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Date of Scene: 06 May 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway, After Closing Time
Synopsis: X-Force has a meeting and they talk about stuff!
Cast of Characters: Wolverine, Psylocke, Warpath, Havok, SpyderByte, Polaris, Deadpool

Wolverine has posed:
    Harry's no stranger to what goes on around Westchester. He's a man who has lived a good life in the New York satellite city, seen many things with everything that's happened, and become good friends with no small number of the people who call Xavier's their home in one way or another. He's a good man who doesn't brook too much crazy and in turn Xavier's students have always been a bit protective of him and his. Chances are he knows a good bit of what goes on at least peripherally, but he is also good at turning a blind eye when it's needed.
    Such as tonight.
    It had started with quiet words shared. Logan had felt the man out and was able to get an agreement. Late Monday night, after the bar had closed and the staff had retired, they left the keys with the Canadian X-Man who in turn let Ms. Braddock know that things were clear, locked down, swept, and clean.
    If there was a good time to talk about what they wanted to then it was now. The back door was open, and holding it that way was Wolverine in his blue jeans and white t-shirt. His arms are folded over his broad chest as he gives a nod to those coming by and occasionally he even murmurs, "Inside, on the right. Take a seat." Giving directions to the event room where things are set.

Psylocke has posed:
Betsy is already there, having arrived a little earlier. She too was dressed down, wearing blue jeans and a black button-up blouse. Short black bots on her feet. Her hair was down.

News of this meeting had circulated amongst the various people who had helped with X-Force on their previous one-time-assignment. It was also mentioned to those who might be interested in such a thing. Of course, the school is a small place. Sometimes word would spread further than intended.

She did have a yellow notepad in front of her with a pen laid atop it. Just in case.

Warpath has posed:
On a good day Jimmy has a tendency to look grim. Right now he looks less than amused and is carrying a pile of something that more or less looks like Wade in his left hand, dangling the broken merc from the ground.

He nods to Logan and mutters,"Smelled Wade outside the mansion. He'd managed to hide himself in the shubbery so the kids didn't see him." Points for Wade, he was thinking about the kids. He moves past Logan to head into the meeting area and find a place to deposit Deadpool.

Havok has posed:
    "Bullshit Lorns!" Alex exclaims along with a playful shove to the shoulder of his green-haired bestie. "That was YOU, not... no wait, it was me. But that other time? The one in Cabo? That was definitely you dancing on the tables." He's all smiles and chipper. He motions for Lorna to go in before him, "Age before beauty, yeah?" he teases. He shoots a nod in Logan's direction, s'up. "Bouncer looks good on you," he comments. His serious business face doesn't make an appearance until he's inside and settled near Betsy, but even then, there's a hint of a smile threatening.

SpyderByte has posed:
Making his way into the room dressed in black is Jeremy. The lanky Goth is dressed in a pair of dark black pants with several chains hanging from one hip, a black shirt with a power button logo on the front, and his half leather trench coat. He has a laptop bag slung over one shoulder and padlocked.

As he moves slowly, the chains jingle and jangle along his legs to announce himself. His long hair is past his shoulders now, with thin rimmed glasses peeking out from behind a veil of bangs. As he gives a glance to the familiar faces, he slips down into a seat, then starts to work on the padlock on the bag with fingerless gloved fingers, his nails painted dark. Once open, he slips out a thin black laptop and lays it in front of him.

Over his left arm his cell phone is holstered in a protective case with the screen flickering green.

Polaris has posed:
     "You were the one feeding me shots of tequila!" Lorna will reach up to noogie Alex, before she hip bumps him out of her way. "Only maturity wise, am I older, you dork." She mutters, before there's a wink for Logan. "Hello, handsome." Green hair is pulled up in a loose bun, and she's wearing thick heeled black boots with black leggings and a deep green tunic. There's metallic bracelets around her wrists, as you might expect. Oh, those chains of Jeremy's are tempting, and Lorna will smirk mischieviously as she lifts them and makes them chime against one another.

Deadpool has posed:
Hanging over a shoulder Deadpool gives a weak wave, though some of the fingers in the gloves are still missing, well they aren't but they are small baby fingers instead of real grown ones as he drops his arm again.. "Rough night.. " he offers thinking about it. He lost the car he was loaned, and would have to go find his weapons... again, but at least he wasn't sent to another plain of existance so he had that going for him. He looks up a bit at Wolverine. "I don't know if I can survive much more save the world stuff.." and grins joking a bit. That thing might not of destroyed everything someone would of got it, but they were the lucky ones called up.

He looks around a bit.. "There.. chair's open just don't sit me next to that way too serious lady." he pauses... "She's already here isn't she." and sighs a bit. If he is put down he would flop down in his chair able to sit-upright at least though walking might be difficult for another day. His outfit is torn, burnt, blackened, and the amount of bad things anyone with highened senses would smell would be bad. Thankfully most of it was washed away, but it was a rotten stink like he was rolling around with the dead.. again.

Wolverine has posed:
    Warpath gets a solemn nod from the bouncer, the state of Wade is noted yet unremarked. Havok though gets a side-eye but no comment even as he slips his gaze away and toward Lorna as she strolls on by. "Mmmhmm," She gets the first few syllables from him, then he adds, "Inside on the right."
    Jeremy though gets a slight flaring of the nostrils, then a nod and a gesture with one shoulder.
    A few more moments as people are likely to get settled, then Logan pushes off and away from the door, letting it sloooowly close behind him as he turns and strolls into the room proper. He sets the lock on the back door, and voila, secure Harry's Hideaway. That done he follows his own advice and heads to the room on the right as he slips inside and takes up a place by that archway, arms folded over his chest and his gaze sweeping the room.
    Apparently his job tonight isn't the talkative bit of the evening.

Warpath has posed:
Once Wade is settled in place Jimmy steps back to take up a spot, leaning against the wall to see what things will transpire. He offers a nod to each person that might look his way, but otherwise he is settled in place and mostly motionless and watchful. Nobody keeps him around for his conversational skills.

Havok has posed:
    Alex is modeling 'surfer dude beach bum' attire this evening, by the way; loud floral board shorts, a white 'beater' and a half zipped black and pink hoodie that reads: Sally's Surf Shack on the back with a surfboard being bitten in two by a shark. ...and leather flips on his feet. "What the fuck is that SMELL..." he mutters as he gets a good nose full of Wade. "Jesus, have someone dunk you in a bucket of bleach," he suggests when he realizes where that stench is originating. "...or tell them to change your diaper."

Psylocke has posed:
As everyone arrives, they get a smile of greeting or a few words from Betsy. Until Warpath arrives with Wade in tow. That gets an arch of her brow, especially when she hears his preference for seating. If that wasn't enough, then the stench is picked up. That was not enjoyable to say the least.

"I appreciate everyone joining me for this little chat," she started in her posh British accent. "I won't take up too much of your time but I recently talked with Scott a bit about expanding an idea."

She looked around to the various people. "A few months back, some of us were given an assignment. To try to stop those mutants during that whole Cure incident." It's an incident to a Brit. They tend to downplay things. It wasn't always the best of ways yet it was theirs.

"The idea was that we were some of the members who understood that, at times, peaceful resolution is impossible. That sometimes more..." She paused to consider her words. "Extreme solutions are needed. While we do not take such choices lightly, some of us are the ones who can cross that line when needed without hesitation. We are not without remorse nor do we enjoy it but we understand it."

She paused again then picked up the pen, more a nervous movement than because she wanted to make a note. She never even looked at the paper. "We want to expand on that idea. Make X-Force a permanent team. You would still remain X-Men." Her gaze flicks to Deadpool. "If you are already." So he doesn't get ideas he just got a promotion. "But this would be another team apart from Xavier's."

SpyderByte has posed:
As he listens, Jeremy lifts the lid of his laptop, then gives a slow blink as the screen lights up, followed by a couple of camera angles that pop up and feed through the device. He tapped into Harry's security system, just to keep watch, just in case. The parking lot is clear and that causes him to relax a bit. His fingers are steepled together as he leans back into his chair, continuing to glance at the others. Deadpool's scent causes him to scrunch up his face.

When he feels his chains jingle, he gives a glance down at his jeans, then over towards Lorna. He give as brief smile, shyly before he glances back at his computer. He gives a slight tilt of his hand as a text screen launches so that he can take subtle notes, in WingDing.

He looks towards Havok, offering up a brief smile to the man he helped rescue a few days ago, then over to Warpath to return his nod before he focuses completely on Betsy once more.

Polaris has posed:
"Oh thank the friggin' powers that be." Lorna says softly, a dart of green eyes Alex's way. She told him they would figure something out. Looks like they won't even have to do that. "I know I've only been back a couple days from studying... boring stuff none of you care about, but as far as I know, I'm still an X-woman. But you can /so/ count me in."

Deadpool has posed:
Deadpool smiles a bit, "Kraken... Or I think it was." he shakes his head, he chuckles, "Good thing I taste as bad as smell, or might not be here." he notes, though who would of though it would all come to that. He shrugs a bit at the though, and snifs under a limp arm as he raises it. Even giving a 'wheew' look with a grin, "Yea.. That is definetly him." he nods to Betsy, "or her.." just grinning to himself for now. He would deal with the things he lost later for now he was here, and started pulling bits of shrubbery out of his costume the best he could manage. "Whats with pretty boy, at least tell me his power is sharper then his wit." and leans back smiling at Havok with a wave.

He listens to Psylocke, and nods to her. "Keep in mind I don't know about the before, so are we talking like an operations team?" he asks he wasn't sure where people stood on things, but he was thinking as miitary where there were teams, and breachers, etc. "That would take some equipment, and I don't know if some of us could move with a sixty pounds on his back." he glances back at Havok.

Though he then nods to Warpath, then Logan, "We are getting paid for this right? I mean no offince, but you X-Folk ask for a lot of free labor so one needs to ask." he looks back at Psylocke.. "Don't write that down.." remembering she had the pen and paper. "I mean comon people.. I can't be the only one with bills to pay right?"

Wolverine has posed:
    As for Logan he keeps quiet for the most part, likely already heard about this and not inclined to offer any insight yet. Instead he stays there looking from person to person to person, though not looking like he's doing so. More just taking a slow read of the room and scowling rather sharply now and again each time he's forced to realize that Wade exists with that smell.
    Eventually, however, as Wade starts going. And talking. And talking more, he'll feel a heavy /THUD/ in the back of his chair and then Logan raises his voice. "Breathe, 'Pool."

Psylocke has posed:
"The thought process is that we are a team apart. Our own base, our own resources. The Professor would not approve and I cannot, in good conscience, use his money to fund such a thing. Thus, it will come out of my pocket."

Betsy realizes that Deadpool is right. He wasn't around. "X-Men don't kill. They are more a reactionary force. Peacekeepers in some ways, trying to fight for mutants when they are targeted in some ways. They will fight but they don't cross lines."

She focuses on Lorna and Havok as well, since they weren't around at the time. "X-Force are the sword. We are the ones who will go in the shadows and do what must be done. Our activities will potentially be more illegal than simple vigilantism. If a target needs to be removed for the safety of others, that may be a step we will take. It is not first choice. We will do all in our power to avoid. But we also are not ones to back down if that step is needed."

She considers. "Think of us as a Black Ops team. Combined with Special Forces. We are not public and will not be. Some will never know we exist outside our own group or those in the X-Men."

She gives an almost smile. "As for pay? That is something that we'll have to figure out as well. I just had the idea. The details still need to be hammered out."

Warpath has posed:
That close to Deadpool for that long, Jimmy is more or less nose blind to the smell. Sure there is a lingering, but not the over load anymore. He listens to what Betsy is suggesting and nods his head slightly,"Makes sense. Everything in the world isn't the black and white some would like it to be." If he notes Logan looking form person to person, he doesn't indicate it.

After a moment more of consideration he adds,"I can aid with the funding as well." If anything that makes him more likely to be onboard than anything else he might have said or done. He's not overly rich, but not without resources. He crosses his arms and settles back to holding the wall up.

Havok has posed:
    Damned it if Alex isn't dancing a jig... on the inside. Outwardly that grin that was threatening before wins. He nudges Lorna and winks before focusing his attention entirely on Betsy. ...well, almost. He's playing 'footsies' with Lorna under the table they've settled at, but not in the way it sounds! No, it's like thumb wars, but with feet. "Definitely something I can get on board with, like yesterday," he murmurs. He's been very vocal about his stance lately.

Polaris has posed:
     Lorna will finally have enough, and press the edge of her boot down on bare toes. Just hard enough to not quite hurt, but it's a definite threat. "I can't add to the funding, but the good news is, I don't need to be paid. " Thanks, Dad. She knows Alex is thrilled, and this solves another problem she's been worrying at the short time they've been back. "I totally know who I would nominate for our first strike."

SpyderByte has posed:
As he listens, Jeremy has his head canted to one side in Betsy's direction, while he still has the display in line of sight, reflecting in his glasses. He blows a few strands of hair away from his face, then reaches up to tuck some of it back behind his ear. He gives a nod of his head in confirmation, that yes, he agrees with the mission statement. It's a brief, sharp movement.

On his shoulder, his voice comes out in a soft, digital modulated tone from his phone as the screen flickers green. It's designed to be 'comfortable', without any highs or lows.

<< I can hide the money trail and make it nearly impossible to trace if that would be a goal for the team. Just in case someone may seek to track it. >>

As Havok and Lorna speak up with their enthusiasm, he gives a subtle glance in their direction, studying the green haired woman a bit longer for a moment before he looks back towards the others.

Deadpool has posed:
He feels the thump, and looks back confused.. "No its Deadpool..." not seeing Logan is entertained he just smiles, and holds his hands up. He does stay quiet as Psylocke talks he doesn't interupt he tries real hard to hold it back, and nods thinking about all of it. He listens to the other quietly as well before he actually speaks, "Out of pocket.. thats tough.." is all he says falling back to silence again. "It can be done, there are ways to... enhance our purse if your willing to accept it." there was one thing in common with the bad people out there.. They were rich.

He sighs, "They don't need it anymore, and the people they steal it from are usually gone already so the goverment ust takes it anyway." though he shrugs glancing at Logan he best keep it short. "Are we just helping mutants? I mean there are some scum out there that could use a visit from.." he looks around a bit, "Well.. us. That are not effecting the mutant kind. What about them?" he nods a bit, "But as long as we are working something out I am down. Surprise or not it isn't often when I am asked." he shakes his head, "Everyone forgets I was part of a team from what I can remember it must of been military. It is all the same to me, and why not aim the right way right?" and shrugs.

Wolverine has posed:
    For a time, Logan's gaze narrows while he listens to the various responses. He takes a deep breath, holds it, then slowly lets it free in a thoughtful rumble that's at home deep in his chest. His eyes narrow slightly as he looks sidelong toward the other Summers and his gal Friday, but says nothing. Jeremy, however, gets a measure of consideration as he speaks through the cellphone.
    Still, for now nothing draws out the power of speech from the Canadian X-Man as he holds up the other side of the wall opposite Warpath with the archway between them.
    Until finally, "Think we prolly will keep the focus narrow at first. But as we need more targets, the world will provide." Which has him looking up toward Psylocke as he quirks an eyebrow, seeing if she might agree or not.

Havok has posed:
    Alex mouths 'OW!" in Lorna's direction dramatically. Then she's bringing up the topic of a 'first target' and he knows where that's leading. It turns his grin upside down just a little bit. "Second at the very least," he says. "...before they come back for Scott."

Psylocke has posed:
Hearing the various responses, Betsy's smile does appear. It seems they might be onboard with the idea after all. She focuses on the various comments.To Logan she gives a nod, "I fear you are right. It will be more having to be selective than not having something to deal with."

Over to Jimmy, she gives a brief nod his direction. "I appreciate your offer. We'll see how it plays out. I think I should be fine, between my own savings and inheritence." Having been a super model for a time had just added to the money left to her by her parents. Just her portion. She was sure her twin would help if she asked. She just didn't intend to ask. "We may need resources as well. Contacts."

To Havok and Lorna. "Just your being part of the team is enough. As for potential targets," Betsy added with a grin. "It can be added to a list."

Over to Jeremy. "That may become necessary. There will be a lot being channeled into setting up a base for us. Getting equipment. We don't want it all being pointed at in some way."

Then to Deadpool. "We'll see. I'm not going to immediately start planning on taking funds from others." Yet she isn't dismissing it. It may have to happen someday. "I'd like to avoid it."

Then to the other question that was posed. "While we are likely to be mutant focused in some ways, since we may be getting intel from the X-Men through Scott on possible targets, I don't intend to be focused only there. But again, baby steps." She sets the pen down bit keepsher hand on top of it.

"First we need to figure out a base, resources, all the things we are used to having but we need to build from scratch. If anyone has ideas or thoughts on those, please do share. If you prefer not to go into it tonight, you all have my number." Then she looks at Deadpool. "Or will."

SpyderByte has posed:
As he listens, Jeremy gives a nod of his head as he tilts his eyes towards the laptop again as several sites rapidly launch in front of him, starting to scroll in a furious manner before his eyes. He gives a tilt of his hand a times, pausing at parts, then continues scrolling as he scrunches up his nose.

<< Let me know a general vicinity of where you would like the base, and I believe I can filter out several potential spots, identify property owners or banks that control said property, then isolate those that will ensure the highest rate of success that would give an exit strategy in the case of an emergency. I can install security and ensure that we are invisible when in use, that, or falsify what type of activity may come from there. >>

His shoulders slowly wilt as he hunches forward in front of his computer, giving a drag of his finger along the trackpad to whip one page to the side that 'pings' his attention, then tucks it into a folder, right before the icon disappears off the desktop.

Polaris has posed:
     "I want those assholes that took Alex and want to kidnap him and Scott to do who knows what." Lorna states, flatly and without really expecting anyone to question why that should be a thing. Green eyes will find and settle on Jeremy a moment, curious. Then she will let her gaze slide over everyone in turn. She couldn't vouch for one person in the room, like she could for believing the others would be willing to not be peaceful non-violent types if it needed to handled otherwise.

Deadpool has posed:
Deadpool sits quietly listening again, Logan should be so proud! But he nods to Psylocke after she is talking, he leans forward a bit putting a hand with little fingers on the table he talks in a low voice. "Look.. about that other thing we talked about. I thought about it, and decided. His life wasn't worth what it would cost me." he glances to the side a bit though continues, "I will explain to the client I can't do it, and leave it in others hands." he looks at her seriously. "Consider it a sign of good faith." though he leans back again after that.

He sighs a bit his questions answered he was fine with it, he would see how it went and who knows maybe he would get his moemmories back sooner then he though. The rest were details, and details he would let the others figure out though he wouldn't go anywhere. Warpath was his ride here, so until he was done DP was here so he leaned back and relaxed, "Can I least get a beer.." he laughs a bit looking at Logan then his legs, "Comon... Buddy.. Just not Fostors and we are good," Going back to thinking an operation was expensive, travel, guns, bullets, equipment, he considered.. "Ya know.. I might have a chache. I might need some help finding it again, but it could have some supplies. Night vision, Collapsable ladders, lots of stuff, and of course guns for those who want them." he looks at Psylocke, "Sorry no idea on a Headquarters though.,, and about targets. I am trying to manage an.. issue with some people outside our ranks. It isn't good, but if it gets out of their reach I might have one as well." though he didn't go into any details more then that. He was sure those were one sort of enemies that they might have issues with heck Betsy thinks it is all in his head... Then out of no-where he gives a "Ha!" I knew it!" he turns facing Lorna.. "I am sorry I let them go, I was going to stop them, but... well they told me no." he glances over at Havok, "I hope the tracker helped at least." before falling silent once again

Wolverine has posed:
    Pushing off the wall, Logan smirks at Wade and for the moment his grim facade eases to a mild scowl as he gives a nod. "Who else wants a beer?" That said he starts to the archway, blue eyes moving from each person, checking and making eye contact to see who has their inclination for booze.
    He even checks with Jeremy despite it being feasible the kid's under age. Doesn't seem to trouble him much.
    After a decent count is made he wanders off into the main room proper and behind the bar, disappearing for a bit of time for now.

Psylocke has posed:
"So we already have at least three targets it sounds like."

Betsy gives a glance to Lorna then Deadpool.

At the question from Logan, she raises her hand. "You know what beer I like." Which sad to say is usually cheap. Why she liked it she had no idea. But there it was.

"Anything we can use to build things up will be great. Jeremy can help us pinpoint a potential base of operations. We'll just go from there."

She leans back in her seat again. "So I think at this point, the meeting is concluded unless you have something more to add. Those of you with targets, get with me with the details you have on them. Also get with Jeremy, if he isn't already involved, so he can dig up anything else we might be able to find."

Warpath has posed:
A shake of his head when Logan asks if anyone wants a beer, Jimmy frowns thoughtfully,"If I ever catch more than a rumor about one I will bring it to you. So far I have been chasing a ghost." That's all he says about it and he doesn't appear as though he wants to chat about it furthur either.

Havok has posed:
    "Down, Tiger," Alex mrrrows under his breath in Lorna's direction. "We'll get there." ...and with the people gathered, he has a whole lot more confidence in that fact. They'll get there and they'll get *them*. "As far as locations, as far from Westchester as possible, yeah? If it goes South, plausible deniability for the school should be a high priority and that can't happen if we're in their backyard." He may not be so much on board with The Dream anymore, but he still cares about the kids and his brother, so that means he cares about the school. A beat, a raised hand, "Got anything stronger?" he asks of Logan. He raises his hand to his ear all 'fake phone' like and tells Betsy, "I'll call ya, but I don't have much right now."

SpyderByte has posed:
Tilting his head over at the offer of beer, Jeremy hesitates, then lifts a hand upwards in acknowledgement. Yes, he will drink with Logan. He will probably throw up, or find the taste horrifying, but he's .. a man now. Manly.

<< I have located the second in command of the Mutant Farm. His name is Raymond Fortin. Former member of the Canadian Forces, second airborn. There was an incident in Somalia which caused the troop to disband. Further inquiries revealed that he beat to death a teenage boy, presumably a mutant. He was reassigned to the UN Peace Corps in the Balkans. From there he was discharged when found to be beating disabled childern in a hospital in which he was assigned to guard. >>

Turning the laptop around to face the team, he pulls up a photo of the man, followed by a long and detailed file.

<< I have found his financial records and have been steadily tracking them both overseas and domestic. He has been since discharged from the Canadian forces. He reports directly to the head of this organization and thus may be the key to tracking down the shot caller. >>

He eases back into his chair, then offers up a loose, wide, awkward smile.

Deadpool has posed:
Deadpool chuckles, "Well go team..." he says putting a baby hand in the middle of the table. Seeing no-one wants to touch his baby hand he takes it back, "We will work on that.." he adds waiting for Logan to return with the beer. He glances over at WarPath, "Your my ride buddy, so where you go I go." he adds, though he turns to look at Jeremy for the first time. "Oh him?" he spins around a bit in his seat. "Figures we have a geek.. all teams need em." if he has his drink he willhold it up to Jeremy, "Enjoy the ride."

He just laughs to himself after that thinking about things, he seems to reach in pulling out a branch that had been poking his back all this time. "So.. where do you guys get your phones? My last one is still in that things belly?" he needed a constant supply of those at least his last one was a flip phone.

Wolverine has posed:
    Doesn't take long to wrangle up beer considering everything. At first there's the sound of rustling around. Maybe the whoosh of a fridge door opening until eventually there's the clink of glass upon glass. A minute or so later there's the mechanical whir and bell ring of a register opening and closing. After that it's time for Logan to return back to the room with about five beers held in the crook of one arm while a sixth is in his hand.
    "Drink up," Is all he says as the man sets down the five bottles of LaBatt Blue. It'll serve and if anyone wants to complain...
    His own bottle hisses a little as he twists the cap off and then sits back against the wall for now. Then drinks.

Psylocke has posed:
"I'll get you a phone," Betsy says to Deadpool. She murmurs a soft "Thanks" to Logan when he delivers her beer. Then she looks to everyone in the room

"I hope this is the start of something very successful. I think we can do a lot of good. If you have anyone outside of the X-Men you think would be good additions to the team, get with me. And with that, let's just enjoy our drinks."

She raises her bottle up in a mock toast then takes a swig of her cheap beer.

Seems things were off to a start. Now where would it go from here?