1613/Three's Company, Too

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Three's Company, Too
Date of Scene: 23 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Freefall, Jill Valentine

Freefall has posed:
    "I'm just experimenting," Roxie explained in one of her last messages over the dating site. "Like, I don't know if I even like girls, really, but everyone I'm around is so super gay I can't tell if I'm getting into it or if it's just peer pressure. I just want to try dating a girl and see if it even works; which I guess is no different from dating a guy and seeing if it works. You in?"
    Jill has been messaging Roxie a while. She claims to be eighteen, as the website insists she has to be in order to use it, but no way Jill's buying that from the photos she's seen. Still, Roxie passed the 'send me a photo in this specific pose so I know you're not a bot' test, and she's here in New York, so why not?
    According to her profile, Roxie's a smoker, an anime fan, and into punk rock. Her favorite movie is Monster and her favorite book is everything Lewis Carrol ever wrote. She's pretty identifiable by the pink bangs; she shows up for the date in a bland summer dress the color of chocolate milk with a matching beret, and a slightly-too-big black leather jacket with slightly-too-big black combat boots. No purse on her, but she has some purple lipstick and... huh, it wasn't your computer screen, purple eyes. Maybe she wears contacts. She looks like the type.

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine is pretty desperate. Not that she'd need to be in order to date Roxie- much the opposite- but there are so many red flags popping up that ought to make her back out, and yet, when the last time you went out with anyone it happened to end up being the last day for an entire city... Well, you eventually start ignoring red flags. Having friends in the legal field certainly helps. As such, not only did Jill wave the fact that she was sure Roxie was younger than she was admitting, she also waved the fact that Roxie was spunky energetic youth and Jill was... More or less the complete opposite- a grown woman, certainly far beyond the experimenting phase. She... Knew, in other words, whereas Roxie might not.

Really, a big part of it was that Jill got to pick the venue. She was found in what a person might assume is a trendy cafe, to be frank- she's not entirely out of touch, because the place is not half bad at all, but that is indeed its problem. It's far from what actually constitutes a place that Roxy would go. It's overpriced- which is to be expected, because it's not a diner- but it's no fine dining restaurant. Jill stands out, because she's the only one who isn't socializing. Instead, she's sitting at a perfectly positioned table. If Roxie were tactically minded, she'd know that "perfectly positioned" means that in Jill's seat she has view of all of the exits, while somewhat simultaneously not being very visible at all from the outside of the cafe.

She's dressed sensibly. A pair of slim jeans, boots with a flat heel that go nearly to her knee, faded somewhat from their original brown. Steel toed, definitely. Hell, they are, actual honest to god -combat- boots that you'd get in a uniform, and they fit well enough that it was probably -her- uniform. She's got a tubetop on, her only really approaching-fashionable choice, and even then it's just a touch dated, even though the top itself looks new. Around her waist is a sweater, white, tied in front of her, and hanging over her posterior. She's actually sitting on it. She also makes no assumptions, and doesn't say anything- she looks far from -mean-, but she isn't necessarily going to call attention to Roxie unless Roxie makes the announcement that she's present.

As well, the cafe allows for smoking. So there's that.

Freefall has posed:
    There's a jaunty bravado in Roxie's bouncy walk over to the table that's only... oh, maybe twenty percent a front. Whatever else you can say about Roxie, the kid has confidence. "Jill, hi," she greets, ten years Valentine's junior if she's a day, but with something knowing and world-weary in her eyes. Paired with her general scrawniness, you might guess she's the kind of kid who had to grow up fast. She waits for Jill to stand to offer a greeting hug, the kind of hug she bends slightly forward to give so chests touch but hips don't, with her palms flat against Jill's shoulder blades and fingers pointed toward the sky; a perfectly polite hug. She runs her hands over her butt to smooth her skirt as she sits, and when she does, she compliments, "So, hey, I like the table you picked. And your outfit. You got this cool Green Beret thing going on."

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine is taken aback after a moment. For the first part of Roxie's introduction, Jill is completely within expectations. She, upon chatting with the other woman, -knew- that Roxie was the sort of confident, headstrong human being that, seemingly, Roxie was. As well, Jill is somewhat aware of the front-to-not ratio. After Mister W, you sort of get paranoid about people. As well, she already knows the girl was lying about her age. It's even more blatant in person, but Jill sets that concern aside. However, the hug sort of catches her off guard. Not that she has PTSD surrounding people grabbing her or anything- which, really, is a surprise to the rest of the STARS crew- but Jill is not a very physical person. What she'd extended was a hand, after standing, for a good handshake. What she got was the kind of hug where both women know certain facts about anatomy and outfit. For the record, Jill's are a little bigger, and since there are no straps peeking above the tubetop, the second fact was already obvious. Momentarily confused, Jill nonetheless returns the hug just slightly, and just as politely. "Ah, uh- Thanks." Not necessarily flustered, it's apparent that Jill doesn't talk with new people a lot. "I wouldn't necessarily call it green beret, but...Thank you. I like the jacket." she states, returning some compliment towards the other woman, before plucking up a menu for the first time since she got here. "I wasn't sure if you wanted a meal thing or not, so there's more here than just coffee."

Of course, this is the sort of dating venue where, you know, you go someplace else after. For Jill, the idea is that if they hit it off over coffee, they'll head to someplace better for an actual meal. For Roxie, it might mean something else entirely.Jill, for her part, doesn't necessarily realize the possible misinterpretation.

Freefall has posed:
    Roxie picks up her menu and glances at it. Hey, look at that, coffee's nice and cheap. Great! Coffee it is. She sets the menu back down in front of her like she might bother looking at it later, and she invites, "So, hey, tell me a little about yourself. Your profile's kinda sparse. What gets Jill V. out of bed in the morning?" She's leaning slightly forward as she asks, and the heels of her boots are hooked onto one of the crossbars of the tall chair she's sitting on. She has a friendly smile on her face.

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine    There's a short silence, as Jill considers the question. There are a lot of answers, and the massive folder on her desk just chock full of leads and information on a not-really-bioterrorist organization and pharmaceutical company is really the only correct one. Which is why, somewhat casually, Jill pretends to have a sharper sense of humor than she does. "My alarm clock, mostly." she responds, with this sort of dry honesty that almost begs a response of 'lol, me 2.'

    However, she is looking over the menu, and orders something not quite as cheap as coffee, though it is... Horrendously sweet. Genuinely way too much cream and sugar and caffeine, as if her body doesn't like the idea of energizing itself. "So what do you do? As in for a living?"

Freefall has posed:
    Roxie's palms twitch-flip up from the tabletop in a little shrug. "Whatever I can. Temp work around the neighborhood for whatever they'll pay me under the table. Fed an old lady today, so... I'm flush!" Roxie gives two ironic thumbs up and guesses, "What about you? Military?"

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine scratches her head silently for what appears to be only a few moments. "So you're unemployed." she states, in that sort of quiet and calm voice that only adults use, when the adults want to cut to, well, the thick of it. Jill offers a nod or two- but at the same time, she isn't condescending at all. "Not a bad thing to be, in the long run. Unemployment's not really a laughing matter right now." There's a pause, short and sweet, as Jill considers her followup. "I'm not in the military. Nothing close to it, really. Used to be law enforcement, but that's not quite where I am right now."

Freefall has posed:
    "Pretty much," Roxie agrees serenely. It's a front, but then, by now Roxie is pretty damned sure Jill's fronting too. A secluded table with a view of the entire cafe; dresses like she's waiting for a fight; refuses to answer any questions, like she doesn't even want to be here... This is a setup. Roxie knew she shouldn't have used a dating site. Here she thought using that burner phone was enought to protect her.
    Well, two can play this game. Bitch tries something, Roxie'll crush her. In the meantime, she asks, "So, like, what's up, Jill? You seem like you're really wanting to not answer questions. You having second thoughts about the date?"

Jill Valentine has posed:
Jill Valentine isn't really playing games- and, truth be told, she does want to be here... But, sadly, she's all sorts of terrible at this sort of thing. "I mean, if you really needed to be employed, you could be. There's always retail work, but I don't really blame you for staying out of it." she states, trying to sort of save the conversation after the woman's initial remark.

The follow-up, though, causes her to set the menu down. "I- Listen. I'm not going to pretend I'm very good at this. I'm really insular, but I'm not having second thoughts. I just- There's a lot of really complex shit that I don't really think you even begin to want to know, is all. I work with something militant, but not military, it's... I wish I could say that it was complex, because that'd make it simpler than it is, but it's just a mess. I came here to relax, so I figured... I wouldn't bring any of it up, if I could help it. Sorry if that makes me seem like a cold fish. I'm probably not the best person for you to... Figure yourself out with." Cards! Table! On them!