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Passing The Football
Date of Scene: 10 September 2020
Location: Some Abandoned Back Country Diner
Synopsis: The X-Men successfully transfer Blurr into the hands of the Avengers. It's Christmas in September for Tony.
Cast of Characters: Pixie, Black Widow (Romanoff), Cyclops, Phoenix, Iron Man, Blurr

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn has teleported Blurr to the designated rendezvous point as instructed, and at this point there is really nothing else to do but wait..Which she's not great at. She also tries hard to keep her mouth shut although she does turn to Blurr at one point, trying to give him a reassuring smile.

"Okay, this might seem weird, but you gotta trust me..I know some people who know some people who can help you.." help how? She's not sure exactly but she knows Scott and Jean will know how to handle this in the best way possible.

"So you need to trust them." She looks to Scott and Jean whom she also ported here and nods, waiting for further instruction.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Having met with Scott and Jean to arrange this little meeting, Natasha had made sure she was present. They were meeting at the spot they'd met originally. It was an old abandoned diner that had seen better days but there was nothing close by for miles. The town nearby had grown and put this place out of business, along with the interstate that went in there.

There was a large semi truck with no markings on it or the trailer. It had a large amount of equipment inside to hopefully help with their patient.

If they had an real idea how to help a Cybertronian. It was for that reason, she'd invited any other Avengers along for this one. Thankfully, one that might have a clue had elected to attend.

Natasha stood near the truck, hands at her sides until the sudden appearance of Megan, Scott and Jean.

Cyclops has posed:
Once they step through the portal, Scott gives a furrow of his brows. He is in his full uniform, blue and gold with his red visor. He continues to pass glances over towards the injured Transformer, marveling at a sentient 'Sentinel' so to speak. He has also reminded himself a few times to ensure that all the vehicles are scanned once they get home.

The last thing he needs is his motorcycle taking off without him, rather than being stolen by Logan.

He sends an alert to Natasha that they have arrived, then folds his arms over his chest as he waits patiently. "The Avengers are our allies. They will know how to repair you and to ensure that you're safe."

Pretty sure they will.

Phoenix has posed:
It's taken a few weeks of planning and a copious amount of replyalls on the secure chain between Avengers and X-Men, but the date, time, and location were finally set. So Scott and Jean accompanied Megan across to Avalon, with the Phoenix dressed in her plain black uniform with little more than the gold X on her buckle to indicate her affiliation. She seems mostly calm, but she is all business and her face is sober and set.

"Alright, I have the location in my mind. So I'll show that to you, Pixie, so you know where we're headed and then take us across." And once acknowledged, she would share the image with the younger mutant. Then through they go to the diner, appearing behind the building to shield them all slightly from view.

Iron Man has posed:
"Hmm hm hmmmm... hm hm hm hm hm hmmmmmmm...."

To those not intimately familiar with deep cuts from AC/DC's Ballbreaker album, the noises coming from Iron Man's vocoder box might seem random. After all, he's not known for his singing voice.

But for the uninitiated, it's the opening riff to 'Hard as a Rock', an underappreciated gem.

Decked out in a suit of armor that's so vintage that it must be one of his first attempts, Iron Man is doing his best approximation of 'waiting patiently' when the various X-Men (and friends) start to arrive.

'Waiting patiently' mostly looks like awkwardly humming, tapping his metal-booted foot nervously, and occasionally looking at his arm as if he's expecting to see a watch there.

He didn't add the wristwatch to his armor until the Mark V, and he never tried to add it again.

It flew off.

"So... uh... Natasha. Is it true that you killed a guy in Budapest with his own..."

The electronically-garbled voice trails off, as the X-Men begin to arrive, showing up on the primitive display inside his primitive old Shellhead-style helmet.

"I think our pals have showed up. Here's hoping they brought the hot one, not the boring one that always interrupts me."

Blurr has posed:
    A friend of a friend sort of thing, huh? Well, Blurr doesn't exactly have a choice, anyway. He knows nothing about magic, and therefore would have no way of preventing Megan from teleporting him away, even if he weren't exhausted to the point of being almost dead.

    Maybe they could even hide him from Lockdown...here's to hoping, anyway.

    Upon arriving, he'd appear to simply be a blue and white sports car--albeit not quite something the typical person might own. More like something Tony would own. You know, one of those custom rigs. At any rate, he begins scanning surroundings: First, the trailer he is probably going into. Then Tony's suit. And then the rest of everything else.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"We don't talk about Budapest," Natasha responded, lips quirked slightly at the corners to show she's joking. Then it is all business as the expression disappears with the arrival of the others.

Three people. And a sports car. They did mention the entity in question could change forms.

"We're on," she said to Tony as she moved forward to meet the small grouping. A polite smile. "Good to see you again. I am guessing this is our patient?" She looks at the car, feeling slightly odd speaking about a car as though it was a person. But she had a teammate who was an artificial intelligence, so who was she to judge?

"Natasha Romanoff of the Avengers. I believe you probably all know my teammate." She really hoped they did or they might be in for an earful.

Cyclops has posed:
"This is .. the package. Blurr, this is Black Widow and Iron Man of the Avengers." Cyclops says with his usual stoic tone in his voice. His gaze behind his ruby quartz visor looks over towards Tony and his older model of a suit he's wearing. There is a slight shifting of his jaw before he looks back to Natasha.

"So far he hasn't been very chatty, and he hasn't .. transformed back into his normal form. But, I assure you, this is him." And he's not making this up.

He gives a casual glance over towards Jean for a moment before he nods his head towards the Avengers. "I don't have the keys." He attempts a bit of levity despite his dry tone. "Blurr, can you say something?"

Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey gives a quick dip of her head to serve as a greeting towards Natasha and Tony as the teams converge. Briefly her eyes look beyond them and to the surroundings, though seeing isn't necessary for her powers to search the area and make sure that they're all secure. There's a quick sideways glance back towards Scott before her eyes settle on the still sports car.

"And let them know, if you can, how best to transport you... comfortably." Her voice sticks slightly on the word, like it was foreign to her. It may be the first she's ever inquired as to a robot's comfort. Normally she's busy ripping off their limbs.

Iron Man has posed:
"I'm sure we can..."

Before he's able to finish his sentence, Iron Man gets straight up talked over by the guy whose mutant ability is apparently havine one really flat eye.

Inside his helmet, Tony mutters something under his breath.

But whatever he might be muttering to himself, he seems more interested in moving on to the Science Part. Touching one of the plates on his forearm, he actually FLIPS UP an old physical computer screen, which creaks a bit as if the hinge hadn't been oiled in ten years.

It hasn't been oiled.

But the gold-titanium alloy he made it of wasn't supposed to need oil for nine and a half years.

Lights flicker on his Forearm Computer Screen. Audible blips and bloops occur. Science happens.

"Huh. Looks like Elon has started making them without cupholders... but what are all the weird gears for?"

Blurr has posed:
    In response to the comment about not having keys, the driver's side door opens, revealing an interior that could have fooled anyone as much as the outside. Mimicking Terran technology, indeed--if they hadn't known any better, it was a perfect imitation.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Natasha pushes a button that she had been holding in her hand. The back door on the trailer begins to lower, creating a ramp that the Cybertronian can go up easily enough. If he can drive. The door opened so hopefully that means he's able to hear and understand them.

"If you want to get into the trailer, I think Iron Man here is going to see if he can figure out how to help you." She glanced to Tony as she said that, more a question than a statement despite how it sounded.

"Or are you able to get in there? If not, we can give a push. Or drive if the car door being open is an invitation to do so."

She considers a moment. "I guess I should ask bluntly if you are wanting us to try to help you? I give you my word the government will not be involved. This is Avengers business only." In case that was bothering him.

Cyclops has posed:
Reaching up to rub the back of his neck, Cyclops gives a long stare at the car as the door pops open. He takes in a deep breath, then looks over to the two Avengers.

"I'm not climbing into the driver's seat." He says rather bluntly. He's seen this movie before. He's not about to get ejected through the roof, or electrocuted, or strangled by a sentient seatbelt. Large robots and mutants do not mix.

He folds his arms once more over his chest, pressing his lips together a bit tighter as he stares at the car for a moment. "He can understand us."

Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey looks equally disinclined to get any closer to the car than she already is. Generally the woman has seemed good at keeping her cool, but she's looking at Blurr with a similar look of expectation and concern that a zookeeper holding chickens does when walking into the crocodile enclosure. It looks like a log until it isn't.

"If you need any assistance, there's no need to push." She says towards Natasha first, though the statement ends on Tony. Finally it turns onto Blurr. "I can provide lift if it's needed. A car isn't difficult."

Iron Man has posed:
"What's the issue? The X-Men don't believe in leather seats?"

Making his way around the car, Iron Man peers into the open door, and looks around with what may or may not be an impressed look on his face.

It's impossible to tell. He's wearing a helmet.

Lifting one of his heavy rocket boots up and swinging his leg into the cab, Iron Man sits down, putting his full weight on the chair. It's cool though, even the old suits weren't as heavy as they looked.

They're pretty heavy though.

"These buttons are laid out weird, but I can drive anything. Just gotta pull... this... panel... OFF!"

A panel from the interior goes flying, exposing some wiring.

"And plug these guys here into the old Arc Reactor port..."

The wiring gets yanked on, and some analog power filaments from Iron Man's Other Forearm are inserted, connecting to the car's wiring.

"And... hold on!"

"This isn't LEATHER! What the hell is this? SUEDE!?"

Blurr has posed:
    As soon as Tony plugs the arc reactor into any visible port once the paneling is removed, there is the audible hum of machinery powering up. The dashboard lights up like the county fair, filled at first with what must be an alien language. But after a few seconds they sort of morph into English, showing what anyone might expect to see on a vehicle's HUD these days.

    Now suddenly there is what appears to be a blond-haired teen human male sitting in the passenger seat next to Iron Man. Well...he is flickering a little bit, like a faulty projection. "Definitely a lot better than the lamp oil on that other planet." It says. "Thanks."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
There is a glance to Jean and Scott as Iron Man heads over to get in the car. It's somewhat understanding of their desire to not get into a robotic intelligence. They were hunted by Sentinels just a year ago after all.

Throw in that she's seen the movie 'Christine' herself so she's not really ready to leap in that seat.

"If we can get loaded up, we'll get out of here before any locals show up and wonder what's going on." Not a single car has come down the road so it's unlikely but with their luck? A whole caravan will show up any second.

Cyclops has posed:
"Looks like Iron Man was able to .. make some headway with the alien." Scott says as he watches the blonde hologram appear in the car. He gives a nod of his head back over towards Natasha.

"It looks like he has it all from here, so, Phoenix and I will take our leave and head back home. It was good to work with you, even if just briefly. I'd say we owe you one but ..."

He's not going to say it.

Giving a look over toward Jean, then towards Megan, he motions with his hand. "Pixie, take us back." He says as he starts over towards the teen with the fairy wings. "Have a good night, Avengers."

Phoenix has posed:
<< Scott, if that thing starts shooting... >> Jean says to her counterpart over their telepathic connection as the sounds of grinding metal and parts going flying, every once of her mental impression laden with concern. Thankfully, her fears don't materialize right then as the machine starts talking. It doesn't make her expressions look even one shred happier, however.

"She's right. This is a remote location but not abandoned. It looks like you have things settled, so we'll leave you to it and have a few less people around. Avengers, you know how to reach us if you need."

Iron Man has posed:
"AAH! Haley Joel Osment!"

With his armored arm raised to protect his head, Iron Man looks as if he's about to jump right out of the vehicle.

However, after the initial surprise, he puts his arm down and gives the apparent AI a long lookover.

"Huh. This thing comes with its own J.A.R.V.I.S. How... original."

It's not jealousy in his voice, more like he's collating data.

"Hey Natasha! They said we can keep this thing, right?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Who's Jarvis?" The avatar asks. Hmph. Terrans referring to him as a 'thing'. How typical. Anyway, he moves carefully into the trailer. At least this way, Lockdown won't be able to get at him without messing up his chances at good relations with the natives here...