11522/Neverending Battle

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Neverending Battle
Date of Scene: 21 May 2020
Location: Ship's Operations - Legion Cruiser
Synopsis: The Legion members touch base on the Wonder Woman situation as well as other things.
Cast of Characters: Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Shadow Lass, Slipstream

Saturn Girl has posed:
The Legion of Superheroes were created to be there for those who needed them. To protect. To serve as a guiding light. To be there when the chips were down and everything seemed lost. In those moments, they arrived to save the day. They were respected in their time. People had holo-images of them that they kept, worshipping their heroes from afar.

In this timeline, they weren't quite to those levels but they were building a name for themselves. They were the beacon in the darkness. Just today, they had managed to help save a small village that was about to be destroyed by the civil war raging in their country. They had been given small tokens and gifts of thanks. Hugs and kisses.

This was the result of their heroic deed. Imra was in the Cargo Bay, off-loading empty crates and supply boxes from the Legion Shuttle. Which would be followed up with loading New supplies so they would be prepared for the next message.

So Exciting!

Cosmic Boy has posed:
Heading down to the cargo bay, Rokk Krinn, aka Cosmic Boy, walks through the door, which opens when it senses his presence. Moving towards the sounds of the offloading crates, Rokk taps the data pad he was carrying against his hip with a steady beat of a song he had heard on the "radio". Catchy.

"Hi Imra." Cos says, as he gets closer to Imra. "I see you are unloading the empty crates. Need any help?" Cos smiles and looks at one of his oldest friends and comrades in the Legion.

Shadow Lass has posed:
"You know, I still feel funny taking the rewards. Maybe, we should, you know, not?" She glowers at Cosmic Boy. "I mean it. Don't you think it's kinda funny?" She helps with emptying the crates.

Saturn Girl has posed:
"In this era, giving flowers is a token as opposed to a major gift. Everything they gave was heartfelt, just a thank you. No monetary value," Imra offers to her teammate who is more confused by such things. "Although flowers given can also be an indication of romantic interest. Though, not the case here. I don't think. I mean, I guess it could have been." She shrugs.

As Rokk arrives, she gives him a smile and promptly drops the large crate she was lugging with much effort and little result. "Perfect timing. You are the reason these things are so heavy." They had designed such things with the powers of otehrs in mind. There was metal lining the base of each crate. It made it heavier by a nominal amount, but made it easier for Rokk to just use his powers instead of them using their muscles.

"Another successful mission. We helped relocate the villagers to another, safter location. While making sure the factions in the war were aware intereference with the village again would lead to us coming for another visit."

Cosmic Boy has posed:
Cosmic Boy takes a moment, and nods to Tasmia as well. "Hey Shady. Good to see you too. I see we are loading the new supplies." Cos takes a look at his data pad, taps a few times, and then lets it fall at his waist with his hand.

"We've been so busy lately. It's good to see you both. Been quiet on the ship, but certainly not on Earth. It's a crazy planet during this time. Lots to do and see. As you did with those villagers. Nice work."

Looking at Imra, Cos smiles, and says, "Oh! Right!" Concentrating towards the crates, he uses his magnetic powers to help the ladies of the Legion load and unload a lot quicker.

Shadow Lass has posed:
"So you say. And what about the flowers? How do you know which are thank-you's, and which are I like you. Or what if they mean them both? You know, this is a lot simpler on Talok VIII. Nobody gave me flowers. Just saying."

"Oh! Have you guys seen Drake? Apparently the humanoids have need of us."

Saturn Girl has posed:
"Thank you, Rokk," Imra says. She doesn't stop working. She continues to unload old crates and help load new ones. Only these are smaller in size and not so heavy. Let him do the heavy lifting. Lovely powers. The most she could do was think bad words at the heavy things.

She puts a new box of medical supplies on board then exits with a small cooler which they kept meals in. Time for it to be refilled. "This planet is still dealing with civil wars and countries trying to take over from others. They haven't evolved yet. Someday they will get beyond it, as we well know."

She grins over at Tasmia. "Usually intent and situation will help with the cues. Sadly, I am not an expert on it. But one is for romance and others are simply for friendship. Perhaps Rokk has some ideas."

Cosmic Boy has posed:
"I haven't seen him today, Shady. He's around somewhere I am sure. He always seems to turn up at the best of times, so expect him to come walking through the doors at anytime." Cos takes a quick look over at the doors, as though he was Dreamy all of a sudden. With a shrug, Rokk continues using his powers to load and unload.

Nodding at Imra's comment about the planet becoming better in the future, Cos concentrates a bit more, and says, "Yeah. I do love the passion here though. So...21st century..." Rokk frowns at where the conversation heads. "I am far from an expert on the romance stuff. I leave that up to Jo or Dirk. They have the skills for that talk." Cos says with a sheepish smile.

Shadow Lass has posed:
"Hmm." Shady didn't make sense of that. " I suppose. And he was imparting that one of their respective superheroes had been switched. Apparently nobody recognized the switch, until recently. We were asked to help. I could get behind that." She gave a nod.

Slipstream has posed:
The doors swish open to reveal Drake as he heads in. He's wearing a pair of jeans and a solid green shirt under his Overwatch brown bomber jacket covered in patches. His hair is a bit mussed up and he may have just used the teleporter to get back 'home'. "Hey guys." He says as he looks over at the amount of 'stuff' that is packed in crates. "We go Costco shopping or something? Need help?"

Saturn Girl has posed:
"I am quite certain you have input," Imra states as she begins to fill the cooler with ready made meals which will keep. "It will likely involve a redhead though." She peeks at him, amusement in her expression for an instant before she hides it away and continues her work.

At Tasmia's words, she pauses and looks that direction. "Superheroes switched? I had not heard this yet."

Which is when the young man in question enters. "Speak of the devil." Then she frowns, looking at Drake. "I know it is an expression used it in this time but does it not imply that you are Satan, the Lord of Hell? I do not understand why it is used and not insulting. Perhaps it should be removed from the vernacular. What is this about a hero being replaced?"

Cosmic Boy has posed:
Continuing with his work, Rokk moves the stores in and out of the shuttle with methodical precision, letting the girls have the lighter crates. Not that they would do anything but their best he knew. "Right Shady. Was that the whole thing with Wonder Woman? I heard about it. Wierd. I don't remember reading about that in my 21st century history, but there is a lot we don't know. At least the computer did."

That was when Drake arrives. "Guess my psychic powers are a bit slow today." Cos grins and says, "Hello Drake." Nodding at Imra, Cos remains quiet after his initial words but chuckles at Imra calling Drake, well, the devil.

Shadow Lass has posed:
Shady gives a little laugh. "Tell him. We're supposed to leave the past alone. Somebody forgot." Drake was given a look. "Anyways, now the he's with us, he can tell."

"I know I'm going to regret this, but a redhead?"

Slipstream has posed:
"We still talking about redheads when we all know that blondes have more fun. Am-I-right Imra?" Drake drawls out as he bumps his shoulder to hers playfully, winking.

"No clue why that's a saying. It's a Boomer thing." Flopping himself on top of a crate, his legs dangle over the edge as he pulls out a can of space Mountain Dew from his jacket, cracking the top off to take a swig. "You guys are talking 'bout Wonder Woman? Yeah... I started digging in the computer records of history, you know.. for.. reasons.. totally not to .. uh.. illegally bet on an eSport championship between Team Liquid and C9. Anyways, I found out you can do a 'on this day' historical look up and one of the facts was that Wonder Woman was kidnapped, replaced by a clone and imprisoned on an island in Japan by some 'God of Chaos' or whatever. You know. A budget Loki."

"So, I contacted /the/ Superman, we had a total superhero teamup situation and we took down this fake Wonder Woman and got her to confess about the whole situation. She's really into wine by the way."

"So, Supes said he'd like the Legion's help since I kinda rock-starred this whole situation and thus helping him uncover his best friend and teammate being kidnapped."

"So, you're welcome. We get to freaking go into a combat situation with Superman. How legit is that? So, I /may/ have broke the rules of time and space, but, yolo, right? It worked out."

Saturn Girl has posed:
As Drake nudges her shoulder, Imra takes a slow and pointed step to the left. Perhaps she had been in his way. She never knew with Drake. It was difficult to keep track of him at the best of times. When he was hyped up on caffeine, all bets were off.

"Wonder Woman? Yes, you definitely broke the rules. It could cause all sorts of problems if we tamper with the timeline here." She bites her bottom lip a moment then continues. "Although technically, anything we do here we already had done so I'm not sure how that works. It makes my brain ache. I leave such things to Brainy for a reason."

Her eyes widen a little though. "The Superman? Wants to work with the Legion to help rescue one of the Big Three? I...have no words." She's a little bit overwhelmed and sets down the box she was carrying as she tries to comprehend all this information.

Cosmic Boy has posed:
"Well. Sounds good to me then, Tasmia, Drake, Imra. If Superman and Wonder Woman need our help, I think we should help them. As long as we don't affect the timeline too much." A pause. "Sorry, was channeling Brainy there for a second." Rokk grins.

"Right Imra. The timeline is...fluid. Although, don't worry about it too much Drake. Who is to say our doing all this wasn't what happened anyway?" That was being optimistic for a change.

Shadow Lass has posed:
Packing a first aid, Shady remarks, "Only the things we do /without/ looking at the computer. But now that he has done it, we should do it. It's the only thing we can do." Her mind is made up. "See?" She points at Cosmic Boy. "He's right." If only because he agrees with her!

Slipstream has posed:
"Who's to say that me uncovering this piece of knowledge and then acting on it, isn't destiny unfolding in the correct sequence of events, right?" Drake says as his brows waggle. "How's that for a Yoda bomb? But seriously, Supes had no clue and when we go to rescue her, it lines up exactly /when/ it happens in the records. I bet she's totally missing cheeseburgers. No clue what a Japanese God would feed her on this island. Probably a ton of sushi, which.. honestly.. that's not terrible. I love sushi. But she doesn't seem like a sushi type of girl, right? I think Diana is really into steak. Rare to Medium-Rare. Probably by something she killed herself. Loaded mashed potatoes and baked mac and cheese."

He's doing it again. He's rambling. As he takes another long slurp off his can, he licks his lips happily at the glowing green liquid inside. He also gives Imra the 'finger guns' at her excitement. "Right? I'm pretty excited. I bet you guys are /stoked/. You all beat off to holo-vids of Supes being a badass in the future, right? Now you guys get to roll in there along side him, punch a bad guy in the face, high five him .. get an autograph and then maybe snag dinner."

"Which would obviously be steaks. Rare to Medium rare..." He trails off, taking another sip as he winks over the rim of his can.

"I'm starving now. You guys wanna hit up the mess hall and stuff our face with Saturn Street Tacos?"

Saturn Girl has posed:
"Once we finish. We are almost done with the restocking. Wouldn't want the Shuttle to not be ready in an emergency response," Imra points out. She doesn't meant come across as being a bit bossy or slightly condescending, as though he had forgotten how to prioritize properly. It just happens sometimes, when she speaks.

"We do need to follow up on this and consider the best course." She really has no idea what some of those words Drake means. Probably for the best. "See which Legion members would be best suited to the job because really, everyone is going to want to be on the team for this mission. And we can't have all of us in one place when we might be needed for other emergencies."

Shadow Lass has posed:
Shady 'hmms', "Perhaps that *is* the way to do it."But *she* is coming, right? Right?? "I suppose we should have backup plans. After all, we do have this time and space to look after."

Slipstream has posed:
"Well, you guys can hit up Superman if you want. I think he has my number. Or Lois does. /The/ Lois Lane has my number. They aren't even dating yet, can you believe that? Man, you know how hard it is to keep my mouth shut around these guys? I just wanna be all ... Yo! Ya'll gonna get /married/ and your honeymoon is in Thaiti and you looked super cute in that dress. But, nooooo, I gotta /respect/ time and space.. Can I change my superhero name to Spoiler Alert?"

Drake is all grins as he sips away at his drink, then hops off the crate so that he can help them move some stuff. "Also, Imra, Bachelor season forty-five starts up this week if you wanna watch it with me. I'll bring the popcorn. Make it a real girl's night."

"I'm not good with making plans though. I'll leave it up to you three old school Legion people. I'm just the human Google."

Saturn Girl has posed:
"I believe that might be a good hero name for you. It would help." Imra finishes up with the crate she was on then reaches for the datapad she left nearby, running through it to be certain they have taken care of restocking fully.

At the mention of the Bachelor season, Imra frowns a moment then opens her mouth. "Perhaps. For continued research purposes into this era and their choices of entertainment."

The a tilt of her head. "Girl's night?"

Shadow Lass has posed:
"For research purposes. Though I do not know what he means. I think I shall be busy then." She looks around, "I think we have done it."

Slipstream has posed:
"It's just another Earth saying. When a bunch of girls get together and have a sleep over in their pajamas and eat popcorn and do their hair and make up or some shit. That, or go out and get white girl wasted at a bar and do the walk of shame after hooking up with a guy they never would have if they were sober. You know, a guy like me." Drake says as he gives them a grin.

"Either way, I'll be watching it. I heard this guy only has one arm but he's a multi-millionaire. So I want to see these girls lower their standards for attention on television."

Saturn Girl has posed:
That makes Imra furrow her brow. So many words. So little understanding. Pajamas. White girl wasted. Walk of shame. Hooking up. "I suspect I may need to study the language of this era again. I fear I have missed some information. You are saying words that I understand the meaning but when put together, they make no sense."

Then another tilt of the head. "All of them are lowering their standards to get attention on television. I am not sure why the man suffering from a physical challenge will make that moreso. But we digress. Research. Contactint the Justice League and offering our help in finding Wonder Woman."

Shadow Lass has posed:
"Wait, a sleep over - what ever that is, or a what is this walk of shame? Irma, I think he is poking holes at us." Whoosh. The whole thing is over her head. But she's trying? "I understand lowering of standards, but people are amused by it? The whole genre of video is directed at that?"

Slipstream has posed:
"The Walk of Shame is when you get really drunk, meet a guy at the bar, go back to his place and have sex with him. You wake up before he does and sneak out of his room, realizing that the guy you just had sex with .. is ugly and not your type and now you have to walk home, or at least to a bus stop before you realize he drove you there." Drake says as he takes another sip of his Space Dew.

"Though, I don't think most girls would even get that drunk, not that I would anyways. Taking advantage of a woman is a dick move and I'd never do it." He says with a firm nod of his head.

"Because most girls I am surrounded by can lift a car over their head and throw it at the moon. So, I don't wanna die." See, that's smart. Don't piss off She-Hulks.

"But, I can contact the JL and tell them that we're ready to go when they are."

Saturn Girl has posed:
Imra stares at Drake. For long seconds. Without a single word. When the silence has reached a point that it seems to be getting a little uncomfortable, she frowns. "This is a very strange time."

And with that, she moves to close up the Shuttle since they are done with their task. And it removes her from the conversation that has gone to strange places. Until something hits her. "Wait. You are implying you are ugly and a woman wouldn't want to be with you sexually? That is incorrect, Drake. You are appealing visually and intellectually. You should not think so little of yourself."

Then she is gone in the shuttle again, doing lock down procedures on all the equipment before it will be powered down.

Shadow Lass has posed:
"Shouldn't be the man, after the sex, lowers he head because - " Shady pause a moment. " Wait, she realized she debased herself? I shall think on this. Something is wrong, but I am confused." She realized but - ??

She agrees on the other, "That would be best." This she does know something about.

Slipstream has posed:
The brows of Drake raises upwards at Imra's words, followed by a lopsided grin upon his face. "I think you're gorgeous too!" He calls out after her. ".. Darn. For a speedster I'm really slow at this."

He takes another long sip of his Mountain Dew, then winks to Shaddy before he kicks off his foot, blinking away in a trail of blue light. "Gonnatakeashowerlater!"