11737/Not a Routine Workout Routine

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Not a Routine Workout Routine
Date of Scene: 08 July 2020
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: James and Hank workout in the DR.
Cast of Characters: Beast, Warpath

Beast has posed:
The Danger Room. It's a fine place to train, exercise and blow off some steam. Hank McCoy's been missing his lady friend after having to return to the school today to work on an experiment. As such he's in need of a good distraction to take his mind off of things. The Danger Room is perfect for that as any hint that one isn't paying attention leads to the holograms kicking their ass. Focus is just what Beast needs.

But the Danger Room, as interesting as it is, is better in a team. Watching each other's back can be beneficial to all the parties involved. As such, the furry, blue doctor has invited his friend James to join him for a session. Hank's currently in the control room, working on a good scenario to run through. Perhaps there will be robots involved?

Warpath has posed:
     Sometimes the best thing for the mind and body is a risk it. The invitation is gladly accepted as he's had a little bit of a distraction on his brain too. The last few nights he's been gone late and leaving after classes were over.

     His uniform was destroyed last time out. There was a Sentinel and a lot of damage. When he meets you, he's wearing loose fitting BDU pants and a tight black muscle shirt that probably won't last too long in the grand scheme of things. His two vibranium knives rest in back scabbards with downward draw,"What are you working up over there Hank?"

Beast has posed:
"Hello, my friend," Beast greets James from inside the control room. "I'm working on developing a program for battling reactionary anti-mutant paramilitary organizations. This particular program involves the rescue of non-combatants from an underground bunker. I felt as though you and I would be ideal candidates to test it out. There are no specific rules of engagement other than that there should be no civilian casualties."

Hank comes out of the control room and into the Danger Room proper, standing by Warpath with a grin on his face. "Alright, it should start any moment now. Since I developed the program I'll defer to your decisions on how to handle what we encounter so as to avoid spoiling anything for you,"

When the scenario loads it's a forest setting. In the distance there's a faint sound of gunshots. Nearby is a fence topped with barbed wire, the inside of which is patrolled by a pair of men carrying assault rifles and wearing body armor, helmets and camouflage uniforms. On their sleeves are crusaders crosses. They appear alert for signs of trouble.

Deeper in the base more men can be seen. Some are at a firing range, others are in a motor pool with vehicles that include HMMWVs and an Abrams main battle tank and finally there are a number of large tents serving as a barracks. In the center of the tents is an entrance to an underground bunker.

Warpath has posed:
     When the program starts to run, Jimmy mutters softly,"Define civilian." Mostly to himself since he will still have to come down to join into the fray. Rolling his neck a few times as he crouches down into a less human looking stance to lower the chances of being noticed. Combat tactics 101, the human form is easily noticed. A crouched form is strangely less noticed due to the mind and body wired to see things a certain way.

     Two men guarding the fence, he waits under cover until they have made two passes. What he is up to is anybody's guess. Once they are out of ear shot again he mutters,"Roughly three minute patrol." he mutters and looks at a nearby stick,"50/50 it's alarmed, 50/50 it's electric."

Beast has posed:
Mimicking Warpath's movement, Hank gets low to the ground, his ape like physique hopefully making it even less likely that he'll be noticed. As Jimmy does his thing Beast remains mostly still, looking between the compound's guards and his friend. The blue furball has a faint smile on his face as he waits to see what will happen next.

Deep in the base a group of men finish up at the firing range and head towards the tents. Another group goes out to fire their weapons. All told there are a couple dozen troops. At least on the surface. No way to tell from here what's going on in the bunker.

Warpath has posed:
     He grabs the stick, the counting at about half way now. He tosses the stick at the fence and of course it goes into alarm mode. He shakes his head,"At least it won't fry us." he mutters and silently motions you to follow back into the woods. Edgy guards have a tendency to shoot a lot. He looks up at the trees and jumps straight up. For as big as he is, his vertical leap is impressive.

     Once he is settled up in the tree, he conceals as much as he can behind the tree and watches the response. If Hank could read minds he hear him count off ever person that arrives, where they come from, how they are armed, and what the reactionary time is. Jimmy is grim and serious about this sort of stuff.

Beast has posed:
As Warpath heads for the trees Beast does the same. He can't quite jump as high as his buddy, but his claws and agility enable him to climb extremely quickly. Soon the pair is well hidden amidst the foliage.

On the ground the men respond quickly. The initial pair are the first terrorists on the scene, their assault rifles at the ready. As they peer into the woods engines sounds can be heard from the motorpool. Soon there are men rushing to get into three of the HMMWVs, a 12 man quick response force. There are fifty caliber machine guns mounted to the vehicles as the little convoy rolls towards where the alarm was triggered.

Elsewhere in the compound the other men grab their rifles and head for various positions around their tents and vehicles, taking cover in fighting positions and facing outwards in all directions. The bunker remains quiet.

Warpath has posed:
     "Nice work Hank." Jimmy muses softly,"I might want to take a trip through this one a few times with various students." he muses. His voice is barely a whisper. Patience is the warrior's strong suit so of course the remain still and quiet. He analyzes all the comings and goings and waits for things to settle down.

     If anyone gets wise to them then he'll cross that bridge. Otherwise, he waits and watches, using the cover to get one more head count. He glances towards Beast and there is a slight smirk on his face. No casualties means his blades will probably stay put for most of this. He frowns and sniffs the air. Of course there will be sweat, gun oil, fuel, and other such things, but he's looking for something specific. Ozone.

Beast has posed:
The nice thing about working with Jimmy? He and Hank have both got super senses so whispering works great. Barely audible, Beast says, "Thank you. I think it will make for an excellent training exercise for the kids." The blue man has a smile on his face as he perches in his tree, watching both Warpath and the enemy soldiers.

All told there seem to be 28 terrorists, each equipped with assault rifles, body armor and helmets. They seem to know what they're doing, with at least a modicum of training. More than most militia types, less than Army regulars. The HMMWVs in the convoy are spaced 20 meters apart from each other and their gunners are doing a decent job of covering their sectors.

Those smells are all present, even the ozone. Additionally there's an unusual metallic scent, not vibranium or adamantium, but something with a similar feeling.

Warpath has posed:
     Well. There are two guards that are the initial problem. They'll have to be dealt with first. Quick, quiet, and probably the non fatal approach. Hank said no casualties. No fun at all that guy. When they come around again, he is one second beside Hank in the tree, the next he jumps. Over the fence, landing right behind him.

     Sure they might have cried out or turned around, but Jimmy is incredibly fast for his size. No casualties, but these two would wake up with horrendous concussions, probably hospital level. They'd live, but they would be miserable. One under each arm he jumps back out of the barrier and drags them off into the woods a few steps to leave to their misery. Back to the fence he looks at you and nods,"Ready?"

Beast has posed:
The guards don't stand a chance against the powerful mutant, though Hank watches intently from his spot in the tree, nodding his head when he sees his friend work. When Jimmy asks if he's ready Beast grins at him and says, "Certainly. Just let me know what you need me to do."

The rest of the base hasn't noticed the X-Men or registered that the perimeter guard is no longer walking around. They're all absorbed with whatever Hank programmed them to do when not alerted. Firing range stuff, vehicle maintenance and sleeping, probably. That is until the big double doors to the bunker begin to open. They do so slowly. The smells of the strange metal gets a little stronger. A quartet of people in camouflage, vehicular communication helmets and soft body armor and carrying personal defense weapons exit the bunker and head towards the motor pool.