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Sister, Sister
Date of Scene: 05 July 2023
Location: Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan
Synopsis: Donna has returned after a long time away. She visits with Diana to catch up and discovers that maybe things have been worse than she expected. Diana has been expanding her knowledge of cultural references.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Troia

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana is seated in her office, joined by a trio of Embassy staff. They are all seated around her desk listening to a conference call and taking notes between making comments and asking questions. Diana, notorious for not taking notes by hand, listens to the meeting and speaks when needed.

As the call comes a close, she sits back and regards her staffers. "That went well, I think." Ellen, one of the attorneys nods, "Better than expected. We know where they stand on the resolution, now."

Diana nods and smiles. "Yes. And now we can focus on gathering support and winning over the opposition. I believe this will all come together nicely." Standing, she walks to the door of her office as the staffers leave.

"Thank you for your time and attention to this." The three offer their affirmations as they depart and leave the Ambassador alone in her office.

Returning to her desk she sits again and looks out the window, reflecting on the call.
Troia has posed:
If Diana is notorious for not taking notes, Donna is notorious for not liking meetings. Beuracracy is not now, nor has it ever been, her strong suit. While she's perfectly suited to it, if the need arouse, it hasn't.. and she'd balk if it ever did. Which has nothing to do with why she wasn't present at the meeting... no, that's because she wasn't invited.

Not that she'd be upset about this fact.

However, it could be considered coincidental that she only arrives once the conference call has concluded. And not by any reasonable means either, because that's just not who she is... Oh no, that would be easy.

That would be appropriate.

That would be .. well not her.

When Diana is staring out the window reflecting on the call, there hovers her twin. Trussed up in a dark brown coat, blouse, and black slacks. Her hair has been cut short, shaved along the sides, and slicked back. With dangling silver earrings running from the upper slop down to the lobe by a silver chain on both sides. Grinning and finger wiggling with black nails at Diana on the other side.

She points at her chest, then at the window, mouthing can I come in as if Diana couldn't hear her perfectly well if she had spoke. Obtuse, is what it is. Churlish.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana can sense she is about to have a visitor even before Donna becomes visible out the third story window. The sense of calm, of feeling more whole, that always accompanies the arrival of her sister is a feeling Diana truly looks forward to.

Still, she studies her sister outside. The clothing, fashionable as ever. The hair? Well no one will be confusing the two of them for a while. But it's okay; it suits Donna.

Smiling, Diana stands and walks to the french doors to the small balcony from her office and opens them.

"Of course you can come in" she offers softly, smiling.

Once Donna has landed, Diana offers a warm tight embrance. "I had hoped you might return today. I look forward to hearing of your travels. You have been well?"
Troia has posed:
Donna floats down to land upon the balcony, wearing tall, fashionable, boots as she steps up to offer her twin a hug. Perhaps a little eager, given it's been almost five years since she'd seen her, that feeling of completeness is as welcomed as it always has been... perhaps more so now.

With a grin, she steps back and slides her fingers through her short hair so that it tossles to one side over the shaved left side of her scalp. "I always mean to, you know? Every day, really." Return. The smile wanes, but doesn't quite leave her face. "But I do have some really great stories to tell." Turning her shoulder to pass into Diana's office, shedding her coat to hang on the coat rack. It leaves her in sleeveless black blouse, unbuttoned two down from the hollow of her neck to reveal the series of silver chains dangling down beneath the garment.

"Where's the liquor... is it too early for a drink?"
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince briefly considers not letting her sister go so quickly. But self control in all things, yes?

The hug is still of the sort that adjusts vertabrae, that only an Amazon could comfortably endure.

Nodding, Diana smiles, "I know. But you have your callings and you must do what is necessary. It does not change that you are loved, sister. Nor that you are missed."

Then she turns to look to Donna with a raised brow. "It is early. But not so early you cannot have a drink, sister." A. drink. Not the bottle. It's in how it is said rather than in what is said.

Walking over to one of the side cabinets, there are several bottles. No doubt a few of them are there because of Donna's specific requests. Diana reaches for the bottle of Themysciran mead that never gets touched unless Donna is present, she fills two glasses before handing one to Donna with a smile.

She meets Donna's gaze, a look that the two know well. It carries joy and thankfulness of their reunion.

Moving over to the seating area, Diana pauses to ask her assistant to hold all calls. As she sits, she looks to Donna, "I look forward to hearing any of the stories you wish to share." Then playfully, "Particularly for your chosen hair style? Mother will be so sad that you've cut your hair" she teases.
Troia has posed:
Donna is in no real hurry to be, or to release Diana. It's been long enough that she could hug her twin for hours and it wouldn't be long enough, but decorum being what it is, she accepts the back popping embrace with only a grunt and returns it in kind. Only to meet that gaze as she's offered the glass of mead, holding it up in salute. The smile on her face full of good cheer at being reunited until she's led over to the sitting area and drops down upon the couch with another, quiet, grunt.

At the mention of her hair, she combs through it with spread fingers and sips the mead with a little sigh of delight. It's possible, though unlikely, she misses the entirely too familiar flavor almost as much as she misses the sandy beaches of their home.

"Well, everyone kept asking me if I was you. You're a popular lady, Di... So I cut my hair shorter so as not to ruin your reputation with my less than reputable antics." Teasing, of course. While Donna is no stranger to expressing herself, she's by no means a bother to anyone.. At least no one from Themyscira.

After another sip, she sets the glass aside and turns in the cushions to lay back with her head on Diana's leg and her own hanging over the arm at the other end of the couch. "I've missed you. if I could figure out those Hermes forsaken cell phones, I'd definitely have sent you pictures, alas.." hands up, sheepishly shrugging. "I'd have better success sending smoke signals than making heads or tails of all those apps."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens as she settles on the sofa. Holding her glass of mead in her off hand, she watches with fond amusement as Donna twists around to lay with her head on her leg. Diana's free hand reaches down comb her fingers through the shorter dark hair and brush along the shaved side of Donna's temple.

"Oh yes. You are such a horrible example.." she plays along. "Though you have been gone long enough you have not heard of the bad behavior I have gotten to.." still more joking.

"I would be crushed if you claimed otherwise, sister. Even if I know it would be an untruth."

A soft laugh. "What is this? You know how to use the most advanced cameras available but you cannot master a smart phone? Could it be? Could your -older- sister actually have become -more- tech savvy than you in your absence?" The twinkle in her eyes completes the teasing.
Troia has posed:
"There is a stark difference between a camera and a phone, you know?" Donna rolls her blue eyes up to glare, rather quite playfully, at Diana. After a snap, she flicks her fingers up to tap the elder twin on her nose, "I'll have you know there was barely any cell service in the Himalayan Mountains.. or Tibet... Or this cute little village in Russia where they still wear burlap." Clearly she's been photographic a more rustic fashion, "I'll show you my pictures later." A promise.

With the fingers combing through her hair, she temporarily closes her eyes and smiles. Blindly fumbling until she reaches her glass to bring up for an awkward sip that plays the very dangerous game of spilling mead on her face. Talent. Pure talent.

Once her glass is returned, she reaches up and takes Diana's hand and brings it down to rest against the side of her face. "Besides, you were always a quicker student than I was anyways. It would surprise nobody if you were suddenly a master at geometric anomolies after a nights worth of reading... I, however, am cuter." Which is genetically impossible. With her nose wrinkled, she grins up at Di with squinting eyes.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles longsufferingly as Donna attempts to justify her failure to stay in touch. Of course, Diana knew that she was in generally good health - just the intiutional sense from sharing part of the same soul. Still, knowing that was a comfort, it wasn't the same as direct contact.

"I look forward to seeing them with you and hearing about them."

"Nonsense. It is a matter of priorities" she says, sounding every bit like Hippolyta lecturing their younger selves, ".. you can master anything you choose to apply yourself to. The same as I." She laughs quietly and smiles as her hand is guided to Donna's cheek.

"Oh yes. It's true. You are cuter.." giving that concession even if it couldn't be any more or less true.

"I will retain my hold on Timeless and Stunning."

Shots fired.
Troia has posed:
The face Donna pulls at those fired shots.

Sucking in a breath through her rounded dull black lips, "oh, look who's been paying attention to the catty insults of day time television shows." teasing, another flick aimed for Diana's nose, "I'm acquiesce to agree to this, if only because you're quickly becoming a crone and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't remind you that what you've just said is you're old."

A nector sweet smile, nuzzling her head back against Diana's leg. Blue eyes rolling back to stare up at her twin, "If only mother could hear you now, hmm? Telling me I can be anything I want to be when I grow up?" Reaching up to lay a palm against her twins cheek affectionately. "Do you really think she'll dislike my hair? I thought it was rather fetching. Gives me that late 90s chique, self empowered, neo feminist look.. I should start a garage band in Seattle."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince pulls her head back to avoid the would be assault on her nose, she laughs at the comments and shakes her head sadly.

"It is true. I'm getting older.." then she pulls out a movie quote. "When 900 years old you become, look as good you will not!"

She lightly nudges Donna's rips with a knuckle. When did she start paying attention to cultural references?

Brushing her fingers through that short hair again, Diana smiles. "I think she prefers us with long hair. She was never fond of shorter styles I have tried before. But she won't love you any less for your choice of hair style. Nor will I."

"If you move to Seattle, I will be at your first concert" she offers dryly.
Troia has posed:
"For your information, I'm nine hundred and three... And I don't look a day over eight hundred." Donna continues smirking up at her twin, nose wrinkling, even when her attempted assault is easily dodged. Her hand falls backwards, grabs the arm of the couch to the otherside of Di and stretches with a sigh. When she relaxes it's with a quirked brow.

"What's that from? Is that Star Wars? Did you just make a Star Wars reference? Have you been that bored without me around? Jeez, Sister.. if I'd only know, I'd have returned sooner. Saved you from this terrible fate what's befallen you." Her teasing has her rolling her own eyes.

"I'll expect you to be there, yes. We'll be a Four Non Blondes cover band... Or maybe Veruca Salt... I'll workshop it." Her head pillows to the side, looking up at her twin with a ghost of a grin flickering on and off her face.