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Punching Life
Date of Scene: 16 May 2022
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: Laura and Lucas meet in the Danger Room and trade punches.
Cast of Characters: Lucas Farmer, X-23

Lucas Farmer has posed:
What could bring one of students of Xavier's School to end up gaining access to the Danger Room in the middle of the night? The young man standing by the large metal door stares at the access panel. That he made his way that far below to a section of the school usually out of reach of the students isn't a coincidence. If he made his way thus far, surely the school's monitors had caught him. And then, it means that someone allowed him to be there.

Whoever this someone is, isn't Lucas' preoccupation at the moment. All he wants now, is to get into this dang room, and... kill someone.

Being at the school is relatively interesting, but it's lacking something. A way to work out the pent up frustrations and anger.

Wearing only his jeans and a t-shirt, he stands there, in the middle of the night, examining the control panel.

X-23 has posed:
     The middle of the night was Laura's time. She'd never experienced some else coming down to the danger room when she visited, but then again the times had varied over time. The nightmares woke her up at different times of the night and made her restless.
     "Hey." She calls out to Lucas not to scare him, "Trying to get in?" She as she walks up to the control panel, when she infront of it, she presses in a few numbers and the door opens. There is look back at Lucas and then she steps to the side, "After you." she gestures for him to go ahead of her and enter the danger room.
     Laura was dressed in a sports bra, some logging pants and sneakers. Her hair has been pulled back into a high ponytail and as normal, she has no make up on.

Lucas Farmer has posed:
They both had been students at the school for some time, but never really got to know each other. Slightly startled by Laura showing up, the young man grins as she enters the code into the panel, providing access to the holy grail of where you can attack and kill whatever you want. Freely.

Code memorized, Lucas nods, grinning, as he steps in the Danger Room. Oh, he's not admitting that he has never been there before, only heard of it. No, for him, it has been months and months of "socializing", they call it. Get used to living freely, learning how society works and all that shit. Lessons with Miss Grey had been useful, and while he had to follow all the rules, he sure got a better handle of his telekinesis, as they call it.

Once inside the room, Lucas quickly looks around at the empty room. "Evening, Laura," he says in a calm voice, "If you want to use the room, I can wait."

X-23 has posed:
"Are you kidding me?" Laura smirks as she comes into the room, "Someone that wants to punch the living shit out of things in the middle of the night?" There is a laugh, "Bro, we just became best friends." That was said of course in a sarcastic joking manner, but she walks into the room. She doesnt seem to mind that someone else is with her
     "I dont care if you are here, just do your thing." she says and then walks away from him "If you need me, tell me."

Lucas Farmer has posed:
How to use the Danger room is also something that the young man needs to learn. Chances are, Laura is here and she sure seems to know the drill.

"It would be nice to have company," Lucas replies, walking further into the room. Glancing at Laura, always sporting this grin of his, he adds, "I don't want to beat the shit out of things," he says, "I want to kill people."

His words seem to echo around for a moment, heavy with their content. Aggressivity gets fuelled with anger, and there is a moment where video games don't cut it anymore.

"Can we have, like, a warzone of sort?"

X-23 has posed:
     When laura enters the room, she takes a turn about the room as she normally does. However, she stills at his words that he wants to kill people. For a moment she stands there and flexes her hands into a fist and out... "Same." she says after a long pause in time.
     Turning around she faces Lucas, "Maybe a spar?" she asks him, There was no ring or anything like that, but she removes the shoes she is wearing and takes a few steps back to a padded area, "No mutant abilities." cause she knows that if she does, she wouldn't be able to turn back. "Fists only. A boxing match?"

Lucas Farmer has posed:
For a moment, there's like a hint of deception on Lucas' face. If what he has heard about the Danger Room is true - and he has no reason to doubt it - its holographic programs can be used to replicate real combat situations. The control consoles are right there, in the corner at the right of the door. Though the young man doesn't know how to activate them.

And then, Laura is inviting him to spar. Well, yeah, he's a tall young man with lots of energy - he has even added some muscles since he's been at the school, with all these /sports/ they must do every day. But to spar with Laura? Her reputation is such that Lucas knows he'll loose. Nonetheless, he follows her to the padded area. No shoes to remove, as he came in barefooted.

"And then, can we kill something?" He really is insistent on killing, it seems. "Or, like you say, beat the shit out of something, other than each other?"

X-23 has posed:
     X-23 was small, at 5ft tall, but she was mighty, some had heard of her and who her biological Father was. The height and muscle of Lucas didn't seem to intimidate her for various reasons. There is smirk on her face as she tip toes around the padded area. "We can do a stimulation if you'd rather." she offers to him. "I just know that fighting something real helps the urges to kill."
     The option is up to him. Laura even glances over to the control panels. "Is there some other demon you'd rather fight?" This was something she could understand. Though her head tilts in question, there was interest in his answer.

Lucas Farmer has posed:
Shaking his head, Lucas steps forward and stops, indicating that he's willing for a round of boxing. He's even raising his fists, adopting the perfect defence position. Now, can he do more than that remains to be seen.

"I know you'll win this fight," he says, always with this calm voice. "And I'm sure I'll learn from it. There's always a price to pay."

His gaze follows hers towards the console, before returning to her. "Demon?" he repeats, thinking. "Oh, huh, no. Unless you count years of ill-treatment, abuse, hunger and cold as a demon." Then he pauses, his eyes narrowing, his voice a tad less low and calm. "What about, fighting the damn rules, discipline, self-control? is this a demon? Or, hey, why not all the abusers in the world, as a collective demon?" Well, it seems that the well of frustration is starting to bubble.

"What about you? Any demon of yours?"

X-23 has posed:
     Laura smirks, "I'll go easy on you." since he is so sure he will lose this fight. Her own hands come up, bare and balled into fists in a boxers stance. Moving her feet slowly so that she starts to circle the mat.
     "Yeah, I would call that a demon." she says at his explanation, "I'd call that one hell of a devil incarnate." Fight the rules, the discipline, the self control, "as for the rest... I'm still trying to decide if its a demon or a blessing. Rules, discipline, self control... those are all thing I was never taught. Are they a demon? Or am I just programed to think they are a demon?" she offers up, not expecting an answer from him.
     It was her turn? "Oh I have a demon. If not many. One in particular that I battle every damn night." At night in her dreams. Her nightmares.
     She would let him take the first move, the first punch.

Lucas Farmer has posed:
"Every night?" he repeats, as he too starts to circle the mat. Visibly, she's letting him throw the first punch. "This must be annoying. And what do you do then?"

As he speaks and circles around, Lucas estimates the distance between them. Soon, he'd be close enough to hit her - well, in theory at least - while keeping her at a distance. After all, he has longer arms.

"Then you come here to train?" Yeah, training it is. Most likely, loose herself in a sea of aggressivity.

And just as he asks the question, the first punch is thrown, visibly aiming at her shoulder. If it lands, it wouldn't be with much force.

X-23 has posed:
     "Every night." Laura repeats in confirmation, green eyes focused as she continues to move to circle as he does, "Extremely." Annoying that is, "Up until recently, I would go to work at a diner and just waitress, try to get my mind off of it, cant sleep, might as well make money. But I got fired." Stated so matter of factly, "Now I either go for a walk on the grounds or come down here to the danger room if I really need to blow off steam." such was the case tonight.
     Nodding slowly at this question, "I think the teachers get that I need to train, that I need the outlet, and so they gave me the code to get in." Watching carefully, she sees the first punch come and she lets him strike her, letting it hit her shoulder and it moves back at the strength of his punch. "Not bad. But I feel like you're holding back." she says. The side of her mouth rises in a smirk before she lashes out and issues a punch, with just a tad more strength then he issues her, but this one is to his torso.

Lucas Farmer has posed:
"Fired? And why?" the young man replies, as he is hit to his torso. Assuming that she most likely did as he did, and restrained her punch, Lucas can easily figure what a full-strength hit would be. If it hurts on impact, it doesn't show on Lucas' face, nor does he step back to try to avoid it. Pain is nothing, pain is learning.

"Yes, I'm holding back," he admits, "Cuz I have no real reason to hit you." That said, another punch is thrown, using an attempt at a combination of 1-2 jab-right. Which is about the extent of his boxing knowledge. This one, if it hits her shoulder, would deliver a bit more force. For some reason, the young man is not aiming at her torso, chest or head.

X-23 has posed:
"I sort of drifted off in a day dream, took me a place I didn't want to be." Laura tells him, licking her lips and keeping her fists up near her face to protect it. "When I came to, my claws had come out and they had sliced through an aluminum napkin dispenser." If he didn't know who she was, well... he knows she has claws now. "Needless to say, the managing staff wasn't pleased by the footage on security and they let me go." That was the nice way of putting it.
     "Can you visualize me as someone else?" she asks, it seemed to so easy to her. "I might be short, but you can still visualize my face as someone else." The 1-2 combination is blocked with her forearms. Because there seems to be little effort in his attack she stops moving, and lets her arms drop, "Whats your trigger?"

Lucas Farmer has posed:
"Dang, another bunch of mutant haters, I guess," Lucas replies as Laura just explained why she had been fired. "Seriously, you'll give me their address." Huh, and what would he do with their coordinates?

And the young man also listens to her comment about visualizing someone else. To imagine she's someone else? Oh, he has a lot of candidates for this position, starting with all and each guard at the Farm. And the director. And the clients. It's unclear which one Lucas is visualizing when he throws a left-right-left cross jab, full force, and aiming at her head.

What is his trigger? Laura unknowingly found it, he only had to imagine someone. Another thing she might be realizing, is that the anger isn't far below the surface and the trigger has a damn short fuse at nights like this.

X-23 has posed:
     "Aw, are you trying to charming and chase after my discriminating piece of shit employers?" Laura says, "They aren't worth your time or mine. But..." she pauses, "I appreciate that thought. No one offers to stand up for me." That could be cause she could always stand up for herself. A little refreshing to have someone want to fight a battle for her.
     The blow comes to her head, she'd let her guard down for just a few seconds too long. The conversation had distracted her. Her head falls to the side as his jab comes across. Her reaction? She laughs, it was short and not so sweet. "Ah, there we go. Now we are getting somewhere." Hands back up close to her face, she jabs at him with her right, then quickly with her left to take him off guard before jabbing again with her right towards his chin. If she hits him, it'll knock him off his step, but not hard enough to knock him off his feet.
     "I can see the blood boiling under your skin... You have more to give."

Lucas Farmer has posed:
Indeed, her punches hit the mark, and Lucas stumbles back, remaining on his feet. Again, the young man ignores the pain in his chin - it does hurt a lot, especially without boxing gloves! - as he returns to a fighting stance.

"I didn't mean to," he says, almost apologizing for hitting her. But he's not apologizing for faking a right jab to her head, while his left fist aims at her mid-section because, frankly, he's still doing the visualization she suggested.

As soon as he's thrown the punch, he quickly steps back, trying to avoid any counterattack from Laura. She might be faster than he thinks.

Depending if Laura has heightened senses - which is probably the case - she might sense that the control consoles on the far corner are slightly shaken by what seems to be a light tremor which is not enough to break or rip them off the floor.

If she doesn't notice the vibration that seems to shake the consoles, she certainly can see her shoes fly directly at the far wall, bouncing and falling on the floor.

"I have tons to give back," Lucas states, narrowing his eyes. "And can't wait to do just that."

X-23 has posed:
     Because she didn't know him, his 'didn't mean to' comment catches her offguard. She was still trying to learn that not everyone was like her and they might actually feel remorse for punching someone. The tightness in her arms loosens and she starts "If this is- oooof." going to block her head and getting hit in her mid-section.
     A mixture between a cough and laugh comes out of her, "Alright, I see what you're doing now." Learning as he backs up from her, anticipating her next blow. A rare smile appears on her lips, she was actually enjoying herself. Her feet move to the side, starting to circle him, assuming that he follows her she makes a half turn around the mat before she jabs at his chin with her left, but uses her right to strike him in the mid-section.
     "Who's stopping you from doing giving it back? I'm right here." taunting him.

X-23 has posed:
     The vibration in the room is felt from her bare feet and rumbling through her body. While she was turning on the mat, she saw her shoes lift from the corner of her eye, but she never removed her gaze from Lucas. "Fancy tricks you got."

Lucas Farmer has posed:
And indeed, he follows her around the mat, trying to keep the required distance that allows him to hit her while keeping her at bay. Miscalculations happen. And this time, her punch hits him in the mid-section, which makes him step back. The very same spot on his chin is hit again, this time leaving a small cut which starts to bleed. Does Lucas care? Not a moment. Pain is learning.

"You're not the one that needs to be given back to," Lucas replies, rubbing off the blood with the back of his hand.

Between the chat and the visualisation, Lucas finds himself shifting between reality and the past, and his emotions seems to fluctuate accordingly. Finally, at the mention of his /tricks/, reality wins, and Lucas remains firmly in the present.

"I was a bit upset," he says, his voice returning to its normal calm, "I don't have perfect control yet, so it happens when I'm mad." What happens exactly when he's mad? Well, all things start to fly around, that is.

X-23 has posed:
The sight and smell of blood that escapes from the cut on his chin seems to trigger something in Laura. The cool calm green eyes in an instant flash red. Her fists ball up tighter and she has to close her eyes, concentrating on the here and now.
     His voice coming back to normal, coming back to the present seems to help, shaking her head quickly, shaking the feeling off of her before her claws can escape the confines of her body.
     When she opens her eyes again they are back to the normal green color. Though her jawline is tight with excursion. "Sorry, Did I push you too far? I sometime forget that people have limits. Besides that, I'm really good at pushing peoples buttons." She shrugs, "Its a gift." not a mutant one, just a personality gift.
     Walking away from him she takes a towel off a shelf, tossing it at him. He could use to to wipe sweat or even at the cut that's on his chin. The cut, she doesnt apologize for. From there, she walks over to grab bottles of water that are left out for the trainers, taking one into her her hands and unscrewing the top, taking a deep and long drink from the bottle.

Lucas Farmer has posed:
The eyes changing color, along with her whole attitude, doesn't escape Lucas. Heck, he's been raised with mutants, so nothing really surprises him anymore. Still, she really looked like she was going to lose control there, for a moment. Was it the blood? Try as he may, Lucas cannot find another explanation. Did he find one of /her/ buttons?

Catching the towel, the young man presses it against his chin for a moment, so the blood stops. It wasn't that bad of a cut, he'd had way worse than that before, but somehow Lucas would rather that the blood be gone.

Following Laura, he too grabs a bottle of water, proceeding to drink some. Then he leans against the wall, legs crossed at the ankles.

"Naw," he says, "I am too good at visualizing," he explains, grinning. And as he looks at the other side of the large room, her shoes suddenly lift off the floor, floating towards her. But a good ten feet high. Someone has a sense of humour!

X-23 has posed:
     What it was? Laura doesnt seem to explain, but it was obviously something she's been working on since she did not... in fact lose it. Looking at her now, you'd think she was someone completely in control. A cocky smirk on her lips as she sips more water, glancing over at him when her shoes start to float in the air.
     "It's been my experience, that if you are too good at visualizing then the demons are still real in your mind."
     In an attempt to lighten the subject she looks back at the shoes, "Can you fling them over here too?"

Lucas Farmer has posed:
Silent for a moment, Lucas seems lost in his thoughts. She's damn right. The demons are still right. And alive. And probably still doing to others what they have done to him. Shaking his head, Lucas chases these images from his mind. Everything will come on time, and the time hasn't come.

"But of course," Lucas replies, grinning. And the shoes slowly move towards them, lowering just at Laura's reach. "That's what I like the most here, at the school," he says, "Miss Grey is a real good teacher." He chuckles at a thought - and him chuckling has never been heard within the school - that maybe he just found something more fun than practicing his gift with the red-haired woman. "But boxing is a close second now."

X-23 has posed:
     "Thanks." Laura takes the shoes as they float withing her grasp, "Saves me a trip across the room." Though, she's going to have to cross it to leave. Dropping the shoes on the floor, she slips back into her shoes, kneeling so that she can secure the backs of the shoes over her heels.
     "I'm Laura, by the way." Sure, she just punch the crap out of him and made him bleed. That at least gave him the privilege of knowing her name. Standing up right again, pulling her hair free and giving it a shake. "Anytime you need a late night boxing partner, you know where to find me." Or did he? It was easy enough to find out.
     Of course she knew who Jean Grey was, and if she was impressed that he was training with her, she didn't show it. Tossing the used towel down into a bin, she starts to stride toward the door, "See ya around the cell block." a hand raises high into the air and waves backwards at him.