15163/Thunder, Lightning, and Off With 'er Head

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Thunder, Lightning, and Off With 'er Head
Date of Scene: 30 May 2023
Location: Bowery, Manhattan
Synopsis: Blackout makes another eclectic acquaintance in Amanda and learns her long history.
Cast of Characters: Blackout, Amanda Deveraux

Blackout has posed:
His name was Sebastian Montague. A nobleman from Paris, from 1832. He was a rotten scoundrel, an arrogant fool, a jackass, and someone that Amanda had history with over the ages. The history was brief, a tiff here, a snip there. Nothing came of it, especially since he was so young, immature, and a real asshat who thought himself of more value and worth than any woman. When they first met in 1856; he was jealous of her. Wanted to usurp her, wanted not only to dominate her, but to own her. Wanted her power; and by any means necessary. Yet, she was a woman, someone to be wooed, to be pampered, treated with Parisian romance and all extras. So, he would play the long game. That was always his ultimate plan. Yet, she grew bored of him within a few years. She knew he was playing a game. She knew he would eventually show his true colors. And he did. Instead of killing him then and there, she disappeared into the night. It would be a century later that they encountered one another again, a fling was had, nothing more, and then she left in the night - as the Raven does.

And now. Another century and a few decades later, his decapitated body lay in a back alleyway. Lightning arched all around the iron fire escapes, the metal pipes, blew a few fuses, and took out power on the block. His head is somewhere beneath a dumpster. His sword, a rapier, is a few feet from his left outstretched arm and open hand.

She kneels a few feet away. Having had the rush of the Quickening overtake her body. She knows she should leave quickly before witnesses show up.

But it's too late. There was already a witness. A man in black standing on the ledge watching the fight; witnessing the result of the lightning and the energy surging into her. He sees her vulnerability and decides to engage. Not to take advantage, but to perhaps find a means to understand what transpired before his eyes.

Marcus steps through a portal from the rooftop to the alleyway. There was a quiet pressure whoosh as the portal opened. He stands a few yards behind her. He wears what appears to be a black suit with black shirt beneath. He announces his presence and intent, "Miss... I'm Marc. We need to get you out of here. The police are on the way and there are people in the street." - Behind him is a black 8' disk/portal. He adds, "I can get us out of here through this."
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda isn't like some immortals who are racking up a head-count, but sometimes a girl simply can't help herself. It helps that Sebastian was an ass. And she can't deny enjoying that certain rush of the Quickening, truth be told.

She has sunk to one knee to feel the rush, and as the last flickers of lightning are darting about, Amanda catches her breath and her head slowly clears. The voice behind her startles her before she is ready, and the woman begins to stand.

A lot of things go through her still-fuzzy mind, and somehow jumping through a black portal with a man dressed in black that she's never met isn't high on the list. Then again, Amanda is also wearing black, to be fair.

Blinking again, the woman reaches out to snatch up a sword and turns towards him. "Don't make me regret this, Marc." she replies, looking more dangerous by the moment. "I'm Amanda. Let's go."
Blackout has posed:
"No regrets..." Marc will say as he leads the way into the black, opaque disk. He fades from sight as if sinking into an oil and the portal will stay open for her to follow. Passing through the disk, she'll find herself within a very dark world for a brief moment then emerging on the other side into a sunlit region. No longer is she in Manhattan - as it was 1am. But she is in Paris, standing upon the observation deck of the Eifel Tower. It's morning, the sun is already up and decently high in the sky. The deck is not yet open to the public; yet lines are forming below. The air is cool, and the smells of the Seine are present.

Marc says, "I heard the two of you speaking in French. I figured this would be a good, familiar place for you."
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda follows, her steps becoming smoother by the moment. Stepping out into the sunlight, she slips the sword into the long coat she is wearing. It's black, like the leather pants, ankle boots, and silken tank. Nostrils flare and she draws a deep breath, smiling softly and admiring the view.

"How thoughtful of you, Marc." she replies. "and thank you. But if you understood what we were saying, then you probably understand more of what is going on than most."
Blackout has posed:
He turns with his back to the railing off to her right. Giving her space. Daring not to crowd a woman with a sword or even the talent to fight. He answers with the slight shake of his head before glancing around to ensure that they are alone on this particular level. "Nope. I don't speak the language. I just picked up on the guttural, yet poetic aspects of the words. Anyway... can I ask what that was all about, back there? Beyond how amazing you are with that sword, you took his head clean off - and then there was the lightning and the energy. Was it magic? Sorry, I don't mean to intrude. It was fascinating."
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda faces him more directly, then. "It's a very long story, actually." she replies. "We are usually more careful about choosing secluded areas to settle our differences. Sebastian was alway sloppy and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to settle an old score."

She looks at him with a peculiar smile, then. "Sebastian tried to possess me, to own me, and actually thought he had the capacity to do both. I told you it was a long story, Marc. It's also a story that most people don't believe, so I've stopped telling it."

She shifts her stance, resting one hand lightly upon the rail to strike a pose. "But I'd expect you also have a story of your own, and I'm very curious how we stepped out of Manhattan onto the Eiffel Tower. Also magic, I wonder?"
Blackout has posed:
After the brief glance around the general area for interlopers, Marc's attention is drawn her way. Her words are met with his turning and gaze. There's a moment of disappointment that crosses his face when she mentions that the decapitated man wanted to own/possess her. His lips and jaw tighten, there's a slight shake of his head and an audible sigh. "So just another jackass wanting power over a woman. That's a shame. But you really put him... in his place." and with that his tone drops realizing that his choice of words has a lot to be desired. He smirks to himself and then tries to recover by answering her query. "I'm a mutate.. Meaning, a science experiment gone wrong and I got powers from a pocket dimension that allows me to fold space through the use of those stepping disks, portals. And I can do other things with it, like create armor, clothing.." he touches his jacket lapels. Then continues, "...swords..." he makes a black sword out of the material in his right hand. It mimics her own in design, but is vantablack. Then he continues, "... and other stuff. And even blast with it." He does not hold the sword threateningly. Instead, he inverts it and offers it hilt first toward her that she may take it if she were to desire.
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
Amanda listens attentatively, looking very curious. "So you tap into this... pocket darkness... and use its power." she steps up and takes the offered hilt, gripping lightly with fingertips just below the crossguard. Shifting her weight back, Amanda gives the sword a light swing and then another, faster one.

"The weight and balance are quite natural." she declares. Inverting it as well, she offers it back hilt-first. "I am immortal, like Sebastian was, meaning that most injuries cannot kill me." She gestures absently back over her shoulder as if towards Sebastian's body. "Some are obviously quite fatal. I should have killed Sebastian in 1856. Would you like to hear more?"
Blackout has posed:The sword is lighter than her own Damascus. Balanced. And very sharp down to the micron. He watches her movements with it and then when offered, he touches the butt of the hilt and it seems to absorb back into his skin, fading away.

"Immortality isn't unheard of. But extremely rare. And absolutely believable." Though, he continues to process her reference to 1856 and says with a bit of an excited tone, "1856.. that's a really long time ago. And of course I'd like to hear more. However, we should find a cafe, some breakfast, and chocolate. Because long stories need chocolate, wine, coffee, tea... whatever."

Another portal will open a few feet away from them on the deck. "And there's this little cafe on the Seine..."
Amanda Deveraux has posed:
"In that case, I would be happy to tell you more." she declares. "It's been a very long time since I've had an audience that didn't want to stone me for what I am."

Amanda steps through the next portal with casual aplomb, slipping her arm through his just outside the cafe. She looks around briefly, then declares. "I was born in the Year of Our Lord 820 in the village near the Abbey of St. Anne in Normandy. But we will not be ordering a Normandy wine for sentimental reasons. I prefer a good Bordeaux..."

And with that, they step into the cafe.