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Date of Scene: 25 April 2023
Location: Lex Luthor's Office - LexCorp Tower
Synopsis: Marcus Daniels? Welcome to LexCorp.
Cast of Characters: Lex Luthor, Blackout

Lex Luthor has posed:
Lex Luthor has decided that it is time to start acquiring some more talent. The halls of LexCorp have been fighting a losing battle when it comes to having individuals that are clearly the top of their fields. A lot of them are fired by Lex Luthor but others end up in locations where their talents are fall less useful such as S.T.A.R. Labs, Kord Industries or even WayneTech. In a world so filled with so many corporations that one could work for, sometimes LexCorp doesn't get an opportunity to make a pitch.

That stops now.

Lex Luthor has had his people do a work up on some of the top names in nation that may or may not be looking for work. There may have even been a bit of surveillance work at play here as well. Overall, Lex Luthor has his eye on a few types that he will gladly give piles of money to in exchange for their skills, talents, abilities and knowledge.

Marcus Daniels is the first on that list.

Sure, the limo with the hot driver pulling up near one of Marc's usual haunts may have been a little weird but the insistence that 'Lex Luthor would like to see you' was hopefully just as impressive. A woman like Mercy Graves tends to be intimidatingly persuasive so Lex is hoping that she'll be arriving with Marcus soon. For the moment, he continues to stand at his window, dressed in one of his many tailored suits, hands behind his back as he simply watches the city of Metropolis.

His city.
Blackout has posed:

The initial meeting with Mercy was interesting and Marcus was caught off guard. He was initially dressed in black slacks and a black long sleeved pull over. But during the ride he changed his attire to nicer looking shoes, business like 'suit' (black jacket, black slacks, black shirt with a black tie). It looks like it could be a suit, very black, but also not cloth; Darkforce (darkmatter).

Entering the main office, Marcus seems intrigued above all. He's quite interested in the fact that Lex Luthor even knows who he is, let alone, wants to talk to him. He's been 'between' jobs lately, so this may be a good opportunity for him to get back into the field that he was trained; Physics.

Stepping into the office proper, Marcus takes note of the impressive man at the other side of the office peering out the window. Reminds him of someone, but can't quite place it. But none the less, there are butterflies in his stomach, he's a touch anxious, and hopeful. He's not had a solid real job in some time. And he's been going over in his mind what this meeting could be about. And he has assumed, job is in the cards.
Lex Luthor has posed:
"That will be all, Mercy."

Lex Luthor doesn't even turn away from the window. He either knows Mercy very well or there are cameras and other tech that keeps him a few dozen steps ahead of what's going on in his building. Either way, those words are enough to have Mercy leaving the office and closing the door behind her. However, it's just as obvious that she's not moving from the other side of that door. It's what bodyguards do.

"Mr. Daniels."

Lex Luthor finally turns around and there's an interesting smile on his face. It's one that's definitely says that he's up to something as well as being as fake as any potential employer's would be. He steps closer to his desk and offers a hand for shaking purposes. "Thank you for coming. I understand this may have been sudden notice."

Lex keeps his grin on as he hopes to set this man at ease.
Blackout has posed:

Marcus straightens his lapel, fastening the front of the suit as if there is a button present. He glances back to Mercy's departure and then back to Lex as he is addressed by the man.

Marcus replies, "No problem at all, Mr. Luthor." Then he reminds himself about an article that he once read about Lex. About character traits and what Lex appreciates; Lex is an efficient, punctual, business oriented, and doesn't like wasting time. Just a few things that stand out regarding this very moment. Remembering these things, Marcus asks, "What might I do for you, sir?" - getting straight to the point and wasting as little of Lex's time as possible.
Lex Luthor has posed:
There is the slightest twinge of Lex's lips as he seems to be impressed by this question. It's not often that someone actually exhibits the traits that he appreciates. He may even remember the interview himself. Though, he does motion at the seat in front of his desk so that the two of them may sit down.

"I want you to work for me." Lex states with nothing but matter-of-factness in his tone. He reaches onto his desk and grabs a folder, one that's labeled 'Marcus Daniels' and drops it over on Marc's side of the desk. "There. That's everything I've had my people find out about you. I'm an honest man so I want you to know that I've done my homework and the type of homework I've done. I would also like you to know exactly the lengths that I will go to in order to secure the services of someone that I feel would be a tremendous asset to LexCorp."

Lex leans back into his chair a bit, his elbows resting on the arms and his fingers coming to a point in front of his face. "With the way the world is changing, almost every moment, I can see what darkness lies at the end of the tunnel." Lex's eyebrows raise as he speaks about the darkness. "I would like the world to be prepared. I believe you can help with that."
Blackout has posed:

Seeing the motion, Marcus will move to the chair as directed. There's no hesitation in his actions. He sits.

When Marcus hears the first sentence offered, there's a bit of a jolt through his system of adrenaline. He's very happy to hear those words. Thrilled even. Seeing the folder, Marcus leans forward and will open it just to glance. He sees the words Darkforce, 6 year coma, physicist, research, SHIELD, lost love, trouble with the law - worked for SHIELD to get out of trouble, runs away to an island in the south pacific when he feels threatened, and a few relationships - one with a Irish terrorist named Fiona.

Then he sits back upright and looks straight across to Lex. Once again, there's no hesitation, not even a concern with details. It's not that he's /hungry/. It's that he knows that he's going to eventually get caught again when it comes down to it. He's got a lot of money presently, but money runs out. And he knows it's better to work than to steal. Even though stealing is so easy. Also, he's hopeful that the job is in physics. Because he misses the field.

Marcus says directly, intently, "I'm very good with handling darkness, sir. When would you like me to start."
Lex Luthor has posed:
"As soon as you're ready."

Lex grins from behind his steepled fingers. "Miss Teschmacher will handle your formal employment paper work, getting you settled in, introducing you to both of your labs, physics and darkforce focused, and your assistants, things of that nature." As he speaks, the door to the office opens up to reveal the two women he's speaking about currently. "Ms. Graves will complete the rest of your on-boarding. Your physical fitness testing, blood samples, relocation to Metropolis, company vehicle and so forth. She will also handle your security clearance and access to our facilities, globally."

Lex takes this moment to finally push back up to a standing position. "If you have no questions for me, Mr. Daniels, I'd like to congratulate you on making an incredibly wise decision...." His hand extends for another one of those handshaking moments. "Welcome to LexCorp."
Blackout has posed:

All Lex's words are received about Teschmacher and he nods, accepting such things. However; Marcus tries not to react too abruptly, but it's clear he was surprised when presented with the part that he would have assistants. It's just enough of a shock to slow his reaction time down. The words that follow are a blur that come to his mind seconds afterward and are processed. But it's already too late when he looks up to see Lex has finished his statement and is offering his hand. Marcus quickly stands and will grasp the hand in a firm, solid shake. "Sir, it's an honor. Thank you." and then he'll break from the contact and expect that he's dismissed. He'll turn and then glance back to Lex. "I won't disappoint you, sir." and then he'll quickly move away toward the exit with a spring in his step.


LexCorp is a multibillion dollar global powerhouse that exists to create a better life for mankind. Formerly known as LuthorCorp, LexCorp has been taken to new and fantastic heights by its current and reigning C.E.O., Lex Luthor. While LexCorp's primary headquarters, LexCorp Tower, is located in the heart of Metropolis, it boasts corporate sites and subsidiaries all over the world. LexCorp reaches into all fields of industry by standing firmly behind its mission statement: Building a Better Tomorrow, Today.

Base of Operations: LexCorp Tower (Central Business District, New Troy)
Founded: 17 June 1988

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