15300/SMash and Grab.. Big guy style!

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SMash and Grab.. Big guy style!
Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Lower Manhattan, Manhattan
Synopsis: Both villians got what they wanted..
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Juggernaut

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn It's a Simple smash and grab, you know, disable the security *check!* have the security cameras on a loop of happy tree friends *Check* .. Use some Two face acid on the vault door *Check*..

For Harley this was a perfect time, She was humming to herself she found ALOT of Jewels and gems and jewelry.. easy grabs .. even some art.. The only really odd one was this funny red statue with red gems in it .. looked stupid but meh! She threw that into the bag too!

She hooked herself up with her little handy Rope .. ready to zip out. She was just giving it that 5 min.. just in case batman showed up.
Juggernaut has posed:
Being in Manhattan, Batman is likely not someone Harley may have to worry about. Of course..he could be following her around. Not unusual for him so she may be right to be paranoid. However, as the ground begins shaking and a series of *TOOOMS* begin rumble through the area..it becomes clear that Batman won't be her visitor. Not unless he's put on a few thousand pounds.

You'd think that a man like a certain Cain Marko is disinterested in rare collectibles and esoteric items held by the rich, famous and overly curious.

You would be right to think that.

But the man does keep his ear to the ground when certain keywords, locations and stories find their way through the grapevine of the mercenary circuits and criminal underworld. Things like Korea and ancient temples and old gods and crimson..especially the color crimson. The signs are clear. The rumors likely true and so he comes.

The heavy *TOOMS* continue. Shaking the building. Rocking the vaults. Breaking glass and windows from the rumbling shockwaves until, finally, Juggernaut plows forward through the front entrance of structure. It's a casual slow walk. A lumbering lean in that reveals an outside with his footprints sundered into the streets from the weight of his steps and flattened cars along the sidewalk from where he walked overtop them to enter the structure.

"Huh. I guess the place was already open.." he rumbles, noting the open vault and the tiny figure infront of it.
Harley Quinn has posed:
The shaking has her blinking and holding the rope like, what the hell? She frowns, thinking it must be a villain she knows trying to get something or some new hero.. she wasn't expecting the massive man to walk through the wall!

Big big eye's "Woooooah" is all she can say before she beams a huge cute smile on her face with that lipstick of hers " Bai bai," She says and slaps her belt, causing the Weight to go off and the belt to start yanking her upwards at super high speeds! ..

She's on the roof in moments holding that bag and throwing it over her shoulder " That guy was HUUUUUUGE..his food budget must make a sumo blush " . She shakes her head before she runs toward the edge of the building to check if he has some kinda run outside power, even as she gets ready to jump to the next building.
Juggernaut has posed:
A sudden *KATHOOOM* resounds as the roof behind Harley explodes into a pluming eruption of brickl, sement and dust. Rubble rains down everywhere as the goliath lunges upward through the air, having literally leapt from the first floor, straight up like a rocket, through the rooftop itself to then lunge forward and land with another thundering building shaking *BOOM* right behind her.

One might wonder if the roof will hold but it does. These buildings aren't made of wet tissue after all and while Juggernaut weighs a lot the structure wont' just come down..unless he wants it come down. Fortunantely it doesn't. This doesn't stop his impact from being a thunderous rumble that sends a shockwave after Harley, likely potentially able to cause her to lose her balance before she jumps if she's not careful.

He's also not far behind her.

"HEY!" he roars, deep voice echoing louder then the explosion caused by his leap.

"Where you GOING?! Stop!"
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Her eye's go wide " HOT SHIT FUCK " Is all she can say when the roof explodes and this monster of a man shows up! her arms windMill as she gets ther balance, she's got Really good balance but she just looks right at him " Nope nope nope " as she leaps! showing she's got way more than normal power.. cause she is clearly running and wow this little thing is really fast! all you see is a flash of long white legs and a red and black behind taking off! " Would you stop for you! " She shouts back " You scary asss. massive kill me friday the 13th style bastard! "
Juggernaut has posed:

Juggernaut's massive hand slams onto the edge of the roof as he reaches it and peers out over it to see her leaping and running for it.

"I said STOP!" He bellows before looking around rapidly and attempting to quickly form ideas in his mind on how to make her do just that.

The truth is..he could catch her. Building up speed over time, Juggernaut could nearly reach super sonic speeds. It's a fact that people are quite surprised to learn about him if they think just running from him is an option. He'd be fast enough to close the distance between himself and her long before getting close to his observable top speed. The only problem is that he's not The Flash or Quicksilver but rather more like one of those bullet trains and the resulting destruction here in the middle of Manhattan is not what he came for. Night time heist or no. Heroes would be on them both in a flash and this was supposed to be in and out.

Doesn't mean he's not going to cause just a little bit of property damage though. Little by 'his' standards.

As Harley runs she might soon hear the sound of whistling, accompanied by a great shadow passing over her and then finally directly infront of her path a loud *KATHOOOMSS* occurs as a huge chunk of the one of the neighborhood building comes violently crashing down infront of her, filling the street up and raining debris violently down. Sourced from Juggernaut having litrally ripped the side of an empty building free with a flex of his huge arms and then shot putted it her way with careful aim.

The crash resounds, setting off car alarms and causing power to flicker. Several cars are also crusehd beneath the impact but fortunantely it was an intnded near miss.

"STOP!" he repeats from the background, coming out of his throwing pose as more of the building behind him leans and crumbles. "Don't think I can't hit you if I don't wanna you dumb broad! Stop running!"
Harley Quinn has posed:
Thiers the explosion, the debris and smoke and everything she gets swallowed up by it.. hard not too when everything in front of you basically explodes! she knows a super strong when it chucks something at ya!

But he touched a sore spot! so from the dust is a CRACK, and suddenly something hits Juggy in the face! Exploding like a pain bomb.. while the acid won't exactly work on him like she would be hoping .. the whole it's green and sticky might work better to cover his eye's so he can't see" I AN'T STUPID, YOU GIANT LUMMOKS ". She shouts back, clearly miffed!

But she takes the opportunity To stash the goods while he can't see before she walks out with her big mallet " It's mine I stole it fair and square " she glares at the huge man.. looking him up and down " And what do you eat your the size of a house! "
Juggernaut has posed:
Indeed - acid intended to work on normal people is less effective on those whose call to action is to take hits from missiles and tanks.

So it's even less then that to Juggernaut whom isn't even effected by disintegration beams.

Still annoying though. He reacts as most would, recoiling at the sudden explosion and then reaching up to his helmet to wipe it down as the green gop drips down over the holes for his eyes where some of the acid surely got in. Not as much as she might hope though. He -is- wearing a helmet that covers his head liek a giant dome after all.

Still probably less shocking then the fact he seems unphased.

"When I say stop you -stop-." he thunders firmly, walking towards her with earth shaking steps as the building he damaged finally collapses into a roaring pile of rubble behind him and fills the streets with smoke and debris.

"I don't care -if- you stole it. You got something in there that belongs to -me-. I came for it and I'm leaving with it and if you're lucky I'll let ya keep the rest. I'm trying to be nice! I could just paste you and take it! But I figure since I aint interested in everything you are I'd be nice..."

He frowns as he sees the mallet and adds, "Listen sister, we aint in the same league. I know you are. Yer The Joker's girl, right?"
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Gasps, " hell no, I an't with that two-timing.. lousy son of a bitch " She growls as she waves her big mallet in the big guy's face.. points to Harley she's aware he's WAY bigger and more powerful but she's not backing down.. Hell she jumps on top of a chimney so she can look at him in the face " I ain't with him.. Besides.. the stuff already gone.. so nuts to you"

She points to her lack of bag " Tell ya what, because I'm not him.. you tell me what bit yer looking for if it's not expensive, I'll let ya keep it.. but you gotta distract the cops " .
Juggernaut has posed:
"Yer -not- with Joker?"

This is news to him. Looks like gossip and tea has travelled slow through the grapevine. "Th'hell did that happen?"

He shakes that off though. More important things to worry about as he glares at the defiant Harley with rising anger.

"Don't you know who I am? I'm The JUGGERNAUT, bitch!" he thunders. "I demand something, you give it to me! I trade punches with The Hulk and just giggle. I'm giving you a chance to not have me swat you like a fly, girl!"

She does have a point though. He has now realized she -has- hidden it and he didn't exactly have a radar on it. It could be in the sewers or in some random apartment building for all he knows.

"you're gonna tell me where that loot is." he rumbles, pointing a huge finger at her in contrast to her mallet. It's not -exactly- a mexican stand off but she does hold some cards here.

"I aint gotta do jack. The cops aint a problem to me. But you aint bullet proof are ya?"
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Blinks " hell no .. he stopped caring about me long ago.. I hooked up with ivy but she's off on her own now " She shrugs .

She looks at him " I'd give ya a shot, but I don't think my box can take ya.. besides not a fan of a guy with a bigger ass than me " . she quips

Then he's shouting like it's a catchphrase" Is that supposed to impress me? " To her credit, she is trying to stay calm.. even though when he shouted, her pigtails flapped in the wind of his voice! .

"If the cops get here .. that means the heroes get here and were both fucked.. stupid," she sniffs " I'm not telling you .. what part did you want and you deal with the cops that are on their way.. that's the deal ".
Juggernaut has posed:
The giants hands twitch. There's a sound like tree trunks splintering as his knuckles tighten. He could try and grab her. Hell he could just clap his hands and send a shockwave at her. He could just fall on her.

None of that will tell him where the bag is though.

"If it didn't impress yuo, you're dumber then I thought." remarks Juggernaut who also curls mouth into a tight close lipped frown at the comment about his ass.

"You think I'm worried about them. I -told- you girl, my sparring partners are Hulk and Thor and their kind. You'd get smashed up by that before I started breaking a sweat. Collatoral damage is a hell of a thing..."

But she's got guts. That much is clear..

"The cops aint even -here- yet!" he adds, frustrated. "You're wasting time doing this when we both coulda been gone by now!"

Sirens are sounding though. It's only a matter of time.

"...It's a statue! Red. Several arms." he finally adds, with some haste. "C'mon and go get it already!"
Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn Blinks and cocks her head " Oh, that, " She smirks " I give you that you take that titanic ass out of here? " She says, "Besides, they show up .. I'm gone like the wind, and you know it," she smirks. "The moment somebody shows up, I'm gone, big cheeks " .

g she gives that winning little girl smile. She looks over as she also spots the lights starting. She stuffs her hand into her own top and yanks out the statue! " here, " she throws it into the air and starts to run again " Babbies, book it! " She shouts.. and you might hear or see a huge hyena take off out of the alley with the loot bag in its mouth as it runs to the left, and she runs towards the right!
Juggernaut has posed:
There's no escaping him if he wishes it. The jeers and jokes from her are very annoying and it doesn't ake much with a hot temper like Cain's for annoyance to flip over into rage especially when he's already on edge and harried. Cyttorak's connection urges him towards and would love to see unleashed destruction. A single punch could crater this place. There'd be nowhere for her to go--

But she -did- toss him the statue in question and the distraction of where she got it from is also enough to put a cap on his bubbling frustration.

"How the--" he begins only to pause as she tosses it skywards. He reaches a massive arm up, reflexes faster then she probably expected, and manages to grab it out of the air before it begins a dangerous fall.

"You little--" he begins, sneering now as he brings the statue in ..but the approachign lights of cops and emergency dispatches are now getting brighter. They've come to deal with the robbery and the damaged building.

"You're lucky I was willing to give you a chance but next time I see you we're gonna deal with this, Harley Quinn!" he yells after her before turning and moving towards another street. A fight with the cops is a waste of his time so for now, all involved are sparred Juggernatus' full wrath.
Harley Quinn has posed:
Is already running away at top speed but " BAI BAI JUGGY CHEEKS! "