12954/After the Danger Room

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After the Danger Room
Date of Scene: 03 April 2021
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: Emma comes in to see the tail end of a Danger Room training. The two catch up for a while.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Emma Frost

Warpath has posed:
There are times that James struggles to control the baser fury of his nature. There are times when he lets it out. Typically when he does this he is alone. His clothing is in tatters from the danger level and his blades are covered in something that seems to be blood, though alien in nature.

His breathing is deep and starting to steady. There are bodies pretty much everywhere and he is currently sitting in the midst of a pile of them. For all the fury that likely existed a few moments ago, he is calm and aside from the beathing deathly still.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma's been busy lately, getting reacquainted with Jean and Scott, re-establishing her business, and latest of all, working on the syllabus for her class. But she noted the Danger Room in use, and so steps in to see precisely who's training and how.

Eyebrows perk high as her arms cross under her chest, head tilting, eyes roaming over James, calling out, voice cool and calm. "So. A weekend watching movies seemed too pedestrian? You do know this thing apparently has -lower- intensity settings, dear."

Her lips quirk in a crooked little grin, a smug tease as she sighs out, "But my my. This must have been quite the impressive display."

Warpath has posed:
He doesn't open his eyes right away, but his voice comes back to her,"I heard you were back." His voice calm and deep. He ends the meditation and his eyes slowly open to take her in,"Movies are more interesting when they are happening to you." He rolls his shoulders a few times and stands up, stretching as he does.

"I get all the lower settings I can stomach training with the team or training the kids." he admits and tosses what his left of his shirt over a shoulder and walks towards her,"As for the display I intend to watch it back to see where I might impove, you're welcome to watch of course." Once he arrives at a comfortable distance to her he adds,"Good to see you again. It's been too long."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma laughs softly, eyebrow quirking as she murmurs out, "Well, maybe I should try my hand at programming this thing. Set the students some sort of slapstick comedy goal. People seem a little high strung lately. And that's -me- saying that."

Her hips cock to the right, right hand resting on them as her left shoulder lifts in a little shrug. "Well, I can keep you company while you review. I'm a little too rusty to be much -expert- help right now. My last session with the students was an absolute catastrophe. We were like kittens stumbling around in the snow."

She bobs her head and lets that smile grow a touch, "And I'm glad to see you too. It's been awhile, too long really, but then I haven't seen -anyone- in too long." She clicks her tongue and murmurs dryly, "Not that that's been so bad, it's allowed cooler heads to prevail between me and Jean. We've even -smiled- at each other. Genuinely no less!"

Warpath has posed:
A smile is a rare occurence, but she does get a smirk at the idea of doing a slapstick program. He nods and admits,"I've been busy with the farms lately, but I have noticed since my most recent return that everyone is in need of something to break the tension." The smirk of course because of her comment about her saying they were high strung.

He nods towareds the control room and walks towards it,"The Danger Room always manages to find the gaps in your abilities. Sometimes I think Xavier had a strung sense of sadism deep down where no one ever sees." he mutters between the two of them. There are few he is comfortable enough to speak freely with, but she is one of them,"Catastrophe builds their character."

He always was notorious about wanting to make sure his own abilties and tactics stand up. He could be the team player to beat all when he was young, but he would still struggle. He does pause to look at her when she mentions the genuine smiles between the two of them,"Should I be watching for the signs of apocalypse?" Not so funny considering the company they keep, but she likely gets it.

Emma Frost has posed:
That smiles stays on Emma's lips as she bobs her head and murmurs out. "Oh, I'm not sure you're the -only- one who sometimes thinks that. I think we all worry about it now and then." Her arms stretch up above her head, elbows bending, back arching as she groans and mutters dryly, "Oh! And we may be expanding the school. I'm thinking of buying a summer camp. Forcing the students to help clean it up, some of the older ones to run it. Let disadvantaged kids enjoy nature when we're not using it."

She hums as she makes her way to a seat and settles down, "Oh no, no need to keep an eye out for the apocalypse. There was champagne involved, and it had been a long day. We may have just been too tired to snipe at each other. I intend to find out soon." She shakes her head, "But maybe I'm just... tired of the tension. Breaking it seems like the best course of action. It'll either work out, or it'll go terribly wrong. Either way it will be -different-."

Warpath has posed:
Sure he notices the stretch. A beautiful woman and he's far from blind. There is another smirk and he walks again. He follows her into the the control room and nods,"A summer camp would be good for the students and the locals both. Good for them to do some manual labor too. I am afraid most of them haven't had to deal with much of that."

He settles into a chair and flips the view screen on. Oh sure, it looked all peacful at first. He was walking through a flat pasture, something his cattle might be grazing on. THe sky was clear, the breeze blowing, and then a large craft lowers from the sky. UFOs, not really his style. Still he does let things run random so when the creatures that greatly resemble the Xenomorphs hit the ground the fight commenced,"It is better if the two of you can co-exist. I like a good female smackdown as much as the next red blooded man, but sometimes it can be too much. Hopefully you two will find a steady ground and the tension will ease."

Emma Frost has posed:
A soft laugh passes those warm lips as Emma quirks an eyebrow, half focused on the screen, "Oh really... aliens? They practically look like they're from the movie. We'd get -so- many copyright claims if people knew we had this." She sighs softly and shakes her head slowly. She glances sideliong and smirks, one eyebrow quirked. "Yes, well, I'm -fairly- certain a showdown between me and any of the other women on campus would draw attention. But Ororo would give me my own personal stormcloud to follow me around, and Rogue's simply too dangerous to wrestle."

She clicks her tongue and drawls out, "And of course, having the tension between me and Jean -and- Scott and Logan is probably just too much. Best to defuse one of the ticking timebombs. Perhaps when Betsy's around again I'll try being -her- rival."

Warpath has posed:
"Sometimes I think the kids sneak in here to make things more to their liking. This almost smells of shik'isn. Shannon." he muses and watches the screen. He throws a few as they descend on him and kicks several away, but the numbers begin to overwhelm and from under his shirt the two vibranium blades appear and he begins to mow through them,"At least they didn't have acid blood."

"There would be betting pools and we could charge admission." he replies, glancing back to return the smirk,"Just let me know ahead of time so we can get it in place."

A nod and his attention moves back to the screen,"Those three tend to stand together yes. Three of the more dangerous time bombs." He laughs softly inspite of himself and shakes his head as he watches himself mow through the critters and one of his knives goes flying to impale an alien's head,"Trading the rivalry of that trio to annoy the ninja. I always did admire your tenacity."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma continues to watch the replay, whistling softly, "Well, -someone- hasn't let his skills degrade any... and come now, I have a -perfectly- logical reason for wanting to battle Betsy. She's a challenge, she's thrillingly unique."

She pauses for a long moment as she leans forward in her seat, arms crossing atop her thighs as she murmurs dryly, "She has an appreciation for fashion, and I can just go on a shopping date with her to kiss and make up."

She laughs softly and shakes her head slowly, "And you raise a good point, though I think by the time anyone has access to this technology, they've been worn down by enough lectures on responsibility not to let their extracurriculars get more wild than... say, fighting off a spaceship of legally distinct aliens."

Warpath has posed:
"I was taught by the best." he replies to her about his tendency to keep his skills honed. There is another smirk as she mentions the challenge of Betsy. He nods in agreement and eyes the screen where he takes a minor miss step. This leads to him having to grab one of the aliens to throw it at another one. His other knife flies and he impales another. Absently, he reaches of to hit a button and the illusions fade to reveal the two knives laying on the floor of the danger room.

"I'm not much for fashion, but the both of you tend to wear it well." see he's not dead, just a little slow. Another smirk touches his features and he agrees,"I tend to agree with you on the kids taking liberties with copyrights. It was a good training though. Maybe you should join me next time? It's been longer that we stood in battle than when last he had a meal together."

Emma Frost has posed:
Another soft purr of laughter escapes as Emma's head bobs, "Well, that sounds like a fine plan. I can shake off some of my rust. Really impress the kids next time I tag along on one of their exercises."

Her lips quirk in a crooked little grin, "And, yes, well, when you tend to fight in fashion like me and Betsy, you spend as much time practicing looking good doing things as you do doing them. Maybe a little more, really. I should probably just mindipe you all every time I stumble."

Her eyebrows perk and she sighs out, "Wel! Perhaps we cna have dinner sometime. If anything maybe it will stop me from sneaking down to the kitchen in the middle of the night now that people are appearing out of thin air there."

Warpath has posed:
"I would hate to have bragged on you and have you not live up to it." he teases lightly and watches the last of the battle on the screen. There are a lot of bodies down there and while he has a few scrapes, nothing dangerous. The worst of them were closing up already.

"Not sure most of the kids would call what I do pretty. Most of them cover their eyes if they see that." he muses and glances towards her again since the moments that follow involved her arrival,"The kitchen does have a tendency to draw them out of the woodwork without a doubt. We could meet at my room again." He touches his hair thoughtfully,"I think you arrival is advantageous. I need a trim too and nobody here other than you really rates for that sort of thing if you don't mind."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma shakes her head with a soft laugh, "Yes, well, the fridge always has delightful leftover desserts, so it makes sense people are drawn there."

She laughs and shakes her head, "Oh no, the appeal of your style is utterly different than mine, dear." She clicks her tongue and bobs her head, "Of course, I can drop by later, hm? We'll catch up some more."

Warpath has posed:
"Usually a side effect of Shannon's dealings." he comments with a nod,"She is a very good cook." He shuts off the screen and settles to talk for a time,"I would appreciate it. You cooked last time, I can arrange something for dinner later if you want. It won't be the caliber of last time, but I can manage. A good chance to catch up yes."