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Place to sleep.
Date of Scene: 21 August 2020
Location: James' Room (North Halls), Xavier's School
Synopsis: Jimmy took Therea to his room at the mansion and left her there until she can get one of her own. For now he'll stay somewhere else.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Siryn

Warpath has posed:
     Once it is clear you don't have to stay in the infirmary and there is breakfast in your stomach, Jimmy takes you upstairs to his room. Motioning you inside he tells you,"Go have a seat. Get comfortable." He walks over to the chairs to turn them a little bit for easier talking,"I'll find someplace to sleep until they can get you a room set up."

Siryn has posed:
Quirking a brow, she accompanies him. "Why do I think you and I are going to be engaged in a wee little talk, hmm?" Terry flashes a grin, but goes along. "I like your rooms. Well, room." She sits. "So, what is it. My alcohol? I don't do drugs any more. You trust me with that, yes?"

Warpath has posed:
     He shakes his head and replies,"No. I'm just making it easier to get in a chair." Just not judgy this one,"We can always talk. You know that." He waits for you to take a seat and adds,"You can stay here until they find you a place of your own." he explains,"One thing you should never forget. I trust you."

Siryn has posed:
Which only makes Terry confused. "Really, it's all right.. don't you want to give me a lecture?" Admittedly, this time she was going across the ocean to get to training. And spend some time with other friends. "Actually, they really did a great job. Muir house didn't even question my explanation." Which made her brows furrow.

"Jummy, why do you trust me? Really, why?"

Warpath has posed:
     He takes a seat and sighs softly,"I give leactures five different times a day." he replies,"This time you were caugh off guard and taken against your will. It's not like you told Marko to take you, drug you, and hold you against your will."

     There is a moment of consideration and he tells you finally,"At the end of the day, when things are down you come through. We don't always agree, but you always come through when someone needs you. The rest is details."

Siryn has posed:
Terry nods, putting that away in her brain to think about later.

"I see." Which she doesn't really understand, but she tries to accept it. "It must have been hard to realize those notes were bogus. I guess I have been closed off somewhat. Let guess guess, Hi Jimmy, Ireland is fabulous. Betcha you are jealous, ha ha.. damn. That's about what I would write. To you.. damn."

She frowns at her hands.

Warpath has posed:
     There is a shrug of the massive shoulders and he tells you,"As long as I thought you were OK it wasn't an issue." he admits,"When I started to realize things were a little off I started to worry."

     "Our relationship is what it is. We're friends. You come to me if you need to. I'll always be your friend. I'll always stand by you when you need it."

Siryn has posed:
"You are my best friend. I need to remember that." Terry gives him a nod. "I'm so sorry. Let's try it again?"

Warpath has posed:
     "Anytime." he tells you and settles into the chair,"I'll find get osme of my things and find some place to sleep until Scott gets you a place." He leans back against the chair a little bit and sinks into it some,"So. We'll try again and see what happens." The rest of the evening is spent in idle chatting and plans that may or may not ever come to be. When you are ready to sleep he gets some things and leaves you the room.