11512/Updates On the Cruiser

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Updates On the Cruiser
Date of Scene: 20 May 2020
Location: Legion Cruiser - Ship Interior
Synopsis: Lar learns some new information from Drake about the Wonder Woman situation. Tasmia returns to the cruiser.
Cast of Characters: Mon-El, Slipstream, Shadow Lass

Mon-El has posed:
    Lar had spent some time in deep space away from Earth for a while, of course the unexpected always had a habit of cropping up and keeping him away for longer than originally planned. But that's just how things go with the Legion anyway. However, he's finally back now, and busies himself with checking up on what's been happening around Sol these days...

Slipstream has posed:
The doors swish open to reveal Drake as he strides his way out on to the deck. At the sight of his best friend, his grin widens. "Lar! Hey. You're back! Duuuude. You missed out on some shit." He is wearing his terrain clothes in the form of a black shirt, his Overwatch jacket and a pair of torn jeans. He's also sipping on a glowing green drink in a large cup filled with ice. Space Red Bulls.

"How are you doing?" He asks, his brows lifting upwards. "Everything cool?"

Mon-El has posed:
    Lar turns and smiles amiably at Drake's appearance, nodding. "I'm all right." he replies, then arches a brow at the fact that apparently he has missed a lot. "I figured you would say that. So what's happening?" he asks. "I was just about to see if there were any important reports about stuff on Earth."

Slipstream has posed:
"So, I broke the rules and I decided to go digging through the historical records." Drake says as he flops down into a chair, giving himself a spinning around. "Found out that during this time, Wonder Woman was kidnapped and being held captive by one of those mini Gods located in Japan. Thing is, she's been gone for two years and replaced with a clone."

"So, I got curious and went to visit her and she was obviously not even trying. It definitely was not her. More like a drunk version of Diana."

"So, I hit up Superman and Lois Lane, you know why." He says, winking. "They don't know it yet. Those silly kids. We talked and Superman agreed to check this out with me. So, I stole Wonder Woman's lasso of truth and we strung her up in it and we forced her to tell us the truth. That yes, she was replaced and that she is still being held captive."

"So, Supes wants the Legion to back him up on saving her."

Mon-El has posed:
    Lar's eyes widen a bit at this news. "Wow, you weren't kidding." Wonder Woman has been a clone this entire time, and he hadn't noticed anything off? It's hard not to start scolding himself internally, even if Kal hadn't noticed it either. "So...where is she then?"

Slipstream has posed:
"Still on a Japanese island. Superman has the clone captive and he is getting information out of her. I believe he said he's gonna contact us in a day or two so we can prepare a rescue mission." Drake says with a grin. "I volunteered us, obviously. I also told him that you told me that you can bench press more than him." He teases. "So now he wants to see you in action."

He takes another sip of his glowing energy drink, probably the tenth today. He's all vibrating and twitchy. "Also! I /think/ I have a girlfriend now. She's a speedster, way faster than me and has blue hair. She makes music."

Mon-El has posed:
    Lar nods. "I see. Well hopefully we'll be able to get that straightened out sooner rather than later. Seems she's being cooperative enough, so that's good."

    He chuckles at the teasing jab. "Hey, now what did you tell him -that- for? I never said that!" Though there is a sort of playful twinkle there, as if maybe he actually does think he could benchpress more than Superman...but he didn't say it!

Slipstream has posed:
"Hey man, I'm just trying to re-ignite that Kryptonian and Daxamite rivlary again." Drake says with a rising grin on his face, winking. "But, yeah, she's being cooperative. She kinda was like ... /finally/, I got tired of pretending to be this lady and I want to go home."

He leans back into the chair, raising his brows up at him. "What about you? What were you doing? You bailed on me, didn't even tell me what was up and probably didn't bring anythign cool back." He sulks.

Shadow Lass has posed:
Tasmia was just finishing a sandwich when she walks in on the others. "So he does welcome us. Ha! I knew it." The last bite of sandwich gets eaten. "Mon-El. Hello." Then back to Drake, "What's this? A girlfriend?"

Mon-El has posed:
    "That's refreshing to hear that someone's actually being cooperative for once." Lar says with a nod. He frowns at the joke about Kryptonians and Daxamites...it was kind of the wrong joke to make, but he didn't want to make Drake feel bad about it either, so Tas walking in is a welcome distraction. The question about what he's been up to is also ignored.

    Suddenly, the Daxamite appears rather uncomfortable for some reason. "Oh, Shady, hey. I--um..." he stammers, glancing about, looking everywhere but at her. "Haven't seen you in a while, how have you been?"

Slipstream has posed:
Squinting his eyes, Drake says, "Dude, do you get like this in front of /every/ female?" He says as he gives a long stretch of his body, arching himself. "It's like you forget how to talk and where your eyes should be when one walks into a room." He tilts his head over to Tasmia, giving her a lazy grin, tipping a wink.

"Yeah, sorta. I don't think it's official. We're just racing buddies. Her name is Rave. I took her up here a few days ago and she lost her mind being on a spaceship. We're gonna do a rave in low gravity one day for laughs."

Shadow Lass has posed:
Shady's voice drops an octave, "I have been... here, now."

She puts a smile (?) on her face. "Indeed? Rave. That's the word for an overnight party. With loud music." She keeps her attention on Drake.

Mon-El has posed:
    Lar's face flushes at Drake's comment. "What? I have no idea what you're talking about." he protests, folding his arms.

    "Not since I've been--" he begins, then cuts himself off, shaking his head. "Never mind."

    Awkward silence. "..."

    He stands up. "Anyway, I should--I should get going. Still have a lot to get caught up on. Deep space stuff took longer than expected, and such. You know how it is."

Slipstream has posed:
"No, we don't know how it is. Why don't you tell us."

Drake says with a raise of his brows upwards higher upon his face.

"As the ship's Morale Officer, I think you spending more time with us and telling us about your space exploits would help improve /my/ morale."

He glances over to Shady and nods his head. "It does! I love overnight parties, especially with music and flashing lights. Lemmie know if you wanna go dancing sometime. Lar can't dance. We tried that once as apart of his terrain educational experience and it was pretty bad."

"Don't know how you can fuck up the Macarena. But here we are."

Shadow Lass has posed:
"What is the Macarena? " She's confused. "Did you eat it?"

"I know." Is all she will repeat. "Please, don't make my presence here interfere with a good time. Please. Let me leave." She Drake a small flash of a smile. "Besides, a girl is not needed, right."

Mon-El has posed:
    "Psh, of course you do. You've been here long enough." Lar retorts at Drake's reply, still refusing to talk about whatever he had been up to previously.

    "I would prefer not to try dancing, since if I mess up, things get broken. Very broken." He also just gives Drake a blank look at the mention of the popular Terran dance routine. "No idea."

    Then Tasmia offers to leave. Ugh, she wasn't supposed to do -that-. "What? No, you weren't interfering at all. Just, got stuff to get to. Yeah, that's all. Not you at all. And you are...totally needed. Everyone is needed. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." He hurries back toward the crew quarters.