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Everybody needs a cup of coffee sometime
Date of Scene: 07 June 2022
Location: The Coffee Bean - Manhattan
Synopsis: Diana and Sarah share coffee, philosophy and dance around sharing names. And a certain scoundrel happened by in the process
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Sarah Connor, Gambit

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince had finished with a particularly intense diplomatic negotiation. Greece had requested a number of priceless statues and busts in possession by Themyscira for a national display. But the details were not favorable and there was much doubt as to whether the nation would actually relenquish the works back at the end of the display's showing. It had finally resolved to an amicable set of conditions. But she had needed to 'kindly' remind them that they really did not wish to experience an Amazon reclamation party coming to take the artifacts rightfully back. She might have been bluffing, but the the leader of the delegation was a blowhard and she felt no reason to go gently upon him. It was worth it to see his red face turn pale at the thought if an Amazon war party running through the streets of Athens. They might have even accidently reclaimed some extra works that were orignally theirs to begin with.

Recalling his reaction made her smile slightly. But now? Coffee. And a blueberry muffin. She needed to not think about diplomacy and self absorbed delegates for a while.

Diana took her order and moved to sit alone in a both. SHe was wearing civilian clothes to day. A smart business suit of royal blue. She wore flats because she really did not need any extra height. Her bracers and tiara were worn. As always. The sleeves occasinally riding up to offer a glimpse of them.

Sarah Connor has posed:
Today, Sarah wasn't wearing her work dress. Instead, she word jeans and a t-shirt, covered in a jean jacket. Plenty of nooks and crannies (surprisingly!) for the odd and ends (and weaponry!) that she might need.

Of course, when she came into the coffee shop, before she made her order, Sarah checked the mirrors that serving people used to keep an eye out without looking really obvious. Really? One reason (other than the fact that some pay cash instead of cheques) she worked in a diner /was/ the mirrors.

Anyone could be a terminator. Anyone.. except John. If they had John they wouldn't care about Sarah.

Taking her turn, finally, she ordered a coffee, black. Paying cash, she looked around for a place to sit.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince was not looking for anyone she might know to be here. And in point of fact she had only met Sarah that one time. She did look significantly different today than she did that night at the diner. But. Diana. She is nothing if not observant. Or perhaps it is just that, unlike the average coffee shop patron, she takes a moment to look at and actually -see- each patron in the room.

On seeing Sarah her features turn to a curious smile. She speaks up enough for the woman to hear her, "Excuse me... I cannot help but wonder if we have met recently? At a diner?" She leaves it vaguey specific. Enough to know if this is the same woman.

Sarah Connor has posed:
Sarah thought about lying to Diana. It's not like she doesn't do it all the time.

Instead, she answered vaguely. "Possibly. Who are you looking for?" And why. Most definitely WHY.

Again, this woman - this Diana Prince - didn't give off a danger signal like a terminator did, but she identified herself as an Ambassador. And were she one, you can bet she'd find out who this woman, Sarah, was.

Then again, Sarah was paranoid. With good reason.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles, "I do not believe she had a name tag on. But it was Mel's Diner? In Bleakhaven? I was driving back to Manhattan and had stopped for gas and a late meal. She was very helpful."

She shrugged thoughfully, "It is no consequence however. I don't know her. But you reminded me of her and I had thought to be polite and say hello."

She does have a way about her that makes her easy to talk to. Of course that can set some people on edge instead.

Sarah Connor has posed:
A smirk crosses Sarah's lips. "If I remember you had the roast turkey sandwich with onion rings. And left a tidy sum for a tip." Note: She has yet to say she was the woman. But considering the cook was a black man, it was probably her who waited on Diana.

"And now you're here."

If Diana was Sarah, she would be concerned. She knew her order. Was at the same coffee shop several cities away?

"Don't you have bodyguards?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
But Diana is not Sarah. Diana is Diana. And Diana sees the good in everyone.

The fact that Sarah does remember the order exactly makes her smile warmly. "Yes. It was delicious. And I have already made plans to return to get more of the onion rings. You were right to warn me. I have been unable to forget them" she says with amusement.

"Yes. I am, in fact here. Philosphy is a corner stone of Amazon Culture. If you would like to debate the definition of 'here' and whether or not we are, in fact present.." her eyes shine with mirth. Then seriously, "The Embassy is only a few blocks away. It is nice to get out for a walk and some quiet time once in a while." The last question gets an odd look.

"Why would I need bodyguards? I am an Amazon. There are none who could come close to harming me." SHe would turn them into living pretzels.

Sarah Connor has posed:
True. Well, what she did know of them, she knew Amazon women were fierce. "Don't you get pressure to follow the rules of Ambassadors? Just because you can fight for yourself, doesn't mean you should fight for yourself."

Sarah was curious to hear the answer to this one.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince seems sincerely puzzled by the woman's questions. "I conduct myself according to the customs and practices of the Amazons. With regard to diplomacy, there is always a measure of give and take that must occur in order to arrive at an agreement. But I do not compromise my nation or my heritage as an Amazon for the sake of a signed contract." She then pauses, "If I can fight for myself, why should I place others in harm's way to defend me instead?" She smiles but shakes her head, "I would be no Amazon if I were to allow others to fight for me."

Sarah Connor has posed:
Sarah smirks. "As you say. I prefer women who can look after themselves. Though many don't. And, I guess, that is good too."

For her, she couldn't picture her life being so dull.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles and nods. "It is always better to be able to defend oneself than have to rely upon others. Not that having friends and allies in a time of need is not acceptable." She looks to the woman whose name she has still not earned. "You are welcome to join me if you wish. I do not mean to make you stand there."

Sarah Connor has posed:
Quickly Sarah looks around. So far, so good. Nothing seems odd, or as if a terminator was checking her out. "Don't mind if I do." Making sure that she can see the whole cafe with the resident mirrors, she sits.

"I don't get around much, at least, not for fun. Sometimes Central Park if I'm feeling lazy. It's one of the best places you can people watch. And they have the best hotdogs around. Bar none."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles as the woman accepts the invitation to share a booth and conversation. "I love Central Park. It is an island of tranquility amidst the chaos and concrete of the city." She then laughs, "yes. I rather like their hotdogs too. They are a treat when I am able to stop and get one!"

Sarah Connor has posed:
"You know, you may talk like an Ambassador - when needed - but you're really a down home girl, aren't you?" Sarah quirks a brow.

Then, with a nod, she continues, "Why did you come to New York City? I mean, when you decided to leave home, and be an Ambassador, what struck you to do it?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince looks up at Sarah as she makes that observation. "I was raised by my aunts and my mother. Today, you can go to the library and read about Plato and Socrates." She looks at Sarah, "My mother, Queen Hippolyta, spoke of government and philosophy with them both." That means she must be.. how old? Diana is clearly serious and believes what she's saying.

"I love Themycira. It is lush and verdant. Central Park in many ways reminds me of home." She smiles. "The Goddess Aphrodite spoke to the Queen and told her to choose a Champion from among the Amazons and that Champpion would be the Ambassador to Man's world" SHe pauses. "By which I refer to every nation and location that is outside of Themysciran territorial waters. It is how the rest of the world was referenced."

Sarah Connor has posed:
Sarah had experience with people from the future. Well Terminators, which aren't really people, but they were from the future. And a little bit of people looking like they were in the 20's and 30's when they were actually older. What one more?

Still, she looked at Diana more critically now.

"I see. No wonder we aren't terrifying for you." And how young our civilization must be in comparison. "Will you go back, someday?"

For someone who had given up her whole life for a cause, she was curious. Were there any regrets?

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles gently. "No. I find humanity to be capable of causing great terror, I am afraid. But I have also seen - and I fully believe - that humanity is capable of _great_ compassion and generousity. I am here to share a message of peace and, yes, of love. It was my mission when my mother, our Queen, sent me out as Champion. But I have learned. Champions here only matter in your games of sport. Or as vicors in your countless wars."

She looks sad for a moment.

"That is why I was made an Ambassador. So that I may share our views and seek to help the betterment of the nations of your world through your United Nations."

Sarah Connor has posed:
"Good. Our world needs people like that." Well, in theory. Sarah didn't know if the world was going to make it that long. Still, a few words didn't cost anything. Right?

"I'm only good at one thing. Waitressing." Bull. Caca. She was better as a soldier in the Human Resistance Army. And all that entails. Except she doesn't talk about that if possible.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles as Sarah speaks. "And I will continue to share my message as long as I have breath." She sips at her cup then tilts her head curiously. Only a waitress?

"It is interesting to me, my friend.." She still hasn't a name to use. She looks at Sarah and smiles gently, "..that for a waitress, you move very much like the Elite Guard that serve to protect Queen Hippoltya." It's a measured, knowing gaze. Not accusatory. Just knowing. She knows the art of war, herself. She chooses no to use it.

Sarah Connor has posed:
And there it was: the lie.

Admittedly not many people would know - they were too busy worrying about their own lives. Bucky had noticed. Clint too. Figures - they worked for SHIELD.

Sarah tried to tone her features down, but some people were always going to pick it up.

Diana was one of them.

Sarah took a drink of her coffee, letting herself think before putting it down. "Should I protest, and blush at the compliment? Although that's pretty good, considering." A pause, and then, "Alright, I do."

Your turn.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince doesn't smile. But neither does she scowl or show disappoval. If anything? She shows acceptance. Because the woman had spoken truthfully. "I do not wish to make you protest. Nor I expect praise for noticing. I am, at my very core, a warrior, my friend. We are all trained to notice the subtle things." She looks now with sadness at the woman, "But you appear to carry a great burden. It appears to me that you are, if not sad at the least unhappy. It.. follows you.. like a cloud."

Those blue eyes carry no malice or cruel intentionn in their gaze. "I can only wonder why you choose to carry your burden alone."

Sarah Connor has posed:
"And you? Are you happy being a warrior? I don't mean the Ambassador - strictly a warrior?"

Sarah leans back, though her voice remains hushed to just their table. "It's necessary. What I might have wanted doesn't matter anymore. That's what you want to know, isn't it?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles to Sarah but her eyes still show concern. "I did not know another purpose until it was offered to me. But I can still be both. I do not need to take up arms to be a warrior. As an Ambassador I fight many battles with words. The battlegrounds are the hearts and minds of those I seek to reach. It is not easy. And victory is hardly certain. But it is what I do. I believe it is a cause worthy to hold to."

She shakes her head, "I do not need to know your struggle if you do not wish to share it. I will not pry. But you wear your isolation, your pain, like a cloak. It surrounds you." She sighs softly. "It is my nature to be concerned for others. I do not mean to over step. I apologize." She sits back and sips at her drink.

Sarah Connor has posed:
"Must be nice, you know, to pick your battles. Not everyone could be as adaptable as you." Funny, she's not using a tone that would say she's being a bitch to Diana. "Not everyone has that choice. In my case? It's better if I don't speak out."

As for the other..

"It is what it is. I was given this particular job by someone who I loved, and everyday I am reminded. That's all."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince shakes her head, "I do not get to pick them all. There are many I simply must fight. Be it as an Ambassador or as part of the Justice League." She looks out the window. "Usualy with the League it is my warrior training that is needed." She almost sounds sad.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince sits in a booth by the windows. She is currently dressed in working business attire. A silk blouse, and pressed dress pants and heels. She does still wear her Tiara and as she moves her arms, the hints of silver bracers peek from under the cuffs of the blouse. She is talking with another woman quietly as the share drinks together.

Sarah Connor has posed:
With a glance about the room, Sarah nods. "Isn't that always the way? No matter what you would like to do, in order to do it, there are some sacrifices to be made. Even for you, it would seem."

Sarah shrugs and picks her cup.

Gambit has posed:
the low hum of a motorcycle that was obviously built for speed can be heard outside the shop for just a moment before the engine die. Remy comes in, his hair pulled into a tight tail as he heads to the counter. He places his order (Caramel latte, two pumps hazelnut syrup, java chips, extra caramel, mocha drizzle on top the whipped cream), offering the name "Spartacus" as the name and looking around. He notices Sarah and raises a hand in greeting, though not interupting the ladies unless invited.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince was looking in earnest at Sarah. Though she does not know the woman's name. She smiles softly. "It is the way. As warriors it is what we must often endure. But it does not have to be what we choose to accept or the only thing we fight for. Change can happen. But it must be protected and allowed to develop. With time." She sips her coffee again.

Sarah Connor has posed:
Out of the corner of her eye, she catches Remy, and nods to him with a quick jerk of the head. Then she extends that nod into a shake, to Diana, much as if to say, 'not now'.

In other words, some of this conversation, she would rather keep to smaller crowds.

"Would you like to meet.. him?" She doesn't say 'friend', or even a name. Which seems to be her mode d'emploi. ..Then again, no one has /asked/ for her name.

Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau tilts his head, perhaps a little confused by Sarah's head bobbing as to if she wanted him to join them or not. He is saved the decision, at least momentarilly by the Barista calling out "Spartacus!" to which Remy turns and says with a wicked smile "Ah am Spartacus." Then a few seconds later an older gentleman in the back of the room stands up and calls out "No, I am Spartacus!" this is immediately followed by two collage kids calling out "I am Spartacus!" almost simultaniously. The Barista, who doesn't get paid nearly enough for this nonsense, just rolls her eyes and hands Remy his drink.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince falls silent mid sentence on the cue from Sarah. It was probably about time to end that conversation anyway. She looks over to the man in question. A man with remarkable eyes. And he is named Spartacus. Her brow arches at that but otherwise has an easy smile on her features. A nod to Sarah, "I do not mind if he is someone that you are comfortable talking with. I would not make things more difficult for you."

Sarah Connor has posed:
Sarah grins a bit. "Comfortable? Let's say we have similar issues." If only Diane knew what issues they shared! "And heard his name!"

That is still being laughed at by everyone. Nearly.

When he comes by, she introduces her to him. "This is Diana. We're having a discussion about what is better coffee inside anytime, or coffee after dusk in the park." No they were not, but she pretends they were. "If you can come up with a better discussion.."

She leaves it to him.

Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau grins slightly and offers his hand to Diana, though if she takes it he leans down to kiss her knuckles. "Charmed mon chere," He says with a grin and taking a seat. "Ah'm Remy by de way," He tilts his head slightly and considers Sarah's statment saying, "well personally Ah prefer mah coffee eit'er in front of a fire wit' a good book, or in de company of beautiful women." he offers a wicked smile adding, "Fortunate foh Remy, it way too hot to build a fire non?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince looks up at the man with a smile as her gaze shifts from Sarah-who-is-lying-through-her-teeth to the man with the remarkable eyes. She does reach her hand to shake his. But when he seeks to kiss her knuckles. Her brows rise briefy and she smiles with amusement.

"Hello. But.. Remy? The barista said your name was Spartacus. Is that your last name?" she seemingly asks with innocence. But her eyes flicker with mirth. No she isn't going to let on that easily.

She glances back to Sarah. He's her friend. She will let him slip in beside Sarah if the expression on her face is to be read at all.

Sarah Connor has posed:
For Sarah anytime is coffee time. And while she would drink them anywhere, if she had a wee secret, she would sit on a park bench, and watch the sun go down. Fat chance. Rarely did she have the quiet, and have the safety to enjoy them often - forget about the park and watching the sun go down!

"Sure! Sit." She pulls the seat next to her, for him. Teasing him, "You'll still have to come up with a topic." She *roooolls* her eyes at his definitions of beautiful.

Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau grins slightly at Sarah's insistance that he has to start the conversation. He sips his Twix flavored coffee and grins slightly considering. "No see yah go an' put Remy on de 'ot seat. Make's it 'ard ta appear all spontanious an' such." He says with a grin and produces a deck of cards seemingly from no where. He riffles them once drawing out the Ace of hearts, and passing it to Sarah, then the Ace of diamonds and passing it over to Diana. He then starts dealing cards into a pile face down. "Sayin' jus' start a conversation take all de magic out of it... tell me when ta stop, eit'er of yah." He then grins at Diana, "Yah nevah seen de movie Sparticus? It's kinda a classic.."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince watches and smiles with amusement and curiosity. She takes the ace of diamonds, looking at both sides curiously. She then looks back to Remy. "I have seen it, yes. But what does it have to do with you?" She is wise. Intelligent. But sometimes the nuance of cultural jokes do slip past her. She looks to Sarah to determine when they should tell him to stop.

Sarah Connor has posed:
Sarah hasn't seen a movie in the theatre for nearly 2 decades; much less on the television. She's seen some in the past five years? Something like that.

"There has to be a joke with the name. Mel Brooks? Didn't he produce some comedies with those eras?"

Gambit has posed:
Remy LeBeau rolls his eyes at Sarah, though playfully, "Yah tellin' me dat /yah/ nevah seen Spartacus eit'er chere?" He says completely aghast it seems. He continues to peel off cards, waiting for one or the other of the women to tell him to stop. To Diana he says casually, "Dare a seen at de end where de villians demand to know who in de Army is Sparticus. Every man stand up and say it's 'im.. So de joke more like... who willing to play along wit' yah if yah declare yah are Spartacus.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince looks to Remy, "I did not say I had not seen the movie. But it is enirely inaccurate. The events did not unfold as the movie would have you believe. My aunts and my mother have told me the true story many times. The ending is not so different. But the details? The movie does not do the man justice. He was so much greater than your Hollywood would have you believe." She shakes her head sadly. "A warrior and legend should be regarded for what was truthfully achieved. Not down played because others do not have the ability to accept such prowess."