15463/Intruder or Intrudee!

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Intruder or Intrudee!
Date of Scene: 12 August 2023
Location: Church of du Lac, Sunnydale, Haven, Bludhaven
Synopsis: Faith bumps into a familiar face an together they fend of vampires after stealing a tome of spells.
Cast of Characters: Faith Lehane, Pink Ranger

Faith Lehane has posed:
The old church, known as Church du Lac, still stands. After the land was purchased by the order, it was restored to its former glory, but is still a spooky place. Mostly a secretive order, it is ancient, beautiful and. eerie given its history. It's also largely locked up to the public, at least lately, since..Some new order took it over.

Which is perhaps why it's quite interesting that the lock on the front gates has been recently broken and a shadowy figure passes through the hallways..Probably doing..Shady things.
Pink Ranger has posed:
It wasn't -really- what most Power Rangers were known for, this sort of thing. When you wore bright colors, fought monsters that often came straight at you and had the occasional giant robot battle...patrol didn't really seem to be a thing most of the time. But well, Kimberly hadn't forgotten that nightclub encounter that had put a few of her fellow gymnasts at risk.

She needed to check things out.

Slim leather jacket over a bright pink top, dark jeans and her hair tied back, the young woman had been guided towards the old church after asking around about rumors and strange happenings.

Rangers did have a knack for finding trouble.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Rumours? Yes, there were rumours about the old church, some sort of cult that had started gathering there, appropriating the old haunted place that had not been quite restored as some areas were still under construction or damaged. But it has a wonderful library, with most of its original material still intact.

And that's exactly where the shadowy figure is headed, rifling through books and overturning blankets, chairs and what not, clearly looking for..Something. The sun is still in the sky but will be setting soon, could it be a vampire hiding or...?
Pink Ranger has posed:
Each Ranger was a powerhouse, but they worked best as a team. Kimberly knew she needed to be careful, but she also needed to help people.

She could handle a weird cult, right?

Moving in, she was drawing close, headed cocked to listen...and not exactly aware she wasn't alone yet, even if she half-expected it.
Faith Lehane has posed:
"Damn, this place is a mess.." a girl's voice rings through the hallway, echoing nicely. Seems she's not really going out of her way to hide, maybe because it's still bright outside. She sure sounds familiar though. Has Kimberly met her somewhere before..? She continues to rifle through stuff in the library before drawing towards a pedestal holding a big old tome of some sort. "Hello, what's this?" still partially hidden in the shadows, it's still not easy to make out her face. But she's probably trouble.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Movement, this time too hard to miss and too clearly not natural. Even without the crashing giant traffic-light turtles and rapping pumpkins to kill the word subtle completely, she was going to pick the woman talking to herself.

"Going to guess you're not a nun or the librarian, huh?" She speaks up as she slips in, arms lazily moving to rest hands lightly against her hips, almost casually so.

Of course, that sting of familiarity might roll both ways.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane is crouched over the book, studying the text intently. But even then she doesn't seem to be taken by surprise at all when Kimberly decides to make herself known, "Heey, Kimberley wasn't it? I was wondering when you were gonna stop stalking me." she smirks, way to casual given where she is and what she's doing.

"So what's the deal, thought you'd come investigate too? Or are you part of their little cult now?" she smirks, talking casually though there is an edge to her voice too. Kimberly seemed cool in the past but one can quickly turn into an enemy when they are bitten by a vampire.
Pink Ranger has posed:
"Do I look like a cultist?" Kimberly answers, frowning a little at the thought. What -did- a cultist look like? Folding her arms under her bust and moving closer, tilting her head to the side. "What about you? Go from looking out for wayward gymnasts to wandering into haunted churches for some evening reading?"
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane doesn't know a thing about magic, and it shows. She frowns as she mulls over the unfamiliar words, flipping to another page and sighs, shaking her head, "Well this is stupid, how the hell am I supposed to figure out which spell summons a giant chicken snake thing, when it's all in Latin or whatever the heck langue this is?"

She rolls her eyes, "Well gee that's too bad, guess you can't help either huh. Guess I could look up Willow but she's so flighty, I'd probably scare her away with this weirdness." Kim's comments cause her to laugh, "Yeah, something like that, got a little..Pest..Problem in the woods.." it's hard to hide her secrets and really, why should she?

"Well what the hell, I guess you could say I'm like...A cop? But I don't get paid. I work for Angel investigations, we investigate weird cases that no one else can solve." Well. It's a half truth.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Latin and translation of mystic texts...wasn't really her thing. There was that one time her story book got magically enchanted, but that was about it. Still, Kimberly does actually blink a little before moving forwards. Willow? That girl that had the date with Adam? Surely not. Still, she comes to move closer, looking over Faith's shoulder at the book and blinking.

"So you're like...a magic PI?" she questions, yet her eyes do move over the text to see what she might interpret.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane laughs and shakes her head, "Well...PI, without the magic, more about the muscle. I leave the magic to the brains, people like Willow." she may be revealing more than she should about Willow to someone she barely knows, but it's not like Willow is exactly a friend. "But I haven't seen her around in a bit. I mean, sometimes we work together but it ain't like we're friends or something."

She peers at Kim thoughtfully, "Saay, you look about college age, if you live around here, maybe you go to the same college as her? Actually I'm not even sure where she goes to college so that might be a bust.." there couldn't be a lot of different colleges in Sunnydale though, can there?

"I mean I can just take this book with me and...!"

The heavy thud of multiple footsteps can be heard as the sound of people can be heard rapidly approaching their current location..And it doesn't look like there are any exits but the one they came in from..
Pink Ranger has posed:
"I'm uh...just visiting a friend down in town...I'm from Angel Grove.." Kimberly begins, a little -slight- lie, but it was better than saying 'I'm a teleporting superheroine who was worried about vampires'. Uncrossing her arms she looks to the other brunette, the girl in pink considering. "But I have a friend who is really smart at this kind of..."

The thumps make her trail off, blinking a little and considering. She knew the other woman was capable in a fight, she'd seen it when she'd rescued her friend but... "I'm going to guess you don't have permission to be here either, right?"

Well Kim, time for bluffing or fighting, but the decision was going to have to be quick
Faith Lehane has posed:
"Angelgrove? Sounds chill, where's that?" she grins and nods, "Well that's cool, hope you're enjoying your visit, Sunnydale ain't most peoples' cup of tea but you seem pretty smart." she arches a brow, "Oh yeah? Who's that..?"

And then there's the footsteps and Faith grins, grabbing the book and slipping it in her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder, "Well ain't this swell? I figured they'd be back sooner or later.." she sighs, checking her watch. Right, the sun is probably gonna rise pretty soon. "We gotta go, like now.."

She's already headed for the entrance, when four figures block them off, four big figures, their faces seem kinda weird, even though they're partially hidden in shadows. Are those weird ridges on their foreheads? But it's not the first time Kimberly has seen vampires..

"Oh look, dinners arrived!" one of them grins wickedly and the vamps are already rushing at the girls, two of them going in for a pincher attack at Kim,while the other two go after Faith.
Pink Ranger has posed:
First time she'd been here, it had been with the girls from the gymnastics team. Here? Well, at least it paid that Faith might not find it so strange that she could fight compared to the others. "So no talking our way out o-..." Nope. No talking. They clearly had no patience for it, or playing the 'lost girls exploring' was really just going to make them look more enticing as a meal.

Faith was a slayer, divine purpose and all to fight these creatures...but when Kim weaved past the first leaping vamp and drove her foot into the side of his head with superhuman force...well, it was probably suprising.

Was there even more randomly empowered young brunettes out there?
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane is rather enjoying this as she whips a stake out of her hair - no doubt Buffy had taught her that particular trick - and brings it up to defend the first attack, twisting the vamp's arm behind his back and throwing him off balance and to his knees. "You guys are too much fun, you should bring more, let me enjoy myself a little."

She eyes his wallet and makes a grab for it, ducking a swing from the other vamp, sending him to his knees with an endless foot sweep. Yea, looks like she's planning on having fun before slaying, but..Are those the sounds of more footsteps coming their way? It might not be the best time for dancing.

As for the pair that round on Kim, well she sure knows how to fight, even if she may not be as strong as these guys. The first vamp growls, staggering to the ground, the second counters with an attempted arm swing to the head, putting his full superhuman force behind the swing.
Pink Ranger has posed:
A stake in the hair? That wasn't actually something that Kim had noticed, points for Faith. Generally when Kimberly pulled a weapon out of nowhere? She was literally summoning it from the grid. However startled her vampire attackers might be for the gymnast girl who hit like a truck collision, she didn't actually have a stake...but she'd spent a startlingly large amount of time in her teenage and adult years smashing monsters made out of magic clay -or- stone without morphing.

The sweep at her? She's weaving back, well enough aware to judge that actually getting hurt would probably...well, hurt, but she moves and ducks, weaving about as more and more come.

Okay, soon they were going to be surrounded, that was fair for the whole 'Escalation' rule, but...

"Get out of here Faith! I'll distract them!"

Okay, so the other woman probably thought she was crazy, but it -was- the only way she could think of to try Morphing without being seen or abandoning the slayer.
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane arches a brow, effortlessly blocking a vamp's attack, and wuth a smirk she stabs the stake right through its heart. A moment later it explodes in a cloud of dust before she rounds on the next. She's aware of Kimberly's battle and is quite impressed with her skill and resilience, but these vamps aren't easy to kill.

"Yo, Kim, here!" she pulls a second stake out of her belt this time, tossing it towards the girl. Hopefully her reflexes are as good as her martial arts, "You gotta kill 'em through the heart, or else they'll never stop!" Her suggestion of holding them off for her causes her to laugh.

"Well ai t that sweet and ridiculously selfless if you, but like I said, this is kinda my job. I'd worry more about yourself. We gotta move quickly, I'm pretty sure there's more coming!"
Pink Ranger has posed:
Okay. They do explode into dust, like the last ones. So they're not quite people... "So you're just putties with worse fashion sense..." she muses aloud despite herself. Yet the random girl from the bar with the inextricably good martial arts skills seemed to have the reflexes to catch the pointy driftwood weapon.

"Your -Job?!- she calls back as she manages to sweep the legs out of one of the vamps, driving the stake into their chest.

There's a horrific moment where she wonders if she just straight up impaled a random hu- Oh wait, there he goes. Good.

Alright, so retreat and fight another day? She could work with that. With the weight of her morpher in her jacket pocket a reminder of a last resort.
Faith Lehane has posed:
"Putties? What the hell are those anyways?" she vaguely remembers talk about putties last time but she still isn't clear on exactly what that means..Giant, oversized movable play dough monsters? It outs weird images in her head. "Yeah, these guys are pretty much undead, you know the drill."

She wastes no more time in dusting the second vamp, smirking at the other girl's victory, "Not bad, not bad, but we gotta...Oh shit.." an endless wave of vampires rush towards the doorway, blocking them in. She glances around and spies a window, "Alright, guess that's the only way out..Come on!" And she's already running towards said window, taking a running leap and crashing right through it. Ouch, that looks..Painful..?
Pink Ranger has posed:
Okay, without the whole alien nanosuit diving through a window didn't really seem to look that pleasent. Still, if Faith had put the effort in doing so, the least she could do was follow! Giving a little last glance towards the vampires blocking them in there's a moment of consideration before she decidedss that it's a battle for another night. Now she knows what she's in for.

"Next time Dollar-store dracula!" she muses aloud before springing, vaulting her way through the window to land next to Faith with enough grace to really sell that 'olympic gymnast' thing
Faith Lehane has posed:
Faith Lehane doesn't have a whole lot of options as she glances around, but there is one place she knows to be safe from vampires, even as a public place. "Come on, I know a safe place..Can stash the book there, figure this out a bit.." and she will lead the way to the Blue Lady, a public place for sure, but it is Afterall protected by some pretty unusual bouncers, some of whom aren't altogether human themselves.
Pink Ranger has posed:
A safe place would be good, a place where she can learn more...and probably send a message to someone else about the fact she just got attacked by vampires for the second time in this town. Maybe Sunnydale had a vampire problem?

Brushing the vamp-dust out of her hair, she makes her way along, exhaling a breath. "So that was...a normal night to you?"