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Do I gotta have Faith
Date of Scene: 18 June 2023
Location: The Bronze, Sunnydale
Synopsis: After a rocky first meeting, Molly runs into Faith again at The Bronze
Cast of Characters: Molly Carpenter, Faith Lehane

Molly Carpenter has posed:
The Bronze. The popular gathering spot/nightclub for Sunnydale's youth was pretty crowded tonight and playing a nice set of dance mix that had plenty of kids up on the floor 'shaking their groove thing' as her parents would say. Harry would be so proud that Molly didn't actually know what the common phrase was, these days. Busy apprentices didn't have all that much time to hang out at clubs, but this was an exception, since she'd just gotten back in town a couple of days ago.

So, Molly wasn't really high school /or/ college-aged 'young adult,' anymore, but she could still pass for one easily enough. She even had the colorful hair, which today was black at the roots, white along the shafts, and hot pink at the tips. Yosa /still/ handed her a bottle of apple juice whenever she walked into the Blue Lady -- it was a running joke.

Instead of rocking something that would make her look /even/ younger, though, like one of her old goth outfits, Molly sticks with her new found love for biker chic -- leather jacket and ripped jeans. And it's not just a look. Her fully restored 1950 Indian Chief Black Hawk is parked outside -- up on the sidewalk out of the way, but not far from the door.

She's sitting at the bar with a glass of something colorful on ice and a half-eaten basket of fries in front of her, elbow propped on the counter, half-turned so she can watch the dance floor.
Faith Lehane has posed:
The Bronze was more popular amongst highschool kids, although college aged students came here occasionally as well. Faith is of course neither, having dropped out of her last year of school and then never having even bothered with college, she did spend many days lurking in the shadows of the Bronze, picking up cute guys or just getting drunk.

Today it's the former, dressed in too tight red leather pants and a too short black keyhole rip top with matching arm warmers she dances a seductive dance, showing off some flexibility as she glides across the dance rage, luring quite a number of guys to dance close to he, totally oblivious of the man killer that she is.

Clearly she is enjoying the attention and not even noticing Molly's presence.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
When one of your specialties was creating such realistic illusions that they could even fool the fae, there were a /lot/ of different ways to screw with people. You could, for instance, be responsible for crafting at least some of the bodies on the dance floor. You could also conjure up someone familiar... say, Thomas Raith.. and have him walk in the door and do any number of things that could set off an entertaining chain of events.

Mischief glitters briefly in Molly's eyes as she grabs a French fry and nips it in half with her front teeth.

No. Those were the kinds of things Harry warned her about... using magic with ill intentions. Sure, it might have been /fun/, but.. slippery slopes and all.

So, she lets a soft sigh pass through her nose and pops the second half of the fry into her mouth, watching Faith for another moment before turning back to her drink. No man-killing for her, tonight, apparently, either. If she was even getting any offers, it wasn't apparent. Not that she was putting off a particularly /Come talk to me, I'm available/ vibe with her fries and.. is it fruit punch?
Faith Lehane has posed:
A few boys let out a whoop and a holler as she displays some especially flexible and sexy moves, spinning and twirling and arching backwards to nearly touch the floor before shaking her hips, making a come hither motion with her hands..

And then the song ends, and she waves them off, a bit too hot for another. Instead she heads to the bar for some beer and a glass of water. It takes her a moment, doing a double take before she recognizes the bright pink and blue hair and smirks.

"Ohhh, it's the apprentice. Fancy meeting you here...What's shakin?"
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"You are," Molly answers, glancing over to the source of the voice with an easy smile. "Nice moves." Even though she hadn't been watching when Faith had walked up, it's an admission that she'd been watching. It also seems.. sincere. At least, there's no obvious teasing or malice behind it. There doesn't seem to be any ulterior motive of any kind, actually.

She shifts the basket of fries over between them in silent offering and takes one for herself -- maybe just to prove she hadn't poisoned them or anything while she was sitting there.

"You look hot," she says.


Then there's a roll of her eyes to the ceiling. "Temperature-wise, I mean."
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane laughs, grabbing a handful of fries without a second thought - she never turns down free food Afterall. "Ohh, I'm steaming, bet you're jealous you can't do half the stuff I do, huh." she grins and winks, brushing aside the slight with a smirk, "Ooh, still bruising from our last meeting, huh? So what's the deal, you still sweet on Thomas or what?" right to the point.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Molly blinks a couple of times after that first jab, but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to get under her skin nearly as much as it had the other night. Maybe something had happened after Faith and Thomas left?

It had, but she wasn't about to open up about /that/ any time soon.

"Are you /always/ so hostile? I just shared my fries with you. Doesn't that buy me like five minutes of civility?"

/That's/ a sincere remark, too, even if it comes with a bit of frustration. She pops that fry into her mouth and shakes her head, reaching for another.

"/Sweet/ on him? No. He's more like that lecherous uncle you keep an eye on because he has wandering hands, but you love him because he's family." She smiles, and there's obvious affection in her eyes. "What about you? The irony of--" Here she uses the fry she's holding to draw a little circle around Faith. "--the entire thing aside."

Then she's popping that fry into her mouth and chewing.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane shrugs and laughs, "Never good to keep your guard down, princess, not all of us live such a sheltered life." she's making all sorts of assumptions of course, but that's Faith for you, sticking her hand in more wasp nests. Who knows what this witch is capable of too?!

She makes a show of reaching more fries and smirks, "Just saying it like it is, we both know how Thomas' mind works I'm sure. I'll bet you two had some sort of history.." she pauses, considering the chip she's holding.."Alright, five minutes, I'll try and hold my tongue for that long, but I ain't Buffy.."

When that question is turned on her, she just shrugs, "What bout me? Like I said, I know what Thomas is about, how he's a sex vampire or whatever, how he feeds on sex and lust..How Buffy was supposedly the love of his life. I ain't Buffy and I ain't in love with him. We're just friends, using each other when we're needing a little something something, Yknow what I'm saying?"
Molly Carpenter has posed:
"Thomas is Harry's brother. He and I have known each other for years. We have a /lot/ of history," Molly says, but she leaves it at that, just reaching forward to take another drink through the straw of her... punch-looking drink.

She listens without interrupting, then sets the drink down and licks her lips, folding her arms and setting them on the edge of the bar.

"So, you're friends, and you've been looking into some things... but you came in looking for Harry. Does that mean you're trying to help Buffy and Thomas? Or are you helping Harry? What got you interested in what happened in the first place?"

This time it was Molly's part to get right to the point. Where were Faith's loyalties, really?
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane laughs when 'helping' and 'Buffy' are mentionned in the same sentence. "You kidding me?! B is my rival, a spoiled brat who always gets what she wants and looks down her nose at me like she's somehow better just because she led a pampered life.." she takes a looong sip of beer, washing down the chips before speaking again.

"When B first lost her memories, Thomas was a mess, and he needed a 'distraction'. Since then, we've worked together a lot lately, and I'm sure he continues to see me as a distraction from B..But if he ever regains his memories of her, he won't *need* me anymore.." she's usually good at hiding her feelings but she's a bit drunk tonight and clearly this bothers her as much as she claims it doesn't.
Molly Carpenter has posed:
Oh, the tangled webs we weave. The dichotomy of this conversation with the upbeat music playing in the background was ironic all on its own, but for the moment, Molly seems not at all interested in the dance floor or the music. She's /listening/. It was another one of Harry's things. It's not magical. At least, not as far as they can tell. It's the practice of actually /focusing/ on what you want to hear so intently that everything else sort of just fades away. It helps when people are whispering in the next room.

It also helps when otherwise bitchy slayers are actually starting to open up a little in noisy clubs.

"Are you sure about that?" Molly's eyebrows raise a little. "I'm guessing the reason Buffy isn't here trying to remind him and helping is because she doesn't really remember him, either. If he gets /his/ memories back and she doesn't get hers... he may need you more than ever."

She reaches for another fry.

"But if you're worried about it, why are you trying so hard to help him get them back?"

It's an honest question and asked with compassion, but an acute observer would note that she hasn't stopped trying to figure out Faith's real motivation for being involved in all of this memory demon stuff. Especially if she was going to end up losing out, if they 'succeeded.'
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane shakes her head and laughs, "Oh no, he remembers all about Buffy and he misses her and wants her back. She doesn't remember a thing and frankly she doesn't *want* to remember, which seems pretty bitchy of her, I mean if they're meant to be together.." waiiit, what's going on? Why is she opening up to miss princess? This won't do at all..

Slowly she climbs to her feet and laughs, popping one last chip in her mouth, washing it down with the rest of her beer before pushing the bowl away. "Ohh I see what's going here, I don't need no counselling from you or anyone else. And I'm not *tryimg* to get her memories back I want to help Harry get his back but if I find the one who took Buffy's memories, I.."she frowns, looking away. Would she really be able to keep them from getting back together? Does it even matter? She seems torn, shaking her head.

"You know what, forget it, I gotta go, it's been fun..Seeya!" and she's suddenly in a hurry, quickly vanishing into the crowds.,