11609/The rocker and the quiet one.

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The rocker and the quiet one.
Date of Scene: 08 June 2020
Location: Main Foyer - Xavier's School
Synopsis: A random passby in the main hall between teacher and student.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Aerin Mifflin

Warpath has posed:
     Entering the main foyer, Jimmy rifles through a few papers and manages to evade wandering students in the area without looking at them. Some people might find that strange, others impressive, and a few down right creepy. It's not like he's got any telepathic powers, but he still moves through the room safely.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin is a new student that's arrived a bit early for the new term. Standing out physically rather easily she has long shiny metal purple hair that falls from head to toe, perhaps longer since it somehow parts in the middle of her head at an upward slant that helps give it style and the ability to see.

Wearing a pair of glasses, a black longsleeved turtleneck, and a pair of jeans she's painted her nails a dark purple to try matching her hair.

Carrying a book she steps in from outside with a yawn. Time to start winding down for the evening. Physical activity & sun requirement for the day done.

Warpath has posed:
Whatever causes him to know she is here, Jimmy takes a step to the side and continues to walk. As he passes her, he stops and looks up from the papers. He glances back to consider her again and turns his head to the side a little,"Another new student?" Though it is a question it doesn't sound like one.

Aerin Mifflin has posed:
Aerin pauses at the..sort-of question? It throws her off enough to stop and process the thought. Was he addressing her? She isn't sure. But decides to err on the side of caution. While she's on the tall side, she isn't horribly so. Now this person, he's on the tall side. Most definately so. That is one tall glass of tall man.

Looking up she takes a moment to blink and adjust her glasses just a bit. Her hair has a shine to it that it's absolutely certain that it's not actual normal hair. "Yes?" she offers uncertainly. "I'm Aerin Flynn, I'll be attending the new term." Is he..security? He sure is big enough to be? Though they tend to hire security as short people she thinks. (Logan)

Warpath has posed:
     He considers her for a long moment again and nods finally. Considering her name he tells her,"I'm Mr. Proudstar to most. I teach History so I'll be looking for you this semester." Lucky you, you'll be seeing a lot of the man that could me a moutain as there are several history classes and the substitute's last day was Friday past.
     He doesn't scowl, but he doesn't really smile either,"Are you a good student or should I be ready for issues from the start?" Nothing like cutting through the crap and getting to the point. Who wants to give this guy issues really?