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It Comes From..Below
Date of Scene: 14 March 2023
Location: Breakstone, Westchester County
Synopsis: The Xmen, Magneto and Juggernaut run into each other on snowy mountain peaks and are forced to work together.
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Magneto, Emma Frost, Warpath, Juggernaut, Wolverine

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>A couple weeks ago, a small group of Xavier's students went missing in the mountains and returned changed, more confident, more powerful. Was it merely the shock that had driven their abilities into overdrive or something more..Sinister? Whatever the case, Jean was certain that the danger was not yet over. One of the students, young Jane, had remained comatose for some time after being rescued - that is, until Jean connected with her mind and was attacked by an unknown powerful psychic entity. Although the experience weakened her, she was allowed glimpses of the true threat - an alien pod that the Xmen had recently come across in the Yeti's territory. It was active, and somehow connected to the psychic entity that had attacked her mind. \<br\>\<br\>Now, it has become clear the Xmen must further investigate the alien threat and put a stop to it before anyone else gets hurt, and maybe they will gain some more insight into why the Yeti attacked the hikers, why the students are acting odd..And other burning questions.\<br\>\<br\>She trails behind the other Xmen, keeping her psychic senses out for any hostile presences, knowing there is a psychic alien entity somewhere, along with a dangerous alien pod, Yetis, and possibly Magneto who is also searching for some of his people. The map given him would lead him true to his destination but before it does, it will bring him and the Xmen to the same forked road, a hillly path to the east leading up to a cavern, a flat western path along the ledge leads towards where the alien pod was last seen.\<br\>\<br\>It has been snowing since, making it a bit harder locate the alien pod, luckily Jean brought a map, similar to the one given to Magneto.
Magneto has posed:\<br\>After receiving the map from Jean, Magneto had not headed straight to the mountains. He had gone in search of Emma Frost, at the Hellfire Club, in the hopes that she might offer some assistance in searching for the missing mutants from Genosha. However, on his way, he had fun into Juggernaut and requested his aid in the mountains. Normally Magneto would be able to defend himself, but Jean had mentioned something about yetis in the mountain. He had decided that by recruiting Juggernaut, he would be able to search for mutants whilst Juggernaut dealt with the yetis.\<br\>\<br\>After that meeting, Magneto continued to head to Hellfire Club, but he failed to find Emma there. As result, he decided to head to the mountains with the expectation of meeting Juggernaut there.\<br\>\<br\>Now Magneto finds himself in the mountains, map in hand, trying to reach the location that Jean had indicated on the map. With the snow falling around him, he is glad that he wore his red and black suit which would show up better that the white and black suit. It would be easier for Juggernaut to find him. That is if he decided to ever show up.
Emma Frost has posed:\<br\>Emma, of course, loves to play both sides of the fence. The important part is that she own the land or, at least, have a reasonable claim to the fealty owed by the peasants who work upon it. Either way, the X-men, the Hellfire Club and, even on rare occasion, the Brotherhood sometime receive the grace of her presence and her wisdom.\<br\>\<br\>Usually, however, that presence was within civilization and not out here in the backwater hellhole of the mountaints. She wears a white jumpsuit with a provocative amount of unzipping in the front, but instead of succulent flesh, she displays diamond, her body shifted to its nearly indestructible form as she follows along behind Jean, "I remain skeptical of what I haev to contribute here, but I suppose the safety of the precious children must be put first. I do wish they'd become endangered somewhere with a spa or at least catering."
Warpath has posed:\<br\>    Warpath stays to the ground as he moves with light feet padding silently through the underbrush and pathways. He focuses on every detail of sight, smell, taste, sound, and even the pitter patter of little scurrying creatures. He hears the heartbeats of his teammates and the speedy heartbeats of the forest animals. He can smell the deer hundreds of yards away, the bloom of a daisy well beyond normal sight, he eyes the forest and surrounding terrain for things that appear out of place. Above all, he is silent while he does his best to pick up a trail, a familiar scent, or detect something that shouldn't be.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey has been waiting for Scott to join them but it seems like something else important came up elsewhere, dividing the Xmen's attention. After checking on her comm, she steps to the front of the group, taking the lead and pausing briefly at the fork in the road. She's dressed in her classic green and gold Phoenix costume and agile it doesn't look terribly warm, she seems not to mind the blustery weather too much.\<br\>\<br\>Olive eyes narrow as she peers around, quite aware of other presences nearby. "Remember, we are here to investigate alien pods and nit to assist Magneto whom we might come across. I am well aware that he is searching for his people, but he is more than capable of taking care of his own."\<br\>\<br\>She nods to Warpath, "Keep an eye out for the Yeti,let me know if it's getting close, I'd rather we not run into it again. Emma keep your senses peeled, I sensed a hostile alien presence before, possibly more." now which way to the pod..?
Magneto has posed:\<br\>Deciding that Juggernaught must not be showing, Magneto presses on in his search for his people. He mentally prepares himself for the possibility of getting caught of guard by yetis whilst searching. However, it is not unusual for others to disappoint him. He could only truly rely on himself. He continues on through the mountains, keeping one eye on the map so as to avoid getting lost. He keeps the other eye on the surrounding landscape hoping to spot any yeti before they spot him.
Emma Frost has posed:\<br\>Emma Frost sighs, "I cannot use my telepathic talents while in my diamond form and I'm most certainliy not shifting out of it when there's a potential alien monstrosity lurking out here in Bucktooth County," she sneers. "You're a very capable telepath, Jean, I'm sure you'll sense things just fine. But if you truly need my assistance, you are more than welcome to ask me very nicely, with sugar on top, for my help."\<br\>\<br\>"...wait, did you say Yeti? Am I an a Discovery channel show? I refuse to go 'squatching' while wearing Chanel."
Warpath has posed:\<br\>    The commentary between Jean and Emma is a point of annoyance for Warpath. They are far too noisy when hunting. He gives them a side glance reflecting that annoyance. Then refocuses his attention on the tracking, searching for the trail and smelling the fragrances of the wild in search of something that may be stalking the team. \<br\>\<br\>    That's when Warpath picks up a lingering scent. He stops moving such that the scent can reveal the direction of its origin and intensity. He looks in the direction of the scent and then states quietly to the others, "It was nearby. That way." and he points. "It has moved on... perhaps 3 hours ago."
Juggernaut has posed:\<br\>So he's late. Probably because he changed his mind a few times since arriving, let alone before hand, and sat and stewed in his pickup truck near the bottom of the mountain trails where the roads ceased and travel became more rough and tumble. This really has nothing to do with him and playing on his sense of good will and conscience can be..a hit and miss thing.\<br\>\<br\>But recent conversations with other mutual associates and the fact that his mind kept wandering to these events finally pushed him over the edge and so..eventually.. The Juggernaut has arrived, making his way towards the meeting spot that Magneto had indicated they were to meet at..albiet at a slightly leisurely pace.\<br\>\<br\>He's at least got the good graces to cushion his steps so that the whole of the mountain side isn't quaking under him and landslides aren't about.. BUt he's still in his feels and mildly annoyed nevertheless.\<br\>\<br\>"Alright, hold your horses. I'm here. We never did discuss payment for this and I don't mean in Genoshan bucks either.."\<br\>\<br\>He's in full regalia as well. Mammoth sized billowed out to the usual 'Juggernaut' proportions and helm and skull cap donned which makes him a black hole where telepathic scans are concerned. "So what's the plan?"
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey frowns softly at Emma, trying to stay focused on the mission. Which is tricky since she'd rather take backstage and let Cyclops take point. "I may require your psychic backing since the last time I encountered the alien presence it nearly knocked me off my feet. Whatever we' re up against is more of a threat than I imagined, but I will handle it, for now."\<br\>\<br\>She glances to Warpath, nodding to him. "Good, then we should not have any problems running into it. It's probably gone off to hunt..Although, strange, you think it would.." not need to hunt if it planned on eating those Genoshans? Speaking of..\<br\>\<br\>She closes her eyes briefly, sweeping out her psychic senses to search for any life signs out here..And somewhere in the caverns above to the east, she senses..Something.Opening her eyes she spies the billowing form of Magneto, and Juggernaut, frowning softly. "So, you brought hired help. You should know we don't want any trouble. You'll find your kids that way.." she nods to the eastern fork in the path.
Magneto has posed:\<br\>Seeing Juggernaut coming through the snow behind him, Magneto stops in his tracks, "No, we didn't discuss the payment. And yet here you are. I do have half a mind of penalising you for being late. Your brother might tolerate tardiness, but I do not."\<br\>\<br\>When he hears Jean speak through the snow, he turns to her, "Well, considering Scott wouldn't allow you to do, and I couldn't find Emma, I decided to turn elsewhere. I'm surprised to see that he has let you all out."\<br\>\<br\>He eyes scan the faces behind Jean and spots Emma. "Ah, there you are," he says. "I had hoped to find you before coming up the mountain. It seems that fate would bring us together up here instead."\<br\>\<br\>He then turns his attention back to Jean who seems to be leading the party of X-Men, "What brings you up here again anyway? I thought you had already rescued your students. You didn't manage to go and lose them again, did you?"
Emma Frost has posed:\<br\>Emma Frost crosses her arms over her chest as Magneto and Cain make their presences known. She remains in her diamond form - if Jean's backhanded remarks had any effect on Emma, they certainly aren't showing - the redhead's on her psychic own for the moment, not that it matters much with the two helmet boys here.\<br\>\<br\>"Really? You wanted to drag me up here, too? Am I being pranked? Is one of you Logan Paul in a wig?" she says, narrowing her eyes. "I would hope not. I can't stand that little shit. I met him at a party once and he smelled like burritos and marijuana. And not even good marijuana," she says, crinkling her indestructible nose.\<br\>\<br\>"Apparently, there's an alien bigfoot of some sort on the loose. Terribly important, since I've been lured out here into the mud and muck. I have to assume it hates mutants or at least writes mean blog posts about us from its treehouse."
Juggernaut has posed:\<br\>"Yeah, yeah. I'll just add a service fee on for puttin' up with this crap. That should balance it out.." retorts Juggernaut to Magneto's words. Looks like he's in a mood.\<br\>\<br\>He is otherwise..slightly surprised as he turns to take in the presence of the others. His frown deepens as he listens in and hears the explanation of the of the circumstances and he turns slightly to pointedly look at each of those gathered. Magneto. Jean. Emma... Several present bearing enough power to route a small army if need be on their own let alone together. Let alone including -him- in that number.\<br\>\<br\>"What is this, this Yeti a cosplaying Galactus or somethin'? Just how dangerous is this alien supposed to be?"
Warpath has posed:\<br\>    The arrival of Magneto and Juggernaut, Warpath visibly tenses. But hearing Jean's words and the subsequent commentary from the two villains, Warpath will ease and not take hold of his vibranium daggers. His eyes return to the forest and he continues to search for clues.
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> Logan is familiar with muck, mud, the outdoors and everything else. Hearing Emma's commentary, comes a familiar voice. "Only one 'Logan' here darlin', but ihs last name ain't 'Paul,'" Logan's blue and black boots sink into whatever is around him. The mask -is- pulled up. \<br\>\<br\> "And ya can just send Magneto yer cleanin' bill," Logan will add giving Emma an idea. Those ocean blue eyes hidden by the mask. as he looks over the group slowly. It feels like a mish-mash, but they would have to come together for the moment. \<br\>\<br\> "I could use some inght on th yeti, too," he says wanting more intel. The masked mutant waits for more information. Although, he will just wait patient, knowing either the situation, or the party members, is making people apprehensive.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey sighs a bit, nodding in understanding to Magneto. "I see, well they're that way and we're going this way. Good luck." Her frown deepens at the mention of Scott, shaking her head, "No, our kids know to stay away from this area..However, I sensed a hostile alien presence trying to attack the mind of one of my rescued students. I also saw flashes of..Something interesting. How is it all connected? The alien pod, the suddenly hostile yeti who never attacked hikers before? My students' powers suddenly evolving shortly after? Somehow it's all connected and if we are to prevent anymore attacks, the answers lay within that alien pod.."\<br\>\<br\>She nods to Emma and Warpath, "Time may be of the essence, let's go.."
Warpath has posed:\<br\>    Warpath nods to Jean and begins moving forward. He moves at heightened speeds. He recognizes Jean's urgency. His footfalls are silent and he begins to flank right and move into the tree-line. Reaching to the small of his back, Warpath draws his dual vibranium daggers and carries them inverted within his hands.
Magneto has posed:\<br\>From beneath the helmet, a look of confusion spreads across Magneto's face, "I thought he was Logan?" He nods in the direction of the Wolverine. "But an alien bigfoot? These rumours are becoming more ludicrous by the minute."\<br\>\<br\>Magneto shrugs and turns to the man by him, "Looks like we're headed this way then. We don't want to take our time up here, the Genoshians could be in danger."\<br\>\<br\>Then Magneto senses a powerful source of energy suddenly appearing to the west. He cannot see what is causing the spike of energy, the snow obscures his vision too much. However, something that powerful does not seem to be something of this planet. With the talks of a alien activity, he deduces that the energy must be of exterritorial origin.\<br\>\<br\>"It seems that something is occurring in that direction," Magneto points to the west. "I think that is where you are headed."
Emma Frost has posed:\<br\>Emma Frost sighs, "Obviously, the two incidents are connected. One suspects that if we find one, we find the other. It doesn't require Sherlock Holmes to connect those dots and I look much better in heels anyway. Which is why I'm so resentful of being stuck in these boots."\<br\>\<br\>She sees the attention shift towards whatever surge is going on, her telepathic senses still offline due to her diamond form. Which she keeps. She'll be soft and vulnerable when she's certain that she's safe - or when she needs something in someone else's mind.\<br\>\<br\>She gestures towards Cain, Logan and Warpath, "Let Team Violence take point, then, and let's go."
Juggernaut has posed:\<br\>"Alright, fine. Some action finally. Team Violence.."\<br\>\<br\>Juggernaut makes a finger gun like gesture towards Emma as he moves forward, taking point and stepping ahead of the group to move in the direction of the energy flare.\<br\>\<br\>"I like that. Imma trademark that. Sell lots of tee-shirts."\<br\>\<br\>And with that, the behemoth is off. He keeps his pace and stride moderate. He can actually move fairly quickly when it suits him. It just takes abit of build up, not unlike a freight train, but no sense in losing the others in his wake or causing a landslide from the earthquake. Being the biggest physical entity present and heading to the front should make him the first target if something comes their way as well. Tanking.
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> "Ya heard Diamond n' Dainty, boys. Let's take point," Wolverine says to the group as he is starting to move forward. \<br\>\<br\> Hearing talk about merchandise, trademarks, and everything else, Logan will weigh in with his two loonies, "Ya could always call us Team Smash n' Stab." \<br\>\<br\> Logan is actually able to keep up, a little bit. He doesn't trail too far behind Juggernaut, unless he barrels forward. "Warpath. How good is yer trackin'. Between yer skills n mine, we might be able to track our targets before they get to Emma," and he says this with genuine concern for Emma. The Diamond form is up for -reasons-. That tells Wolverine a story. She's guarded right now. Maybe it's precautionary. Maybe it's worse. The worse part keeps his senses sharp. Wolverine doesn't want to get jumped by whatever has the fasionista spooked. \<br\>\<br\> And for once, he's glad Magneto is here. Magneto is powerful. And sometimes people need to use a weapon like that to win a fight.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Not long after Magneto makes the observation, the ground seems to shake and rumble..Or was that an avalanche? Hard to tell really. Either way, it came from the west..Something is definitely going on there as a low but subtle hum can be heard if one listens carefully enough. \<br\>\<br\>Jean frowns softly, following after the others, lifting off from the ground as she scans the area ahead, "Those similar alien signatures..Coming from the alien pod no doubt!" she nods to Magneto, "It seems this is the immediate threat..But what is it doing?"\<br\>\<br\>There is only one thing to do, and she spreads her arms out, using her telekinesis to sweep away the top surface of snow, revealing a large metallic orb of the alien pod that they law last time, although it is still half buried in the ground, with four thick metallic flexible arms buried into the ground. These arms probably drive deep into the earth and it is from there that Magneto can sense some sort of electromagnetic interference drawing energy from the very earth itself.\<br\>\<br\>Strange, all the vegetation in this area seems dead or dying once the snow clears..
Magneto has posed:\<br\>Magneto watches the three mutants running in the direction that he pointed towards. Three mutants mostly skilled in melee combat. There is not much else they can do between them. Nevertheless, they are rather durable, and it will take a lot of time and effort to take down any single one of them.\<br\>\<br\>He then watches as Jean lifts the snow up from the area he pointed towards. Then there, beneath the blanket of snow, he sees something vaguely egg shaped. Egg shaped with arms that seem to be protruding into the ground. But Master of Magnetism can't help but notice that the strange object seems to be made from metal.\<br\>\<br\>Magneto focuses his powers and tries to lift the object from the ground. If he can life the object up high enough, he might break the connection between the pod and the Earth. Hopefully, this would stop the alien object from doing... well, whatever it is doing to the Earth.
Emma Frost has posed:\<br\>Seeing that her wishes have been followed (as usual and as it should be), Emma merely crosses her arms over her chest and observes as the violent ones move to strike, while Jean and Magneto attend to the alien craft. This, of course, is her favorite kind of adventure, the one where she gets to delegate and do nothing. Please continue.
Juggernaut has posed:\<br\>Juggernaut is, of course, not a mutant - but Magneto may not be aware of that. Good ol'Charles may have never shared the ins and outs of his actual origin. EIther way, he slows his movements and eventually comes to a complete stop as the alien vessel is revealed by Jean. His eyes narrow as Magneto begins to attend to it. His thinking seems to be aligned with Emma. If he's here to just watch and get paid..then so be it. "I guess I'm just here to baby sit. Works for me." he mumbles as he folds his monstrous arms and leans back slightly to see if Magneto's efforts bear any fruit.\<br\>\<br\>"So what? Smash it? Crush it? Throw it into orbit?"
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> Rot hangs in the air. Logan didn't know what, or where, it comes from. Then Jean starts to work on the snow. "I could smell it," he says and eyes it. "I wasn't sure if it was under the snow, or E.T. had a putrid hired gun," the potential threat could have afriend that assaults the senes before actually assaulting someone. \<br\>\<br\> Pointing to the piece of metal that seems to be the source of so much strife, "That. Careful with it'. Smells like the love child between sweet tarts, cotton candy and licorice," just to paint everyone else an accurate picture. \<br\>\<br\> "It's killin' the plants, the smell of rot gets stronger the closer tthey get to it," he wil take a few steps toward it to confrim what he suspected. That stetch hangs, becomes stronger. \<br\>\<br\> "Wouldn't touch that with yer hands. Same fer minds," he warns the group. It's probably going to be detrimental to everyone's health. "I feel like a nasty surprise might be in that thing," he warns everyone. Last thing he wants is a curious touch, or mental glimpse, to turn into regret.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>The alien pod is indeed metallic and Magneto's powers are quite effective-on it, effortlessly ripping the tendril like arms off which an explosion of light and smoke. The pod however remains intact, but now there are bright lights flashing on its surface, and a strange robotic voice that mechanically barks out a warning in a foreign language. \<br\>\<br\>The pod's door opens and spits out six large metallic orbs that look like drones of some sort. They fly around the various mutants and not so mutant, proving to be quite agile in the sky as they shoot out energy beams at those gathered.\<br\>\<br\>Something else is revealed in the pod, six soft organiclooking life forms, that flash bright silver before the lid shuts on them once again. Jean suddenly screams and collapses as if in response to...Something..
Magneto has posed:\<br\>Magneto is surprised as he manages to easily life the alien craft from the ground. He is then shocked to see six flying objects start shooting at them, as well as glimpsing the sight of six creatures within the pod.\<br\>\<br\>Instinctively, Magneto creates a barrier of electromagnetic energy. The barrier surrounds him protecting him from the blasts.\<br\>\<br\>He then ponders the dilemma of what to do with the alien pod that seems to have living creatures inside. He didn't get a good enough look to identify them. He only presumes that they are not the missing Genoshian mutants. He also assumes that they are not mutants from Earth. Although, they could be alien mutants he supposes. Either way, the X-Men would not take too kindly to him simply crushing the pod and killing those within the pod. It also didn't make too much sense just to throw the craft back into space. If they are really aliens inside, they could just fly the pod back down.\<br\>\<br\>"Would someone check Miss Grey?"
Juggernaut has posed:\<br\>Don't Touch It. Got it. Juggernaut remains there, arms folded as he observes the happenings and watches as Magneto wrenches the craft free from the earth with resulting sparks and fireworks. \<br\>\<br\>When the doors open and the orbs come hurtling out.. he frowns lightly and arcs an eyebrow. "Don't think they liked that."\<br\>\<br\>Then Jean screams and collapses and the orbs begin opening fire. "Yeah they..didn't like that."\<br\>\<br\>His unnecessary commentary finished, he begins turning slowly, moving like a sherman tank on a dias as he looks to several orbs heading his way. The combined blasts explode into him violently. Energy blasts across his torso, splaying out around him to explode violently into the ground and the already scorced and dead vegetation. Craters explode upwards and the cold rocks of the mountain side rain down from the colateral damage. \<br\>\<br\>Juggernaut.doesn't move. He's effectively nearly as immovable as he is unstoppable if braced and his vaunted durability seems up to the task of defense. This doesnt mean the others are as shielded though and he's here on a team. The earth shudders as he takes a few steps to impose his gigantic frame infrot of the fallen Jean and then his hands whip around and clap together producing a thunderous shockwave that rockets out away from him to try and smash into several of the security orbs.
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> "Shnkt!" Wolverine's claws protrude through flesh and he is going after one of the drones. Yes, he said not to touch the alien devices. That rule is now out the window. \<br\>\<br\> Slashing upward at one of th floating orbs with the right arm, then bringing the left hand down a moment later. Leaping back a little, just in case the device fires at him. Then he leaps to either finish off his device, or if it's gone, to maybe leap at a second. Wolverine wants to kep people safe, especially Jean.