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The Cure: Megavolt
Date of Scene: 21 October 2020
Location: New York State Correctional Centre - Outskirts
Synopsis: Four meta human criminals are broken out of a prison transport truck. One is defeated after a gruelling battle.
Cast of Characters: Pixie, Bigby Wolf, Wonder Man, Iron Man, Warpath, Red
Tinyplot: Mutant Cure

Pixie has posed:
An early Friday evening sees a large armoured prison truck pull out of the New York State Penitentiary, carrying some very special 'cargo' to be transferred to an undisclosed location. The four meta criminals safely locked up inside were largely kept off-camera, which only added to the secrecy of this particular transport mission, had it not been intercepted by a certain meta-terrorist group that was rapidly gaining notoriety.

As the truck drove through the countryside and turned onto a highway, a flock of glowing green crows flew out of seemingly nowhere, causing the driver to swerve sharply to the right, while a diamond blade expertly pierced the front tire of the truck, causing the driver to lose control, crashing into a ditch and leaving the driver unconscious and probably injured.

The last two supervillains quickly joined their cohorts, one of them teleporting inside and opening the large steel doors to the back from within. The last member inhaled a breath and blasted a hole in the four prisoners' holding cells, releasing them.

While three of the prisoners made a run for it, the last, a thin, frail looking man, cowered in a corner, hands covering his head as he stayed in his cell. "No, no, leave me alone, you don't know what you're doing....Aaaaaah!" he screamed as Dragonlord exhaled a breath of flames to engulf his form.

Somewhere in the distance, sirens can be heard. The explosions were pretty big and with the truck now on fire, it's likely that that caught some attention from certain superhero groups too.

Bigby Wolf has posed:
By pure coincidence, Bigby Wolf was passing by the area where the commotion started. His keen senses were alerted the second shouthing started. Instinctively, he throws away the cigarette he was smoking, hasting the pace toward the truck ingulfed in flames.

Arrived close enough to get a visual of the situation, Bigby stays back, glancing around. Friends and foes are quickly identified.

This is not something that he'd normally do - getting involved in a fight that ain't his - but this is obviously a jail break. Might as well have some fun! Instead of joining the battle right away, Bigby steps back and runs around the corner. As he runs, he discards his dust coat and almost ripping his shirt off. Both are swiftly tucked behind a dumpster where he can find them back later. This only takes a few seconds.

There's no one around - he makes sure of it - when he starts to transform into his werewolf shape, clad only in his pants. Even before he reaches the scene, he's completely ready for action in his eight feet tall werewolf form.

The smell of burning flesh assaults his nose but he can't help anyone left in the truck, fire being among the few things he has to be wary of. Instead, he spots one of the escapees and runs after him. Unless the foe runs faster than a car, it's a race he'll painfully loose.

Wonder Man has posed:
He was not patrolling or anything so noble. Honestly, Simon was doing a few pickup shots about 3 miles over before flying this way. Not because of the explosion, but because it is a great way to avoid traffic. It did afford him a view as well. It is not rocket science. After a little bit, well there was the explosion, and that is the sort of thing that demands Simon's attention. Simon lacks any superior or enhanced senses. He is merely just impossibly durable and endurant.

Like a thunderbolt the Avenger drops from the sky. He descends cacophonously and hits the ground in the dirt, causing a slight puff of dust. He lifts a hand to shield his eyes, despite the fact he is wearing his perpetual sunglasses; the hand is to protect the glasses actually. "Hello!" He calls out and starts to run towards the vehicle, not considering if there is danger, not pausing to think there could be anyone in it with ill intent. Instead, he dashes, calling out again. "Call out so I can find you! I can help!"

Iron Man has posed:

"Yup... another borin' road trip, Steve." A middleaged man with a goatee takes a sip from his coffee cup, looking out the window wistfully at some cows in a pasture by the highway. They're imprisoned too, but they seem so content. Maybe there's a lesson in there for all of us?

"Now now, don't get complacent there, Dale. Just 'cuz we got us an Avenger ridin' along with us don't mean that somethin' couldn't go wrong." The other guard steers, with his eyes forward and his hands on ten and two.

Up above, the Armored Avenger (currently single) known as Iron Man flies in a pattern above the vehicle. True, a job like this is a bit beneath what he'd like to think his pay grade is, but sometimes when you're a superhero who also does a lot of day drinking you end up owing the Governor a couple of favors and also like... eight million in fines.


The first one on the scene, Iron Man was caught a bit flat-footed by the escape attempt, which is ironic since he was flying at the time. But it's a good thing that he spent the extra money to reinforce this version of the Iron Man armor with heat-resistant shielding.

Because he's currently on his back, arms extended in front of himself, trying to fend off a pretty nasty case of getting burned to death by a supervillain.

"Hey man! Ease up on the breath, will you? Not everyone wants to smell what you had from Olive Garden!"

Warpath has posed:
     A column of pink light peirces the sky and projects to the ground. A moment later three figures step out of the light. Warpath steps out first and gives the place a once over as Alice and Pixie follow after him,"Pixie give me an aerial recon quick, find a way out if needed. Make sure there isn't anyone else planning to join our escapees here." He glances towards Alice,"Watch yourself, eyes open. Any civilians sorts needs to be moved out of here fast as possible."

     His gaze surveys the chaos opening up and he smirks a little at the arrival of the Avengers. He touches his left ear and speaks,"Whoever these guys are, they are about an unlucky as they can be." Amusement touches the grim tone in his voice and he starts towards the escaping criminals.

Red has posed:
Alice hadn't planned to go on a mission at first, but when Warpath asked her, she shrugged and followd, only stopping long enough to grab her emergency bag with some ABS chunks. No combat suit on her, she hadn't earned that yet. Not even a proper codename. Scanning the area, she nodded to Warpath's order.

"Aye... though... I think I know these guys. Lady Liberty... I think they need more than just an underwear enema." she grunted to herself as she follows Warpath on his way in, trying to duck low.

Pixie has posed:
The prisoners that flee are not specifically speedsters, although they have other gifts. There are only three of them dressed in prisoner orange onesies; The woman, a slender petite individual with short curly brown hair and pointy ears, spreads her arms and reveals a pair of large grey bat wings which she uses to effortlessly take flight. When Bigby gives chase, she turns around to open her mouth, unleashing an ear piercing sonic scream to cover her tracks.

A second prisoner, a thin willowy man with scruffy short black hair spreads his arms to create a blinding pitch black fog to cover his tracks. It's not enough to blind those at the truck but perhaps just enough to hide his own tracks as well as those of the other two prisoners.

The third prisoner, a big burly man with a goatee, uses the cover of a sonic scream and the blinding fog to flee by curling up into a ball and...Bouncing, extremely high into the sky, fleeing as far and as quickly away from the heroes as possible.

But it seems But it seems the more immediate danger is at the truck at the moment. The driver groans and stirs, his head bleeding with a big lump on it, but he's conscious, opening the door and stumbling out. He looks around and frowns, waving his arms to get attention, "Get outta here! If Megavolt absorbs too much energy this whole place will blow!" he warns as he half stumbles, trying to flee himself.

Meanwhile, within the truck, the flames steadily grow larger as three prison guards yell out for help. One is pinned to a wall with diamond blades preventing his movement, one is unconscious, and one is stuck under a heavy burning door.

Dragonlord sneers at Ironman and opens his mouth to unleash another cone of blazing fire at him. "Fool! You'll pay for last time! You'll regret coming!" his cohorts are already retreating though along with him, and it soon becomes clear why..

The frail looking man, the one called Megavolt, cowers as flames engulf him. He screams in pain, but his body does not fall, burnt, destroyed by flame. Instead his body, now engulfed in flames seems to grow larger, staggering forward as he slowly steps out of the truck. With another resounding roar, he unleashes massive streams of fire from his arms and feet along the ground.

Pixie frowns and nods to Warpath, spreading her wings and taking to the skies, "Umm let's see, We got three guards down in the prison truck, the driver is alive but suffering head injury, prisoners are already fleeing..Metaforce is retreating! Oh, and that flaming guy...Look out!" she swoops, barely avoiding getting blasted by a stray fireball.

Bigby Wolf has posed:
Hopefully, the superheroes folks will quickly identify him as being on their side! Not that Bigby is really worried about it if they don't. His prey - the unlucky escapee running in front of him - will be dealt with swiflty in a moment. That wasn't counting on the piercing sonic scream, which is particularly painful to his sensitive ears. And makes him even more angry.

Despite the sound, he runs back after the escape but she just flew out of reach. Now closer to the truck, he considers the flames. A nice huff-and-puff could take care of the flames, but might also injure the folks inside and around.

"Get the guards out," he looks over at Warpath who seems to be one of the heroes leaders, "I can take care of the flames."

Wonder Man has posed:
"I got the guys, you kick his ass, Tony!" Wonder man says as he runs towards the truck. As he steps in, Wonder Man starts to cough, but then that stops as he simply stops breathing. It's a crutch anyways. A vestige of who and what he once was. The Avenger considers the situation for a brief moment. The guard who is pinned will be unpinned. That is simple. Wonder Man simply reaches out with his left hand and the muscles ever so slightly flex to basically toss the pinning material aside. It is an almost casual gesture. He sweeps his gaze about as he moves towards the guard who is impaled. "I'll pull those out, but it is going to hurt." Simon is unphased by the flame and the smoke is only an issue as it obscures his vision. As he reaches for the sharp implements he is careful. He cannot wiggle them out, they need to come straight out. Not a matter for his strength, he believes, but something to pay attention to.

Iron Man has posed:
"Dummy, activate Defensive Countermeasure 693!"

As the temperature steadily climbs inside his suit, Iron Man realizes that a change of tactics is going to be required for him to once again come out of this alive. And... hopefully without wrecking another multi-billion dollar suit of armor, which he seems to do most weeks.

Ir J.A.R.V.I.S. were here to help him divert power from the life support to the thrusters, or calculate the odds of multiple combat scenarios, this would probably be a breeze. But unfortunately, J.A.R.V.I.S. has left the building and the onboard co-pilot that Iron Man is stuck with is named 'Dum-E'.


The automatic fire extinguishers on the outside of the Iron Man suit suddenly go off, shrouding Iron Man in a very thick fog of flame-fighting chemicals!

"Okay, okay! That's enough with the fire extinguishers, Dummy! Damn, how long have you been waiting to douse me again?"


"Nevermind, don't answer that... just start running the Running Back Subroutine while I go kick some ass and win the hearts and minds of my fellow Americans."

Getting up a bit shakily, still mostly surrounded in the thick gray fog from the suit's chemical fire extinguishers, Tony does a quick functions check of the suit as he strides forward confidently. Each step of his Rocket Boots is accompanied by a 'CLANK!' and a 'THUD!' that seem to happen simultaneously.

As he makes his way out of the fog, Iron Man realizes that other heroes are already on the scene, including one of his fellow Avengers. Looks like this'll be a lot simpler than he thought. The external speakers broadcast his voice to everyone nearby, much louder than a person could shout, and all in Dolby Atmos...

"Copy that, Wonder Man. You deal with everyone else the way you dealt with the Lonely Zombies in Love, Actually 4. I'll get the big guy the way you dealt with the horny gorilla in Radioactive Apes 2: The Apes Take Albuquerque"

Warpath has posed:
     Things happen fast when there are several parties involved and while everyone works well, they aren't exactly a team. Warpath nods to the wolf man only in time for Wonder Man to arrive and start removing the men. He eyes the man staggering out of the truck and goes to free the one pinned to the wall as well, mindful that there is nothing sticking into anything vital as opposed making the wounds worse rather than help him out,"Ali check the driver if you can. Pixie eyeball the one that is on the run, watch out for the sonic scream." No time to think about that right now.

     The plume of flame gets his attention and he raises a brow. He knows Iron Man is likely safe from the flames, but he's got charges to look after,"Both of you watch the flames. Pixie, track and engange the screamer if you can do it without getting blasted."

Red has posed:
Alice nods as Warpath gives theorder, but she does shy away from theopen flames, taking a long way around to get to the door without getting fried. Just check for the guy, yes?

As she stops at the door, she starts to rattle at it, but as it doesn't budge from the outside, she groans a moment. Where's that lever?

It takes her some mments to spot it right, and then some more to make the bakelite plastic around it to extend a tendril to the door and then through it. Only careful. In the end, she grips it and yanks at it, pulling the handle sideways to try to open the door so she can go and help the unconscous one...

Pixie has posed:
The screaming bat lady smirks at Bigby and continues to flee skyward. Pixie follows for a bit, but is blinded by the pitch black fog and she she pulls back, trying to find her bearings long enough to lose all three villains in the confusion.

The driver's door opens to fresh air with Alice's help and as she checks on the driver, he coughs a bit, reaching for her arm. "We..We need to call the police..That guy..He's dangerous..Absorbs all forms...Energy.." he groans, clutching his head, which is still bleeding. Looks like he could use some first aid..

The thick steel door that pins the first guard is heavy, but probably nothing to Wonderman who lifts it like it's a mere feather. He struggles out from beneath but it looks like his leg was injured as he gives out a cry of pain, stumbling as he struggles to grab a nearby wall for support. "If that fire reaches the gas tank, the whole place will blow!" The third guy shrieks as Wonderman pulls out those shards, but at least they missed any vital organs. Still he bleeds a bit, and seems a bit stunned from the blood loss in his arms and legs, too confused to yet register the flames. "Huh..."r
Meanwhile the first guard tries to drag the unconscious guard out of the truck..

Meanwhile, it seems that Iron Man's fire retardant manages to stave off at least some of the flames that Megavolt unleashes, although he gives a slightly insane roar as he charges for Ironman, unleashing another wave of flames, one stream towards the truck, one towards Ironman and another towards Warpath.

Bigby Wolf has posed:
Bigby watches, fascinated, as Wonder Man manages to enter the truck despite the flames. The escapees aren't the priority now, the fire and the madman are. Dodging a stream of fire emanating from that flaming guy - literally - Bigby positions himself away from the flames but also in direct line with the madman so no one is standing too close or in the direct line.

Everybody is probably too focused on their individual tasks to notice that the wolfman now changed into an oversized wolf of about 10 feet. But he's not chasing anyone. Instead, he takes a mighty deep breath and then blows a direct blast of wind on the fiery vilain. This incompressing blow always did the trick, hopefully it will extinguish the flames on the madman. If not, he'll be knocked out of his shoes.

There are still people in the truck, using the same ability over it would most likely hurt them.

"Wind don't count as energy," says Bigby, "But if it does, I'll win." Yes, the wolf speaks. Wonders won't cease.

Wonder Man has posed:
"Dude!" Wonder Man announces. "You are a bleeder." He grouses as he moves to settle the one man over one shoulder. "This uniform is dry clean only." Simon continues to grouse. For now, he wants to get the guys out. So, Mr. Stabby, Captain hitch-in-my-giddyup, and the poor unconscious guy are what Simon works on. Carrying the bleeding one and the unconscious one as he tries to help the one with the limp away from the vehicle.

As he corrals them, Simon notes. "You know, on my show, I Wonder, we are up for an Emmy, we study if cars and trucks explode in real life like they do in the movies?"

He plugged his show.

Iron Man has posed:
The only appropriate response to a renewed attack by Megavolt? Why, repulsor blasts, of course.

With his hands in front of him, palms facing outward, Iron Man fires off repulsor blasts toward Megavolt at a high rate of speed, so close together that they seem to be very nearly one continuous pulse blast.

"Dummy, get the Sonic Cannon spooled up. I'm not really feeling like messing with this clown too much longer. Think I might be coming down with something."


"What? No I'm not HUNG OVER! That's practically slander, Dummy."


There's a sound of something spooling up from Iron Man's suit, which can mean only bad things for whoever he's fighting. So far, his armor is holding up against the heat attacks, but for a minute there it looks as if Iron Man's knees might buckle under the renewed assault from the Heat Beams!

How will Our Hero escape this time?

"Hey Wonder Man... you're friends with most of the B Listers, right? Are any of these other people on OUR side?"

Warpath has posed:

     It is hard to keep an eye on everything all at once and Warpath does try to keep both younger mutants under his watchful eye. That costs him a moment and he looks up just in time to see the blast of flame coming in. Nothing for it. He raises his arms up to protect his head and ducks his chin to protect his face.

     The fire doesn't last long as it is blown out a few seconds after it starts. His shirt is burned off and a heavy rig is under it. He reaches behind his back and his head rises again. His eyes find the one shooting fire and his eyes burn with their own intensity. A pair of wicked knives are withdrawn from scabbards in the leather rig and he starts towards the one that set him on fire. For the most part his skin looks like nothing happened to him. A smile crosses his features....and there isn't anything amusing or friendly about it.

Red has posed:
Alice nods as she pulsl the man out f the seat, the belt just snapping as she separates the polymer fibers in it. "First let's get you out, the others know how to deal with such." It takes her some moments to get him out, but then she takes one of the ABS chunks from her pocket, showing it to the guy. "I'll try to staunch the bleeding, but it'll hurt. I got to press it against the wound."

Without waiting for an answer, she actually does, starting to mold the polymer block against the harmed wound, attempting to make an airtight seal before turning it into a temporary wound compress. While it isn't something that should be kept, and certainly hintered healing in the long run, but for the short term, it could give the time so he actually would get a chance to heal.

Pixie has posed:
Once the three guards are clear of the truck, Pixie hurries towards Wonderman, "Here, bring them here..I'll port them to the hospital!" At least two of the guards are awake and they step towards her while Wonderman handles the unconscious one. "Alice, how's the driver? Bring him here, I can take him too!" Thankfully she doesn't have to carry them all and once they are hopefully into position, she will vanish in another flash of light with all four guards in tow.

Fortunately, the Big bad Wolf huffs and puffs with something that cannot be absorbed by Megavolt. The wind is enough to put out at least some of the flames, although the fire has already hit the gas tank of the truck. Even as Megavolt is blasted back by the wind, even as it seems to nullify at least most of the flames covering his body, the truck crackles...And blows up into a sickening explosion of oil and electricity and flame.

At the same time, Ironman's repulsor beams send him flying into a nearby lamp pole...For a moment, Megavolt doesn't stir..But then his eyes open again, burning bright white. He gives a roar and unleashes a similar repulsor blast upon both Iron man and Warpath.

Bigby Wolf has posed:
If he didn't care about anything else than vainquishing Megavolt, Bigby could unleash a formidable gust of wind to take care of him for good, but that would most likely injure or kill everyone around. Quite counter productive. Before chasing after Megavolt, Bigby-Wolf inhales deeply and directs another precise gust of wind over the truck, carefull that the flames do not extent in the direction of the injured guards attended to by Pixie and Alice. At least, this is taken care of for now.

Then the monstrous wolf turns his blood-shot gaze toward Megavolt, some flames remaining on the madman. Damn fire. Bigby starts toward him just as Megavolt starts attacking Iron Man and Warpath.

Wonder Man has posed:
"Really there is no reason to rush." Wonder Man tells Pixie. "Not because of the fuel tank. They just don't blow up like that." He turns around, pivoting towards Tony. As a being of living energy, maybe going up to punch the guy in the face would be ill-advised. "This is a crock of sh--" Boom!

That gas tank that was not an issue goes off. It throws Simon a few dozen yards through the air into some nearby trees. Trees that are now smoldering and burning. Simon's sunglasses hang off his face. "Guards are clear, Tony!" He announces, exhaling some smoke as he does so. His uniform smolders. "Need any help?" Tony's getting lasered by his own repulsors? He's got this?

Iron Man has posed:

Inside Iron Man's helmet, Dum-E shrieks a warning so shrill that it sets Tony's teeth on edge and causes him to reflexively jerk his head to the side.

Which is all that keeps him from getting beaned right in the noggin by a repulsor blast suspiciously similar to his own.

The rest of him isn't so lucky, and he takes a few blasts to the armor as Megavolt turns his own 'power' against him.

"Dammit Dummy! Where's that Sonic Cannon? Aim for the head!"

As Dum-E complies, Iron Man switches tactics. Instead of continuing to fire repulsor blasts at Megavolt, he redirects his palms downward and shoots up into the air, getting some distance between himself and his opponent and doing his best to dodge the incoming blasts with some fancy maneuvers.

"Look out everyone! Either we're dealing with some sort of energy sponge, or else they've finally started selling Repulsor Gauntlets at the prison commisaries in Upstate New York!"

Finally, the long-awaited Sonic Cannon comes online, and there's a near-deafening BOOOOM! as it fires a veritable wall of sound at the bad guy who had the audacity to copy Tony's tricks.

Warpath has posed:
     Past annoyed, but not past good sense Warpath judges the distance between them. A split second decision and he flips the knife in his left hand, catching the blade and sending the weapon at the man just before move clear of the repulsor blast,"See how you absorb that." he growls darkly.

     On the surface it looks like Warpath is ready to put him down once and for all. The blade flies at the man's face and rotates again. As the Sonic Cannon comes to life, the butt of the knife's hilt strikes Megavolt in the nose with a good deal of Warpath's immense strength behind it, the nose making a rather nasty squishy sound on impact.

Pixie has posed:
Thanks to Bigby, the flames from the truck are soon snuffed out before they can spread further, but now a new threat poses itself. Megavolt narrows insane eyes on Wonderman and Bigby next, firing off more repulsor blasts at them.

Then a sonic boom blasts into him, and he yells as the blasts churns up a massive cloud of dust around him. For a moment, Megavolt doesn't move.,But then he slowly, shakily climbs to his feet again, and while the knife sinks into his nose, he gives a pained snarl, staggering to one knee as blood spurts out over his face. Seems the knife and the wind did damage to him..And the wall of sound causes him to shrunk, grabbing his ears, finding it hard to climb fully to his feet.

The wooden pole behind him was also damaged however, and the crackling edge of a power line is exposed. He reaches for it, yelling as electricity crackles in his hands, slowly healing some of his wounds. But right now he's distracted. He can't attack and heal at the same time..

Bigby Wolf has posed:
He's not so sure what electricity could do to him, but Bigby knows that wood ain't a conductor. Megavolt seems distracted, which gives the large wolf time to reach for the next pole. With his powerful jaw, he yanks the pole away and moves back with it, until the powerline snaps.

Maybe Megavolt had time to accumulate some electricity, but he won't have anymore.

Wonder Man has posed:
Apparently, they don't got this. Simon plucks his broken sunglasses off his face and tosses them to one side. Coiling his legs, he leaps out of the trees and then rockets towards 'Megavolt'. "Tony! Incoming!" Cocking back his fist for a heavy wallop, Wonder Man leaps to the attack. Energy absorber, meet 200 pounds of living 'ionic energy'. Simon's red eyes glow in twin red contrails as he flies in to attack! Simon doesn't have time to get supersonic here, but he can still build up some speed.

Iron Man has posed:
"Got 'im!"

The Dolby Atmos-powered voice of Tony Stark is projected out into the Universe, ensuring that his gloating can be heard by all. There are more effective things that he could be doing with his Dolby Atmos-powered voice, but gloating is squarely in his top three favorite things.

An ionic blur streaks past Iron Man, causing him to do a quick double take before refocusing his attention on the Big Bad. Already, he's preparing contingencies in case Wonder Man's attack doesn't have the desired effect. And Dum-E is scrambling to keep up, but falling way short as usual.

Poor Dum-E. He tries.

Warpath has posed:
     His target mostly out of comission by all appearances, Warpath glance around to check on Pixie and Alice. A nod to both and he starts to study the fall out around. He keeps a wary eye on Megavolt and his right hand still has a wicked looking knife. The look in his eyes say if that one gets thrown the man is going to have bigger problems than a broken nose.

Pixie has posed:
Megavolt may have been able to fully heal himself, and cause more serious damage..But his power source is suddenly cut off as Bigby Wolf so cleverly snaps off that pole, and the line with it.

Then suddenly Wonderman slams into him before he can even regain his composure, pinning him to the ground. Who knows how long he can hold him there? But maybe it doesn't matter anymore. The two guards in the escort car step out now that the immediate threat is over, carrying heavy chains and cuffs to restrain his still crackling energy form, only half conscious and still a bit injured at this point.

"Thanks, we'll take it from here!" A moment later, a sterile white helicopter arrives and lands. Two men in crisp white uniforms of some kind step out and hurry towards Megavolt. Without a word, one of them shoots him with some sort of art gun. His body convulses for a moment or two before going limp, and at the same time, whatever energy was crackling around him a moment ago has now all but completely dissipated, reverting him to his normal human form.

Bigby Wolf has posed:
While Wonder Man and Iron Man take care of Megavolt, Bigby slowly steps back. As unnoticed as a ten foot tall wolf can be! Finding himself now far enough from the centre of attention, Bigby shists back to his werewolf shape. They seem to be able to manage the madman, and now will be a good time for him to vacate the place while remaining incognito. Now the guards are taking over, all is fine.

A few steps back, the trees are a few feet away. As soon as he reaches them, Bigby stealthily shapes back to his human form and returns to get his clothes back on. Hopefully no one notices him.

Wonder Man has posed:
No absorption? No pain? No brush with death? No painful discovery about the issues with (in)humanity? As Simon is relieved by the men in white he seems bewildered. As he fishes about his person, he grunts to Tony. "Shouldn't I be, like dead? Isn't that what usually happens?" He isn't really joking. Well, he is joking a little, but it sure seems like he gets 'killed' a lot.
    Taking a couple of steps aside. Wonder Man grunts. "Apparently he cannot absorb my brand of energy?" His left brow rises as he states this. His right hand found his spare pair of shades and in a practiced gesture that would make David Caruso envious he slides them on. No one liner though, as that would be too derivative.

Iron Man has posed:
While his sluggish onboard AI (using the term 'intelligence' very loosely) busies itself with computing the flight path back to Stark Tower, Tony Stark holds up his forearm in front of his head and turns on the suit's wrist-mounted holoprojector. Before him, the shimmering three-dimensional image of the Governor of New York appears, and presumably Iron Man's image is being projected back... wherever the Governor is.

The Governor looks mildly surprised to be hearing from Tony at this hour, and possibly mildly annoyed.

"Hey Guv... what's up? Just wanted to deliver a little piece of breaking drama to you before it pops up in your news feed. The Avengers totally saved the day again, with some help from... uh... some friends of ours. Shaggy Man, Knife-Throw Man... you know, Avengers-in-Training."

The Governor begins to pinch the bridge of The Governor's nose...

"So maybe just sit with that a while, and maybe think twice before you tell CNN that you think it's time to revisit our TAX EXEMPT STATUS you fat doofus!"

Dramatically tapping his wrist, Iron Man banishes the image and puts his arms back down to his side.

"That was the Governor. Of New York."

"Governor says great job, everyone, by the way."

Warpath has posed:

     A shake of his head and Warpath leans down and picks up the thrown weapon. Both knives are put back into the sheathes on his back,"Pixie. You and Ali meet me where we came in. We're out in under thirty." He considers Iron Man, Wonder Man, and Bigby all in turn. He offers a polite nod and then the over grown Apache turns and starts to walk towards where the teleportaion brought them in.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn returns just as the men in white drag the de powered Megavolt off with them towards the chopper. "Woah, what's going on? What did they do to him?" she shivers, shaking her head, "I dunno, but I don't like this..,We should get back before the police get here.." and once Alice and Warpath are close enough, she will teleport them away from the scene of the crime.