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SpyderByte finds the computer lab.
Date of Scene: 23 May 2020
Location: Computer Lab - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Aerin tries to give Jeremy some boost in morale.
Cast of Characters: SpyderByte, Aerin Mifflin

SpyderByte has posed:
Having got settled in, Jeremy did not come out of his room for hours. He was meticulously unpacking and arranging his room to the best of his ability. At some point, he finally made his way out of the dorms and downstairs to snag some food, in which he felt extremely guilty about. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to eat that food, but he was so hungry. He left an apology note on the fridge, as well as five dollars. He has no clue it's for everyone.

Now? He finds himself in the computer lab, alone, with the lights off. Every single monitor is on and flickering about, revealing numerous websites and data that is streaming wildly at the same time. He is settled in front of one computer, staring at the display, his hands moving along the keyboards as the light reflects in his glasses. There is a bottled tea and a bag of plain chips next to him.

At times, he gives a visible twitch, then reaches up with his hand to grab 'something' in mid-air, just to slam it back down on the table, then makes a throwing gesture towards the display.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin is walking past the computer lab and sees..the lights off and..a bunch of shennanigans going on? She's not the best with computers, her own is about 8..maybe 10 years old? She does manage to see who seems to be at the midst of it all.

Stepping in she turns on the light and pauses at all the screens. Pursing her lips she feels an overwhelming sense of apprehension at the scene, and that is enough to send her magnetic field a flutter. Her own phone flickers on and all, as well as about anything within a foot or two from her as it isn't quite EM interference, but enough magnetic interference it'll mess with anything that isn't shielded. The monitors at least get some funky colors of discoloration as she passes by them to hand Jeremy his note and $5. "You don't have to pay to eat here, it's included in the tuition. Though if you buy something you should probably put your name on it if it's specically for you."

SpyderByte has posed:
When the lights come on, all the computers shut off with a quick 'thoom' all at once. Jeremy looks over towards her, his eyes wide, his body cowering in fear as he pulls his hoodie tighter around him.

When she hands him the five dollars, he looks apprehensive at first, then reaches out slowly to take it. He is trembling, shaky nerves.

Ping: << Okay. If you are sure. I don't want to upset someone. >>

He is staring at the keyboard again, wringing his hands together as the bill crumples between his fingers.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin apprehension doesn't exactly get any better when everything shuts down like he was trying to hide something. "I'm not a computer person..but just what were you doing in here? If your trying to hide something doing it on the computer lab, that's pretty open isn't probably the best place to do it." She takes out her phone which flickers with the screen being readable and not.

A soft sigh. This is why she isn't fond of technology. Give her a book over the internet any day. Okay, hold on." She closes her eyes and huffs a little. Calm down...try to let the feelings wash over and push them out. Come to a calm. It takes a few moments but she opens her eyes, the purple pupils looking at the screen which is bright again. She's pushed aside her apprehsnsion for now, and the magnetic field has fallen back to normal around her. "She finally manages to get to the text, which she looks over the phone to focus on him. "I think your the only one that is upset right now. You know we're just students just like you, there isn't any need to be so upset. I come from a small town in Wisconsin, where I'm the only one that is outwardly different like this. Though my mother is as well, but not as much as I am."

SpyderByte has posed:
Ping: << I was just researching. I am capable of reviewing and processing terabytes of data at once. I was not doing anything illegal. Just preparing for the next semester by accumulating every bit of information needed to be successful in my classwork. >>

Jeremy continues to stare off to the side, his eyes half lidded and subdued.

<< No one knew I was a mutant, but it didn't make me less a target. I am just used to old ways. I am the new kid and I'm worried. Public school is like a shark tank and I was the guppy. >>

He finally lifts a hand to brush his fingers back through his hair. << I am Jeremy. Nice to meet you. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin gives a soft node, leaning against one of the computer desks and resting a hand on it, the other looking at her phone. "I'm Aerin. I'm new here myself. I'm maybe from a smaller town than you so perhaps fared better? If you study bullies usually their behavior is fairly the same. When you get used to what to expect from them it's my experience you can manipulate them with some pretty good leeway. I think you'll do well here. The teachers care, and are pretty experienced. You just are going to need to learn to calm yourself and relax, or you just aren't going to make it. Not just here, but in life. You seem wound tight enough I worry about you having a heart attack. Have you ever tried calming techniques?"

SpyderByte has posed:
<< I wish it was that easy. In Metropolis, I was surrounded by the worst kind of bullies. The types with power behind their family name and everyone looked the other way. No one cared about me. No one /cares/ about me. >>

The messages continue to ping away at her phone, even though he isn't holding one of his own. He's just glancing at her device at times.

<< I take medication to calm me down. When it gets bad. I am fine right now. I am comfortable. >>

That is a weird kind of comfortable. He is hunched up into himself, shrinking within his hoodie.

<< I like your hair. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin reaches over to grasp the hoodie's hood between two fingers and give it a light tug. "Even if this is comfortable for you, this doesn't look comfortable. I get that it might make you feel comfortable, but the look on the outside looks like you are incredibly freaked out."

She'll retract her fingers after the attempt and rest them on the desk. "Thank you, it's some kind of unique metal that I was born with. It cannot be cut. When you have a trait like these, or wings, you kind of get used to people pointing you out. You learn to develop a particular thicker skin as people would metaphorically say. I have an idea or two to try if your interested in hearing them. I've had to learn to control my emotions somewhat. if I don't I interfere with all manner of electrical devices immediately around me."

SpyderByte has posed:
There is a visible flinch as she reaches out for him. Jeremy moves pretty quick for a scared bunny. His body slams up against the desk, hands throwing upwards in front of his face as he lets out a raspy noise.

So, maybe he's not /that/ comfortable. "S.. Ssss... o...ooooo..r..rrrry.. >

His own voice sounds raspy, strained, as if he was forcing the words out from his throat. He lets out a loud snuff, then reaches up to push his hand against his eyes, wiping at them.

He grows quiet now, his breath coming out quickly, in and out as he pulls his hood over his head.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin crosses her legs as she remains in place, though he does seem to freak out more than she ever anticipated she herself remains even. Calm. "Hmmn. Your even jumpier than I thought. Though it's nice to know that you can actually talk, even if it takes you extra effort."

She holds out her hand as she inspects it. "I've been considering trying painting my nails, something new for school. Purple seems a good choice, but it would push me even more towards looking goth and I'm just not. Red seems an attractive color but also doesn't really match my style. I like pink, but that matches even less."

She looks over to Jeremy "I'm not sure what you can handle in your state that your in. For me I knew I would stand out. And I did. I didn't like to be in front of people, eyes were always on me, it wasn't just a feeling of they might be. It's not paranoia if it's actually true. So I learned how to sing. That takes being in front of others, and while I don't do it all the time, I certainly prefer bass, it's something I knew I had to do for me. Even though it made me feel uncomfortable, and I really didn't want to do it."

SpyderByte has posed:

<< They hit me. Every day. Even before I went to Juvenile. It was worse there. Touching is hard for me. I get scared. I'm sorry. It's not you. >>

There is a tremble from the young man as he tries to peel himself off the back of his chair.

<< They did things to me. They hurt me. All I know is to hide to survive. I am a broken toy to them. >>

He takes in a deep breath, closes his eyes, then lets it out slowly.

<< You are perfect the way you are. I see nothing wrong with you. Go with salmon. For the nails. It's not too pink. It won't contest with your hair color. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin hmmns. "Well. My parents are Genoshan. I was born here and they won't tell me their story. So I imagine it was pretty bad. Then why don't we try an exercise? Everyone has to start from somewhere, and finding where you can start is the beginning of your personal journey."

She puts her hand outward, fully on the computer desk. "I won't reach out to touch you. That upsets you, and it's not something you can handle. I also won't hit you, or yell at you, or do anything threatening to you. You can feel that right now can't you? This isn't a trick or a trap. So why don't you see if you can reach out and touch my hand? Grasp it if you can, or just touch it if that's all you can manage?"

SpyderByte has posed:

<<If you want to know what happened on Genosha, I have a very comprehensive and detailed data dump on their government, treatment of citizens, financial records, trade import and export mapping, supply chain analysis. I follow mutant events very closely. I like to snoop on those who try to harm us, both externally and internally, then I expose them for the world to see. There is no signal that can hide from me. >>

Jeremy rubs at his face again with his knuckles, then shifts upwards to a more straight position. He stares at her hovering hand, then reaches out with his own trembling fingers, touching hers.

<< I can touch people. I just freak out easily. People usually would hit me. >>

There is a bit of silence as his fingers curl around hers.

<< I am autistic. I have trouble speaking verbally. It made me an easy target. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin smiles softly "Well I also have a little secret. You may be autistic, but I'm a mutant. She shakes her head "The CIA is involved. I don't know the story, but it's not my place to look up their story, it's their decision on to tell me or not. I have to respect that, being that there was government involvement there are likely things that would hurt other people like me if they came to light. Usually that's how these things work I think."

She announces softly "Okay, I'm going to touch your hand now. Hmm. Well, Guess I have to put the phone down for that." She sets the phone on the desk, then reaches over slowly to place two fingers on top of his hand on top of hers.

SpyderByte has posed:

<< You should really look into it. I know from experience that family sometimes isn't always the most trustworthy. Any information that you have in your pocket is information that may save your life. The CIA is also deeply rooted with anti-mutant agendas. >>

Jeremy watches her put her other hand over his as he holds himself still. It appears the moment of freaking out has passed for him. His hands are cold and clammy. The screen behind him lights up.

<< I am okay now. Sorry for freaking out earlier. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin releases Jeremy "Alright. Not everyone wants to hurt you, I don't have any intention of doing so. And being that the CIA is involved, it's not anything that is good I'm sure. However I think my parents can keep their secrets and dignity. I'm not in a rush to know what their secrets are. We are a large family, and a good family. They took to farming. Not every family can be trusted, but not every one needs to be suspected. The difficult part for anyone is finding that level of trust and skepticism that is healthy."

She hmmns. "So you should know, sometimes - especially when I'm feeling particuarly emotional, my magnetic field goes a bit haywire, strong. Close to my body it can scramble up electronics. If something is sheilded with thicker cables that's usually fine, things like cellphones aren't really able to be shielded though. It's why I'm not horribly comfortable with working with electronics. This isn't even my cellphone, it's the school's. I don't have my own cellphone."

SpyderByte has posed:
<< I don't trust anyone these days. If you have seen what I have seen out there in the deeper parts of the web, you would be terrified. It scares me. Especially what is to come if multiple International governments come together in Europe. We shall see who fires the first shot, when it comes to mutant relations. The Sentinels were only the first step and test. >>

Jeremy retracts his hand and stuffs it back into his lap, fidgeting a bit with his fingers.

<< I am not a machine, so I will be fine. When computers are sick, they talk to me. Some of them are very stubborn, but most are friendly. If you give one a tummy ache, I can fix it. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin shakes her head "Oh no, I'm not implying that I might break you, but I might disrupt some of your little freinds there. Hmm. That reminds me of a classic movie called Batteries not included."

She picks back up the phone so it's easier to read. "So I'll come to you then if I have any technical woes. I drive an older car so I don't really have to deal with disruption to driving. The worst that will really happen is my car won't start or the radio won't work. I suppose my blinkers might malfunction, which could also be a bit of a problem."

She brings a finger to her lips, tapping the lower one with her fingertip a few times. "Well..there are a lot of really bad things out there yes. There always have been. Color racisim. Nazi's. Terrorism. There's always something. But if you look at that as a whole without a filter, you will only see the awful, horrible bad. You'll find it difficult to have a life. You'll always see that broader picture - and that will keep you up at night. You have to take in the good, as well as the bad. Otherwise, how could you ever hope to have any kind of balance, or eventually happiness?"

SpyderByte has posed:
<< We are seen as biological weapons to most countries. There is a real fear of us, and with good reason. All it takes is one more mutant to cause significant harm and bills will pass. We will lose our rights. They will round us up like cattle. Brand us. Imprison us. Rip us apart and create weapons out of us. All it takes is signatures and population support. The media is being used to control the uneducated and sadly, they appear to be the majority. I do not have time for happiness, or balance. I am the signal. >>

Jeremy fidgets about for a moment, stubbing a foot beneath his seat. He lifts a hand and reaches out into mid-air, snagging something, then throws it towards the computer next to him as the screen lights up.

"Russia is currently plotting against us. Here are emails sent from their military leadership, partnering with their scientific teams to create a 'cure' to wipe our powers away. They already have came close a few times. They experiment on our kind. Mostly the homeless. Those that no one will miss. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin puts up a finger so that Jeremy can see it. She slowly moves it towards him, and if he doesn't react horribly she'll touch the tip of his nose with the tip of her finger. "Maybe you are the signal. But in the here, in the now, you are Jeremy. You are a student here. Take a moment for yourself, and allow yourself to be Jeremy, and not anything more, even if just for a moment. Fanatics are borne out of losing any sense of themselves and only living for the mission."

She muses a moment "Russia has always been scheming against us. Nonmutants have always been scheming against mutants. That will only continue. You won't be able to change those things overnight, and you wont be able to convince people to join your cause if all you care about is the cause. If that's how it comes off as. So slow down, be in this moment, the moment right here. Right now. And not living in the whole world around us that shifts, and snarls, and bites."

SpyderByte has posed:
<< I don't need anyone to know who I am. I am not seeking glory or recognition. I work from the shadows. I have stalled out anti-mutant agendas for the last two years. I have exposed American executives. Bankers. Politicial ties. This is who I am. Here, or out there. This is all that I have. I find the data and I make it public. I expose. It's important that people see what their governments do behind their back, where their taxes are spent on. >>

Jeremy shrugs his boneless shoulders upwards, eyes narrowing to peer at the finger at the tip of his nose.

<< I don't know how to be a normal kid. My data is all that I have. I don't even have much of a family now. Maybe this school will help me. I am taking a chance. I'm scared. Nervous. But I'm willing to give it a try. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin shakes her head, sending her hair flowing a bit behind her and making soft metallic sounds almost like a melody of chimes. She retracts the finger. "How many friends have you made? How many people have you loved? How many crushes have you had? You have an opportunity here - somewhere you probably wont get to have anywhere else. You have an opportunity to connect with people like you, who can understand you like noone else. If you slow down, open yourself up a little, you can make friends. But you need to focus on wanting to do it, it's not easy when you've put up walls around yourself. I know a little something about that. The most courageous thing you can do is to lower that walls because it's one of the most awful feelings - the feeling of being vulnerable. But the connections you make when you decide to be Jeremy instead of The Signal - those will be the relationships that you'll cherish, they will help keep you sane, lift you up. I've had friends, non-mutant friends. They don't understand, but they try to. I'm not really going to cheer for The Signal. But I'll cheer on Jeremy, if he decides to stay."

SpyderByte has posed:
<< I've had friends when I was younger. But then they grew up, joined sports, then saw me as a toy to play with, instead of a person. People change for popularity. My entire life has been filled with disappointment. Whether it's friends, peers, family. I've come to realize that I will always be the weakest, the stepped on, the insect. >>

Jeremy lets out a low sigh.

<< At least with this, I have purpose. But, I will /try/ to .. be normal here. Disconnect. Maybe learn how to live a bit. >>

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin nods and reaches over slowly to put her hand on the top of his head and give it a soft rub with an equally soft smile. "There you go. Everyone is weak in something. Those that are strong in something are equally weak at something else. Noone likes to have thier weaknesses exposed. If you always view others as enemies, or people who may hurt you, you will miss out on some amazing opportunities, people, and even loves. Let yourself fail, be open to it. Eventually you will become a little less bad at it and before you know it - maybe you just might be good at something? It's not something you can do overnight - to open your heart. It'll hurt. It'll hurt to leave it open, to think your not good enough, to feel the gazes of those people judging you. But in the end those people are temporary in your life, and in the whole of things - they don't really matter do they?"