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BludCon 2030, Day One
Date of Scene: 24 June 2022
Location: Avalon Heights, Avalon
Synopsis: Best Cosplayer Ever
Cast of Characters: Leon Kennedy, Buffy Summers, Wonder Woman

Leon Kennedy has posed:
Outside, the sun was shining. The birds were chirping. There were a few clouds up there, breaking up that brilliant sky blue. It was another bright and wonderful summer day in Bludhaven. But inside Avalon Hall, things were very different. There was a foul smell that permeated the surprisingly open and allegedly airy corridors that connected the rooms. It was so biting that you could almost taste it. Most would choose to breathe through their mouth to avoid the foul stench.

A dull rumble, incoherent and difficult to pick out any specific noise as a legible word, moved through that air. And there were lights, offensive, bright, shiny, reflecting every surface. It was almost as if there was a series of second suns in there. Every light in the place was on, shining brightly from the ceiling, giving what would otherwise be darkened, windowless rooms, a harsh, pervasive illumination.

There were beings, bipedal humanoids, but dressed strangely, in archaic or fantastical clothing, many of which had their faces hidden behind demonic masks, hooded cloaks, and anything you might think of. Along the way, there were counters with such items as bladed weapons, daggers, swords, ready for use.

For this was a horror that only Bludhaven could play host of, a city that contained an actual Hellmouth, a portal to hell, not that many knew of that. Instead, it was just a somewhat creepy burg, where there were an unusual number of S.N.R.'s, or spontaneous neck ruptures.

As you pass into this strange and exotic place, you walk under a large banner, which proudly proclaimed this to be BludCon, Bludhaven's largest multi-genre and pop culture convention.

Buffy Summers has posed:
That it was Bludhaven's only multi-genre and pop culture convention probably helped make this the largest. It was also the first. But they were going big instead of like most conventions which would be just the weekend. This one was starting on Thursday afternoon and would last until Sunday night then shut down on Monday morning officially. It was quite the draw for those in the area who had to travel to NYC normally for such an event. They had opted to branch out to another city since NYC was so profitable for the conventions. There were two hotels hosting the event, and honestly that might not be enough if these early crowds for opening night were any indication.

And Buffy had the worst feeling about this. Literally. Her warning sense was going off immediately upon getting into range of the convention center floor. She winced and looked around at the milling crowd amongst the rows of items for sale. This wasn't even getting her close to the rooms where panels were happening. It was going to be a long weekend.

Thankfully, one of her best friends was knowledgable in all things pop culture. And thus he had helped hook her up with a costume. He said it was necessary for such a thing. To blend in with the crowds. If only she'd know he was full of bullshit, she might not have found herself in this situation. For over half of the people in attendance were dressed normally. There were plenty of costumes though but she could've attended in blue jeans just fine. She gave Xander a quick look then continued into the room.

Her costume wasn't a standout one at least. Just black karate gi with a patch on the front and the back, sleeveless with yellow trim. Those in the know would recognize it as a Cobra Kai gi. Though she did have slip on shoes on her feet instead of barefoot. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a high-and-tight ponytail.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince had been invited by a friend to meet for coffee in Bludhaven. Trusting to the sincerity of the invitation, she had agreed readily. And to get there in a timely manner from the Embassy in Manhattan, she chose to fly. It was a lovely day for it!

Nearing the convention center, she landed easily and began walking at an unhurried pace toward the indicated location of the coffee shop. She had believed she had the direcions correct. Nearing the mmain entrance of the center, she became distinctly aware of a good many visitors all staring at her with a curious blend of admiration and envy. She offered those whose gazes she met, polite smiles. And they were all dinstinctly attired! But. Why was that man dressed like Superman? And that one like The Blue Beetle? She knew Superman and Blue Beetle, and these were most certainly not the genuine articles!

Finding a staffer of the center near the doors, she approached, "Excuse me.. I was to meet a friend at the Jumping Bean coffee shop. I had thought I was in the correct location - but I do not see it?"

Once the staffer untied his tongue, he mumbled that it was inside the center and went to far as to hold the door for her. She offered him a grateful smile and proceeded to walk inside.

"..look at her costume! It looks so *real*"

"Can you believe how /fake/ those bracers are? Itls like they just used styrofoam cups and a silver sharpie!"

"... how do you think she got her lasso to glow so realistically? Nothing I've tried even comes close..!"

Leon Kennedy has posed:
Some people came in costumes that were well thought out, painstaking made over many days, weeks, months, or even years. Others chose to just dress in their regular clothes. Leon Scott Kennedy managed to find a happy medium between the two.

He wore a white undershirt, dirty, stained, with "fake" blood. Yeah, fake. He hadn't worn it on a mission or anything like that. It was stained through a modicum of effort, or so he would tell anyone who asked. Below that, he had on dark brownish gray pants, which weren't as badly scuffed up, but were still pretty beaten and bloodied. He had a black belt keeping them up, his phone in one pocket, wallet in another, and a gun in his hand. This one was real.

It had taken quite a bit of discussion with the security staff, even after he presented his federal agent identification. No doubt they were used to people having fake identifications, and in some cases, really good ones. It didn't help that he had let his facial hair grow as he was working on a John McClane costume from Die Hard.

In the end, he was only allowed to take his gun in when he kindly suggested that they Google his name, and yes, there were photos of him, with the President, same name, same face. Which also matched his federal identification, driver's license, credit cards, and everything else he had.

Things got much easier after that.

Buffy Summers has posed:
It was like sensory overload. So much stuff of so many varieties on so many tables at so many booths. The merchants' area of the con was at least ten rows of nonstop pop culture heaven. Art work, bumper stickers, costumes, weapons (real blades and prop guns). Pokemon and Magic the Gathering here while Hello Kitty and Lord of the Rings there. If one could imagine it, probably one of these booths had it. The obligatory comic booths with boxes filled with their precious materials with people pouring through them to find their missing issues. Over there a booth of bootleg Blu-Rays and DVDs though it insisted they were not. T-Shirt booths everywhere.

Frowning, Buffy realized this was going to be like a needle in a haystack. She could sense there were monsters here. But she had no idea who they were. As a pair of vampires walked past, complete with fangs and obligatory blood dripping down the corner of one's mouth, she reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

When she raised her head, she saw a familiar face. One she had met briefly and he had set off all her warning bells at the time. Though he passed two tests meaning he wasn't a vampire nor a shapeshifter. It left a lot of room though for demons of many kinds.

She opted to start trailing him which is when she stopped dead in her tracks. That was Wonder Woman. Not a cosplay. She'd met the woman so she knew that was her actual face. Unless this was the best doppleganger ever. She approached the tall woman, who made her look even more petite than she was. "Princess Diana?"

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince continued deeper into this strange new world she had discovered. She witnessed curious.. elves? speaking in what must be pretend languages and then bursting in to laughter. At least they were being friendly.

Then a young woman came running up "Oh my god! I *LOVE* your armor! It's so cool! I um.. I'm here as Donna Troy." The costume should have made that obvious. Diana did not have the heart to tell the woman that there were no amound of swarovsky crystals that could ever replicate the real star fields visible in her sister's armor. She smiled graciously and spoke with the woman for a moment. Her answers were honest and truthful. And the fan just believed she had found a super fan who even spoke with an Amazonian accent. Diana agreed to pose for a picture. Because there was no harm in making the woman happy. But it was so _odd_ that she did not believe Diana was truly herself?

Moving farther was becoming difficult. She had, well, developed someting of an entourage of cosplaying Justie League characters and Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl fans. Yet they all wanted tips on how to make their armor so realistic. They would not accept the answer that the would need to beseech Hephastus in order for him to craft them armor of similar qualitied.

Some people just do not want to hear the truth.

Leon Kennedy has posed:
Leon "John McClane" Kennedy had caught the ire of Buffy "Tory Nichols" Summers, and was being followed. Kennedy was a very good special agent, but there were deficiencies in his skillset. Knowing he was being followed in a crowded convention center was not one of them. But who could know that in this environment?

The Cobra Kai dressed woman got close enough to grab his sleeveless arms if she wanted, but somewhere along the throng of people, she stopped dead in her tracks, and he continued. He had his gun, a real, loaded gun, partly because he never liked being unarmed, and partly because he had heard Bludhaven was a center of demonic and other evil activity. It was just sensible to come prepared.

That was part of why he went as John McClane. Other than not having an orange painted barrel, his gun probably looked the same as some of the fakes. And so long as he kept it pointed downward, no one would see the lack of orange.

He would slip it into the waist of his pants if he ever needed both hands, just like McClane had in the movie.

At one point he caught what seemed to be a suspicious vampire. It was unlikely that one would be in here, as it was daylight outside, but the center was windowless, and the vampire was welcome. He tracked the man with a woman dressed as She-Ra.

When they disappeared into a maintenance closet, he barged in on them, gun in hand, only to find... that the only danger she was in was a walk of shame. So, extracting himself as quickly and safely as he could, Kennedy was sporting quite the red cheeks when he saw Wonder Woman and her vast and ever growing entourage.

Buffy Summers has posed:
It was moments like this that Buffy wished she was taller. In the growing throng of people around Wonder Woman, she was just a blip on the radar. Throwing in that her voice was lost it the crowd.

It was also times like this it was sad that violence was illegal. Cause if she got shoved one more time, she was tempted to start punching. But there were security people walking through the con and at all entrances/exits. She didn't need the trouble.

Everyone was assuming the woman was a cosplayer, like themselves. Which was actually kind of funny. What a perfect chance for Diana to blend in with a crowd. Although, she still drew attention because... well, because Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince contnues along and when she does not turn into the convention rooms proper, almost all of her entourage sadly peel off. Seeing the coffee shop, Diana smiles and walks over. But then she frowns. Her friend is not there. Crestfallen, she reflects that perhaps she went to the wrong location and she should have gone to the other. Turning around, she finds herself facing Leon-as-John and smiles. "Leon? Hello. It has been some time since we last spoke. How are you today?"

The crowd now envies John McClane because he is talking to the super fan!

Leon Kennedy has posed:
Leon Kennedy didn't faze easily, but seeing Diana in her Wonder Woman costume was enough to make anyone pause. He gave her a quick glance up and down, not lingering on any part, just appreciating the costume. She looked like she was out of some sword and sandals movie, only her costume was even better. "Diana, or should I say Wonder Woman. It's great to see you again." Then remembering she had asked a question, "oh, I'm good. Nobody's shot at me... today."

Buffy Summers has posed:
Him! The one she didn't trust. Buffy had remained when others had wandered off to their panels. Though now her attention was on Leon. She could get back to following him, making sure he wasn't up to no good.

Only Diana greeted him by name. That gave the Slayer something to mull over. Not like Diana would be hanging out with demons. She was a hero. One of the good guys. If she knew this guy, it was unlikely he was some monster dragging people into the sewers to get his snack on.

Which meant perhaps she should be looking elsewhere for her prey. While Leon wasn't completely clear, this sort of weighed down the good-guy end of the scale.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiled warmly to the man. "Diana is always welcome. But I do not mind Wonder Woman, if you would prefer." She is the same regardless. And in that moment of legitimate conversation, the whispers start.

"... think that *might* really be..."

"..he called her Diana..!"

"that.. can't really... can it?"

Diana smiled to Leon, "It is nice to see you as well. And I am greatly relieved that you have not been shot" She pauses, "This is the most curious of gatherings.. Do you konw what is going on?"

Leon Kennedy has posed:
Leon's costume was pretty good, but he was no Bruce Willis. His hair was too long, even though he had done what he could to mimic the Die Hard era hair that Willis had. It was also too light. And his face was all wrong. No one thought he could really be the action hero. He was also way too young. But Diana, yeah, everyone seemed to wonder about her.

More murmurs included such comments as, "I'm pretty sure the real one's skirt is shorter," "wow," "isn't she a little short for Wonder Woman", "look at the glint of that costume in the light", and of course, people talking about a lightsaber they just bought, a replica of the one ring, Star Fleet communicators, and so on.

A vampire dressed man was talking to a woman dressed as She-Ra, seemingly still together after the earlier incident. And just as he came within inches of Cobra Kai Buffy, he muttered, "I can't believe that psycho John McClane pulled a gun on me!"

Leon McClane asked, "So what brings you here, Diana?"

Buffy Summers has posed:
What. The. Actual. Hell.

Buffy glanced at the passing vampire with the woman she didn't recognized. Xander probably would. But once again, it was the vampires from media. Not bumpy brow version. Though, this would be a perfect place to blend in while wearing a costume.

She looked at Leon again, glancing at the gun. Had to be a replica. They didn't allow people to bring real ones on the floor unless they were peace bonded. She'd had that much explained when prepping for the event. She didn't realize there were workarounds or she'd be more concerned.

But if he drew the fake gun on someone, what had caused that action? And with that Buffy turned to start trailing the vampire and his gal pal.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince has managed to filter out most of the murmurs. She is aware of them but if she were to focus on them she would be swamped in all of the murmuring.

"I was to meet a friend at the Jumping Bean. I had believed it was this location. But I was mistaken as she is not here." She shrugs a bare shoulder. "So I should be going so that I can catch her before she believes I did not actually come to meet her." And that would weigh heavy on Dianas heart.

Leon Kennedy has posed:
If Buffy Kai followed the faux vampire and She-Ra for long enough, she'd learn that Leon McClane had followed them into somewhere like a maintenance room, and caught them in the act. The man had trouble getting back into the mood after, and the She-Ra was still trying to stroke his ego, saying it was all right. Absolutely too much information, but in this crowd, they weren't really worried about eavesdroppers.

Leon meanwhile nodded his head to Diana, "oh, sure, it was nice seeing you," and he would move on, disappearing into the convention himself.