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Lost Siryn found
Date of Scene: 16 August 2020
Location: Anti-Mutant Camp
Synopsis: What started out as a rescue mission turned into quite the adventure, complete with appearances by The Winter Soldier and The Juggernaut.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Pixie, Nightingale, Winter Soldier, Siryn

Warpath has posed:
     How in the world could a school full of mutants not be home? It happens of course, but how? Fortune favors Jimmy at least that there are some. He isn't really talkative at first, just says someone he cares about has been kidnapped and he's going after her.

     As crazy plans go it isn't the worst. Fortune favors the master tactician so he doesn't go head long into the situation. Just close. He goes to the hangar and prepares one of the smaller craft.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn was worried about James. Although she is the youngest and newest X-girl, she's determined to fit in and help her new teammates as best as she can. So when she heard that someone Jimmy cares about is in danger, of course she insisted on coming along to help.

And of course she's not taking no for an answer. So, dressed up in her blue and gold X-dress, she follows him out to the hangar with a slight frown. "Heeey wait up! I'm gonna help too! No way I'd just let you go it alone!"

Nightingale has posed:

     That word was serious business, and an honor Shannon was not about to take lightly. She knew a friend of Warpath's had gone missing, and knowing this, went looking for him to offer her help. She's actually using an image inducer this time to hide her wings, as in the dark they would make her stick out like a sore thumb. She is dressed in a form-fitting black bodysuit, boots,, and a utility belt with her little brown leather bag tied to it. Also, in a holder on that belt, is what looks like a collapsible bo staff. Her expression was impassive as stone--it was plain there was going to be no talking her out of this one.

     Without a word, she approaches Warpath, and as it turns out, Megan, nodding to each. This girl meant business.

Warpath has posed:
     None of you have ever witnessed Jimmy fly a jet, but it is pretty clear that he is able as he starts to go through the start up cycle. He glances towards Shannon and it appears he might object, but seeing her eyes he doesn't fight it.

     "Sit down. Buckle up and hang on." he growls darkly. The plane rises from the hanger and blasts out into the waiting night, arcing north. Once the plane is on course the arsenal appears. His usual vibranium knives on his back, but a knife on each hip, each boot, and on his left forearm as well,"We are going to be going into a hostile situation. She's been taken by an anti mutant group. Sons of Humanity they call themselves. Gun toting radicals is what they really are."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smiles cheerfully at Shannon and nods. "Heeey Shan, you coming too?" of course she is. And Megan knows better to even think of admonishing her. "Gueess its just the three of us but I'm sure it'll be enough.." she smiles as she hurries after James, "Heey waitup!"

She bites her lip as she peers at the control panel and while Hank has given her some basic training in using the blackbird, she's still relieved that James is at the helm this time. With a nod, she straps herself into a nearby seat and waits for liftoff. "Ready when you are!"

Nightingale has posed:
     Without a word, Shannon simply nods, doing as she is bid. As the jet slices through the air with the ease of a vibranium blade through flesh and bone, she is taking a few moments to pin up her hair and keep it out of the way, in a tight bun. "An offshoot of Friends of Humanity, or is this group a new thing?"

     Lovely. Guns. She wrinkles her nose at the thought. This could get very messy--or not, depending on if they played it smart. "You've got eyes in the sky. Anyone bring comms or are we improvising?"

     Nodding to Megan, there is the first hint of a smile playing upon her lips. "I was called shik'isn. Sister. Unless he tells me otherwise, I can't -not- help."

Winter Soldier has posed:
    Through the dark night, lit occasionally by a lonely street lamp, a bike rumbles along the back roads of Northern Maine. Despite summer drawing to a close, it's still pleasantly warm, and the rider doesn't seem to have bothered closing his leather jacket, or even bother with more than just a simple pair of road glasses and a bandana to cover his mouth and nose. Road dust... always too much of it. Curiously though, he's wearing leather gloves, gripping the handlebar loosely, supremely confident in his ability to keep this two wheeled contraption on the road.

    Headlight leading the way, James Buchanan Barnes takes his time going south, back into the United States and back towards duty after the... errand. Let's call it an errand. Certainly things were done that needed doing. A local radio station is providing the background music to the final few days of his road trip, unaware of what he's driving into.

Warpath has posed:
     The jet rockets through the night towards Maine. From New York to Maine doesn't take long since he breaks the sound barrier without any trouble. The frown on James' face is grim as he tries to analyze around his anger and concern.

     The plane streaks through the sky over where Bucky is riding and comes to a slow halt, VTOL engaging as the plane starts to land within a cluster of trees. That close to the ground he feels the passage before he sees it,"The guns are real, the stakes are high. Don't get cocky." Jimmy grumbles softly. He takes out coms to place in everyone's ear.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn grimaces a bit at Warpath and nods silently, focusing on the path ahead. "Don't worry about us, it won't be the first time we were out in the path of danger and definitely not the last." she just nods to Shan with a faint smile, because even if she's underage, she knows she's had her fair share of dangerous situations too. "Well get your friend back, promise!"

Nightingale has posed:
     "Pixie, it's just that sort of talk that'll get one of us shot. Each time out there is just as dangerous as the first. Let's get our game faces on." Still, there is no rancor to Shannon's tone. It's deadly quiet and serious--and laced with concern. It was bad enough she'd upset her family with a healing. She had no wish to make it worse with a funeral. Yet she couldn't not act.

     Slipping the comm into her ear, she taps it once for a quick sound check. With a faint smile at Warpath, she reaches up to touch his shoulder briefly. "We'll do everything we can to get your friend back. What else can you tell us about the situation we're heading into?"

Winter Soldier has posed:
    While the radio is expounding on the merits of 'Radar Love', Buck can hear the rumbling of a jet engine coming closer, and instinctively checks the sky through his mirrors, before glancing up to catch sight of whatever bird is coming down this low at this time of night. Behind the glasses, his eyebrows go up just a fraction when he spots that unfamiliar black silhouette, pulling over when the jet lands between the trees nearby.

    For a moment he sits there, looking at the spot where the bird landed, then glances back to the open road with a creak of leather from his jacket. Mystery jet. Open road. Mystery jet. Open road...

    A deep sigh. "Yeah, alright then."

    Killing the engine, Bucky kicks down the stand for the bike, swings himself out of the saddle and takes a moment to stretch. He is, after all, an old man according to his birth certificate. A dip in the pannier brings out the twelve gauge and a box of shells, and a few moments later he's loping off towards the trees. Shotgun, pistol, a whole lot of attitude and unresolved anger issues.


Siryn has posed:
Theresa had a headache.

*boom* *boom* *boom*

And the light in here was wonky. She smacked her lips together. Such thirst. What day was it? Everything kept going around and around and around..

Theresa vomited and passed right out again. This time, however, it wasn't as bad as they would like it to be!

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn sighs softly and just nods slowly to Shannon. "Yeah, yeah.." she falls silent for the rest of the trip..When the Blackbird finally lands she too gets out of her seat, stretching and tightening her belt, checking her communicator. Hopefully, if things get dicey they can always call for backup...Right?

"So then, where are we headed, enemy headquarters?" she shivers a bit, "Just kinda wish we had a bit more backup but on such short notice..." she shrugs. Right, they can do this...

Warpath has posed:
     "Theresa Cassidy was taken hostage by this bunch. I'm not sure exactly when, but given she never left the country I am guessing it was before her plane left." he mutters and checks all the knives and the rest of his gear. No usual Warpath gear, he's in all black and his mood matches.

     "They are about a mile north of here. The last time a satellite flew over there were at least twenty of them and one very large reading that couldn't be identified right off, but a heat signature none the less." he comments,"You two can fly low and I can make the run. We go in quiet and fast. Don't give them a chance to adjust. If the gunfire gets too wild you two fall back. Bullets will annoy me, but it will take a lot to hurt me."

Nightingale has posed:
     Now, that name does get Shannon to loft her eyebrows, letting out a low whistle. "They got Miss Cassidy? Crap, any idea when? The last time I heard from her was oh jeeze, right around late January, early February. She was starting to see Warren at the time. Lost touch with them both."

     She tilts her head to one side as she follows Pixie and Warpath out of the Blackbird, listening to the rundown of the situation. However, the near defeat in Pixie's voice brings her up short, and she hugs her friend tightly right there. "I'm sorry. Just want to see us all come back in one piece."

     She looks back at Warpath, thinking for a moment. This was not good. They would be going into this half-blind. "I'd be a little harder to spot in the sky in this getup, with my wings hidden. I could attempt a flyover, see what sort of setup they have and relay it back, maybe?"

Warpath has posed:
     "Stay safe." he comments to Shannon and starts towards the camp,"If you fly over go close to the ground and don't take high altitude or you become an easy target." He glances towards Megan and tells her,"You can remain if you want. If not try to fly around the backside and see if there is a way to pass through without having to retrace all our steps."

     Then he runs. He stays close to the ground and can run. He can run as fast or nearly as fast as they can fly and he doesn't show any signs of fatigue either. He stops well before the camp and reaches a rock outcropping to look at the compound.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods to Shan and smirks, "Hey hey, I'm fine, really, we'll get through this, and we can still be careful...Right?" with a nod to Warpath she sets out in the opposite direction, gliding quietly over the area to scan it for an opening, while keeping her comm on hand in case she runs into trouble..Hopefully the occasional sparkle from her wings wont attract attention..

Nightingale has posed:
     Oof. Low-altitude flying. That -would- be her weak point. Shannon wrinkled her nose, but nodded once, spreading her wings and taking to the air. With the snowy white feathers hidden by the image inducer, she almost blends in entirely with the night--even more so as she glides towards the camp as close to the tops of the trees as possible. Hopefully, fortune would favor the brave and the foolish, and she might be mistaken for one of the many shadows of the night....

Siryn has posed:
This time she woke with a *boom..* Pause. *boom..* Theresa kept her eyes closed. Think. Where was she? Why? Dammit, why did her head hurt so much? And why was she so thirsty?

Warpath has posed:
     Once he is settled into rocks looking at the compound, Warpath takes out a set of infra-red binoculars to look things over. He comments softly,"Three on the walls walking around. You two fly close and peel off quickly." He takes a deep breath and exhales softly,"Still a massive heat signature in that northern building structure. There are at least twelve other signatures throughout the compound."

     He looks at the northern building again and shakes his head,"This is damn peculiar." he grumbles softly,"I don't like it." He turns his gaze and takes a breath in,"Hotbox. Opposite the large buidling. One body signature in there. I'd bet that's Terry."

Siryn has posed:
The room stopped spinning as long as her eyes stayed shut. That's ok. She has to think first. This time, though, her captors hadn't given her a top up of the drugs. Theresa supposed they thought that when she vomited, she blanked out. Only, she had thrown up the drugs! But it was so hard to think. Think!

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon is not flying at top speed over the trees. Oh, no. She needed every second she could get, to see what she could see. Circling the edge of the compound, only the barest flicker of motion can be spotted by anyone, and that if they were particularly eagle-eyed. There was a flash of red hair, and a form that looked as if it was very likely the missing Miss Cassidy.

     But there was also a very low, ominous rumbling in that immediate area, something her keen hearing picked up on. Frowning, Shannon peels off immediately, veering away from the compound. She taps her comm, keeping her voice low. "Nightingale here. Confirmed, red-headed woman inside the hotbox, very likely to be Miss Cassidy. Watch your step. There's something very big in the area. Couldn't see it, but I could hear it."

Winter Soldier has posed:
    "Doesn't look like a holiday camp, does it?"

    The whisper comes from the treeline, as a man lopes into view, staying low, looking at the camp without any equipment but for the good old Mark One eyeball. Well, Mark One Plus in his case, but let's not split hairs. You don't get to be his age and not know how to read a situation. This has 'desperate rescue' written all over it, and that would make this his... hmm... starting to lose count. If he's with the crazies in the camp, he's in completely the wrong position, wearing completely the wrong outfit, and carrying completely the wrong type of weaponry. All evidence points to this being the late backup some members of the team may have been hoping for.

    "Don't look like gun smugglers, don't look like drug runners. Wrong part of the country for that anyway. Cult?" Yes, Bucky has half an eye on the man in front of him, and half an eye on the camp. Never know when people turn on you. But all in all, this looked like it was going to turn into an exciting evening. "Quiet or loud?"

Warpath has posed:
     For as big as he is, Jummy moves really fast and a blade is in his hand, reversed to throw, and halted as he notes Bucky's presence. He may not be up on a lot of things, but he's seen the news and has a passing knowledge of who he might be. The knife reverses in his grip again and slides back from whence it came.

     He considers him a long moment and looks back towards the camp,"Anti mutant radical sorts. They appear to have kidnapped a woman and are holding her in that hotbox." Offers the binoculars to Bucky and speaks into the coms,"Pixie secure the exit point, one new player in the mix." He runs a quick description of Bucky to the girls,"Nightingale I want you to be ready to spring Terry once the chaos starts. Watch your back and everyone be mindful of the big buidling."

Nightingale has posed:
     "Copy that. On your signal." That 'signal' would likely be chaos, wild flying, and a desperate attempt to liberate one Theresa Cassidy from her captivity in the hotbox. Simple, right? Right!

     As Miss Grey had expressed to Shannon once, thinking things would be simple was a rookie mistake. And it's not one she was any too keen on making again. "Please," she mutters. "Please don't let anyone need healing this time..."

Winter Soldier has posed:
    "Well, isn't that something?" Bucky remarks as he sweeps his gaze over the camp again, this time using the binoculars to pick out targets, fix waypoints, landmarks... He's gone from just driving down the road to storming a stronghold. Just more Bucky things... "Kidnapping's a federal crime. From the fact you came here in a jet, I'm going to make the assumption this woman was kidnapped across state lines as well." The binoculars lower, and the eyes at least seem to smile. "Love it when I actually have jurisdiction."

    He hands the binoculars back without further comment, slinging the shotgun and retrieving a fighting knife from his belt. "In and out before they know it then? It's your show, call the play."

Warpath has posed:
     "That reading over there has me worried. Quiet is better. Think you can take those three sentries on the wall while I take down the door and try to get a few inside before they are wise to us?" he replies,"I know that's a tall order, but we are out numbered and outgunned."

     So long as Bucky doesn't object Jimmy starts towards the gate. He approaches the gate and studies the lock quietly. He's not much of a lock pick sort, but he can twist the door easy enough when Bucky takes down the three,"Shannon be ready to back up taking down the three on the wall and watch the big signature as close as possible."

Nightingale has posed:
     "Copy that, Warpath. Call me when you need me to huff and puff and blow that door down." If Warpath and Bucky were to look at just the right moment, against the clouds that are drawing across the moon to lend another layer of silver-tinged shadow, is a shard of night rising up from the tree line. Higher and higher it rises into the sky, distinctly humanoid in form, and as slim as it is, likely feminine. Higher and higher the shard of shadow rose, till it was nearly one with the sky above. But it did not yet return to earth.

     Anyone who had been in the field with Shannon before knew what this likely meant. But would the door last against the oncoming fury of the Nightingale?

Winter Soldier has posed:
    "On it."

    Two words only, and Bucky slinks away. Slink is perhaps the best way to put it, because one moment he's there behind the rocks, the next he's moving, and another moment later he's just... not there. Barely a shadow over open ground, not a sound, not an inkling that death is stalking the earth tonight.

    It doesn't take the Winter Soldier long to get to the base of the wall and make his way up. When you've raided actual fortresses, the fortifications of the merely criminal domestic terrorists are no real challenge. He doesn't as much climb as swarm his way along the stone and swing himself up on the parapet.

    Three thuds, in close succession, without as much as a whisper on the wind. Three more thuds as the erstwhile sentries are thrown off the wall so that they roll into the shadow of the base of the structure they were guarding. Can't say 'mission accomplished' any more clearly than that...

Warpath has posed:
     "Shannon get ready." Warpath comments and the gate to the compound is ripped open, the lock shredded by the magic of vibranium. He pushes the gate open enough to slide inside. He looks at the building where the big signature is. Nothing for it.

     Two guards walk around a building and though they look shocked by his presence, neither one has a chance to say anthing because he grabs them both and crashes them togther at the head. They will probably survive. Probably. However, lucky for everyone one guard's gun goes off,"Son of a bitch." Jimmy growls,"Shannon go. Winter Soldier there are about to be a lot of people coming out of the buildings. Feel free to do what you do."

Siryn has posed:
Someone is wrong. Or.. right? Something. No.. could it be?

For one second she opens one eye. They weren't at her bed. They seem to have forgotten her presence in the commotion outside.

Theresa closed her eyes. Could it be someone who would rescue her? Or someone fighting for a different reason, and she was caught up in it? Still, she could work with that. She only had *one* chance!

Nightingale has posed:
     It was go time.

     Swift and silent, a shard of obsidian night dove from the sky, only briefly visible for an instant across the moon. It looked like a flake of flint chipped off of a core in days gone by for tools--just as sharp, just as deadly. As it descended, it picked up speed, barelling right for the door to the hotbox where Theresa was being held.



     At the last possible second, Shannon spread out her wings to slow her descent, just enough to swing her legs up and bring her feet to bear on the problem. At close to her top flight speed, unless there was a remarkably fast sharpshooter among the motley crew pouring out like ants from a hill, there -may- be none who can entirely prevent her from connecting with the door with a very loud, very hard THUD.

     Both the door and Shannon go tumbling into the hotbox, with the winged teen curling up into a ball to absorb the fall, her wings hidden from view by her image inducer. "OOOF!"

Winter Soldier has posed:
    "Shout the name louder, why don't you?" Bucky grumbles up on the wall, loping off again to the shadows around one of the buildings. If they want to come, they'll have to pass him, and in a flash he has the shotgun ready. On the plus side, if any of the human supremacists has heard that name drop, and knows who they're talking about, it's a fair chance they'll take the opportunity to revisit some crucial life choices.

    The first, and therefore most eager, terrorist out the door is allowed to go four steps. They may be the last steps he has been allowed to take, ever, because next moment there is an explosion of light and sound, just as Bucky can see the door to the hotbox being caved in by... a teenager that dropped in from the sky? No time to think about that, as the shotgun blast takes the first man in the knees with birdshot. Rarely fatal, certainly disabling, absolutely distracting. And loud, very loud, and very close by for the second and third who have just enough time to clear the door before seeing their comrade literally crumple.

    Reaching out with a speed that has to be seen to be disbelieved, the second man is grabbed by the lapels, and employed one handed as an improvised melee weapon to beat up the third man, before the pair is hurled back through the door without enough force to ensure their trip is fully horizontal until Newton's Third law intervenes in the form of a solid wall.

    Touch of overkill, perhaps.

    But that took no more than two seconds, and now Bucky is no longer there. Where is he? That's for him to know, and for everyone else to find out... the hard way.

Warpath has posed:
     People emerge like ants from the different buildings. Ants with guns and recently woke up attitude. That's great. Shannon being in the hotbox with Terry makes it difficult for her to see the door to the big building open and the shadow of a hulking figure stepping out.

     Warpath starts to punch out several bad sorts, but that's going to take too long. A few seconds later blades start to fly with deadly precision. No obvious fatalities, but some might develop that way if they are not treated.

     Bright lights fill the compound and a klaxxon starts to sound. Anyone looking at the building will see the massive, armored form of Cain Marko. Step brother of Charles Xavier and known to most of the world as the Juggernaut. The night just gets better and better.

Siryn has posed:
Theresa gets her one chance! She slips from her bed, and carefully tries the door. Surprisingly it was open. Not surprisingly, they were there, trying to get her out, and away

They were not counting on her being awake! She gets one chance..

Theresa takes a big breath, and lets it go! A sonic *boom* floods the area where her "bedroom" is. All the men clasp their ears, the collapse. She manages to get almost over the cell, and collapses. But the men are out of the equation now.

Nightingale has posed:
     There isn't much time. There is a flash of light outside, the sound of gunfire, and the world goes tumbling end-over-end as Shannon barrels through the door... wait? Where is the door?... in her mad dive-bomb from the sky. While she is likely to be sore in the morning, she mercifully escapes serious injury. Not for the first time, she reminds herself to thank Logan, Mr. Summers, Mr. McCoy, Warpath, and others for insisting she exercise and push herself to the limits. It's saved her hide yet again.

     Coming out of the roll into something of a crouch, she pushes herself up far enough to look around the area she finds herself in, homing in almost immediately on the titian-haired captive that is one Theresa Cassidy. "Miss Cassidy!" she calls out. "It's Shannon. No time to talk, do you think you can walk? We've gotta move!"

     Only fortune is not smiling at the moment. Oh, no. The angel of fortune is giving her the universal salute.


Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn had separated from the others for a while, doing her best to clear the perimeter of a group of guards headed their way by sprinkling them with faerie dust, which had the fortunate side effect of turning them against each other or set them into giggling fits. Either way it bought them some time to rescue Theresa and escape..Hopefully.

"Pixie here, got the courtyard cleared of unfriendlies, should buy you some ten minutes max. How goes the rescue?" she continues to glide about the encampment, searching for a safe spot to gather and regroup.

"Heads up, looks like a big enemy is approaching from the large central tower..." she barks into her communicator, her voice growing more anxious by the minute.

Winter Soldier has posed:
    A guard, unwilling to join the general mayhem of the courtyard, hesitates in the doorway, the last of his file to troop out, his heart clearly not in this whole gunfire and mayhem malarkey. It is therefore to be regretted, momentarily, that a hand bursts through the wall, grabs him by the collar and pulls him so hard into the wall that he leaves a person-shaped dent. Outside, Bucky shakes the brick dust from his sleeve and sets off again, physically lifting and throwing another of the guards that he been looking the other way. For a moment, he wonders what has everyone looking in the same direction, and glances that way himself, moments before the door flies off its hinges in what appears to be a controlled demolition, the person he saw falling from the sky disappear through the hole, and an enormous profile silhouetting itself against the sky.

    "You have got to be kidding me..."

    A moment later, the shotgun is slung back over his shoulder and he instinctively reaches for the pistol, an integrally suppressed 9mm. Left and right, guards start to go down with knee caps shot out, as if the shadows have started to sprout guns somewhere.

Warpath has posed:
     There are times when having over sensitive hearing is great. There there are the times that Siryn lets loose her power. Not aimed at him, it still causes him a moment of surprise and discomfort. He shakes it off fast enough as it isn't the first time for that joy. Just as he's getting his head back together Pixie coms about the big man coming out of the tower.

     While they have met before and Watpath survived, even standing his ground, nobody wants to face the Juggernaut on a good day, let alone at night with people and guns and such things,"Son of a bitch." he mutters. Someone needs to work on his vocabulary. Another gun toter gets close and Jimmy ducks down and hamstrings the man with a vibranium blade.

Warpath has posed:
     There are worse things than getting woke up at night, but Juggernaut is not fun at any point,"Did he finally show up to take her?" his voice booms into the night,"What about it Tommy you here?" He doesn't sound too friendly with his intentions either way.

     Seeing no Black Tom Cassidy he mutters and then starts spotting other people. It is hard to miss who he sees first,"Well well, if it ain't Geronimo and his little band of annoyances." The scream catches him off guard some and shakes him for a few seconds before he starts moving. The ground literally trembles as he steps into the battle field,"How many little muties do I get to kill tonight?"

Nightingale has posed:
     A few very colorful oaths crackle over the comm, in varied languages. "Pixie? I've got Miss Cassidy, but we need a portal out. Think you can make it over?" Because, despite her training, Shannon was not entirely sure she was going to be able to carry Theresa in the air. "Either that or if we have backup out there, I could use a hand!"

     Lovely. Just lovely. That hulking figure outside did not look good, and sounded even worse. "I've got better things to do today than die," she mutters, glancing over Theresa. While it looked as if she had endured some rough treatment, there did not at the moment appear to be any major wounds that needed cleaning or binding. Good. There were a few minor cuts and bruises, but those were of lower priority. They had to get somewhere safe first, and then she could tend to the wounds. But she was going to have to wake up Miss Cassidy.

     Reaching for her little brown leather bag, she withdraws a small vial, which she uncorks and holds near Theresa's nose. "Come on, wake up...."

Pixie has posed:
Pixie swallows as she turns to see the Juggernaut..Oh yes, she's heard about him, studied him as one of the X-men's most deadliest of enemies...What's he doing here, hired help or something? It doesn't really matter either way, if they can get out of here before he gets to them, they might just stand a chance.

"Okay Shannon, check on that, will meet you there. If everyone else can join us there, I can port us back to the blackbird from there.." The loud booming screech of Siryn does cause her to pause and shudder, covering her ears and flying higher in the sky as she does her best to stay on course.."Phew..Is she okay?"

She marks Warpath and Winter Soldier's positions as she flutters towards Shannon and Siryn. First thing's first, get the wounded to safety..

Siryn has posed:
Ewww, it smelled of rotten garbage.

Theresa pulled her nose out of the vial, as began to wake. "Where.. where.." *cough* "Oh my head hurts."

Winter Soldier has posed:
    Oh, that makes things easier.

    There are only a few things in life that Bucky actually hates. Bullies? Right at the top of that list. With a bullet, one might say. But he's also well aware that trying to shoot the Juggernaut is a shocking waste of precious ammo, so with studied nonchalance he makes sure the pistol is tucked back into its holster before he does the almost entirely unthinkable.

    He breaks stealth, shoulders aside a guard taking aim at one of the people on his side, and then... he starts to run.

    Right at the Juggernaut.

    He's fast, this one, picking up momentum before inevitably, inexorably, they meet, a metallic arm already punching forwards, palm forward, fingers half curled.

    "Ne segodnya..." Bucky exclaims through gritted teeth, the servos in his arm creaking under the strain, the vibranium pushing forwards. Almost in slow motion, Cain Marko is lifted off his feet, and hoiked back ten feet, right into the middle of a group of guards "... zhirnyy ublyudok!" Okay, so, most Russian sounds angry, but that was probably not intended for general consumption. The Winter Soldier stands there for a moment, scowling in the half light, flexing his fingers and rolling his shoulders, before loping off towards the site of what looked like the controlled explosion.

Warpath has posed:
     "Pixie get Siryn and Nightingale out and back to the jet. We'll be out shortly...." he pauses and he draws another disposable blade, ready for a Juggernaut throw down....just in time to see Marko hit the ground and take out several of those that are still up.

     There is a smirk and he mutters,"I like this guy." The disposable knife hits one of the last ones standing. It is body mass, but he'll live. He won't like it for a while, but he'll live,"Everyone withdraw." Coms or not Bucky couldn't miss it due to proximity.

Nightingale has posed:
     "Copy that, Warpath. Need Pixie over here for exfil. Suggest a call home to advise them to be ready in the medbay for Miss Cassidy's arrival. Minor wounds, but better to play it safe." With that, Shannon tries to work her arm around Theresa's back, letting the other woman lean back and rest her head on her shoulder for support.

     "Hang in there, Miss Cassidy, we've got help incoming. Just try to stay awake, we'll be in the Blackbird soon."

Siryn has posed:
Theresa is helped to her feet. "Thanks." Is all she manages to speak. Her mouth and throat are so dry. She allows herself to be helped by Shannon.

Pixie has posed:
Pixie nods, "Roger that, almost there!" she continues through the encampment, darting out of the way of bullet spray as some guards break off to give chase. Narrowing her eyes, she turns on a dime and charges back at them, not wanting to lead them to the others.

"You wanna fight? Take this!" she snarls as she flutters her wings more quickly, showering them with another explosion of faerie dust. It's enough to get them to drop their guns and turn on each other and she hurries off to find Nightingale and Theresa. It doesn't take her long to spot them down below and she frowns, making a beeline for them.

"Hang in there, I gotcha.." she slips a shoulder under Theresa's other arm, nodding to Shannon. "Right, let's get outta here...Sihal Novarum Chinoth!" hopefully they'll won't get interrupted as Megan ports all three of them to the safety of the Blackbird..

Winter Soldier has posed:
    It seems the festivities are coming to a close. And Bucky knows that in this kind of mission, the getting away is usually more important and more dangerous than getting in. It's often where they most casualties happen. So he's still tense and on guard as he follows Warpath, occasionally turning to loose a few silenced shots into the darkness at guards that are starting to get just a bit too close for their own good. That leaves a wake of groaning people, most of them clutching shoulders and knees, all thought of chase forgotten.

    "I'm going to have questions after this, you understand that, right?"

Warpath has posed:
     "Pixie. Sound off, status. Get the Blackbird ready to lift off." he calls out and starts to run as well. It's a good thing Bucky is enhanced because Warpath starts to run flat out once they start to get some distance and he can run. Fast. A hundred miles an hour or better.

     The tree formation where the Blackbird is parked starts to come into view,"There is room on the jet. Ask questions once we're off the ground." There is an unmistakeable sound of Marko stands again and starts to run after them,"After...definately after."

Nightingale has posed:
     Thankfully, Pixie's timing and her aim with her portal is right on point. Once in the refuge of the Blackbird, Shannon works on helping Theresa get secured in one of the seats, strapping her in, and then securing herself in the next seat over. She turns her image inducer off, breathing a sigh of relief as her large, snowy white, feathery wings shimmer into view. "Gods, I hate that thing... it has its place, but no point in stealth now."

     Glancing over at Theresa, she smiles. "We'll be home soon. I'll get a message out to make sure they can have the medbay ready for you."

Pixie has posed:
Pixie has already teleported Shannon and Theresa safely to the Blackbird, and she nods to Warpath's instructions, handing Theresa over to Shannon to take care of once they're comfortably seated. "Roger that, Warpath, prepping the X-jet. We safely extracted Theresa, she seems to be a bit out of it but from what I can tell, only minor injuries so far."

She moves over to the copilot's seat, glad for Henry's rather extensive training on basic x-jet operation. She's never flown it herself but she has learned how to prep it for take off and landing and has done some simulations. For a flier it comes pretty naturally to her at least.

"Blackbird is ready for take off and standing by!"

Siryn has posed:
Miss Cassidy. Definitely one of the school children. Thank goodness!

"I'll do it my best. Who did you come with?" Her head still *throbs* and she struggles to keep her stomach from up ending. "Shannon." Some memories are coming back. But she feels safe. "Going to shut my eyes now. Still listening."

Winter Soldier has posed:
    When they get to the jet, Bucky stops. He'd been matching Warpath's stride, having to actually stretch himself to do so, but that seems to be as far as he goes, holding up a hand. "Don't know where you're going, and I've got a lady waiting for me. Questions will keep."

    Especially when he sees the occupants. Teenagers! An eyebrow raises at the wings, plural, but then he had heard Marko's boast about killing 'muties', so he's not too surprised. "I'll give that lumbering idiot the run-around, give you a clear getaway. And then I'll find you, somehow, and we'll have that chat. Not the least of which is going to be flying a jet without being old enough for a pilot's license..." That last bit? That was said in a tone that might even have been a joke, but the pale blue eyes don't do more than flicker in mirth for a moment.

    "Get gone, see you in the funny pages." Adding deed to word, Bucky makes his own exit. Towards his motorcycle, which he's very sure will outrun the Juggernaut. With a smile, he murmurs under his breath. "Don't worry Lilly, I'm coming home."

Warpath has posed:
     "New York." Warpath replies at the bottom of the ramp,"I'm a teacher." he doesn't have a card, but instead he rattles off a number for a burner phone,"Contact me on that number." He looks at the plane and back at Bucky,"We can get you off the ground with anything smaller than a car if you want an inflight pickup. Head south on the main road in whatever you have. Otherwise, thanks for the back up. I'm James."

     He turns and starts up the ramp, he'll adjust the flight if Bucky goes that way, otherwise he's heading west before going towards home. He stops long enough to touch Terry's cheek and then hits the pilot seat, VTOL engages once Winter Soldier is clear and the plane gets out of reach of the charging Juggernaut quickly.

Siryn has posed:
That voice! For a bit of time she is back under the men, laughing at her, while pumping full of drugs! Theresa opens her eyes and realizes, one, he is on their side, and two, her stomach is lost. Poor Theresa. She is helped to put her head on her knees to prevent further stomach emptying. "Sorry."

Nightingale has posed:
     Smiling briefly at Winter Soldier, she lifts her chin towards him in an up-nod that's distinctly reminiscent of another friend of his. "Thanks. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again on a better day."

     However, there are more urgent matters at hand. Just as she's helping poor Miss Cassidy lean over to prevent gastrointestinal disaster, it's all over poor Shannon. "Ummmm... oh, dear, you ate /that/? Easy there... Warpath and Pixie, they'll get us home soon, and then we can get you feeling better, hmmm?" She tries to offer Theresa a peppermint from her little brown bag. "See if that helps?"

Winter Soldier has posed:
    There's no response from Bucky as he makes his way towards his bike, pausing only to make sure the jet is clear away before once again mounting his bike.

    The lumbering foot falls are getting closer.

    He starts the engine, revving it a few times to make sure the fuel is flowing properly.

    The forest shakes with the footfalls of the Juggernaut.

    Nonchalantly, Bucky checks the alignment of the rear view mirror, tweaking it just slightly with the fingers of his left hand, until it's /just/ so.

    A bellow of rage erupts from the treeline as the Juggernaut bears into view.

    A kick to roll the bike off the stand, and then he's away, accelerating along the road... making sure to leave plenty of dust for Cain Marko to choke on. Road dust... always too much of it. So the Winter Soldier raises the bandana over his mouth and nose again, prodding the radio back into action, smiling from ear to ear as he takes the long way back to the Triskelion.

Pixie has posed:
Pixie smiles and waves to Bucky as well. "Thank you and good luck!" once Warpath is inside, she closes the ramp and nods to him, "All set! Let's get outta here!" she glances only briefly towards the retreating form of Bucky, "Who was that guy..?"

Warpath has posed:
     The Native American can, at times, have a sense of humor but what he replies makes it hard to be sure,"He's a myth and rumor with a dose of legend." he finally comments,"I've never met him before, but I have seen a few pictures here and there. There is a partial, incomplete file on him at the school, but not much tangible."

     He takes the plane supersonic to the west before backing it down and starts to bring it towards the mansion,"How is she doing?" he comments softly. Anyone with half a brain can hear the concern in his voice.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon wrinkles her nose, with something of a half-smile over to Warpath. Unfortunately, the aroma wafting through the cabin of the Blackbird is rather self-explanatory. "Well, seems Miss Cassidy got rid of some of whatever was in her system down my front, but I got a message out to Mr. McCoy appraising him of the situation. I'll rest a bit easier knowing she's in his care."

     She cants her head slightly, hearing Warpath's description of Bucky. "I'd be kind of curious to hear more when we're home. It probably won't be the strangest thing I've dealt with." She chortles lightly, lifting her chin in his general direction. "I think this time we were /all/ trouble magnets. So you have a lot of nicknames to come up with."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods softly, thoughtfully. "Wow, we sure lucked out with Juggernaut. Good thing that guy came to help. Did he give you a name..?" she peers thoughtfully towards Warpath, noting his obvious concern for Theresa. "Oooh, are you two...?" it would explain some things.

Warpath has posed:
     "I've fought him before. I wasn't looking forward to it again." Jimmy comments softly and the mansion starts to come into view. He flips a switch and coms their arrival, advising the medbay to be ready. Shannon's already done it, but there's procedure and habit.

     He looks towards Megan and comments softly,"Were..." he comments softly,"She's special to me. Let's leave it at that." It is difficult to get much out of him anyway and besides they haven't seen each other since she was leaving the mansion to go to school elsewhere."

Siryn has posed:
Miss Cassidy laughs a rough laugh. "Just enough that I can't stand it! " But she hears Warpath. "Thanks."