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Farms, Friends, Finding a new friend
Date of Scene: 20 May 2020
Location: Mifflin family farm
Synopsis: Kitty flies to Wisconsin, meets a new student at Xavier's and then comes back East with them.
Cast of Characters: Aerin Mifflin, Shadowcat

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
The Mifflin family farm. Located in the small town of Reedsburg, a town of about 50,000 people there is manufacturing, and a lot of dairy, corn, and other agricultral work done. About an hour from the state's capital it's not as diverse as the capital city.

It's a weekend, and the family has finished doing it's chores. Aerin is the oldest, and was on milking duty. After having taken a shower she's curled up on a couch while mother and 3 of the younger children make breakfast. Father is out with the rest of the brood doing various daily tasks. Aerin has taken the time to toss on a simple black sweater, a pair of jeans, and has her feet tucked up under her with her hair pooled all around her. She has a book open with one hand, her glasses are on so she can read, and her other hand has a glove on and a cloth with a container of polish next to her. She goes over her hair with the polish giving the purple metal a clean shine to it, washing some of the dirt from the chores away. Technically the water did that, but she's making sure the metal stays in good shape and looks clean.

Shadowcat has posed:
Never fly commercial. Never fly commercial. That was the mantra Kitty'd been chanting in her head from the second theflight from New York to Madison, Wisconsin had pushed back from the gate. Sure, she'd rented a cheap nondescript car...and turned up here. Looking over to the farm, Kitty Pride kills the engine and....just sits there before she pulls herself to her feet. She's a job to do. She's an absolutely vital job to do.

Knock knock. Kitty's here. Free food? Hey that's a bonus, too!

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin looks up at the door. "I'll get it." she calls out. Tucking a lock of her hair into the book she closes it to keep her place. Her hair is parted at what would be her bangs, using her ability to style her hair instead of having just a unruly mop she'd have to try to peek through.

Moving to her feet she streches a moment then moves to the door announcing "Coming!". Opening it (it's unlocked, with the boys all out doing chores and all) she looks to Kitty. Hmm, someone unfamiliar? "Hello..can I help you?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty coughs, "Yes, hello there. I'm here from New York, I was hoping to speak with you and your parents" Kitty offers. Sure, it's not hard to miss Aerin. She's distinctive, in a good way. "I'm here to talk with you and your parents about an education opportunity outside of this town" she adds. Oh sure. Keep the secret, Kitty...

Watchhing Aerin for a moment. Kitty waits. "I can come back later if now's a bad time?" she asks.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin hmmns. "Oh?" She slips her hair out from the book and uses a finger to hold her place instead. "I see. Are you from Madison or Milwaukee?" She waves a finger "Yes yes, come in, of course. Mother was just making dinner, and father is out with the 'boys working on chores so they should be back sometime." She opens the door and holds it a moment (the storm door) and calls out "Mom! There's someone from a school here! She's from New York!"

The mother calls out "New York? Is it one of those travelling Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses? You tell 'em we're all full on god here!"

Aerin calls after "No, I think she means a school." She looks back at Kitty "A non-religious school..right?"

Shadowcat has posed:
"I flew in from New York City" Kitty explains. "I'm Jewish actually but I'm from a non rligious school yes. May I come in?" Kitty asks with a wave to the doorframe and Aerin. She's well aware people had got in touchh with her parents. Educational opportunity, bigger city, new friends, yadda yadda...

Kitty just feels like a salesKitty right now, selling the idea of her school, the pros and cons, and pushing to finish the sale.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin calls out to her mother "She says she's not sellin' god, Mom!" The living room is spacious, with lots of couches, a couple mounted TV's on the wall, video games, and lots of thick heavy cables connecting everything. The walls are filled with family pictures and photos and the room is warm and inviting with lots of light, the smells of bacon, eggs, and pancakes coming from the kitchen.

Mom yells back "Oh right, that's the fancy school. Was that today? I'll be out after serving the 'girls."

Aerin settles into a corner of a couch, tucking her feet under her once again as she gets comfy, pulling her hair up onto the couch with her. "Feel free to have a seat, can I get you something to drink? We have milk, water, coffee, and oranage juice."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty does indeed sit and asks for water. Looking to Aerin, she cracks a smile. "I'm not 'selling God' as you put it" she says doing the air quotes thing with her hands. "You get a lot of people knocking on your door asking about religion then?" she smiles, "No no. I'm from New York actually. Yes that fancy school out in the counties. I'm here to explain things, so ask away" Kitty nods. She's not mentioning Cerebro, or....nope not being an X-Man or any of that. "I'm Kitty" she says. "Yes, I get Kitty jokes. I encourage them"

She's upbeat and cheery, and chatty and has good intentions too. "So ask away. Meow" she says and grins. Anything to make Aerin more at ease really. Kitty likes this farm and house. It's relaxing and calm, and family is good.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin untucks as she now has to get up to get the water. "Sure, one second." She stands and heads to the kitchen, opening the fridge to grab a bottled water. She grabs a bookmark from the fridge and places it in her book, putting it aside. Afterwards she returns and hands the bottle towards Kitty.

Settling back in on the couch she peers a little more over Kitty as she flips her hair up, and it spills all over the couch, her, almost every which direction before it pools around her body. "So New York huh? I hear it's very dirty there because of all the people?" Aerin is if anything observant, judging reactions is often a thing she does.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Thanks" Kitty says and ponders how to answer the New York is dirty remark. It's not wrong really. "It's not a school in the city. It's outside of the city and yes,New York is dirty but they do try to keep it clean" Kitty muses with a wry smilee as she nods. "The school itself is outside of New York City. Don't mistake the city for the state. That's like Reedsburg being what people think of with Wisconsin" Kitty cautions, not sure how to explain the whole Big Apple isn't New York State thing.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin takes the cloth once more and begins stroking along her impossibly long metal hair as the polish adds a shine to it. "My parents are in support of me going to this school. They came from Genosha. I don't know the story, but they were persecuted. I think it might of been for having a love between a human and a mutant. But I'm not sure. There are education opportunities here, but they seem to think this school would offer me much more of an opportunity. They became farmers and had to learn the trade. It's a dying trade, but still an important communal one."

She watches Kitty analyzing how her words seem to outwardly make her feel. "There is racism here. Anti-genoshan, anti-mutant. The usual asses that think they are right all the time. There arne't many like me around here, certainly not in this community so I'm rather well known. I know those bullies and how to deal with them. New York has greater opportunities, but also more bullies do they not? Would I not be more in danger in New York than I would be here in Wisconsin? With more people isn't it likely that there also is a greater chance for hatred, misunderstanding, and violence?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty pauses and gathers her thoughts. She's quiet as if considering just what to tell Aerin. "Your parents know how much about this school? It's an exclusive prep school. Think of it as a very exclusive, very, very upmarket and very...." she pauses, "Very much a school where hatred inside the walls isn't tolerated much. So" Kitty says sitting back. "That help any?" she adds sipping her water.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin purses her lips as she thinks about the information a moment. "Well. I don't know how much they know. They have been encouraging me to attend. Someone contacted them with information, however I'm not sure. Though I get the feeling this is something that I'll be attending no matter what particular choice I make in the matter is. If the family is all for something, it isn't likely it will be undone."

She tilts her head a little as she considers the unfamiliar woman. "So tell me then, about the place I will be staying, and about how I should pack if you would? I have my own car I can pack, but I don't travel by plane. Metal hair and all, doesn't work well up in the air from what I'm told, and not going to get past the metal detectors."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks amused at the metal detector comment. "Well, road trip back to the school?" she asks and looks thoughtful. "Wait what car, you mean like a sedan or minivan?" she adds and suddenly has images of a little 2CV slowly crawling its way to New York and Westchester County. Looking amused with her eyes twinkling with mirth, Kitty waits on answers on what car. Sure, Kitty's found stuff out, true..but...but...she's a curious Kitty now. This sales pitch has turned into Kitty being genuinely interested

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin gives a subtle nod. "Yeah. I suppose so. Though it might depend on the amount of luggage as space is rather finite. My car is parked in one of the Barn's outside. It's a '72 Pantera GTS. So..I suppose it's more of a sportscar? It's in the barn with the fabrication tools and such. I imagine there will be enough room unless you happened to pack heavy for the trip?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks genuinely shocked. "A 72 Pantera GTS?" she asks. Oh she knows what they are...soley by sniffing around. "Italian sports car. What made you get one? I'm curious and no, I packed enough for flying back tonight but I can cancel the ticket if you'd like company on the trip?" she offers with a genuine smile.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin shakes her head "No, I didn't really get one. My father happened to stumble upon one that was junked out. We've spent years restoring and fabricating parts and rebuilding it. It was my sweet16 present. I need to have an older vehicle for..safety reasons. So it just kind of worked out that we've worked on the car together."

Quirking a brow "It's up to you, it'll probalby take several days to drive to New York from here, and I'm also not a very experienced driver on the big roads. If you wish to accompany me that would be fine as long as your schedule allows? Though I'll need a few hours to pack, since it's a boarding school and all."

Shadowcat has posed:
"Ah your gifts" Kitty nods. "You do need an older car. A 1972 Pantera GTS. We can split the driving duties if you like? I can drive on the interstates and highways if you don't want to?"^R
See. Kitty's trying to make this fair. She's bettter there than on her Vespa on the interstates. "Though truth be told I usually ride my Vespa. I think you got a definite edge in speed" she says....like it's a drag race or something?

Kitty's willing to give this a shot mind. "Sure, I can explore the town while you pack, do you have a cellphone? I was going to say either that or have your parents call or text when you're packed" Kitty offers.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin raises a brow "Is it because you would like to drive a classic car? I'll drive, the car actually has a significant level of power to it that takes some getting used to. I'm also the one that's on the insurance."

A soft smirk "Gifts? So that's what we're calling it?" There's a soft sarcastic amusement there. Coming to a stand she closes the polish. "Alright, I don't have a cellphone, as they don't really tend to agree well with me. However my parents have one and can send you a text or give you call unless you wanted to speak with them?"

Shadowcat has posed:
"Isn't political correctness a pain?" Kitty asks with the same sarcastic tone. "And maybe. Maybe I want to drive something else than my Vespa" she adds looking just a little guilty...yeah, indeed. Kitty wouldn't say no to a Pentera GTS...nah. Kitty's pleased. Looking over at Aerin, Kitty nods. "Okay, go pack and I'll stretch my legs and enjoy the town"