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We want YOU as the new recruit!
Date of Scene: 20 May 2020
Location: Main Foyer - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Food's eaten, new recruits are talked to.
Cast of Characters: Aerin Mifflin, Nightingale, Shadowcat, Iceman

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin has arrived as new recruit. Well..sophmore anyway. She's taken the half-nation roadtrip from Wisconsin to New York in her classic 1972 shiny red Pantera GTS, a fairly unique classic sportscar in impeccable condition. Except for maybe bugs on the windshield and the front of the car. Eww. Going to need to get a car wash.

Having parked in the garage she's moved most of her things in. She steps into the foyer after the world has been such a rush for the last few days. Her body is framed by head to foot with shiny metallic purple hair, parted in front to somehow reveal her face. Aerin brushes that metal hair to be mostly behind her shoulders, but it's hard to catch all of it when it's head to toe like it is. Wearing a black sweater and a snug pair of jeans she puts on her glasses - which make her look somewhat bookish. At least in her own opinion.

"So..this is where I'll be spending my time now huh?" she muses softly to herself. "It's large..and oddly quiet. It may be quieter here than in my hometown." Though maybe everyone is just in classes right now?

Nightingale has posed:
     Classes were, of course, out for the term, and any students who could, were finding themselves taking advantage of the day's fine weather to combat some cabin fever. Not so much one resident, however. An angel-winged girl, wearing black leggings, a long black t-shirt with a giant pink sequined heart dead center on the chest, and floofy Old English Sheepdog slippers is just coming out of the kitchen, a dusting of flour on her nose. Her pale gold hair has been pulled back into a ponytail which reaches nearly two thirds of the way down her back, with the exception of one pale, ice-blue braid dangling down on the left side of her face. Three little silver beads glitter brightly on the end of it. Her eyes are just a shade or two lighter than the braid. From the kitchen, there's the smell of both sweet and savory goodies cooking--and by 'savory', one can read 'carbohydrate and cheese loaded'.

     The young woman stops dead in her tracks, peering over at the newcomer and smiling. "Hi!" Her large, snowy white, feathery wings ruffle behind her, the right one extending in something approximating a wave. "You new here? Don't think I've seen you before."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pride's taking the direct route to the foyer. As in. Through the wall, directly from chair to foyer. She pauses and looks over both of them, and back to Shannon. "You know you got flouer on your nose, right?" she asks looking amused, a hint of a smile on her face and then to Aerin. "You did good driving, you didn't kill us and we got here in one piece" Kitty says, looking pleased and leaning on the wall as Lockheed shuffles on her shoulder, watching the two women.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin blinks as she raises her glasses a moment. No no, she has wings all right. She slides them back on. Stepping further inside she nods softly. She's not too taken aback. After all she has long uncutable metal hair. But she's not used to seeing other people like her. A few steps closer and she comes to a stop in comfortable speaking range, about 5 feet. A twinge of blush to her cheeks as she stares at the other girl. "I like your shirt. Very cute." She runs her fingers through her shiny locks, tossing a few stray strands behind her shoulder. She might've said 'I like your wings'. She might as well have said that, but she managed to say something else that isn't completely awkward.

"Yes..I'm Aerin, a sophmore. I've just arrived."

When Kitty steps in Aerin furrows her brows "You can use a door..." and shaks her head at the critque of her driving. "Just because one owns a sportscar does not mean one drives it irresponsibly, that car took at least 5 years to restore. I would prefer to have it in one peice. Besides, safe driving discount."

Iceman has posed:
Bobby has taken advantage of the glorious weather to go out for a jog... not that the weather particularly affects him much, granted, and in fact he makes a habit of going for a run or a swim daily when he can, regardless of the weather. Still, it's nicer when the plants are in bloom. He is on his way up to his room when he notices people gathering in the foyer and changes his route, sticking his head in to see who's around. Upon seeing a new figure he comes all the way in, waving a greeting to all. "Hey everyone - what's the good word?" He offers Aerin a hand to shake. "You must be the new student... Aerin, right? Hope you had a pleasant trip... settling in OK? Is there anything you need?"

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon chuckles softly. She'd heard it before, seen the looks that her wings get her, from some common sources--and some not so common. Holding out her hand, she cracks a lopsided grin at the new girl. "Thanks! I'm Shannon. Going into my junior year now. Wow, that feels weird to say. Just finished up my sophomore year."

     Kitty's remark about flour on her nose has her laughing, and she shakes her head. "Welcome back... you're just in time, just got a batch of chocolate chip cookies and some homemade mac 'n cheese in the oven. Guess it got a little messy."

     She listens for a moment to Aerin as she describes the restoration of her car, and expound upon the virtues of safe driving. "You sound a lot like Mr. Summers," she offers, chuckling. "He can be a bit straitlaced, but he's really not that bad. He's just looking out for everyone. I don't understand why he catches flak from some of the other kids."

     Mr. Drake's arrival is greeted with something of a half-smile. "Hey there, Mr. Drake. Just meeting and greeting a new friend. Got some goodies in the oven if you're sticking around for a while."

Shadowcat has posed:
"awww, you're growing up" Kitty teases, nodding to Aerin. "That's why I didn't drive" Kitty nods and looks to Shannon. "You're sharing, right?" she asks with a wry grin and nods over to Bobby too. "Safe driving, okay, you did good though" Kitty says and looks from Shannon to Bobby to Aerin. "Also doors. Nope, nobody's got time for that. Okay, no Kitty's got time for that" she says.

Oh, Kitty's got jokes alright. Kitty's got jokes. She smiles, watching them all.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby grins. "You know me, I never turn down food. Thanks!"
    He chuckles at the comment about Scott. Bobby was mostly of the opinion that the kids made fun of Scott because it felt dangerous to do so, but was actually perfectly safe... he _looked_ stern and serious all the time, but would blast his own arm off at the elbow before he allowed any of the students here to be hurt, and deep down everyone knew it. So teasing him was like riding roller-coasters, a way to feel brave and bold without taking any real risks.
    But he would never say that out loud, at least not while sober... too many students here (and heck, some of the adults!) would take it as some kind of challenge.
    "It would be an interesting architectural design challenge," he muses instead, admittedly something of a non-sequitor. "I mean, how would you design a house all of whose residents could wak through walls? Would you bother adding doorways at all?"

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin nods softly to Shannon. "You do have something on your nose, it's actually rather cute however. It makes you look like a child that got caught making cookies."

Then suddenly there's a Bobby and she's shaking a Bobby's hand and he's horrifically cheery. "Oh, Hello there." She looks to Kitty "Oh, so it's your ability's fault, and not that I wouldn't let you drive because you weren't on the insurance? Hmm. Alright then, I'll need to make a note on that." The even-tempered long-haired girl has some sarcastic wit to her.

She holds up a hand (the one not attached to Bobby) "I'd like a cookie please."

Nightingale has posed:
     It seems appetites were brought to bear just in time, because there's a tell-tale beeping coming from the kitchen at just that moment. Shannon grins at Aerin et al, and winks. "Plenty to share, when do I ever make small batches of staples like mac 'n cheese and cookies? Be right back!" The young woman darts into the kitchen for a few moments, with some clattering and a little bit of the *ahem* 'finer points' of various languages as this time, oven mitts do not prove sufficient to keep flesh from meeting the heating element in the oven! "BUMSEN!!!"


Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty laughs. "Who said she didn't get caught?" Kitty asks. Oh she can do sarcasm too and looks over them all. "Run it under cold water" she calls, worried about Shannon's hands given just what was said, and, just how it was said too. Kitty though drops the sarcassm, a little concerned about Shannon, then over to Bobby while musing on the finer points of walls only architectural design. Great.

Bobby's got her thinking on this. "Quwstion is what would this place be without doors? I know, before you say it, strange" she adds with a confident nod.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby is distracted by Shannon's crisis, and moves into the kitchen. "Or put some ice on it," he suggests, extending his hand in her direction as it crystallizes into ice.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin isn't as 'spring into action' as some of the others, but does follow after and peeks her head in from the doorway. She suspects it's a burn, and cold water likely would help. But the real experts seem to have the situation under control so she hangs back against the wall to let them handle it. "You okay?" she offers.

Nightingale has posed:
     Yeah. Shannon nailed herself but good. Just above where the oven mitt would have ended on her right forearm is a nice, 2-inch long blistering burn where she accidentally came into contact with the heating element. The offer of ice is gratefully accepted, and applied with a sigh of relief. "Thanks, Mr. Drake. Guess it happens to the best of us." She sounded more annoyed with herself than frightened--and at least it looks as if the food made it to some cooling racks! A reassuring smile is offered to Aerin, and she dips her head slightly "This'll probably be gone in about an hour or so, if that. Got a pretty robust healing factor that keeps getting stronger. As well as being able to heal others."

     To Kitty, she grins and nods towards the cooling racks. "Cmon, it might be self-serve for a few minutes, but there's plenty if anyone's hungry!"

Iceman has posed:
Bobby concentrates and gently draws the heat out of the burn. "This may be a little chilly, but it'll heal faster this way." He considers telling her to be more careful, but decides not to... he's just managed to get her talking to him again, after all. "Not that you need the help with your healing factor, admittedly," he adds. "Logan doesn't even bother with mitts, sometimes. It's kind of disturbing, if I'm being honest. Good thing he doesn't cook much."

Shadowcat has posed:
Like Kitty needs to be told twice, sure, why not help out with taste testing food...well, taste testing again. Kitty's making a habit of this. Cause, hey. Kit Kat's useful in many. many things.

"Yeah well you're not on the insurance for my Vespa either" she jabs verbally back to Aerin with a nod and a gleam in her eye. Oh she's not serious about this teasing. The last time Kitty went seriously off on folks? It wasn't pretty.

Still, Kity cautiously reaches for a cookie, well aware she can phase her hand through the hot things and that's one advantage she has.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin hmmns. "Healing powers..healing powers all over the place. All I have is this metal hair." She heads over to check on anything else cooking to make sure that it wont burn in the meantime. Her hair is shiny, and really shines in the light. (which means it's clean). She doesn't envy Shannon. It must take a lot of maintenence to keep those wings in good care, it takes so much effort to keep her hair in good order.

She sneaks a peak at the wings while Shannon is being assisted, just one more peek, then her attention rolls to make sure nothing else goes awry. She chokes back the thought that 'redbull gives you wings'. No no, shoving that deep inside herself. "Is there anything that needs attending to or are things good for now? Was it just some baking you were working on?"

Nightingale has posed:
     She's not blind to Aerin sneaking a peek at her wings, and simply smiles, extending one of them slowly in the other girl's direction. "It's okay," she offers. "I don't mind." To answer the question, she grins. "There's one thing that needs attending, actually. That mac 'n cheese and the cookies need to be eaten. Just wanted comfort food today but it tastes better shared. Oh, there's no meat in the mac, Kitty, so it should be kosher for you."

     Mr. Drake gets a bit of a sheepish, decidedly grateful smile. The unspoken 'be more careful' is not lost on her. "Ugh. Are you serious? No mitts? Sheesh, I've seen Logan training at his level and that's pretty intense, but no oven mitts?!"

Iceman has posed:
Bobby grins. "Or maybe I just made that up. But it's the sort of thing he would totally do. You should ask him!" Bobby suggests brightly, before going to the cabinet and getting a stack of bowls, which he puts on the counter next to the mac. "Meatless mac! My mom would approve." He ladles some into a bowl and grabs a fork. "Thanks!"

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin resist touching the outstreched wing. "Maybe when we get to know one another a bit better, I feel like I would owe you dinner and a movie and I don't have my purse with me." A soft smile as she declines and moves towards the food, sense of obligation to feeding the masses and all that. Bobby manages to snag food first, but she takes a serving spoon and stirs the mac n' cheese and adusts the heat to the lowest warm setting. Keeping it from congealing (or burning). "Alright, it hasn't burned so it should be fine to eat."

Taking a bowl, she serves herself a modest serving, asking towards Shannon "Would you like me to dish you out a bowl, since your trouble with your hand might make that tricky?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks pleased, nodding at the mac as like Bobby, she too gets a bowl. Looking amused, Kitty has a forkful before she pauses.

"So" Kitty muses. "So let's see. We're all in here, but...we're all getting along" she muses, Kitty's well aware of this.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon nods in understanding, tucking her wings in neatly behind her. "It's all good. I get that a lot with the wings. Especially with little kids, they love it." She chuckles softly, turning her arm towards Aerin. It's a burn on her forearm, right smack in the middle, but her hands are untouched. "I'm okay, but thanks!"

     Flashing a half-grin at Mr. Drake, she nods, chuckling. "You're welcome. Oh, I will ask him, and I'll be sure to credit the source of the rumor." Chances were pretty good the surly Canuck would likely just grumble and shake his head over the whole thing, anyways.

     She grins at Kitty and shakes her head. "You say that like getting along is not the norm," the healer in training quips.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby catches sight of the microwave and begins wolfing his food down rapidly. "Sorry to chill and run," he says hastily between bites, "but I've got an appointment I _really_ don't wanna miss!" He finishes up and bolts, leaving his dirty dishes for someone else to deal with.
    The cad.