2507/And the mustard is free.

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And the mustard is free.
Date of Scene: 18 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Blackfire

Warpath has posed:
    Always the ducks. He even buys duck food. James Proudstar cannot explain why he likes the ducks. He cannot explain why he shows up several times a week to give kids duck food. he cannot really tell anyone why he does it. He isn't sure himself. Maybe its because there are not a lot of ducks where he comes from?
    Regardless, next to the large duck pond, on a bench, watching the quacking, flapping jerk ducks squabble over the feed, James Proudstar finds a rare little smile in his otherwise relatively bleak emotional landscape. Contentment is a rarity, usually. But here, it is easy to find. James takes a big bite of his little treat- A nice hotdog from his favorite cart. It is the small things that really matter.

Blackfire has posed:
    It's summer still and so people are getting out and about for the last precious rays of sunlight. Especially here in the great park that is the heart of the city. People are playing disc golf, playing with their pets, exercising, and a hundred other things city dwellers get up to when they have access to a bit of green space in the concrete jungle.

    There are food vendors too, doing a brisk trade - ice cream, cotton candy, popcorn... but there seems to be an interest in a hot dog vendor. Why? People are staring and pointing... before the totally normal man and his cart is a strange-looking woman - an tall orange-skinned lady with deeply violet hair dressed in silver metal, armor? She babbles something in an odd tongue and then touches the man on the face. He flails and pulls away and then she smiles.

    "Better." Blackfire says.

Warpath has posed:
    That carries. James has some seriously good senses, and while he doesn't run, crowds part for him. A 7 foot tall Adonis of an American Indian walking towards them? yeah they get out of the way.
    James shadow looms up behind Blackfire. he is... really big. Really quiet. His low voice rumbles. "Hey Harvey? How about another hotdog." His eyes slide over the silver-armored woman. "Want a sausage?" he asks. "Make it two, Harvey?" The poor vendor's hands are shaking as he starts to serve it up. James spares the armored woman a confidant smile. "This is Harvey. He has good food. I'm James. I like his food."

Blackfire has posed:
    The woman turns to face James and her pupliless lilac eyes are revealed. She scowls, as if she is about to bark an order at him but instead her face changes to a smile. "James." she echoes. "Harvey." and she glances back to the vendor (who has scrambled a few steps away). She tilts her head. "Komand'r." and she touches her chest with her open palm.

    "Your language is interesting. Barbaric, but interesting." she offers. "A sausage?"

    Behind her, a man has drawn a cheap revolver from his pocket and lines up a shot on the alien's back.

Warpath has posed:
    "Yeah. That describes us." James replies. He nods at Harvey. "I'll pay." James points the condiments out. "Ketchup. It is sweet and sour, a little, at the same time Just slightly." he indicates mustard. "Savory." He explains Pickles as mild acide, and onions as a mild, savory acide, then he smells gun oil.
    He doens't blur. He isn't that fast. James Proudstar will clear the distance then attempt to slap the gun up and out, and over towards the pond, snarling "Barbaric indeed." As he does so.

Blackfire has posed:
Koma watches the large man chug across the space like a freight train. "Impressive." she says as James sends the pistol flying. Still, her eyes blaze with lilac fire. "Was he attempting to harm me?" she asks. She lifts off the ground and moves the short distance through the air. "Were you?!" she demands.

    "Yes! Yes, I was. You're a dirty mutant! Give us our planet back!" he sneers, despite the fact that there's a very large man who seems to not like the idea of shooting someone in the back.

    Blackfire grabs the man by the front of his shirt and lifts him. James can certainly stop her by grabbing the shooter, but if he doesn't she will toss the guy in the same direction his gun went. She's strong. Not nearly as strong as Proudstar, but mighty nonetheless.

Warpath has posed:
    "Proving his point." James says. He lays hands not on the guy, but attempts to stop her. It is a simple, controlled gesture. She can, no doubt feel a prodigious strength and power in him. A restrained, controlled, and disciplined sort of power. His eyes are firm, and his body language is confident. "Let this one go. He can do something stupid when a mutant isn't around to save his ass from getting beat." he looks at the man. "Right? Before the super strong Alien tosses you into orbit, blow?" He diverts his gaze to Blackfire. "His life, for the sausage. In my opinion, worth about the same to you?" He tilts an eyebrow. Good and decent is not the same as nice.

Blackfire has posed:
    Blackfire releases the man and he starts to slink away. She lifts a long-fingered hand again and it glows with a nimbus of lilac energy a moment. A bolt of purple energy issues forth and blasts a divot in the ground near his feet... of course he takes off running at full speed.

    "My thanks, James." she says with a satisfied smile. "It would not have been friendly of me to slay someone on my first day here, would it?" she murmurs. "I owe you the honor of purchasing this 'sausage' for me." it may not be completely clear if she is joking of if she actually thinks she is doing him a favor.

Warpath has posed:
    Oddly. It's just like dealing with Emma, except younger, and different colors. The imperious attitude. The ability to do as she pleases. Trying to speak reason to her. James slides a hand through his hair. He then pays Harvey enough for 4, "Gimme a third." he says, before shooing Harvey off. James considers. He hands her a hotdog and a packet of mustard. "How to eat them is a matter of great debate. Harvey actually has good sausage. I suggest just mustard." His tone remains cool and calm as he hands both items over to her. he doesn't dig into the rest of the bag. If she likes them, well, he has two more to forestall her from going after Harvey.
    "It is poor form to kill people on our planet. Even when they deserve it." James informs Blackfire in a deadpan voice.

Blackfire has posed:
    Koma nods. "I will try to remember this, James." she says. "Are you a warlord here, or... no, not law-enforcement, I think." She considers the hot dog and the packet of mustard while she continues. "You seem more powerful that the rest of these beings. Why did he call me a 'mutant'? I understand this word, it means one with a deviant genetic structure." she holds the packet of mustard up to look at it more closely.

    "Are you a deviant, James?" she asks sweetly.

Warpath has posed:
    "Maybe?" He quips. "Mutant refers to genetic anomalies that present with abilities and physiology outside the norm. I am that." James says it with a quiet assurity. 'Deviant usually refers to a person with a different moral or sexual morality. Everyone is probably a little deviant." He shakes his head. "I'm just someone with a strong moral compass, miss."

Blackfire has posed:
    Koma squeezes the mustard packet so that most of it is in one end and it balloons dangerously. "Hmm." She puts the end in her mouth and squeezes harder, so the blister of yellow condiment bursts. She draws the empty packet back out again and looks at it thoughtfully. "It seems to be at war with my tongue, though feeble it is. I enjoy this 'mustard'."

Warpath has posed:
    "Normally, we smear it on the sausage." His voice is calm, quiet and composed as he hands over a couple of extra packets. "But, it goes to figure your palette would differ from ours." He admits it quietly. His head gives a little nod. He then hands over the other hotdogs. "What brings you here?"