1484/This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Date of Scene: 16 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Drew), Nightwing

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It is dark out, and this is not the place you would typically expect the Bat Family vigilantes to patrol, but tonight is something of an anomaly, you see, there is something going on out in the more remote parts of Coventry.

In a field behind an old historic barn that sits on the fringe of the developed rich suburbia is a small cargo jump jet, it looks sleek and expensive, the sort of craft that might have VTOL capabilities and possibly stealth systems, the sort of thing that might come out of Wayne Industries R&D. Nearby the jump jet is a group of folks, first are the mooks, hired hands, and labor, maybe half a dozen of them, moving black high impact plastic crates aboard the jet, the sort of crate that has that all too military look to them. Second, there is Alfonse El Fonze, also known as Alfie, a mid-tier smuggler who should be in prison still, but has apparently secured himself an early release, completely out of character for Alfie, and he likely found his way to prison previously thanks to the help of the Bat Family.

Lastly there is Jessica Drew, in a disguise that consists of too tight leggings in black and green with a distinctly snake scale pattern to them, a pair of high heeled shoes that make the already tall woman that much taller, and a loose camisole style top with a low neckline, and a haircut that's not all that dissimilar to the classic bob cut one might expect from a stereotypical Russian spy. Clearly this is some new snake themed villain arriving in Gotham, Lady Snake? Miss Hiss? The name possibilities are endless.

Nightwing has posed:
    It was strange to hear from the informant, the idea of a VTOL smuggling operation in Coventry? Yeah that didn't seem too feasible. Then again Benny rarely steered him wrong, he had bills to pay, mouths to feed, and he enjoyed the moderate amount of protection he'd get from the Batfamily that'd make use of him. So when he mentioned such to Nightwing, at first the response was incredulity. Grudging. But then eventually it felt like it might be something worth checking in on.
    And luckily he did.
    That VTOL screams money, screams high tech operation just to support the thing at various points. Also there's Alfie, somehow able to get a backer here or there despite having been busted before a few times. The mooks were nothing to worry about, but that Snakegal... man. Never good. Usually the snake people are posionous. Or they go for a squeezing theme. Poison and pain. Never a good combination.
    With a touch of a finger to the side of his domino mask, Nightwing keys in the green night vision that gives him a clear view of the surrounding area. First order of the day, get in, see what they're smuggling, deploy tracer. Depending on the cargo and the situation either engage or get out.
    Nightwing's HUD springs to life as he engages the danger feed mode, notifications going out to the support structure the Bats use, letting them know his location and current states. Then he begins to make his approach. Hugging cover, shadows, and moving towards the cargo. For a moment he catches himself eyeing that woman. Madame Fang? Boa Beauty?

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The operation continues as the Nightwing observes the operation at hand, the mooks heading back towards the barn for more of the cases that are being loaded up into the VTOL, lingering in there for several long moments.

Jessica Drew paces a bit, her gaze leveling on Alfie, "How much longer is this going to take?" she asks, her brow raising ever so slightly, "I am an impatient woman, and I have places to go." She snaps her fingers a few times at him for emphasis as she talks, and paces, her gaze darting towards the garage, "What is taking them so long."

Nightwing has posed:
    The barn is the primary point of interest. Get in there, slip into place during a gap in the movement of the loading mooks who are about their duty. A quick check of one of those crates to gauge the cargo. If needs be get one partially open to ascertain the contents in the window of opportunity given by the movements of the loaders.
    Hopefully that bears fruit and a tracking device will be able to be put into place.
    Then there's the sound of the mooks returning for the next load. Nightwing slips back into the shadows, taking cover beside the door into the barn, waiting for them to enter the barn and lightly _nuuuudging_ the door closed behind them in the preparation of taking them down, quick, quiet, and hopefully out of view.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The crates contain advanced weapons, rifles primarily, the latest and greatest that one can buy on the black market, it would seem. Quite a feat for Alfie to get ahold of these things... he must have made some friends in prison.

Outside the barn, Alfie attempts some placations towards the snake themed woman, the sound of steps moving back and forth can be heard, but it seems that noone is aware of the Nightwing's presence at the moment.

Inside the barn one of the guards says, "Could these cases be any heavier??" He asks another responds, "Oh yeah.. this one time I had to..." It turns out this particular mook once worked for Mr. Freeze, as he starts to explain having to move some of the villains cryogenic equipment.

Nightwing has posed:
    Crap. These are not things he can let go and trust in the homing beacon. It's going to have to be a hard operation, the perpetrators are going to have to be taken down, and then intel followed up from that. So Alfie, the mooks, and even Sister Hiss out there.
    So when he hides behind that door he purses his lips with mild displeasure, then waits for them to get set and focused on the crate in front of them. A few quick steps moving up behind the one on the right, closer... close enough. He abruptly rises and snakes an arm around that man's throat, locking in the choke with the palm of his other hand against the back of his head. And in that same movement he /pulls/ back on the man to use his own weight to help him scissor his legs up, locking his ankles around the other man's throat as well. For a moment he's held in the air between them, then he sharply twists to the side bringing all three of them down onto the hay-scattered ground of the bar with a faint /whumpf/. His lithe athletic form tenses sharply as he tightens the double choke... and holds it until they're both passed out.
    Once that's settled they are disarmed, searched, and bound with a zip-tie. Nightwing leaves them there as he flips up quickly to towards one of the windows in the barn, seeking to climb up to the rooftop outside.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The next pair of Mooks are on their way back to the Barn, pushing the door open and one of them gives a little squint, "Hey, where'd those other two go?" he asks,his buddy replies, "Probably taking a breather in the hay.. these boxes are heavy!"

Outside, Alfie continues to offer assurances that the crates are almost all loaded, and it'll only be a few more moments. Jessica looks less then thrilled at his response, arms crossing infront of her chest as she just waits there, she does however cast little glances towards the barn, perhaps realizing something must be up with the slow pace of the previous two in returning with the crate.

Nightwing has posed:
    From his elevated position, Nightwing is able to get an angle on all the operatives currently in the situation. His eyes follow the approach of the two other thugs, even as he marks out Alfie and the Scaly Sorceress? Something like that. But there's no time now for easy. Those new two are three steps from line of sight on those fallen men. Two steps.
    He drops down into the upper window, landing silently long enough to send a wing ding hurtling through the air fast enough to smack heavily into the side of one man's head, and then ricochet into the others. Then it's back down to land upon the ground beside them. Two quick strikes to the men on the ground and they join their friends. Secured, zip-tied. It's then time to go loud.
    Outside the barn things will most likely be proceeding apace. But then a few moments later... the smoke bombs will go off.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
When the smoke bombs go off there is a sudden *ZZZOT* that goes off, that would be Jessica Drew zapping Alfie, perhaps she thinks it's some sort of double cross? Either way, the smuggler goes down twitching and spasming as he is hit by the tazer level blast of bio-electricity. "I said this was a bad idea." She says harshly to noone noticeable immediately, stepping out a bit to prepare to defend herself from whatever else might come from the smoke, keen senses of hearing helping compensate for the obscured vision that comes from the smoke.

Nightwing has posed:
    The only other two people in the smoke are the last two loaders who had been emerging from securing equipment nearby. They have only long enough to look around a bit and perhaps utter some sound of surprise before they each have a sudden weight on their backs, dropping them into the heavier smoke just a few feet off the ground. There's a short sound of /whack-thwack!/ and then they're pretty darn quiet.
    It's her turn then, though Keri Kingsnake earns some measure of caution considering she has the look of a meta to her, or chances are perhaps some sort of martial arts expert considering the clothes. Whatever she is, it'll take a moment to try and figure her out, especially considering that energy zap.
    So she'll hear a voice from somewhere around, echoing a bit off the high walls of the barn and the sides of the VTOL, "So what do they call you?" He asks.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As it would turn out, Jessica Drew is both, the product of a Hydra Super-Soldier experiment, as well as someone who has had extensive one on one combat training with the one and only Taskmaster, her shoes are removed, tossed aside, and she focuses on the sound, starting to hone in on the source of Nightwing's voice, "$#@! @*!@$ Vigilantes." Jessica mutters under her breath, "You're in over your head, whoever you are." She calls out in response to the question, not actually answering the question.

Nightwing has posed:
    She's honing in and then there's an abrupt whirr-wiz as something slashes through the air just past her, clanking onto the side of the VTOL and blinking with a rather rude red light that blink-blink-blinks faster even as the smoke continues to flow and waft around the area, though now at this point it is less a cloud and more ambiance similar to something that'd flow out of the mouth of a fog machine.
    But should that small object hurtled to the VTOL snare her attention at least a bit, that's when Nightwing will make himself known, breaking into a silent run for several strides and then /leaping/ into a smooth twisting blur of a roundhouse kick aimed at connecting hard with the side of her head.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It's uncanny just how quick Jessica Drew responds to the hurling roundhouse kick at her, her body shifting and the heel only just grazes at her shoulder as he kicks at her, her hands reaching up to attempt to grab and throw Nightwing down towards the ground as he kicks at her, several steps taking her away from the vigilante following the attack.

It's about this time that the first Quinjet disengages it's stealth mode as it arrives above the scene, spotlights starting to illuminate the area, while a second one lands and starts to disembark a group of SHIELD agents out of the back of the vehicle.

Nightwing has posed:
    It's rather unflattering for Nightwing. One moment he's lashing out with a roundhouse kick aimed at Jessica's jaw. And then the next she slips to the side so smoothly, moving with such liquid grace that he can't help appreciate the talent it required.
    Continuing through the twisting turn of the kick, his gauntleted hands are extending towards the ground to catch him when she's able to reach out and she positively sticks to the side of his boot with her hand. Abruptly he's drawn off balance, twisted around and suddenly /whumpf/ landing on his backside almost negligently.
    And then the first Quinjet uncloaks. He looks upwards at it, then _backflips_ up onto his hands, pushing off the ground to leap into the air and land lightly, side on in a defensive stance towards her... but no longer pressing the attack.
    Another glance to the jet and now the passengers, then to her and he gives a nod. "Hm." A beat, then he asks, "Still." He dusts off his gloves and straightens up slowly. "I'd like to know who you are."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I'm the one not interfering in an official SHIELD operation with my vigalante shenanigans!" Jessica Drew exclaims, "No, we can't do stings because some vigilante is going to show up and start assaulting everyone, ruining our WHOLE operation we've been planning for MONTHS." she exclaims, of course, they hadn't been planning it for months, this is fairly recent, but it does complicate the Madripoor operation, however. "Get out of here before I get really angry, you.. whatever you are!"

Nightwing has posed:
    "Apologetic, a bit." He straightens up as he offers that answer to what he is and she might see the ghost of a smile if only for a moment. But in such a situation he isn't exactly going to look a gift horse in the mouth. A moment is spared to glance at the SHIELD operatives filing out of the jet and he shakes his head, "Be seeing you!"
    That said he breaks into a run out of the operations area, heading in a roundabout fashion to where he stashed his cycle. This... is going to read as a particularly bad report to the Bat.