag, and starting to walk, serenely, towards his dojo.

Zach Daniels has posed:
Zach nods. "Any time. Name's Zach" he calls over and eyes the one staring at him. Is that person really in awe of angels. Or fallen angels? Sheesh. This city. Stilll though..time to get outta here. Good deed done for the day. Time to fly. And apparently moult. Oh wonderful, hopefully there's no stampede for the feathers...or....something.