2251/A Marvelously Wonderful Proposition

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A Marvelously Wonderful Proposition
Date of Scene: 30 August 2017
Location: Avengers Meeting Room
Synopsis: Captain Marvel invites Wonder Woman to discuss a charitable initiative offering self defense classes to those in need.
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Captain Marvel has heard of Wonder Woman, it would be very hard not to with her tremendous exploits. But there was a more personal tidbit she heard about Wonder Woman through her business acquaintance with Carol Ferris, that enlightened Carol even further about Wonder Woman, which brought about this formal invitation for a one on one meeting at Avengers Mansion. Simply because she didn't want to invite herself to the JLA's grounds. That would be rude.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince's car pulled up to the Avengers Mansion and parked outside of its front gate. She exited the vehicle from the front passenger's door and spoke to her driver for a moment before closing the door and looking up toward the building.

Diana was wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses over her eyes and her hair was tied back into a bun atop the crown of her head. She had on a black business blazer and a red skirt that went dow nto her knees, some black shoes with small heels on her feet.

The Princess had not yet been to the Avengers home, so it was quite interesting to get to see it up close for the first time. She started to navigate her way into the building and once in the main foyer she'd stop and reach up to pull her glasses from her face, folding the limbs of the shades closed she'd stand there and just quietly look about, taking in the sights of the rather fancy home that apparently once belonged to the Stark Family.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Captain Marvel is waiting for Diana in person at the foyer, walking up to Diana as soon as she's past the door, extending a amicable hand, "nice to meet you in person, Diana...I apologize for being in uniform, perhaps business casual would have been more appropriate," Carol notes with a faint smile, "I hope there wasn't too much traffic on the way? I had a meeting room reserved for us, shall we?" She offers Diana to follow her lead.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana would smile at Carol's approach and she'd extend her right hand to accept the shake and return it though it was just a slight shake but still a firm and good grip from both of them. "It is quite alright." Diana spoke in her foreign accented English. "It is a very fetching uniform, so there is no need to apologize." She smiled warmly again and then nodded toward the hallways. "I am quite happy to get a chance to meet with you, Miss Danvers. You are truly an inspiration in your actions and efforts across the globe. As are so many of your team here with the Avengers, it is why I have eagerly pushed for a union between our two teams. Separation only makes us weaker, yes?" Diana would follow Carol wherever she lead from here.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
It is a firm shake, not so much from trying to assert herself over Diana, as much as force of habit. Years of having to assert herself in high Chain of Command in the USAF for once. "That is a unique accent," Carol notes on the way to the meeting room, "I heard you're from some place called Themyscira? Care to enlighten me on its whereabouts? Somewhere around Europe perhaps?" Carol asks out of curiosity. A smile surfaces on Carol's visage at the complliment to her uniform, as she moves to hold the door open for Diana, "right this way please, care for something to drink?" She nods at Diana's words, simply quipping, "united we stand, divided we fall, that has ever been true."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana smiled softly at the door being held open for her and she moved through it into the meeting room. "Themyscira is located in the Mediterranean not too far from Greece." She said while stepping up to the large conference table in the room and then turning sideward to look back at her host. "I was lucky enough to return there this past weekend and get to spend time with my people again as we welcomed a new resident to the island. If you would ever liked to visit it yourself, I believe you have made it more than clear that you would be a very welcome guest of great honor." A light single nod was given then. "And yes, united we stand. That is my goal, all along."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"I've been to Greece, never been to Themyscira...is it quite like Greece?" Carol asks by way of small talk as she moves to take a seat at the table. "Glad you had a chance to visit home," while Carol sounds positive about that much, there's something about her tone that suggests going home is not one of her pleasures in life. Carol's eyes do shift with a very intense gaze towards Diana when she invites her to come see Themyscira for herself, her lips faintly curving to a hint of a smile, "I would be honored to take the invitation and see your homeland for myself. Thank you, Diana...now to the matter at hand, did Carol Ferris have words with you over the last few months? I've heard about how wonderful you truly are from her lips."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana would sit whne Carol sat and her hands would fold atop her lap as she sat straight in her chair and crossed her legs at the knees. "It is... quite similar to parts of Greece, yes." She replied about her home. "But it is like a... time capsule, you might say. Staunchly rooted in tradition, the island has not advanced at the same rate that the rest of the world has. It has stayed firmly where it was in the era that it was founded, many, many years ago. So should you come and visit, you might feel as thought you have stepped back in time, to an era otherwise long gone from this world."

Diana would smile then and nod her head softly. "And yes, I spoke to Carol Ferris a handful of weeks ago. She's very passionate and kind, I enjoyed getting to know her even just a little. I hope she's doing well too. I hope to see her again soon."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Than I should enjoy the weather," Carol says matter of factly. "Now you're selling it better than any tourist office, I'd definitely love to visit."

Nodding along as Diana recounts a similar vibe about Carol Ferris, Carol Danvers shares her meandering thoughts, "the reason I wanted to talk to you specifically, is because a discussion I had with her gave me an inspiration. I was wondering if you would join me in a charity of sorts, but not the kind where you give me, the kind where you give empowerment. I thought it would be great if we could offer self defense classes for free. Specifically for women, but leave an open invitation to any who feel bullied and in need of learning how to stand up for themselves. Having our names would lend it credibility, and perhaps would serve as a deterrant to attack hapless victims on a wider scale..."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana lowered her chin down and watched Carol as she spoke on this suggestion and idea and then she nodded a single small time to it. "I have done similar things in the past at our Consulate in Metropolis. Including having demonstration for personal defense for students from local schools so that they may watch my sisters and I during practice regiments. They... really enjoy it, or seem to at least." Diana showed a sly grin then.

"I would be more than happy to participate in something like this again with you and for whatever you feel it is you want to do. I can participate, as can three of my sisters who are currently in the United States with me. They are always... eager to get back to the training afterall." Another little grin was shown.

"It is a great cause and one I am all for supporting, as long as we make sure to teach the children to use their minds before they resort to any physicality. We do not want to train a little tiny army of unreasonable fist-throwers."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Splendid, I'm glad I can count on you..." Carol says as she allows herself to recline in her seat, as it seems they have an accord. "I find these classes are very helpful, but often times, people who should attend them are hesitant about it. Having your name, as well as mine, I figure some might show up just on the prospect of seeing us in person."

Listening to Diana's concern, she crosses her arms, elbows across the table, hands pressed to her chin. "Correct, this would be purely for defence, and cultivation of confidence. There is no room for bullies, in an anti-bullying class."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana would nod her head once to Carol and she'd release a soft exhale. "I do not like to condemn bullies either, as I generally believe there are greater issues at-play with them than would normally meet our eyes. Such as problems at home, or a lack of role models in-geneeral. But yes, they all just need to be taught how and when to fight and how to believe in themselves along the way... and to help each other."

Another soft and quick smile was shown then. "Where are you hoping to put this demonstration on? Here at this site?" She asked of the other super hero.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Teaching the victim to defend, does not condemn the bully," Carol notes firmly, adding, "I was the one who saved a Gotham City crime lord from assassination last month, I do believe all deserve a second chance...not everyone have a clear path before them. Souls are generally all with potential for good...even if they're housed in filthy vessals."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana would smile a litlte and nod her head once. "You've done a lot of good out there. I've mentioned your name on a number of occassions as a source of inspiration for myself."

"I look forward to seeing you conduct this training event, and will let you take the lead on it. For once, it'd be nice to just sit back and be a background member." A grin was shown then. "But of course, I'll do whatever you need me to during it as well."

Diana's blue eyes glanced around the meeting hall before she added. "This is a very beautiful home, I am surprised that Mister Stark donated it to house the Avengers team. It must hold a lot of sentimental value for him."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Is that so...?" Carol looks a bit taken back by that, taking a moment to process, as she nods, shifting her head for a moment to hide a momentary flush. "That's one of the most flattering things anyone ever told me," Carol starts, before levelling her gaze with Diana and bursting with laughter, "actually, I don't hear too many complimentary things, at least not in high circles. I guess it's because of my habit of stepping on toes..." she then adds, "thank goodness you're sitting across from me," with a playful wink.

"Don't confuse anything Stark does with charity, Stark's all about tooting his own horn," Carol sounds quite sure of herself when she offers that insight.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana release a light and quiet huff of a laugh at this. "You are hanging around the wrong circles then, Miss Danvers." She said with a follow-up smile before her eyes went ot the large windows that looked out onto the property beyond. "You deserve compliments for all that you do. If not more than that. But... what more really does matter?" She asked and looked back toward the blonde woman.

"I see statues outside. Those are often the reward that people get for the 'good actions' in a life well lived. But, do statues really do services to those that do as much as someone like you do? I am not sure..." She grinned lightly. "Afterall, Statues have been around even longer than I have, and my age is rather painful to say outloud." She was just joking around of course.

"I haven't gotten to interact with Mister Stark much as of yet, though he seemed to be... fun?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"It happens when you're a woman who is a high ranking Officer in the Air Force, can't be help," Carol says part tongue in cheek. "Working at the Bugle was an even worse experience..."

"I'm not sure what I make of statutes, I think they create a myth that hides the person it was meant to cherish."

Drumming her fingers on the table, Carol straightens in her seat and quips, "oh! I'm sure you'll just looooove, Mr. Tony Stark. Sure of it!"

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana grinned then at the last part and nodded her head once. "I sure hope so." She said to her in response.

"I have been roaming the world at-large for a loing time now, but it is true that I have never gotten to experience what it is like to be in one of the military forces as a member of it. I have fought alongside them, but they usually are always staring at me in borderline to crossing-the-border-entirely of inappropriateness. Actually being a member of them, I... cannot even imagine the hardships of it. The trials of making your value overcome other obstacles." Diana would nod again then. "Thats why I admire you, Miss Danvers. You've proven your value through quality action and remarkable strength of will and fortitude."

Another little smile was shown then. "But yes, I rant sometimes. Ever since I was a child. My mother and aunts used to regularly need to 'shush' me. I guess that hasn't gone away."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"My only request is to be present when you do meet him," Carol says while struggling to keep a straight face. No lie, she wants to be there.

"I would trust it's quite similar to how the military on Themyscira operates, just with different technology, but I wouldn't know for sure," after all, at its core the military is always the same, it's just the tools that change with technology.

"You're very perceptive, Diana," Carol notes, "I am very proud of all I accomplished before I was gifted with abilities." It wasn't Carol's choice to get dragged into Kree warfare, but it tossed her into a never-ending hurricane she never quite truly recovered from. She'll admit that much to herself, if not to anyone else. Extending her arm once again, she says, "it's been a pleasure. Looking forward to visiting your homeland, and working with you."