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Brunch Buddies
Date of Scene: 19 May 2022
Location: Dining Hall, Avengers Mansion
Synopsis: Carol comes back to Earth for a brief check in and Pepper spoils her with Sunday Brunch.
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Pepper Potts

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
The song says that Sunday mornings are easy. The song writer probably didn't have the life of an Avenger in mind. There are precious few mornings that are easy. But when such a morning comes along, it is a pleasant change of pace.

Carol had hoped to meet with the rest of the Avengers to give an update on the expansion of the Brood in deep space. She had expected most of them to be off on one mission or another she just hadn't expected that everyone would be out. Ah well.

Rising to the sun shining in her bedroom window, Carol rose to face the day. As she emerged from her room, the smell of breakfast was in the air. That meant someone was around at least. Padding downstairs barefoot, she was dressed to function at least within the confines of the mansion. A faded black tee shirt from the 2022 Scorpions world tour and loose gray pajama pants. Hardly a fashion statement but they were comfortable.

Poking her head into the kitchen, she looked around to see who was here, offering a quiet, "Mmm.. good morning."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Normally, it's only Pepper up at this hour, cooking for a possible household full of people, even if she's aware the mansion was near empty last night. JARVIS had informed her that Carol came in, and that was more than enough reason to celebrate with breakfast. Pepper's got a big egg casserole going in the oven and now she's working on some compote for waffles, but she wasn't going to properly pour the batter until someone was awake.

A genuine smile cuts across the redhead's features as she tosses a look over her shoulder, "Welcome home. Or... back, I suppose. Is it rude to call this come when most of space is your home?" Pepper asks, her freckled nose slightly twisting up as she wonders if she stuck her foot in it this early in the morning. "Sit down. Lots of food is happening, but if there is something in particular you are craving, just ask. The french press is full of coffee and there's hot water for tea. Whatever you want, it's yours."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers sees Pepper moving around - because of course she is. No one else could pull off Sunday Morning Breakfast with even half the skill. Padding further into the kitchen, Carol shrugged, "Well as far as I'm concerned? Home is where the good food is. So that makes this home" she says with a smile. "It all smells really good, Pepper.. You shouldn't have gone to all this effort - but really? Thank you" she said with sincerity.

Moving to the coffee she murmurs, "Mm.. coffee, absolutely." There are few current or ex military who would pick tea over coffee. Some might, but not Carol. She takes the strong brewed coffee and pours it to drink black.

"How have you been? It's been a little while since we've caught up." She offers a curious smile then adds, "Oh no. I would never ask for anything more than you've made." That would be taking advantage of an already selfless woman.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper just *glares* at Carol as the other woman refuses to give any preferences beyond that is there. "Come on. When was the last time you were back home? When we went to Katz's? Surely you've been missing SOMETHING. I have this whole damn kitchen, enough groceries for an army, and nothing but time on my hands today. Let me spoil you. It'll make me feel more useful." Something in Pepper's eyes says she's not joking or just being nice. She will actually feel better if Carol tells her what she wants.

The french press is brought over, nice and strong with a good fair trade coffee in it. Pepper sets down the biggest mug in the kitchen by Carol and nods for the woman to have at it. Pepper's generally a tea woman on the weekends. High octane is reserved for 5 am business meetings. "I... I've been... well? It's all a bit confusing, but well. And yourself? How's the great beyond?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers holds up her hands up, "Don't shoot, don't shoot. I surrender, officer!" she conceeds with laughter. She considers a moment, "Well it -is- hard to find a good, or any really, properly cooked steak. The stuff they claim is genuine beef from earth on Knowwhere is... suspect at best" she laments.

THen she sips the coffee and sighs, "That is good. Thank you." She cradles the mug in both hands. "Well? That's.. better than most of the alternatives I guess? But it's been that bad?" she wonders. "As for me? Things are still a bit sketchy in deep space. I thought I'd update Tony or Steve but they appear to be elsewhere. Kind of par for the course, I suppose?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
A slightly deeper wrinkle crosses her nose. "Yes, they've been...quite busy. I swear I saw Tony more before I moved in with him than I do now." Which might actually be news, that Pepper had finally, officially moved in. Had the couple actually settled things? It'd been years in coming.

Pepper smiles at the thought of steak and immediately crosses towards the fridge. She goes digging a bit but then comes up with a good ribeye. "Steak and eggs is always an excellent breakfast. How do you like it cooked? Please don't tell me well done, I consider you a woman of taste. Once you tell me how this is to be cooked, then you can tell ME about deep space. I can pass it on to Tony, if nothing else."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers sips her coffee and listens while Pepper works around the kitchen. Carol knew better than to try and help. SHe could fight with the best of them, but get her in the kitchen and she could burn water.

"That's difficult I imagine. But I'm very happy for you, that you both came to the same conclusion.." she said with a smile, adding, "Medium for the steak please. Over medium on the eggs?"

"Well, as far as space? It's space. Deep dark and dangerous. The Brood. Well they're still making dangerous advances. The Shi'ar are still being.. themselves. Proud and determined. They're not yet asking for help and it's taking a toll. More than they will admit. They continue to lose planets. They've already nuked at least three as they pulled out, in a bid to stop the Brood. So. Gives you an idea of how serious it is. One can hope they'll finally agree to ask for and accept help soon." She shrugs. "Wars are never glamorous."

Pepper Potts has posed:
"Medium and over medium. Got it." Pepper echoes, confirming the order, and then she's setting two different skills to heat up fairly quickly on the stove top. Everything else can manage itself, this food she'll have to watch.

A somewhat softer, if a bit embarrassed, smile rouses to her lips as she speaks of Pepper and Tony. "Yes, apparently everyone has been waiting forver for us to finally figure out what you all knew? I wish someone would have told us sooner but... Knowing Tony, he had to come around to it in his own time." Pepper as well, honestly, though she'd never admit it.

Then she falls quiet, listening to the matters abot space as she melts a good bit of butter in both pans. "...they nuked three PLANETS? As in...entirely DESTROYED?? That's... God, that's awful, Carol. They're awful."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers just smiles, not getting into what was or wasn't obvious to most of them. "I'm just happy that you're both happy. That's the part that matters."

She nods soberly, "It was the tactical answer to the Brood. Either they evacuated and destroyed the planets or the Brood would have claimed their resources and been all the more strong for it. It doesn't make it a good choice. But in the moment, it sounds like it was the only choice left." She sighs. "It's probably going to get worse before it gets better."

That was usually the way with most things, wasn't it?