1385/He is Groot

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He is Groot
Date of Scene: 09 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Indigo, Viridian, Groot, Star-Lord

Indigo has posed:
    Since Viridian and Indigo joined the Guardians, the Milano has been... well, there have been a lot of feminine touches added here and there. Indigo has taken it upon herself to decorate. She daren't do too much--the ship is small and cramped enough as it is--but she's been adding small, potted plants here and there to add a bit of freshness to filter-scrubbed, recycled oxygen, and now she's working on adding potpourri bowls; scented wood shavings on well-anchored shelves she's installing rather high up, actually.
    "Groot!" she greets as the megaflora walks into the common area, her voice humming electronically. "Don't mind me, just putting up some scented wood chips. Help yourself if you'd like a snack, and just let me know if there are any flavors you like better than others, okay?"

Viridian has posed:
    The other change to the Milano is the small army of quietly roving round robots who have taken over daily maintenance. they pant bulkheads, change stripped screws, and process scattered trash. Recnetly such a robot got into an argument with Peter over whether or not to clean his bedroom.
    Viridian herself is watching while Indigo is working, her prosthetic exoskeleton beside her while she sits on the table and lets her bare feet dangle, toenails painted pink. As one watches now green hair is shifting to... Indigo, perhaps fittingly. "I'm sure he'll love it. Have YOU ever known Groot to be picky?"
    Roaming the halls there is one other new occupant who tends to attract attention when he's out about. A full-sized pink dolphin (a perfectly natural colour for dolphins) swims through the air about the ship. It seems to be engged in huling components for one of the cleaning bots so they can fix the air filtration system in the bathroom.
    Cramped, but busy. Viri will wave cheerfully at Groot if and when the megaflora passes her. She's always got a smile. Regardless of hair colour.

Groot has posed:
    The Flora Colossi steps carefully into the galley where Indigo is making her own touches while Star-Lord is out and unable to make a fuss about the condition of his ship. Crouching down a bit to get under the doorframe, he moves in, thudding as his splayed rootpads impact the steel floor. He smiles, looking at Indigo, and answers back with a bit of a concerned tone, "I am Groot."

    He reaches down, touches a bit of potpourri, then pulls his finger away. Suddenly, his arms grow flowers suddenly, outputting the smell of fresh flowers to fill the room more effectively than the dried specimens ever could. With a grin, Groot announces, "I am Groot."

Indigo has posed:
    Indigo is the kind of girl(bot) who rarely looks someone in the eye: she's shy. But the smile in Groot's voice is a delight to her, and she gives his eyes a quick scan as her cotton candy lips split into a big smile. "I'm glad you like it," she says, all but bouncing with happiness. She's always like that, pleased to make a friend happy (she spends pretty much all of her cuts of a job on buying the crew presents).
    "The shelves and bowls are a temporary situation. When I get materials, I want to mount the bowls on small poles directly to the walls themselves, like lamps. Should be safer in combat situations. But for now, it'll do." She pats Groot on the back (though her eyes are still downcast, somewhere in the region of Groot's chin) and, with a happy bounce in her step from the approval, trots on toward the next corner to install another shelf.

Viridian has posed:
    "She's been doing this all day, Groot," Viridian calls from her place perched on the edge of the table. She glances over at her small army of minion bots while they work on remodeling the bathroom after whatever disaster followed dinner the night before. Viri grimaces and shakes her head.
    "This is one time I do NOt want to be looking through the sensors on cleaner 2," the now cotton candy pink-haired girl mutters, half to herself, before drawing a slow, deep breath. She sighs softly and then shakes her head from left to right.
    With that problem dealt with Viridian reaches out toward Groot to place a tiny hand on his side. "I love the smell of flowers. Like the ones I brought from home that one time. Thank you, Groot."
    As always, Max the Dolphin haunts the halls. He's trying to access the stereo before Peter gets around to it.

Groot has posed:
    Groot looks at Viridan and Indigo, then shrugs and lumbers over to put his hand to the tap, drawing out some water from it and then absorbing it. The wood of his body creaks a bit as he moves, his feet making small thuds as he steps along, certainly not a quiet fellow. But he seems happy enough, standing there, getting a drink of water from the faucet using some vines sprouting from his wrist to drain the water from the filling sink.

    Groot uses his other hand to pull a fully grown flower from his arm and hands it to Viridian, looking thoughtful and a bit like a happy child as the stem is released from gingerly held fingers.

    "I am Groot," he says softly and a bit slowly, then gently smiles. He withdraws the vines from the sink, which is empty now, and makes sure the water is turned off.

Indigo has posed:
    Indigo can fly, but there are proper tools for every job, and she'd rather just stand on a chair to mount the next shelf. As she's dragging it over, Viridian's delight registers in her CPU from the half-human's technopathic mutation, and Indigo flicks a look over her shoulder to smile encouragingly at Groot. "Thank you, Groot. Has anyone ever told you how sweet you are?"

Star-Lord has posed:
    Climbing up that ladder is the one that is mostly known as Star-Lord. Well, hardly known as Star-Lord and preferably known as Peter Quill. He's been down there, in his bunk, doing who knows what. Probably listening to his tapes. And staring at his Alyssa Milano poster. He's really got to find an updated one so that it's not creepy when he stares at it in thought. Anyway, for the moment, he looks tired but as carefree as he always is. "Hey hey! What's going on up here?" Peter flashes an immediate grin to the gathered members of the crew. "Are we having a shindig without Star-Lord?" Peter teases. "Or, worse yet, without his amazing taste in music?"

    Ah, it is nice to be surrounded by framily. Friends and Family? Get it? Oh nevermind. "Hey, why does it smell like..." Peter cuts eyes over at Groot. "Did you, y'know...?" Leave it to Peter to make a fart joke.

Viridian has posed:
    "I think it was Rocket," Viridian offers helpfully before making a face. "Why did I install smell sensors on the bot.s.." She grimaces and takes the flower from Groot and smiles sweetly, tilting her head to the left as she does so. The girl kicks her legs lightly again, as she is currently free of her exo skeleton. Her toes, however, remain perfectly still. A foot brushes against Groot and Viri has the grace to flush a faint red. "Sorry."
    After this the technopathic mechanic takes a deep breath and surveys her surroundings, wide eyes settling on each of the people here in turn. "You're all great. Even peter and the like thirty songs he listens to every single day." She makes a face but it quickly devolves into quiet giggling.
    Viridian's hair shifts from pink to crimson now. It matches her eyes, really.

Groot has posed:
    Standing there, arms covered in little flowers, Groot looks responsible for the fresher floral smell. The flowers close up on his arms, receding back into the vine and bark of his limbs. Turning to face Quill a bit with a vacant grin, Groot responds in a happy-go-lucky, "I am Groot."

    If Viridian brushing against the wooden leg was noticed, Groot seems too occupied now with conversing with Peter to show it.

    It takes three strides for the colossi to move to one of the potpourri bowls spread around the room by Indigo. With fingers extending around the bowl, Groot picks one up to show Peter. With an intellectual flourish, the tree monster says, "I am Groot."

Indigo has posed:
    "Peter!" Indigo greets enthusiastically. She hops down off the chair and turns to face him with something like hero worship on her face; an expression that's been her default for him since he rescued her from floating in space, broken. "Did you have a chance yet to look over my proposals yet?" And proposals there are for how to retrofit the Milano, ranked in terms of ascending monetary cost and potential usefulness, with a function to list them alternately in alphabetical order or by category of application. Everything from minor engine upgrades to improve efficiency to a proposal to replace the Milano's hull with genetically engineered flesh laced with biometals to allow the ship to heal organically, and everything in between.

Star-Lord has posed:
    "They are good songs!" Peter stands by his music. He's really got to get his hands on some more Earth music without actually going back to Earth. Going back to Earth is a bad idea. Especially when it would bring up so many bad feelings and the like. Peter grabs some wall and leans because that's what cool ship captains do. He always has to look like he has everything together even when he doesn't. At all.

    "Catch more fly honeys than bees, eh Groot?" Peter's fratboyishness is on full display. "Uh..." Peter looks left and then looks right before looking back to Indigo. "Not yet. They're on my too read list. Right under Adventure Comics #34. Again." Peter fingerguns at Indigo and then gives Viri a nod and a smile as well.

Groot has posed:
    Groot tilts his head a bit to Peter's response, then asks, "I am Groot?"

    The colossi sets the bowl back on one of the shelves recently installed and walks over to the table to stand at the side of it. He looks over at Viridian, then tilt his head the other way, smiling. He turns to look at Quill, then takes a seat, looking like a full grown man sitting at a table meant for small children. He fidgets with his thumbs, looking a bit out of place cramped up here in the ship.

Indigo has posed:
    Indigo agreeably fingerguns Peter right back, but is otherwise silent. She missed Groot's meaning on that last one, and is paying close attention to Peter for the answer that will doubtlessly enlighten everything.

Star-Lord has posed:
    Quill doesn't realize he's actually semi-translating for the people listening. Or the aliens listening. Whatever. His crew is his crew. "Uh, nothing. Just, more flower power to us, right? I didn't think I'd end up with a ship fulla' hippies but I'm good with it. Hippies made some of the best music. I feel like I was /at/ Woodstock sometimes." Quill grins and fiddles with the Walkman attached to his hip.

    "So. I feel like we need to make some noise. Or some units. Maybe both. Anybody got any ideas?"

Viridian has posed:
    "Catch more fly honeys than bees?" Viridian asks, blinking. Her hair is shiftting to a rather vivid pink as she attempts to puzzle out what htis means. Ultimately the small woman shrugs her shoulders and smiles at all those gatheredi n her effortlessly beatific way.
    "You're right," VIri finally chirps quietly. "Okay. Let's make noise. How about 'Cherry Bomb'?!" The girl is already clapping her hands as her hair flashes back to vermilion. "And then we need to pick Groot a theme song..."

Groot has posed:
    "I am Groot," Groot offers, smiling and looking up. He shifts in his seat, the metal chair creaking in tandem with the wooden flesh under the weight of the lovable oaf as he shifts to look back at the captain.

    Groot leans back a bit, planting his rootpads on the ground to take some weight of the protesting furniture. His jaw shifts to the side, giving a thoughtful look to his face as he ponders Peter's question in earnest. He's not usually the idea maker. That's Rocket's thing moreso than his own, but he still gives it a go with a resounding, "I am... Groot?"

Indigo has posed:
    "Flowers are good," Indigo agrees quietly, a shy but meaningful glance shot sideways at Groot. "But, um, jobs. Hm. I hear there's a resistance movement on Jayd. We don't want to get directly involved in a civil war on a planet that's home to a Red Lantern, but I bet they'd appreciate some smuggling done for them."

Star-Lord has posed:
    "Smuggling, I like it." Peter tosses a fingergun at Indigo because that was a slick idea. "Groot, good call. Rocket's always up for stealing something and I do know the best fences in the galaxy. Another good call!" Quill's just all about the optimism right now.

    With a smile, though, Peter pushes off the wall to head to the stereo, his tape popped out of the Walkman and put into the music player on the wall. "Yeah, Cherry Bomb sounds like some awesome heist planning music. Let's do it." Viri gets a smile and a half-salute for that idea.

    Peter grins and reaches out to press Play.