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Date of Scene: 17 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Gothic Lolita, Darcy Lewis, Iceman, 1175, Spider-Woman (Drew), Gregory Stark, Krystina Jordan, Red Robin

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    There are many things that SHIELD acquires. It's a huge global organization, and since it often deals with a variety of threats, it takes care of cleaning up said threats (via Damage Control) in the aftermath, which results in a variety of artifacts, weapons, and miscellaneous pieces of tech, working or not working, that require somewhere to store them, at least temporarily.

    But eventually, SHIELD shifts these items to something more long term...usualy a research lab, or secure storage. It happens irregularly, deliberately so to avoid people easily getting wind of a transfer, but when it happens, they try to balance security with being low key and fast. In this case, there are three SHIELD transports, with a SHIELD armored car in front and back. The transports themselves are much more rugged than a civilian version, incorporating defensive tech and scanners, as well as an armored cargo area. Both for the good of keeping people from the items, but sometimes from keeping the items away from people too.

    So far, so good....the convoy is heading down the street, with cars pulling out of the way to avoid the flashing lights of the lead and rear cars. But up ahead, on a rooftop, several figures stir, while a man next to a large truck marked with city maintenance colors along the route stirs from his extended (three hour) lunch break as the vehicles approach.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Sitting in the passenger seat of the rearmost vehicle is one Darcy Lewis. An agent of SHIELD, she's in her work attire, but with sensible flats instead of her usual six inch stiletto heels. Because if this goes sdiewise,s he needs to be able to run for it. She's got her table out, using it to track the shipment's movements, send alerts to the server, and generally be the Administrative Agent on duty to make sure this shipment and its inventory checks in properly. She's also keeping an eyes on the convery's scanners, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"All points, check in," she calls out conversationally into her earbud's microphone.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby was keeping up his stalking of Shield things as he still felt he needed to give Widow some payback. As he slid in the air looking down at the convoy he though about it.. Maybe that wasn't the best way of saying it a backing, boon, favor.. Yes definetly one of those. Thankfully they were in manhattan so it wasn't that hard to find if ya knew what they were looking for. Bobby was once again in ice-form sliding above the convoy a ways up into the air so not to be noticed. He looked like a young man carved from ice with a yellow belt on it.

As the trip went on Bobby yawned to himself, and looked down at the truck again. Was that someone on the roof.. could it be something happening... finally! Bobby starts heading down towards the truck, but unfortunetly he is a bit too far up if those people were to do anything. Such is the life of the Iceman!

Luna (1175) has posed:
    It was such a pretty day out, at least when Luna left her Fulham Hotel and decided to enjoy the Big Apple weather. Casually walking along the street with a cup of strawberry and vanilla froyo in one hand and a orange spoon in the other, most cars would never earn a second glance from this silver-eyed teen. Most. When an actual armored vehicle surrounded by rugged siblings zoom on by, she stops and stares in surprise. She tucks her light brown hair out of sight to better gape at the passing automobiles. Off-handedly, the skirt of her colorful cotton and crochet swing dress fluttered by a gust of wind, she comments to a certain man lazing beside a city maintenance truck, "wonder what that's all about."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Part of that security is Jessica Drew, lounging in the cab of one of the trucks, with her feet up on the dash, and her cellphone in hand, with a discarded sack lunch sitting on the seat beside her.

"Yeah." Jessica says into her phone, "Oh I know, it was alright." She nods a little, "Yeah maybe I'll do it again, I dunno, This whole thing is keeping me pretty busy most of the time, but you never know." She continues on with that conversation, no doubt bugging the heck out of whoever's sharing the truck cab with her.

Gregory Stark has posed:
     "and I'm telling you it won't be an issue." The voice of Gregory stark chimes out as the pure white clad figure walks out from behind a corner, eyes on the vehicles.

     "My warehouses have been good enough for you to use for five years now, and I'll guarantee you it will be secure for at least five times that length of time if you so decide to continue using my services."

     On the line with another Shield pencil pusher. His voice isn't angry, no that would imply that he thought anything at all of the man on the other end of the phone, no he was more like an ant at this point, or an infant crying out into the night. Instead he speaks with a commanding apathy already well aware they were going to continue to use his services as they had in other corners of operation.

     Watching the vehicles come by it's a sense of self satisfaction that fills his heart for a moment as he takes a quick glance around hand going back down from his mirrored aviator shades, the pure white lenses reflecting the truck, that object of his attention. "Glad you can see it my way."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Darcy's com buzzes as the other trucks and escorts check, reporting all clear. That is, until it gets to the front truck. "SHIELD T1, no worries. Looks clear all the way to...." Just then there's a sharp buzzing alarm. "What the..LOCK LOCK LOCK!" the driver says, trying to speed up so he can try to make the turn, as the figure on the rooftop hefts a squared off launcher, then fires.

    A globe of purple energy goes streaking out to hit the road, exploding outwards in a spreading ring of purple energy that encompasses the lead escort and the first two trucks. For a moment...gravity stops, as they lift up into the air, wheels spinning useless as the SHIELD agent in the lead escort pops up the minigun, trying to bring it to bear....

    Then the field cuts out, as the trucks come crashing down from several stories up. The gunner is thrown clear, flying through the air as the lead car rolls, while the front truck comes down with a shriek of metal, striking on the edge of its trailer as the armor pops under the hard impact, boxes and secure cases spilling out in an wide arc through the street. The second is less lucky...it comes down front first, smashing hard into the pavement, then starting to topple towards the third truck and back escort as they frantically try to evade with a squeal of brakes and tires.

    AT the same time, the construction guy throws open the back of the truck, as a pair of...well, homebrew looking power suits come clomping out. Both have a guy strapped in the exoskeleton with a weird stylied Bob the Builder looking metal mask and hardhat. The one on the right has what looks like a souped up rivet gun strapped under it, while the left has what looks like a chainsaw. The metal of the truck then bulges as a much larger exosuit rips its way clear, standing up about a story tall as it clomps down. Same look to the pilot but behind glass, and this one looks like two forklifts had a baby with the loader from Aliens.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Darcy inhales as the check in starts to alert of trouble. She keys in the 911 alarm on her tablet and has just enough time to life her gaze up to look through the wind shield before all hell breaks loose. Her lips part as she watches, in slow motion, the trucks lifted and then fall back down, to watch as the thrid supply truck turns, over turns, fish tails and topples over. Her escourt vehicle swerves wide, hits one of the crates, and leans. The driver fights to compensate, over does it and the vehicle barrel rolls, ending on its roof, front end crashed into a fire hydrant. A gesyer of water adds to the general chaos of the scene, while inside all is quiet.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yeah. WAAAAAY too much cologne." Jessica Drew says from her spot in one of the cargo trucks as the attack starts, bracing herself a little bit for the impending hard breaking, or crashing, or whatever there might be. "Hold on a sec.. some rejects from the Tony Stark Club just burst out the back of a truck, I may need to call you back." Jess says.

Tucking her phone between ear and shoulder, Spider-Woman pushes open the door of the ring she was in, not terribly phased by the sudden attack, it would seem, and she leaps out towards the wall of one of the nearby buildings, engaging that static cling as she takes a quick moment to survey the scene before her, "Yeah, I'll call you back in a few." She adds to the phone, the sound of crashes and screeching tires and all the other sounds of the ambush a stark contrast to her blaise conversation on the phone.

Iceman has posed:
As Bobby flies down he see's the chaos kick up.. He shoots past the men only looking side-ways enough to get a look at the person shooting purple energy orbs. He tries to cover the barrel with Ice, though he doesn't have time to stop so if it took or not he isn't sure. His goal is to catch the gunner, and use his ice to block the damage from the nearby people. As puts an ice-wall infront of the rolling car that it will prob break through though hopefully will slow it down. He looks up at the men... "Hey, that isn't very cool!" start off with an ice Pun... check.

Bobby looks around at all the junk around him, guns.. who needs those.. Cover, meh.. As he moves to Darcy's vehicle crased into the hydrant.. Ah water... there we go. As the water starts to freeze into a large hand shape attacked to the ground, it tears open the door.. "You okay in there?" he yells he can't leave whoever it is in there too dangerous so carefully is trying to pluck her out, and take her to safty close to the battle but not in it.

Luna (1175) has posed:
    The froyo long forgotten, Luna's legs numbly falter backwards as she observes the cacaphony of metal crushing metal and gravity not playing fair. Her treat spills onto the concrete, and she flinches in fright with the overpowering shrieks of automobile destruction. She's distracted away from the nightmarish spectacle when the guy she just spoke to opens the back of his truck. What's waiting inside doesn't exactly help to lessen her rising panic. "W-what the f-f..." She looks between the 'construction worker' and the two people locked into strange metal suits, heart stampeding in her chest and eyes as wide as saucers.

    A giant robot-looking structure sheers through the truck's confines, and Luna loses her footing on the sidewalk. She covers her head and curls up into a tiny ball, though her silver eyes remain transfixed upon the terrifying scene.

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    One of the bystanders that happen to be walking by, Krystina was caught by the gravity missile that exploded nearby. Once the anti-grav field drops, Krystina hits the concrete pretty hard....

And leaves a sizeable crater when she hits.

"Ow...." She says standing up. She looks to iceman and sees he's helping the first truck. The second one may have people in it too, so....Krysti runs her way over to the second truck.....and literally tears the door off of the truck. "You guys okay?"

Gregory Stark has posed:
     Standing where he is Gregory catches a glimpse of the falling gunner from under his sunglasses, and while still talking on the phone holds an arm out to one side. "This would have been much easier if you'd just" His voice pauses for a second as the man lands right into his grasp.

     A quick sweeping motion is made to send the force of the impact into a different direction for a slow down, turning vertical force into horizontal force. He grunts slightly as the concrete collapses slightly beneath his feet leaving an imprint of his designer shoes. "said that in the first place." A quick moment is taken to just sling the gunner over a shoulder and back down onto his feet.

     Gregory's expression barely even shifts from that somewhat bored businessman look that he's had from the moment of walking out the alley way. His eyes go right back down onto the phone as he flips it closed with one hand tossing it back into a shirt pocket.

     "If you've got to puke do it away from the suit." Spoken to the gunner in an offhanded comment. His reaction shows this to just be an every day occurrence in his life where he has need to catch falling commandos.

Red Robin has posed:
With the roar of an engine, a red and black bike barrels down the street heading directly towards the stopped SHIELD convoy. The driver swerves between any traffic no doubt trying to reverse as quickly as possible away from the scene developing ahead. With another roar, he accelerates as he weaves up onto the sidewalk and, as he approaches the convoy blocking the road, he steers /into/ the wall, the technically advanced vehicle seamlessly redistributing weight and tire angle to support his momentary wall ride -- just long enough to evade any debris blocking his path before he tears out beside the emerging Junkyard Mechs.

As he passes, the driver tosses a handful of mini-grenades -- mere pellets but packing quite a bit of consussive force and lacking any sort of shrapnel element -- at the nearest mech before he swerves and comes to a sliding stop.

"Hey, Sigourney Weaver," Robin calls out from atop the stopped R-cycle, "The Xenomorphs aren't here, so how about we step out of the mech loader and consider our life choices, huh?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The first ice blast catches the odd weapon, icing it up as the figure drops it. Bobby can see up this close that it's another guy in those weird exosuits. This one sports what looks like a pair of jackhammers with sledgehammer heads welded to them. Sledge jumps, dropping to the street below in a crunch as the ground craters under the hit, then heads towards the lead escort to make sure its out of action. "Is hammer time..." The doubled hammers roar to life as he smashes them into the vehicle, sending it and the dazed agents inside flying across the street.

     The gunner yells as he plummets, shutting his eyes, then hits the ice, rolling down it then falling again "...ahhhhhh!" And then Gregory catches him and sets him down, as the man blinks, then whews, before struggling up to his feet as he reaches for his SMG strapped to his back, ready to get back in the game. The hand that rips off the door to the rear escort will find that luckily, the airbag did deploy, but unluckly, the impact still knocked the passenger (Darcy) cold, though the driver is dazed awake still as he tries to undo his belt.

    Riveter tilts his helmeted head down towards the quaking girl, and you can hear the grin in his voice. "Aww, you just stay there. Enjoy the show..." he says in a Russian accented voice, then lifts his gun. "KONSTRUCTION KREW, WRECK 'EM!" Somehow he pronounced the K's, as he sweeps a spray of red hot rivets towards Iceman, several punching through the ice shield he's put up as it cracks and shatters, popping from the heat. But the people underneath are clear by the time it comes down, and safe.

    There's a shriek of metal as Krysti tears the door off the second truck. This one is...bad. The dash has been shoved back into the driver and shotgun guard, pinning them in place, with some blood leaking out from a puncture on the female driver's calve. "Motherfuc...ahh..." she gasps, blinking as the door comes off. "Can't...I'm stuck..." Her companion is out cold, his nose bleeding from impacting the dash.
    The second Krew member revs up his chainsaw as he starts advancing towards the third truck, dragging the oversized blade along the asphalt as it skips and sends showers of sparks. "I cut in now, yes?" he says, then brings the blade down, slicing cleaning through the linkage holding the cab to the trailer, then bringing it around in a horizontal cut through the cab as sparks and the shriek of metal don't quite drown out the cursing of the remaining SHIELD agent inside as he throws himself down to avoid it. He doesn't immediately notice the woman clinging...no one ever looks up!

    The last towering suit, Lifter, strides forward, crushing several containers underfoot, before reaching down, the modified forklift 'claw' hooking around one of the larger intact cases. The other looks like it came off a logging machine, the double claws grabbing hold of the third trailer, digging into it as he starts to heft it up. "Yes. This will do..." its pilot rumbles. "Come, we take and...ah!" The large mech staggers as the grenades explode around it, causing the pilot to rear up reflexively, the forklift claw dropping the large container with a crash. as it rotates at the hip. "Little bug....I smash you good!" The other arm flexes, bringing up the whole trailer, then attempts to...well, smash Robin with it.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
From off to the side, a SHIELD agent groans. Darcy pushes herself up, waking as things continue to go badly for this convey. She blinks, but cant get the world to focus, and for a moment she frowns at it. Another moment and she reaches up to push her glasses back into place, only to find that they are missing.

"oh, for fuck's sake" she grouses, turning her bkurry vision on the blobs of indistinct color in front of her. okay. co sreuctioncrew... gightong sounds, and no idea which blob is her vehicle, Darcy slowly pushes her her feet and pats herself dow for her phone and her com unit. must have com unit. maybe she can... something.. while blind as a bat!

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    Krysti winces at the puncture wound and the driver. "Ouch. All right. Put the safety on on the shotgun. I'm getting yuo out of there." Krysti says as she actually squeezes in and pushes the cab apart so they're un-stuck with all of her growing strength. She even seems to be getting bigger AS she pushes. "MOVE BLAST IT!" She yells before they can hear a bit of screeching metal and the cab opens up. "Get the driver out too." She groans. "Come on." Her cheeks are really tinged with red now, but she seems to be ignoring it as she holds out her hand. "Let's go. Tend to your wound when you get to cover....."

Luna (1175) has posed:
    Peeking from beneath her hands, Luna spots the growl of an engine and the flash of autumn forest colors before explosions racket out nearby. The so-called construction (konstruction?) worker looks at her, and she stiffens in fear. Indeed, she's got front-row tickets to the utter chaos of heroes and villains battling it out in the middle of some random New York side street. She can barely contain her enthusiasm - to get away as fast as she can. As it is, she has only the presence of mind to drag herself towards the wall of a nearby building and hug her shins. She flinches and quivers, her complete attention absorbed into the messy battlefield arrayed before her.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Are you kidding me.." Jessica Drew says as all these assorted heroes and sundry come out of the woodworks, at the exact same time as the Konstruktion Krew. "Watch out, we've got a bunch of Vigilantes mixing in with the attackers, watch who you shoot at, but don't take any chances." Jessica says over the SHIELD communications, "If it looks like it's threatening you take it down." With that she leaps off of the building she has clung to, launching herself at the Power-Suited individual that's about to smash Robin.

"Hey, Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" She exclaims to the man in the powersuit, her fists moving to punch at something that looks maybe vulnerable on the back of the suit. "So where did you get this suit anyway? Was Tony Stark having a garage sale or something that I didn't hear about??"

Iceman has posed:
A man of pure ice looks down at Darcy, "Are you okay miss.. Please don't move I will get you out of here." He doesn't wait for a yes no, or maybe just picking her up again and takes her for a good view of the chaos. Through the falling ice, past some dude on a bike throwing gernades, though not too close, and past some mech. He flies right at Luna then stops just a short distance away.. "Could you watch over her.. just keep her calm, and not moving around." he adds laying her carfully down again. With that he gives her a smile, and a wave turning to head back into the action himself.

Turning around he flies back into the action again, this time as the man calls out he glances at the man with the chainsaw, and grins.. He tries to form ice around the exhaust of the chain-saw as he doesn't even stop going to the top of the building where the guy tossed down the big gun, "Wait. let me guess.. Jack-Man... no wait... Sledge! Yea thats it sledge!" though as he is talking he is gathering cold around him. He had an idea those bolts were coming again, and he was taunting him to shoot at him so he could redirect them back at the shooter... though in a more.. non-lethal way,

Red Robin has posed:
"Bug?" Robin asks, incredulous as he hits the accelerator and jumps just out of reach of Lifter, then stops a few feet further down the road away from the convoy, "Bug?!" This time he whips a batarang, aiming for an exposed bit of flesh on Lifter before he hits the accelerator again and moves even farther from the convoy. "I'd say you're as dumb as Grundy, but I wouldn't want to insult him. I'm Robin. Robins are birds."

When Jessica moves in on Lifter as well, he drops all pretense of trying to goad the big Mech pilot into following him and simply guns the R-Cycle again, barreling back down the street towards the thicker fighting, leaving the biggest one to Drew. He spots Bobby fighting it out with the Chainsaw mech and calls to him, even drifting around to stop more or less beneath the mutant, "Hey! Ice guy! Freeze the joints!" As if to demonstrate, he pulls out a handful of cryo-grenades from his belt and tosses them at the knees of the sledgehammer mech, hoping to more or less freeze them before he guns it right for him, a bo staff suddenly in hand. Going full speed, he slams the handle to the side, causing the R-Cycle to pivot hard, now sailing down the road on its side, aimed right for the Sledge mech's hopefully frozen knees as Robin leaps clear.

Gregory Stark has posed:
     good dead done for the day Gregory watches attention drifting from one side to the other as chaos happens all round. Yet he's able to mostly stay out of the line of fire just by keeping calm and collected while walking towards the truck.

     He takes in a deep breath before moving closer trying not to draw too much attention to himself.

     In spite of the harsh conditions and debris everywhere his suit is still completely unaffected by the world around. It looks freshly washed and ironed each time a wrinkle forms the suit shifting slightly back into that fresh ironed state.

     "Well, on the bright side it looks like more work for the construction sector" Gregory speaks to no one in particular as he scans across the power suits with his highly advanced glasses. He's going to grab all the information on these things he can. Just to get an idea of how they tick, how they move and how he could copy them if needed.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The Latina driver lets out a pained hiss, biting down. "FuuuuuUUUCK!" as Krysti flexes, the front of the smashed cab groaning as the the bent metal gives, the short strut jammed into the driver's calve coming free after a moment. "Ah..." she pants, then pulls herself out, hobbling as she leans against the truck, before she reaches back in to grab hold of the unconscious officer next to her. "Thanks kid...get to cover...." she says, gritting her teeth as she pulls the other man out with Krysti's help. "...dammit Gordman, even unconscious you're an asshole..." she mutters, but will hobble to cover with the flushed girl's help, ending up sheltering in a stairway leading down to a basement door as she starts to rip up her shirt to try and stem the bleeding from her leg.

    "Yes ma'am!" comes from a few of the surviving SHIELD troopers as Jessica barks orders. The one Gregory saved moves to the first truck, the others taking cover behind various boxes as they open fire on the exoframes, reasoning that they're DEFINITELY the bad guys. Lifter doesn't notices at first as Jessica jump onto his back, but he definitely does as she yanks at some of the hydralic coils on the back of his suit, as he reaches back with his free hand...well, claw, trying to slam the pointed tips into her as they strike sparks off the armor back. Homebrew or not...someone gave these guys real armor tech, as half-assed as it looks. "Get off my back, woman!" he says in aggrieved tones.

    Blades sees the woman nimbling climbing along the back as the trailer crashes down, missing Robin, Lifter letting out another howl of pain as the batarang embeds in his leg, then revs his blade, stomping towards the trailer as he leaps up. "May I cut in?!" he roars at Jessica, bringing up his blade as he starts to swing it overhand at her, only to jerk as the ice hits him, then knocking him off course, the blade whistling narrowly past Jessica's head, and then seizes as the ice blocks off its exhaust port, sputtering to a halt. "Bozei moi!" the man swears loudly, swinging his chainsaw in a hard arc as he smashes the ice against a nearby car, crumpling the hood as he shatters the ice to clear the exhaust.

    Meanwhile, Sledge looks up as his name is called, then smashes this hammers together as he looks up at Ice Man. "...I must break you..." he growls, then charges, lowering his shoulder as he winds up then smashes through the ice path Bobby is taking, trying to spill him to the ground. He draws back to swing again when the cryo grenades hit the back of his legs, bursting and covering the knees of the armor as he staggers, off balance..then the cycle smashes into him as he goes down in a tumble of limbs with a CRASH, his arm flailing. If nothing else, the chaos provides a wonderful distraction for Gregory to scan over the various vehicles. They appear to be a mix of technologies, some very advanced, some very crude. Functional, brutal, and tough, but not very well put together.

    Meanwhile....the terrified student has found a spot to hide against a nearby wall, half hidden behind several of the larger containers, with Darcy being scooped up and set down near her, still only seeing blobs. But through the sounds of the fight, she'll start noticing a niggling, familiar sound from one of the nearby containers. It's large, at least eight feet high and four across, and looks like it has some sort of device attached to it that has not survived impact. There's a stencil applied to it that looks new, that reads 'LMD-327' then a series of numbers that indicate it was being routed towards some sort of SHIELD lab, though the numbers won't be familiar to any of the personnel here. The smashed device may be why the panel on the has started a constant 'chrrrp chrrrp' alarm, a red light flashing above the screen.


    There's a faint hiss as the pod vents fitfully from a broken cable, then shudders, before the bottom of the pod starts to unseal, the top rising upwards.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
"What?" Darct asks of the ice colored blob in front of her, addressing her. Because her ability to hear is clesrly linked to her ability to see. All she knows is just as she is trying to get the ice man i to focus, he is grabbing her up.

"The fuck!" exclaims the blind agent, having just enough presence of mind to not flail completely. She does give Iceman's back a single closed fistes thump for his trouble.

"You are cold as fuck!" she yells after him after he sets her down. She turns her unfocused gaze to Luna, the girl Icicle Popman put her down next to.

"You dont need to keep me calm. But I coukd use your help. I need my glasses and my geat, in that order. Did you see which of the blurry shits was the vehicle Ice Cube pulled me out ofm" Darct asks of the civilian she's next to until that beepbeepbeep cuts into her focus. Dsrcy turns to try to look, but cant make out any details.

"Okay. I need youe eyes. Up Up. Come on," Darcy tells to Luna, pushes herself up and reaching doen to haul Luna up if she cab. "Come one. Glasses. Gear. And then you can get clear, okay? Im Darcy, by the way. I work for SHIELD." Come on.

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    "I can't." Krysti says to the woman....and actually takes off her own shirt. "Use mine. It would've been shredded anyways." She says before she starts to grow....a LOT bigger....growing by feet, rather than inches. Her cheeks still burning red as her pants rip and shred rather loudly. Thankfully, she had something resembling a bikini underneath that...seems to be growing with her.

"Ugh...I'm never gonna get used to this." She groans as she strides towards 'Sledge', and grabs one of his hammer arms. "All right, Drago. You've got the quote wrong, since I'm going to break YOU!" She says as she tries to tear the arm off the mech.

Hopefully Darcy's glasses aren't under Krysti's foot.

Luna (1175) has posed:
    When some strange ice creature comes barreling towards her with a person on his shoulder, Luna doesn't exactly jump with joy. More precisely, she jumps with fear, clinging herself against the wall like a cornered animal. Of course, he leaves soon after, dropping his cargo at her feet. Waiting until the stranger drifts away, she hesitantly crouches down to place a shaky hand against the woman's throat. Seems like she's alive, at least! Stealing a glance at Armageddon, she looks back down and stammers, "a-are you ok, miss?" She stands there awkwardly, half cowering from the fight and half stooping to worry over the other defenseless mortal in all this mess.

    Hearing the sounds of battle, she remembers she's in the middle of a danger zone, and starts dragging Darcy behind a few large containers with muscles borne of sheer adrenaline. Of course, then Darcy starts talking, and she slowly realizes the other woman is not only alive, but entirely concious.

    "G-glasses? Gear? I umm...uhh. I don't. I don't know..." Tension strains her voice, and silver eyes look up desperately for the vehicle Darcy was taken from. "I-I think it's that one? Maybe?" She points at the mostly scrapped rear escort. Further noises cause her to cower, but it's only the chirping alarm of a breached container. Only with Darcy's help does she get back fully onto her feet, nodding nervously at the instructions. Glasses and gear. She can do that. She can be useful! "L-luna..."

    Hiss. The pod vents whatever gases kept it sterile, followed by a foreboding shudder. Without thinking, she shoves an arm at Darcy and tries to tug them both away from the dangerous Pod of Mystery, though she only manages a few sparse steps.

Iceman has posed:
The man of ice looks up at Sledge as he smashes his path, and Bobby falls to the ground. He had already changed his plan, but needed a moment as the ice sled remade itself not here, but by the firehydrant. Bobby crawls backwards.. "Comon Mr.. I am sorry don't!" and that is when the water would come his way. Bobby is trying to use the water to freeze up the whole suit not just the joints, as he rolls to the side and off the building. If successfull the whole suit would just be covered in a very thick layer of ice, hopefully not Krystina as well though Bobby is already moving again so is in a bit of a hurry.

Bobby falls towards the thing blinking red with one thing on his mind.. Bomb.. Bomb as he falls through the air to be swept aside by a sled, he tries to go down and other then lift it.. His ice form gets a bit bigger as he tries to push it into a V shapped path of ice trying to move it away from everyone.. If he can slide it he will move it towards the place where people would not be... The sewers under the streets... Hoping maybe this will help hold back the explosion.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The descending attack from Chains has Spider-Woman attempting to tumble forward to avoid the blade in a display of acrobatics and body control that few normal humans could match, of course this brings her into the path of the claw that is coming at her, albeit indirectly, which sends her tumbling into a parked car at the side of the road, crunching into it, as the car dents around her.

Spider-Woman extracts herself from that car, brushing her bloodied lip with the back of her hand, "That was a mistake big guy." She says after a moment, brushing off such a powerful hit from Lifter rather well.

Jess launches back into action, Firing off a blast of her bio-electric 'spider venom' with a loud *ZZZZZZZZOOOT* that rings across the impromptu battlefield, before she is leaping, springing off of Chains and launching herself back at Lifter with another heavy duty punch, before she tries to latch onto one of Lifter's arms, feet pressing in against the body of the soot as she tries to wrench the arm off, or at least break it partly, pitting her superhuman muscles against the hydraulic might of the lifting machine. "Just. Break. Already!"

Red Robin has posed:
The second alarms start going off, Robin's already rushing towards the pod, but before he can even reach it, Bobby's moving it towards the sewer. Already he's starting to miss his Titan communicators, as he calls out again, "Wait! We need to know what it is, first! It could react with water or it could take out half the block even down there!" He's still sprinting after the pod -- even Bobby doesn't listen or doesn't hear him, he's going into the sewers after it to see if he can disarm it, close it, or at least try to figure out what /it/ is in the first place. Time to put those hacking skills to the test...

Gregory Stark has posed:
     "He's got a point." Gregory calls out his voice booming loudly despite not actually raising his voice more then a slight bit. His position on the ground one of observer as he looks towards the pod and starts to scan. "You'd be surprised how they hide bombs these days."

     His hands motion in the air in front of himself for a moment to flick through AR to grab a bit of extra information and try to look through the case. "Or maybe not, I'm not sure what you vigilante types know these days" A bit of a smirk crossing his face as he stands a calm island in the middle of the storm all around not looking to have even been scuffed yet.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The Latina agent takes the shirt gratefully, pulling it tight with another hiss as she nods to Krysti. "Gracias...go punch them in the nuts!" she yells after the girl as she starts to grow, wincing as she starts trying to slap her fellow agent awake. "Damn, girl must go through clothes like CRAZY..." she mutters. Meanwhile, Sledge gets one of his hammers around to smash at the ice cover his legs, shattering it, then yelps as he's grabbed by the suddenly huge woman. "GAH!" he yells as the arm rips off, sparking as the hydralics spew bluish liquid as it jerks fitfully. "Get off me!" He swings with the other arm, trying to hook it behind Krysti's leg as he yanked, even as he pushes himself up and slams into her, trying to overbalance her, then staggers as the water from the hydrant suddenly spews over him, freezing over his armor complete as he wobbles, then crashes down, cursing loudly in Russian as he struggles to try and pull at the release for the suit. But he doesn't look like he's going anywhere for the moment. Unfortunately this also causes the ground under Krysti's foot to ice over, right when she's a bit off balance from the impact. Iceman continues his headlong charge (slide?) towards the pod, grabbing hold of it and lifting it up to try and heave it away from the two women next to it.

    Meanwhile, the huge Lifter mech hehs as he sends Jessica flying with the back hand, turning towards her. "Now YOU, you are bug to SMASH!" he says, the double claw on his hand crunching into a large case as he picks it up, raising it high, before the venom blast hits, staggering the powersuit as sparks shoot out from the controls. The punch sends it rocking backwards unsteadily, as the pilot desperately tries to get it to step back...then the forklift arm that Jess attached to starts to rip free with a shriek of metal giving and a spray of bluish hydralic fluid as it goes crashing to the ground. Missing both an arm, off balance, and holding a heavy container above his head, Lifter lets out a yell as the machine topples with a CRASH, taking out an SUV and a Jaguar as it slams into the facade of a nearby building.

    Meanwhile, another figure has been watching. And facepalming. "Bozei moi. I build them, they break them..." comes a female voice behind another mask. This one has a smiling styled female face with sculpted blonde curls, the hardhat, and a costume that someone put actual WORK into (unlike the rest of the Krew), as it's basically a construction safet top and...well, nooooot much else, other than a skirt. Defintely leaving the sides open save for the tool belt wrapped around her waist, and showing off a bit of a curve to her breast on either side as well. Someone definitely enjoys cosplay. "...never send men to do woman's job..." she mutters, then slides back into the suit behind her as it buttons up, then LEAPS, a jet on the back carrying the last suit up and over, her shadow falling over Gregory as Sparks enters the fray, swinging a metal fist as she attempts to backhand Gregory. "Out of my way!" she snaps, bringing up her other arm as the modified arc welder at the tip powers up, an old glowing and alien looking core behind the tip spinning up to power as it hums, then sends a bolt of electricity downrange at the person who seems to be the greatest threat....which would be Jessica at the moment, since she just ripped off Lifter's arm.

    Oddly she does not really seem bothered that Lifter himself is still at ground zero for the blast.

    Almost unnoticed in the sudden arrival of the new suit, the pod tips as Bobby lifts it up, even as Robin runs towards it yelling at him to wait. There's a weird shifting of its contents, before it pops open and a girl comes spilling out, landing with a solid CRUNCH on the ground. She's fairly obviously nude save for what looks like a hospital style gown that's tied loosely at her hips, her legs and feet bare, and her dark hair falling loose around her shoulders. The pod is suddenly MUCH lighter!

    A moment later the girl's open, gleaming red briefly before fading t

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Almost unnoticed in the sudden arrival of the new suit, the pod tips as Bobby lifts it up, even as Robin runs towards it yelling at him to wait. There's a weird shifting of its contents, before it pops open and a girl comes spilling out, landing with a solid CRUNCH on the ground. She's fairly obviously nude save for what looks like a hospital style gown that's tied loosely at her hips, her legs and feet bare, and her dark hair falling loose around her shoulders. The pod is suddenly MUCH lighter!

    A moment later the girl's eyes open, gleaming red briefly before fading to her normal blue as she sits up, then turns her head, her eyes starting to flick between those nearby, and running over the power suit, before she gracefully pushes herself back up to her feet. Her internal HUD boots up as she starts tagging those near her. Bobby gets 'Cool Guy' and Robin gets 'Ninja Boy', with Darcy getting 'Yelling Girl' and Luna 'Definitely Does Not Want to Be Here.'. Krysti gets a 'DAAAAAYUUM', while Jessica gets 'Shocking!' and Gregory gets 'About To Be Ouchie'. There's also, to her annoyance, an alert: WARNING EMERGENCY POWER 3 PERCENT. SEEK RECHARGE IMMEDIATELY OR SHUTDOWN IN 3 minutes 13 seconds. She looks right, then left, scanning over the technology nearby as she idly brushes off the back of her gown. Ah! Shi'ar fusion battery. That will work perfectly.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Darcy collects Luna's hands, putting them.on her shouldrts as she starts for the blurry blob of tye vehicle luna pointed toeard.

"Alright. Stay low and steer me. I'm trusting you completely not to run me i to anything ok?" Darcy tells Luna a sshe starts. Dsrcy keeps low, movong quickly but efficiently and hoping the people she's assuming are supers can keep the villains from spottinv her. But that is before box plops out something human shaped. Darcy blibks at it.

"Did that thing just poop a person? we were transporting a person? what the hell, SHIELD?"

Luna (1175) has posed:
    Luna just stares. Not only is the pod most definitely -not- a bomb, but it was apparently carrying a dark-haired girl in a hospital gown. Great. The number of totally defenseless bystanders just shot up to three. Briefly regarding the battlefield once more, she comes to an abrupt realization. Hands on Darcy's shoulders and staggering to a stop, she stammers out, "w-wait..." Those same hands fall away so that she might go the distance necessary for reaching the new girl. "We can't just leave her!" So, before entering the fray, she dashes towards the mysterious newcomer and moves to take her by the hand.

    If Gown-Girl acquiesces, the two of them return to Darcy and her free hand resettles upon a shoulder, intent upon getting the agent to her 'glasses and gear', and the party in general to eventual safety.

Iceman has posed:
As the ice-form struggles to lift it, and move the pod as the person inside of it comes out. As soon as she does it gets a "What the....OOomph!" and there is a crunch, as well as a cracking noise.. The pod is launched, as all that strength going into lifting it goes to something now empty it is tossed as he is now able to just toss it. "Too.. heavy.. need.. air.." is all he gets out before she stands, and Bobby sits up rubbing his head.. On his chest there is a large crack in the ice now all that pressure pushing down on it cracked it, and the ice suit actually opens along the crack. Except for the head which is still covering his identity, the boy is now out of his ice armor holding his ribs.. "Ow."

A young man who can't me more then 20 takes off a jacket, handing it to her.. "For gods sake put this on.. Don't need naked ladies running through the streets in the middle of a fight." He looks back at Robin, the ice face grins, "Guess we didn't need your hacking after all... I am just going to go sit down for a minute." he moves against a wall and leans on it. The excersise plus being falled on by whatever hat was hurt. He just moves aside for now to let the others do their thing.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The robot in the pod isn't of immediate concern to Jessica Drew as she's in the midst of a robot death orgy. The latest arrival catches her attention, and in the split second she has to react she does the only thing that makes sense at the time, and that is throw Lifter's arm that she had just ripped off the man straight at that charging up arc-blaster while launching into a backflip and tumble away from the incoming blast. "Watch where you're pointing that thing!" She exclaims, doing

"The tumbling helps get Jessica out of the center of the blast, but the resulting blast of concrete and whatever else sends her skidding once again across the street, "We've still got a killer death-bot here people!" She exclaims, pulling herself up and sizing up the new threat.

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    Krysti actually slips on the ice, but before she leaves a butt print on the asphalt, She actually catches herself with her hand, and manages to turn, rather gracefully, around to stay upright. That's when she notices the new person and the open pod. "Well....I'll be surprised later."

She then turns towards Sledge and smirks. She breaks a couple of places of ice and says 'I need to borrow this'. With that, she tears off one of Sledge's arms, and pointedly goes after Lifter....with Spider Woman on it. And using Sledge's arm, she tries for a home run with Lifter. Of course, the wind up would be Drew's cue to hop off of Lifter, and perhaps onto Krysti or a building. Then the new robot decides to sticks its welding torch in, and it also gets swung at by Krysti....

Red Robin has posed:
Tim slides to a halt, bo staff coming up into a defensive position as the girl drops out. He clicks his tongue as Luna begins to approach and Bobby just hands her his jacket, apparently the only one not willing to immediately accept the mysterious pod girl being transported by a SHIELD convoy as a non-threat. "Stay back!" he barks over to Luna, "There's no telling who or what she is!" He glances briefly at Bobby, only sparing his attention from the newcomer for a brief second, ignoring his comment on hacking to say: "Get the civilians and yourself out of the area if you can't fight anymore."

Even as the battle between Krystina, Jessica, Gregory(?), and the Mechs continues on, he stays on the defensive, facing off against the girl in the gown. "Who are you and what were you doing in that pod?"

Gregory Stark has posed:
     SLAP! As the hand makes contact with the side of Gregory's face. The sound echos out as the skin ripples back, and the white clad mans head is forced hard to one side. He's thrown slightly off course by the strike, his glasses go clattering off onto the street broken on the right lens reflecting back over towards him.

     Silver blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and a dark goatee. His expression is flat for a long moment, looking almost exactly the same as it was before except for a light twitch in his eye.

     "You touched me." He states holding up a single gloved hand to the side of his face. The gloved hand rubs down the spot where he'd been slapped his eyes falling closed. He takes in a deep breath before moving his hand back down to his side. Those eyes open back up and there's something slightly different about them.

     "I'm going to kill you now." Spoken in a kind and friendly yet strangely soulless manner with the cold and callus cruelty of the kind of man that could carry the deed along. It's a complete 180 from his public persona, and one that caries with it a natural intimidation about it. "And I'm going to enjoy it."

     There's a growing unrest from him as he turns to face the woman, perfectly calm in voice and body except for that left eye of his simply twitching away. And then he returns the favor, with the full force of his right hand, right towards the middle of her face. "No one touches me." A light pause. "Ever."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The girl tilts her head back as a slightly wheezing Bobby offers her his jacket, a cheerful smile crossing her lips as she rests it over her shoulders, then her hand is taken by Luna, who pulls...and finds it's a bit like trying to move a car, as the girl doesn't move at all. Like pulling on a light pole almost. She does look at at the girl, her eyes widening in faint amusement as her HUD tag over Luna shifts to 'Bravest Little Bystander'. "It's alright." she says in a soft, amused voice. "You should stay under cover, please, little bystander. Don't be hurt on my account." As Robin shoots questions at her, her energency power reserve continues to tick down, cocking her head at him. "Sleeping?" she offers after a moment. "You should take his advice, this seems very dangerous...pardon me, please..." she adds politely. She gently disengages shakes off Luna's hand, before starting to walk out onto the battlefield...right about when Lifter's arm comes spinning across the battlefield, meeting with the electrical blast as the arm explodes violently a wash of smoke and fire making her disappear from view.

    The same blast of rubble picked up by the explosion and random debris, some bouncing off Krysti since she's really hard to miss at that size, perhaps a little painful but nothing with enough force to be serious. Sledge yelps as his other arm is snapped off. "Hey! HEY!" he protests as the giant woman walks away, then slumps helplessly back in his cockpit. The same debris pelts Jessica as she ducks down, but she manages to be quick enough to dodge any shrapnel, most of which bounces off the armored body of Lifter as he tries to push himself up. "YOU TRIED TO SHOOT ME!" he roars at Sparks, then sweats a bit as the shadow of Krysti falls over him."....crap.." he manages, right before Kristy belts him with the arm, sending the suit flying as it slams hard into one of the ruined SHIELD transport cabs, a few more sparks shooting out of the frame as it makes a grinding noise.

    That's when Jessica will hear a sound that she's probably not fond of, the sound of a chainsaw roaring to life right behind her as Chains brings it down in an overhand swing, her instincts warning her as it narrowly misses her as she rolls, slamming into the ground as it carves a large furrow in the asphalt. "RAAAAAAHR!" The suit swings the blade horizontally at the agile woman, shearing through a light pole as he tries to connect.

    Sparks curses as her shot is blocked, then turns in startlement as she realizes..the guy in the suit is still up. And he is CREEPY. Also, extremely strong as the slap connects, sending the suit tumbling end over end across the battleground to slam and skid across the pavement until it ends by crashing into the side of the rear escort vehicle, putting a solid dent in it.

Red Robin has posed:
"Well yeah, sleeping, sure..." Robin begins, a bit exasperated, his personality showing through the brief Batman act he usually defaults to when trying to seem intimidating, "But I meant why were you in the pod in the firs- Hey!" He blinks as the girl more or less just walks off into the midst of the fight, but considering her reaction to Luna and Bobby, most of his concerns are put more or less to rest. He follows her progress into the fight, then turns to regard Luna and any other bystanders who happen to have fallen to panic and failed to evacuate the area. "Fine... I'll let the big hitters clean up..." he mutters to himself as he collapses his staff and begins directing civilians away from the area.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby holds up a hand, "Well are you just little Mr serious.." he adds looking at Robin with a grin.. "Brood less joke more right?" he pushes himself off the wall as a thiner sheet of ice covers him. "Hey robot lady! No killing okay!" he tells her with a smile, "And my phone number is in the Jacket when you are ready to return it." with that he moves over to Luna. "Comon miss, we should get out of here.." he offers her a cold hand.. "This way is safe you did you part, as did I." With a flick of a finger he puts a wall up between Robin, and the fight.. "Hey bird boy... Watch her, she might be strong but is also new. If somethin happends to her I am so going to freeze you." and chuckles a bit as he lets the wall go. Looking over a Luna, he grins.. "Hurt by being fell on... If anyone asks it was a missle.. no ten missles!" and continues to try to lead her away from the fiercest of the combat.

As he does a thin wall of ice starts to appear around the fight in general it isn't strong, as he is kinda weakened now, but those bystanders should be saved from flying debree, though a direct impact will just break it.. Luna would notice after he puts up the wall he leans a bit more on her then he did before, and his leading her out is more like her helping him.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Left on the sidewalk as Luna heads out to get someone. She waits, not sure what is happening, so she clicks on her communit still in her ear. "all points. check in."

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    Krysti is indeed hit by flying debris, for if she wasn't, it might've hit the Latina shield agent and her partner. She looks over at Lifter, who seems to grind to a halt, and thankfully, Jessica Drew isn't on it.

In the path of it flying, 'SParks' bounces off of Krysti's shin in its flight, and Krysti actually winces. "Ow. That's like when I hit the concrete." She says looking towards Chains to help SPider Woman out....again....

Luna (1175) has posed:
    "Unless her hospital gown is a weapon, I don't see how she could be dangerous!" Luna retorts to Robin's words, already helping to get the arms of Icehead's jacket onto Gown-Girl's person. But then her assistance is shaken off, and she frowns in confusion. She turns to follow the newcomer, calling out, "hey! Wait! It's not sa-" Suddenly, a mind-numbingly potent electrical blast turns Lifter's arm into little more than smoke on the wind. The resulting cloud causes her to cough and shudder, leaning a hand on her knee until she can better control herself. Eyes watering, she looks up to just barely see the silhouette of the stranger among the debris, and then remembers the agent she had earlier abandoned.

    Hearing Icehead urge her to flee, Luna stubbornly states, "but that woman! The one you left with me! She's out there!" She points in the general direction she last saw Darcy, all while watching ice walls appear before her very eyes. While she doesn't take the man's hand, when he leans in to lead her away, she notices how injured he clearly must be. Groaning in frustration and uncertainty, she stares out upon the battlefield, "please. We have to save her first..."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Sparks is forgotten for the moment when Chains brings his Chainsaw arms in at her, "I thought you were already on Ice!" Spider-Woman exclaims to the man in the suit, landing on her feet from her acrobatic tumbles, rolls, and slides. "You guys are really starting to get under my skin, you know that?"

She Launches into a slide that aims to take her between the legs of the big Chainsaw suit, launching a kick at the joints of the suit's Knee, followed by a series of quick punches at the rear to try and damage the chassis some. She keeps herself in close to this suit, gauging the reluctance to swing chainsaws where it might damage the suit as she dodges, weaves, and launches quick attacks at the mechanisms.

Gregory Stark has posed:
     Gregory spends a long moment in silence simply looking in the direction he'd sent the woman flying. Wordlessly he adjusts his tie, his suit and the collar of said suit. His own decorum returned for a moment as he begins to slowly walk over towards her.

     He moves one step at a time through the chaos and the carnage. "How does it feel?" He asks first, stepping over a bit of broken debris that had been a building. "Knowing that you're about to die here in a pile of debris," Arms outstretch to either side. "All because you decided to screw with the wrong man today."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The ice wall, at least, grows high and thick enough to be strong enough to stop any further sprays of shrapnel from hitting anyone outside of it. Chains growls in annoyance. "Stand....still...so...I...can...KILL YOU!" he snaps at Jessica, staggering at the hits on his legs as he swings, trying to spin around in vain to keep up with the much smaller and more agile woman as the blows start to take a toll, his armor buckling as it sparks under the constant impacts as he goes to a knee. "CRAZY WOMAN, STOP IT!" Then Krysti's shadow looms over him. "...oh this is not very good...' he whimpers as the two team up on him. Annnnd...well, let's say he doesn't last long at all.

    Out in the dust, debris, and flames, there's a sudden, sharp sound of metal tearing, followed by a CRASH!

    Darcy's com crackls. "Vasquez here, I'm hit...Gordman's out, can't get him up." "Frost here...don't have anything that can HURT these damn things!" Another voice, a bit more panicked: "GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!"

    TThe arcwelder suit stirs after a moment as Sparks groans, her head tilting up, then her body tensing as she sees Gregory walking towards her. There are noticeable bloody cuts along her sides now, and a small dent in her coif of metallic hair on her helmet. "...bozei moi..." she says, then pushes herself up, then winces as she sees Chains being...well, taken apart. And the creepy guy in the suit doing the slow serial killer walk her way. Fine. They want it that way?!? FINE! "Suck it, suit boy!" she snaps, then brings up the arc welder, firing her jump jets, and dropping her aim on the largest group of people she can see...Bobby, Luna, and Darcy, as it builds with energy.

    Lifter rolls to his knees, his suit sparking dangerously as he stumbles to his feet, his suit's knee bent as he slams his clawed powerarm into the ground to push himself up, then spreads the claw, kicking off as he starts to charge through the boxes, smashing them out of the way as he aims a brutal double claw at Krysti, aiming to punch through her back!

    And about halfway through, suddenly stops as if he's hit a brick wall, tripping as he goes down, then clawing at the ground as the dark haired girl steps back out of the smoke. Her gown is shreded at this point, along with Bobby's jacket...just baaaaarely hanging on to PG-13 rating in places. More interestingly, in her right hand, she's hefting what looks like a large power battery, almost bigger than she is, glowing softly with blue energy. There's currently a cable that's running out from it that looks to be...plugged into her belly button? But she herself seems unhurt.

    More importantly, she's currently got Lifter by his metal ankle, the metal squealing as it gives under her fingers as she looks up at Sparks, calculating trajectories, then twists and throws the massive mech one armed straight at Sparks. There's a crack and a scream as the power core fractures, then shatters as elecricity plays over both suits, as they plummet to the ground with a crash, Lifter's claw twitching for a moment, then going slack as the two human pilots twitch inside.

Iceman has posed:
Bobby looks back, and nods. "Fine the hard way" he lifts off what he is leaning on, and moves back to the icewall a door opening just for him. He hobbles back into the fight again looking at the devistation.. "Jesh people... I mean can't you fight without breaking everything?" he jokes as he makes his way back to the woman on the ground. He stops for a moment turning to face Gregory, and freezes just the glasses on his face to fog them up.. "Hey you.. chill.. No-one dies" before he gets back to what he came here to do. Looking at this. Darcy he speaks to her next. "Hey... I don't have much juice left in the tank.. So we are going to have to do this the quick way... You don't get motion sick right?" is all he says as he once again reaches down picking her up he tosses her over his shoulder though this time he gives out a sharp breath in pain not to mention his grip isn't cold it is not as warm as a normal person he offers a hand to Luna again.. "Comon last chance.. step on my foot, and hold on tight.

They go fast like 0-50 in less then a second fast as they are launched up into the air. The shot that would of been aimed for them might of missed as tAs the ice stops they are thrown up and away from the fight, over the wall.. As they fall back towards the ground Bobby grins.. "And out of juice... oh wait." as a sled catches them. They slide around and around as the sled turns bleeding off momentum as they come to a stop outside the wall. He does give the robot lady a smile, and wink as they launch mouthing.. "Thank you" as he disapears over the wall with Darcy, and maybe Luna.

Bobby chuckles at her though it hurts.. "Hey you handled that pretty well.. you should become an agent or something." and he gives them both Luna, and Darcy a short wave.. "I got to get back".. he takes a couple steps, and almost falls moving to where he is leaning against the wall, but pushes himself off again. "Must get back.." he says to himself as he pushes himself to go further. If uninteruped he will continue walking away till he gets back to the school, he maybe hurt but he can do atlol least that.. The door inside remains open, and the wall will last till it melts.. which is most likely an hour or two unless it is broken first, or unless something to melt ice is used as it is just normal ice now.

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    Krysti WOULD have smacked Chains with Sledge's arm...if only they weren't lifted into the air. "Oooookay." She says as she watches the mechs get drained of energy. "Hmmmm.....this could be abd or good." She says as she watches them.....stepping back to make sure the Latina SHIELD agent and her partner are covered, just in case.

Luna (1175) has posed:
    Luna nods her head firmly towards Icehead, obviously grateful to see him depart for one last rescue. She remains planted where she stands, waiting nervously while fighting continues nearby. In the distance, past the smoke and debris, she soon witnesses Icehead's return, racing through the chaotic battleground with Darcy on his shoulder. Once he arrives at her side, she nods again, "thank you." Hesitantly, she steps on his foot, giving him a skeptical look. "Like this?"

    Luna latches onto Icehead at just the last moment, letting out a surprised shriek. They launch up into the air so fast that her ears pop, and she lets out a shout or two of trembling fear. Vertigo doesn't play nice in her stomach, but she manages not to make a scene. Instead, once they land, she stumbles and collapses onto the cement, letting out a dazed groan. Swallowing her nausea, she murmurs, "no, don't." She staggers half-upright, stumbles, then half-falls towards Icehead. She tries telling him to stop, but her voice fails her after their escape. Instead, she just focuses on her breathing. By the time she feels less queezy, the guy with the head of ice is gone, leaving her alone with the agent.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Stands there, where she had been left, hand to her ear, eyes wide and desperately trying to make sense of the wrold around her.

"Bug out. Repeat, all unit, bug out. Vazquez, can you grab Gordman? I'm blind out here-!" And then she's being grabbed.

Darcy flails at it, hearing that Bobby's injured but still trying to get away and be put down.

"God DAMN it, you stupid son of a fucking whore bitch. I've got men in there, you ass hat! Stop treating me like a fucking damsel in distress and get me my fucking glaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Naught to fifty in way too fucking fast. Darcy can't but cling.

When she's left alone with the Bystander, Darcy fights to get back to her senses, hand back to her ear.

"Vazquez? Frost? Report, damn it!" Darcy is forcing herself to stay on her feet and not give in to the wait to vomit. Not yet. She's got people in there.

"Lewis to HQ. Anyone hearing us? Transport's sidewise. 084's all over the place. Need immediate medical evac. Agent down!" she tries, not sure if her coms are wroking right. After all, her gear is somewhere she can't see.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"? And that is why you aren't allowed to operate Power Suits anymore!" Jessica Drew says, yanking Chains out of his busted up suit, the beginning of her, apparently lengthy lecture lost under the sound of breaking metal, and possibly screams of fear, but who can say on that specifically. "Now stay put like a good boy while I go get the rest of your friends!" she exclaims, moving to survey the carnage of street that is left in the wake of the Konstruction Krew.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    There's a pause then Vasquez said over the coms. "Ah, the perps appear to be very fucking down, ma'am? Situation stable. Frost is moving to help Agent Drew." Another voice coms over the coms. "Convoy this is Angel 12, we are approaching your location now with response team and fire support." Well, better late than ever. Everyone at the site can hear the incoming hovercraft and choppers as they descend from the air, lines going over the sides from the transport as more SHIELD troopers start fast roping do, landing and moving to secure the area.

    Chains groans, pretty much semi-conscious at this point. "....yes...very sorry...I am bad man..." he says weakly, as a pair of SHIELD troopers come over to take him into custody. Another group is trying to pry Sledge out of his frozen suit at this point. Jessica can easily see that the remaining two pilots, Lifter and Sparks, are unconscious but other than some electrical burns they seems to be alive, their chests rising and falling. Suits are pretty much junked at this point, from the look of it. Krysti has the best viewpoint from her current height, with some of the newcoming agents watching her a little warily, but seem to have decided that since she's not attacking anyone and seems to have been helping, she's not an immediately threat.

    Which leaves the black-haired girl. Who idly dusts off her hand, then ponders the ice wall, before walking twowards. She pauses halfway there, then kneels down to pick something up from the ground in her free hand. By this point, the glow from the massive battery she's holding has faded to very low levels, as she sets it down, then retracts the plug. This...not suprisingly alarms some of the nearby SHIELD agents, who promptly draw on her. "On the ground miss!" the squad leader snaps, wary. The girl blinks then gets a slightly amused look, before she very gracefully bows into a curtsey. "Thank you for your hospitality....but I have something to do now." she says, very politely and properly.

    Then the ground suddenly craters as she kicks off, the agents stumbling as the first leap takes her soaring over the ice wall, plumming downwards to land with another THUMP near where Luna and Darcy are standing blocks away, the ground cracking under the impact. She straightens, then walks over to where Darcy is, then holds out her hand. A pair of slightly battered but not broken glasses is resting on her palm. "Are these yours?" she says curiously, smiling a bit at Luna as she nods to her politely.

And meanwhile, Gregory is AWESOME somewhere.

Krystina Jordan has posed:
    Krysti watches as the agents finally roll in, but she doesn't say anything. She does, however, begin to shrink down and walk over towards the latina SHIELD agent and her partner. "Wounded over here." She says as she's still about 15 feet tall and still shrinking...and only in a bikini. "One had something through her leg....." She says as she slowly regains her bearings.....

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Darcy squints, head turning a bit as if loooking toward her com would help her hear things better.

"Oh, Thank God. I need a head count, a status report, and my gla-" Darcy blinks as someone holds out her glasses. Darcy would recognize that blurry blob anywhere! She quickly grabs them and crams them onto her face with a sigh of the world back to rights.

"Thank you." She says to Gothic before pausing and taking in her attire.

"You're mostly naked. Nice. I'm Darcy," greets the SHIELD agent, now SO much calmer with her eglasses on.

"Just the head count and status report, guys," she saysinto her com.

Luna (1175) has posed:
    While they may have escaped to comparative safety behind the wall of ice, Luna and Darcy are still surely close enough to bear witness to the continuing conflict. Picking herself up, Luna moves to the wall itself, placing her hands on the chilly surface and peering through the semi-translucant boundary. With a baffled shake of her head, she asks the cool air, "what is going on over there? What...w-what happened? Who are those people?"

    Hearing the batter of helicopter blades against the air, Luna glances up to see the air cavalry charging in. Taking a couple steps back from the wall, she observes the conflict coming to a quick conclusion under the military arm of SHIELD. Then they point their guns at Gown-Girl, and her silver eyes widen in worry. Of course, she need not worry, considering the girl mimes Icehead's move and leaps over the ice wall. When she lands, Luna feels her knees go weak. Adrenaline has finished jolting through her system, leaving her uttery exhausted. Falling to the ground, she breathes out a sigh of weary relief. It's over.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
With things mostly under control, Jessica Drew takes a moment to wipe her hands off against the thighs of her costume, sighing just a bit and shaking her head as she looks around, and with the arrival of the SHIELD reinforcements she starts to gesture and point at the various attackers, "Round these ones up, take 'em into custody. And the Wounded agents need medivac immediately, they did a number on the lead rigs." She says with a little frown and starting the process of cleaning up and containing a scene involving powered robots, metahumans, and all of that ice!

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Vasquez looks up as Krysti returns, then grins at her. "Hey Legs...nice work..." She tries to push herself up as Gordman groans a bit, starting to come to. "Thanks for saving our asses." She touches her com. "Agent Lewis, Agent Drew is helping with the cleanup. Support team is here and taking perps into custody. Ah....I don't know where the girl went?

    Meanwhile, the Japanese girl smiles at Darcy, then sighs, frowning as she looks down at her tattered clothes. "That I am..." she says cheerfully. "I'm going to go fix that, I think." She reaches out, then pats Luna's head gently. "...you were very brave. Thank you for wanting to save me." she says cheerfully, then winks at her. "I must go now. I hope the rest of your day is much better!" THe strange girl steps out a bit, back to the crater she made landing, then kicks off, flying up into the air in a long arch, then out of sight. Later doublechecks will show that the strange pod was accidentally put in the wrong transport, though the transport it WAS supposed to go on is redacted. And some poor smuck in the warehouse gets chewed out by his boss.