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Familiar Face
Date of Scene: 28 April 2023
Location: Swimming Pool - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Angelica and Jimmy were reunited after a long time apart.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Firestar

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar, 7'2" First Nation man of muscle and hair is found in the pool. His hair is free, yet slicked back. He's wearing swimming trunks. On the side of the pool is an oversized towel and his size 17 sandals. Next to that is a 4XL black t-shirt that would match the black of his trunks. He's enjoying the water. Feet down, lightly touching the bottom. Head up, eyes closed, and listening to the world around him. Hearing the birds off in the distance, the rustling of leaves in distant trees, the heartbeats of woodland animals beneath those far off trees. And then the random muffled noises from within the mansion. He does his best to focus away from the house since the noises are often simply annoying to him. Like the scents. Many of the students need to learn to bathe with soap, not perfume or cologne. And spraying or rolling on deodorant is not an alternative to bathing. Nor is fabrize an alternative to washing 8 day old clothing. People, for the most part, stink.
Firestar has posed:
People. Too many people. The newest member of the staff walks out from the house towards the pool. She isn't really dressed for swimming so much as just seeming to be getting away from the house. Angelica gives the place a once over as she moves to one of the lounge chairs.

When her eyes fall on Warpath she pauses, maybe a little surprised even if she heard he was on staff here. She takes a moment to take in the giant and she smiles as she moves to the edge of the pool instead, crouching down at the edge of the pool,"Jimmy." she says softly, not wanting to completely shatter the meditation by shouting like maybe she wanted to.
Warpath has posed:
The noise of approach draws James' attention. He doesn't turn. Instead, he listens to the footfalls and uses this as an exercise in identification. It takes him longer than he is comfortable with as he searches through all the noises, the familiar sounds. He listens to her heartbeat, her breathing, the pace of those footfalls, any other noises like flowing of hair in the breeze, the sound of her clothing as it brushes itself or other textures. He's racing against the clock to identify her (of course he knows its a her). He sniffs the air. She's downwind. That is no help. He wishes the backdraft would flow, but there's no totem or prayer he can say to cause such things at this time in his life.

He loses the race the moment he hears her voice and recognizes it immediately. He smiles and intones before opening his eyes, "That's the voice of an Angel, if I've ever heard one before - and I have on the whispers of the superheated thermals that lift her radiant, enflamed hair. An Angel whose not graced my door since we were children in far away, snow covered lands."

His eyes open and he turns his neck and body to face the new arrival with a broad smile. He begins his approach, not rushing, just taking steps within water as he greets in his baritone voice, one filled with an emotion of comfort and pleasure, "It's so good to see you again, Angel. You are a sight for these dark eyes. One that indeed brightens."
Firestar has posed:
Watching him for a time, wondering what is playing out in his head, Angelica waits for him to respond. A smile crosses her features slowly as he finally opens his eyes and hers meet his. She shakes her head a little just takes time to be glad to see him again.

When she finally finds her voice again she tells him,"It's been too long Jimmy. Too long." Her eyes watch him and favor his presence in general. Usually she has a hard time with people, but the history of the two makes things a lot easier,"I've spent too much time chasing the bad things in the Great White North. You should have come along. It was interesting with Alpha Flight. Wild enough to keep you interested, but calm enough to live too."
Warpath has posed:
There's a grin and then a shake of his head as James responds, "Oh no, not that far north. I was thinking more like Snow Valley. But Canada... that would have been fun. I wish I would have gotten an invitation, I would have loved it up there. And from what I hear, Shaman and Snowbird are pretty amazing. Just knowing them would be an honor. The stories they could tell of their people and personal adventures. You make me want to go visit... But, that's neither here nor there. What brings you to this part of the world? Xavier's... are you visiting?" - James doesn't keep up with news, scuttlebutt, or all the other nonsense that people prattle on about. He's more inclined in sticking to nature and the silence that he can capture.
Firestar has posed:
"I should have called you. Sorry." she tells him,"It would have been good to have a familiar face. They were good people, but it was difficult at first. You know what a social butterfly I am. I think you would really enjoy it. Maybe before the new semester we could go see Mac and the rest."

The mention of visiting gets a soft laugh and then a sigh,"Originally yes. I came here to visit and to let the X-Men know I was here to start at NYU. Studying Physics." she explains as she dips her fingers into the cool water and rubs her hands together,"Apparently there was a new opening and now I am the Physics teacher. Good thing I had to study up ahead of the game because of my abilities. So I'll be taking classes at NYU and teaching class here at the school."

She shakes her head still trying to get a handle on all of it,"Needless to say, dad wasn't exactly thrilled that I was back in the city. I haven't done much more than text him a few times and visited one night. All the angst and disappointment that I can stomach for one year." She shakes her head,"I know you'd give a lot to have yours back. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking."
Warpath has posed:
The initial thoughts of visiting are well received. James nods, implying that he would be interested in having Angel take him up to Canada and meeting her former team.

There's a brief query, "Physics?" with the hint of surprise. Though he never knew what she wanted to study. Back at the Mass Academy, they weren't really thinking about the future. They were too busy in the here and now. Not to mention a future seemed to be what ever Miss Frost deemed. Then the rest of the subject comes clear and before James can discuss the physics stuff with her, she mentions her family and then his. There's a gentle shake of his head and as he palms the poolside, he pushes himself up to step out of the pool. Scooping up his towel in the process, James says, "Nothing to be sorry for, Angel. You meant no offense. Though it is regretful that you still have angst with your own. Family runs deep, like wounds that never heal. Even if they were wounds received during a great hunt that brought food and joy to the hunters, they are still wounds. But, never mind all that. Tell me of your teaching here. I never even knew you were interested in physics."
Firestar has posed:
She nods when he does in response to the trip up to Canada for a visit. More or less a done deal if she has her way. She watches him rise up out of the pool and decides to stand back up. She still has to stretch her neck back a little to talk with him, but that doesn't seem to bother her any.

"After I left the old school, I started to really study my powers. Understanding my power means understanding radiation. Understanding radiation leans on Physics really hard." she explains,"I enjoyed the learning and decided I might as well follow up on it and make a life out of it. Maybe someday I will be a pretty MacGyver or something." she teases.

Watching him dry off she clasps her hands together and adds,"I think maybe I wandered back here looking for family again. Alpha Flight, especially the New Warriors were family, but the family I have always known was always here in America among the Hellions and a few of the X-Men."
Warpath has posed:
James listens while getting dry and then after putting the towel on the back of one of the nearby patio chairs, he grabs his t-shirt to pull over his head, shoulders, and torso. His shorts still drip, but that's no matter.

He says, "That really does fit together. Leave it to one of us to come up with a useful angle of study that relates to our powers. Meanwhile, I'm just teaching Social Studies to the younger kids. Trying not to come across as a jaded jerk when we talk about the invasion of the white man when he came to the first nation." He grins, making fun of himself and the potential dark nature the teaching could take regarding such things.

Then he adds, "I'm glad you found your way here. It does seem that most mutant paths cross here at one time or another. Perhaps X does mark the spot."
Firestar has posed:
She laughs softly when he talks about things fitting together. She shrugs and admits,"What can I tell you? I have to make it all make sense. This little gift of mine is wicked to say the least. Fortunately Mac found a way to develop an undersuit to protect other from the radiation that rolls off me. That makes life a little easier."

Now that he is dry she measures her next words carefully,"I know there is a certain way about you, but can an old friend get a hug? I mean if not it's perfectly OK. I am just so glad to see you."

The comment about her finding her way gets a soft laugh,"I really does seem to mark the spot. I would never have known you and a few of the others, but there were times I wondered what would have happened if Professor Xavier would have arrived at my home before Emma did."
Warpath has posed:
James does indeed tower over her and the only hesitation in immediately giving into her request is that his shorts are wet and that last remark about Emma and Xavier. He has his own troubles with those two. Things that he will not go into nor will he want to discuss it when there are hugs to be had. He smiles, leans forward and will wrap his arms around her. They could probably wrap around her twice if she weren't human. And instead of staying bent forward, he stands and lifts her, holding her with a deep chuckle and a strong grasp around her torso and waist.

He says deeply, "I've missed you my friend. You were the best thing to come out of the Hellions."
Firestar has posed:
Not too worried about the wet shorts, Angelica wraps her arms around his neck, standing on her toes to stretch a little bit. She leans against him for a moment. When he stands up and takes her off her feet she squeals a little and laughs against him.

She just might let a happy tear hit his shirt and she tells him quietly,"I've missed you too. Thought about you many times. I don't think, realistically I would have made it without having your presence and strength when I was there." She takes a deep breath, taking him in for a moment. Comfortable. It's been a while for comfortable.
Warpath has posed:
He knows that comfortable can turn awkward pretty quick, especially when he's holding a girl; who may not be a stranger, but a long lost friend.. this can turn into stranger danger pretty quickly. So, within a couple of seconds, letting them both process the closeness and her words of endearment he will lean forward and let her feet touch the ground once again. Releasing her back to the wild; as it were, and giving her freedom of choice as to how close she wants to remain to him. He responds, "I'm glad I was able to give you a shoulder to lean on. Thinking back, those were some weird and twisted times. I'm surprised any of us made it out as humans."
Firestar has posed:
Once he sets her back down, she leans against him for a few seconds longer and then steps back enough for a comfortable concersation. Her ever present paranoia about her power makes her step back more than anything. Even with the suit on, she is careful to the point of almost paranoid.

"I'm not sure all of us did." she admits with a hint of sadness there,"Those were definately some twisted times. I can't discount the experience and the abilities I have come away with from there or the friends that did make it out, but it was a time of chaos for sure."

Her phone chirps and she checks the time,"Crap." she mutters,"I have to run. I need to meet with my advisor at the college." She pauses, then opts not to do or say what she was thinking,"I will be back in an hour or so. We can catch up more if you have time."
Warpath has posed:
James says, "Go, we'll catch up later. And, again. I will say. It's good to have you here." He'll grab the towel as he glances to see her dart away. He wears a smile. It's good to see old friends.