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Date of Scene: 18 May 2022
Location: Arby's, Eastchester
Synopsis: Kara Danvers and Jill Valentine got acquainted over Arby's. They had the meats!
Cast of Characters: Supergirl, Jill Valentine

Supergirl has posed:
It's a sunny day in the Bronx. Birds are chirping, and the chill of winter has yielded to the warmth of spring. There's something invigorating about the way the ground smells after it's awakening from its long, frozen slumber. Fresh and dewy and a little like clay, with hints and notes of fresh grass from those early-risers that get an early foothold between cracks in pavement and sidewalk alike. Arby's is Arby's, though. It always smells the exact same. There are bored teenagers taking orders at the front, and checked out line cooks dumping packages of roast beef into 'aux jous' in the back. But today, at this little Arby's on the Bronx, there's something a little extra.

Or... there's about to be.

It's hard to see. Impossible, even. A rush of something from the front door and into the bathroom. To sense it at all would take remarkable visual aquity due to speed, but one might sense a motion of air being displaced through that movement. Regardless, a moment or two later, Kara Danvers emerges from the ladies' room! A poor choice, it hasn't been cleaned in awhile.

"I could've found a better spot, I think," she says to herself. But no matter! She's dressed especially mild mannered today. A pencil skirt, mary jane heels, and a cute little blouse that's MOSTLY white, but has little butterfly patterns on it. Modest cut, but showing off her peachy white arms. Kryptonians need sun to refuel. Kara Danvers needs sun and curly fries.

"Curly fries, please," she says to the bored teenager. The girl is probably seventeen, with a big lip ring and an exhausted expression. "...what size?" she replies.

"The biggest you've got," Kara says in reply. The girl scratches the back of her head and turns to look over her shoulder, punches a few things into the register, and then turns to look back at Kara.

"...oh! We're paying now, okay! Great," Kara says, and digs into her clutch to pull out her debit card.

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine walked in off the street, brushing by the door after Kara was making her order. The door create a jangle noise that prompted the staff behind the counter to lazily call out 'Welcome to Arby's. Jill, sheepish, just waves a quiet thanks and joins the 'line' by standing near Kara to wait her turn to order.

Jill is a leggy woman, standing tall and straight. Her expression looks critical as she considers the contents of the menu, and her blue gaze is attentive in some sad, depressing way. Her mouth forms a line as her gaze settles on the teenage behind the counter, the glint of their lip ring drawing her attention for the time.

Kara reaching for her clutch breaks her quiet concentration and she glances at her fellow customer, smiling when she saw the clutch. "Oh, that's cute." Jill had a wallet, which she pulled from an inside jacket-pocket. It was boring and black.

Jill wore a light-blue coat left open enough to show the necklace sporting her law enforcement badge. She was armed, but this was hard to see because the custom pistol was seated snug in a holster she wore beneath her jacket and over her shoulders. She had on a plain grey T-shirt that was tucked into khaki cargo pants, the kind someone wore hiking or something. Her boots didn't seem service oriented, but they were timberlands, with ankle support that were also intended for hiking; her pant legs hung over the tops of the boots.

Supergirl has posed:
"Oh, thanks," Kara says in response. The clutch -is- cute. It's a light, muted shade of lime green that accents the colors in the pattern of her blouse nicely. Little black kitty cat pawprints dot the side of it, subtle enough not to clash. Her debit card is retrieved, baring the mark of Star City University. She is a long way from home. She sticks that debit card into the slot and types in her pin. A receipt is printed, and Kara shuffles about her way to wait for her order.

The same bored teenager is slowly chewing on a piece of gum when Jill approaches. She gives the woman and up and down and somehow seems to command a space significantly taller than her diminutive frame of 5'1". In other words, she has The Meats.

"Welcome to Arby's. Do you want a gyro?" she says. Kara's nose wrinkles and she lightly tugs some of her platinum blonde hair behind her left ear. She didn't offer -her- a gyro. "I got fries," she says to the two of them. The teenager slowly turns her head to stare at Kara, and then back to Jill, popping the gum on the roof of her mouth.

Kara widens her eyes and sort of half-tucks her chin, reaching down to lightly trace a little circle around her order number on her receipt as she waits for the fries to come out.

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill's footsteps herald the short approach to the coveted space in front of the cash register. She's immediately staged with a question, and her eyes travel back from Kara to settle on the teenager, weighing heavy and scrutinizing them a bit. It was easy to feel self conscious around Jill, her look often brought it out, prompting some idle tendency to shift uncomfortably; this was a common 'cop' trait.

"No, thank you," She says, drumming her fingers along the small counter space. "May I have the chicken salad sandwich, a beef and cheddar, a medium order of curly fries with the nacho dipping cheese, and a medium coke--erm, fountain drink." The correction came from being from the South, and she needlessly gestured toward the nearby fountain machine where all the coke products were on display.

When she looked back, the person behind the counter hit total, bringing up the price, and Jill went about paying using her debit card. The process is quick, resolved in a matter of seconds and a tray is set out on the counter with a copy of her receipt on it.

Jill follows the tray, and walks toward Kara. "Curly fries, huh? Should be a law against something that tastes so good." Jill smiles pleasantly at Kara.

Supergirl has posed:
The Teen in question is like a rock. Staring into her eyes is like staring beyond the veil of madness. Who knows what horrible TikTok videos and fortnight dances make that cursed brain tick. While lesser minds, like Kara Danvers, might wiggle and shift uncomfortably beneath Jill's gaze, this 5'1" befreckled teen with a lip ring is absolutely impenetrable. She makes direct eye contact with Jill as she taps in the order, pausing for a moment when the woman corrects herself on the 'coke'. A slow blink, and then a press of the button in acknowledgement. "Fountain's over there," she says simply. It is a cold, calculated transaction. But then... it must be. Because at Arby's, there's always another customer. Always more meat to be served. Everyone is thinkin' Arby's.

"I know. And I don't know what they do to make these ones so good. Probably MSG or something," she says. And then Kara's order is delivered. It's elegant in its simplicity. She'd ordered the 'biggest fries', and thus, what's delivered to her is nothing but a Large-sized fountain drink cup filled with curly fries. The young woman's (bordering on girl's, really) eyes widen and she lets out an amused laugh. She looks at Jill and gestures to the cup overflowing with fries. "Is it bad that I'm going to totally put this whole thing down? That's bad, right?"

Kara lifts the tray up and immediately sets it to where it will be cleared of its weird paper insert thing and then washed (hopefully) and reused. She just holds her huge cup of curly fries and carefully balances some ketchup cups atop it before finding a spot by the windows. A table for two. She sits herself down and, after a moment of hesitation, decides to wave Jill on over to join her. When Jill makes eye contact again, that is.

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill's order is substantial, but in truth it's not all for her. She doesn't answer the teen's obvious observation about where the fountain machine was because Jill had /just/ pointed it out! She does collect the cup off the tray and hold it, suspended in place for the conversation she was having with Kara. The comment makes her chuckle, "Nah, something this good can't be bad, right?" She smiles again, this one prettier than the last.

Kara and Jill split off then, and Jill is getting her drink. It shouldn't be a big surprise when she gets a diet coca-cola. She leaves the top off of it, and doesn't go for a straw, because the soda is already cold and doesn't require ice.

When she returns to the tray, the items she ordered are present. They arrived fast, but that was the nature of Arby's. So she collects the tray and goes back to the drink area to get some sauce. Only after does she finally see Kara, and accept the invite, sliding in at the other side and grinning, "Thanks. I'm Jill."

She opened the nacho cheese dip and set it between them. "Have you tried dipping your fries into that?" She makes a comical 'pinchy fingers' gesture.

Supergirl has posed:
Kara isn't really a mousy woman. Despite her rather modest dress, there's simply no hiding the fact that there's a beautiful woman beneath the glasses and up-do. She draws attention from the other inhabitants of Arby's -- eyes both envious and covetous, but she seems somehow above it all. Her chin lifts up and turns out towards the city street outside and, for a moment, she lets herself hear it all. The sound of the city. The laughter and the tears. The joy and the sorrow. It used to be so overwhelming, these sounds. She hated it. Now? There's a sort of comfort and serenity to it. It's as if she's steeped in humanity.

When Jill comes to sit across from her, it's as if Kara is arrested from some little daydream. A smile spreads over her face and she effortlessly transitions away from it. She draws one of those curly fries from her massive cup and leans her finger forward and then, only when she's remembered her manners, pulls the fry away. It has been set between them, but she makes the point of asking first.

"...May I?" she asks. And then promptly does. Curly fry suitably cheesed up, she pulls it towards herself and pops it into her mouth. What follows is Kara Danvers' patented happy-dance that accompanies good food. A little wiggle of shoulders and hips. An elated little 'eeeee' muffled by her closed mouth.

"So good! Mmmm!" she says, and then laughs. "I should go back and get some," she muses. Kara won't of course. She'll just keep eating those fries. It's surprising how much she can put down!

But then.

"That's a big order. A woman after my own heart. I am unrivaled when it comes to eating pizza," she says.

Jill Valentine has posed:
"Yeah, it's not all for me. I was just grabbing something for my partner. He finds it difficult to break away from work to do anything, much less eat. It's weird seeing how he even functions." Jill comments, and chuckles, meaning the criticism of her unnamed partner to be good natured and from the heart. "Then, some people say the same of me."

Jill has a moment reflecting over the transaction Kara had at the register. The name on the debit card stood out (the name of the bank that is). Kara gets a look as Jill unwraps the pecan chicken salad sandwich. It's such a large sandwich that Jill intends to halve it diagonally. "Star City, huh? Long way from home. What brought you out this way? Surely not the Arby's.." Jill manages a crooked smile despite the dry delivery.

Supergirl has posed:
"Oh," Kara says, a bit of nervous girlish laughter and an uncertain touch of the back of her neck. It's a nervous sort of tick that she has. Even the Girl of Steel is still a girl. She busies her hands and lips with another three or four curlyfries, chewing on them instead of fidgeting while Jill speaks. She isn't awkward per say. No more than any young person sitting across from a stranger is. Uncertain is, perhaps, more apt. Even moreso, sometimes, in Kara's case. She did spend a lot of time in that pod. When the subject of Star City comes up, Kara swallows down and nods. Right. Distance. When you can move at the speed of light (or, okay, close to it), Star City and New York don't seem that far apart. In fact, she actually -does- make the jaunt all the way here just for this particular Arby's.

They make the best curly fries.

Uhhh. Stall, Kara!

"I'm visiting campus," she says, and pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "I go to school out there, and it's nice, but. I dunno. Sometimes I feel like I need to get a little further away from home, you know? I grew up in National City," she lies. She grew up on Krypton, but hey. Can't exactly reveal that without blowing the lid off the whole secret identity thing! "Star City's a different city, but it's still -California-."

Another curly fry. Another crunch crunch crunch. One of those extra-crispy good ones.

Jill Valentine has posed:
"Ohh, in college. Nice. I went to school down in Louisiana.." She takes a noisy bite from the sandwich, then covers her mouth with the napkin while chewing. After swallowing, she continues, "The only thing I remember were the storms and the humidity. Food was great, too, but I had family there that I visited a lot, so it wasn't the polarizing aspect I remembered most." Jill tucks her hair back and takes another bite.

"What are you studying? They must have a pretty wide set of programs in Star City. I remember being in Cali for a bit, but.. not for school." Loud bite, chew, chew, chew. "There were a few bases out that way I got to visit. Miramar airbase, Delmar beach near the Five, San Diego and the port there.. so beautiful, and the weather. Ugh. I miss that the most."

Jill's drink is brought close for a brief interlude, the straw finding its way to Jill's lips for a brief pull.

Supergirl has posed:
"Ohhhh, I love Louisiana. I'm really into alligators," Kara says, fingering a few more fries, seeing as she's only really worked through half a Big-Gulp's worth so far. She chews on them thoughtfully while she listens to Jill speak, nodding along and tipping her head to the side here and there. Inquisitive, but not asking questions. Not right away. "I love gumbo, too. Sometimes they put alligator in it, so... I guess I love alligators in a few different ways," she says, and then laughs. When the topic of conversation switches to the weather, Kara peers down at her cup filled with curly fries and opts to take another one out to dip into Jill's offered cheese. If it was offered once, well. It stands to reason it's up for grabs! When she's finished with this one, she wipes her hands off and lets them rest down on the seat she's perched upon. Both hands squeeze the cushion and she turns her big blue eyes out to the window.

"Weather's nice, yeah. But I wanna live where there's snow. It probably sounds cheesy, but I'm big into Christmas. I want to spend the Holidays somewhere cold, like in the movies," she says. And then she laughs and smiles, and shakes her head. "But I guess the grass is always greener, right? A few weeks of snow, and I'll be pining for a surf board."

Jill Valentine has posed:
"Not sure I've ever been surfing," Jill admits quietly, sitting back in her seat after finishing the sandwich. She uses that time to bring her drink up, and take from its contents for a few long seconds. When the straw is released, she makes a soft 'ahhh' noise and sets the cup back down. Her attention goes to the fries then, and she, like Kara, dips them in the cheese, which have been an open invitation this whole time!

"Alligators can be pretty scary. When I was in Africa, I saw a fair share of them. The local tribes worshipped them, and used them in ceremonies and stuff. I'm not sure they ever ate them though, but like you said, I know we did in Louisiana." Jill doesn't weigh in on the talk of gumbo, but her mind reflects back to it. Her father had been Cajun, with the heavy French influence, and it was from him Jill had a healthy respect for the culinary arts. Time in the service, among other things, prevented her from practicing it often, though.

"I don't think I caught your name."

Supergirl has posed:
"I love it, even if I'm not very good. But I enjoy waiting out in the ocean for a wave more than riding them, sometimes," Kara admits with a little laugh. She watches Jill take a sip from her drink with an interested expression, and her face lights up with a pretty smile when the woman lets out that picturesque 'ahhhh' sound.

"They're so big. I can't help but feel like I'm looking at the past when I look at them. And crocodiles," she says, her voice trailing off. She tips her head a little bit to the side as she attempts to recollect the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. "Hmmmmh," she exhales, her own internal question stumping her. "Oh!" she says, and then wipes her fry-fingers off on a napkin before sticking her hand across the table.

"I'm Kara!" she says, with no shortage of enthusiasm.