2538/Secret Operations

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Secret Operations
Date of Scene: 21 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Nick Fury, Spider-Woman (Drew)

Nick Fury has posed:
    Operations was busy. Really busy. After all, General Nick Fury, the Director of SHIELD was standing in the middle of the control room, looking around with a very large frown on his face. That meant that everyone was trying to look really, really busy.

    The control room was where the action was at. Considering that an apocalyse was occuring at that moment, Fury was distracted. Or, better put, an Apokalypse. Fury did not look happy.

    A Level 3 Agent moves forward, the look of concern and fear was obvious on her face as she hands the Director a status report. Uncrossing his arms across his chest, his right gloved hand takes the report, and starts to look at it. Fury then pauses, looks at the Agent, and waits while she swallows, hard, and then turns to scoot off.

    Shaking his head, Fury goes back to the report without a word.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Into the Operations center comes Jessica Drew, in her Spider-woman getup, though the hood is currently unworn, hanging down across her back, and she currently has a cup of coffee, in hand which she is sipping at as she approaches.

Over towards Fury she goes, glancing at a couple monitors on the way before looking back up and taking a sip, "Director Fury. It looks pretty bad out there, do we know who these guys are yet?"

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury pauses for a moment, as the new arrival has his attention. Fury looks up from his report, and his frown, somehow, seems to grow deeper. "Yes. It is the minions of Apokalypse...and their ruler, Darkseid." Fury points at the level 3 once more. She scoots back over, and Fury hands her the report. He then waves her away.

    "Agent Drew. I read your report." Fury's frown lessens somewhat, as he nods approvingly. "Intergang and that whole mess on Long Island. Excellent work!" Fury then looks at the main screen, and his eye seems to absorb every detail. "Do you have anything you'd like to add off the record?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Well, not so much off the record." Jessica says as she moves to lean up against one of the workspace desks, shaking her head towards Fury as she glances over at the monitors and displays, "But I would add that it seems clear now they were a precusor to this attack, the weapons technology seems prettymuch the same. That means that there were collaborators and advance agents coming through... the crooks we rounded up were all nobodies."

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury nods sagely as Jessica continues with her report. "Excellent eyes Agent Drew. I concur. It seemed a bit out of place for that kind of weaponry to be in those particular hands when everything that has happened since points to something going on with that group." Fury looks at Drew, and adds, "Anything follow up? I spoke to Fitz and Simmons the other day. They were...busy, but hadn't said anything to corolate what you said when they looked over the tech. Can you follow up with them? See if they discovered anything?" Fury nods.

    "I do have a follow up question, however. Something that would make our "Alpha" friends happy." Fury purposefully looks up at the ceiling, and then back at Drew. "WHat is your assessment of this "Martian Manhunter" character. Can he be trusted? I know he has a history...I want your honest assessment, Agent."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I'll be sure to check in on R&D, Director." Jess nods her head at that, hands bringing her hot beverage up to her lips to take a drink from it before glancing back towards Fury.

"Martian Manhunter.. that name is quite something, isn't it?" Jess asks, "It doesn't evoke a lot of trust." She says with a laugh, "But, he seems to be largely in the 'hero' category, but I haven't had enough personal interactions with him to offer a true assessment of his character. His presence with the likes of the Justice League is a positive for him as well, but we should keep an eye on his activities regardless."

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury watches as Jessica drinks the coffee, and then looks down at a young male Agent, a level 2. Fury points at him, points at the mug in Jessica's hands, then points at himself. With a glare, the level 2 jumps to get Fury a cup of coffee. Fury smiles slightly, and then turns his attention back to Jessica.

    "It's good to be the Director. Okay." Fury absorbs the information, and nods again. "Hmmmm..." Something was running around inside his brain. "I agree. I leave that up to you then, to assign who you deem necessary. Or yourself, if you find yourself working with him again. Manhunter indeed."

    Fury nods. Then says, "Is there anything else I need to know about? Anything within SHIELD. Or externally? Anything that you find...of interest?" Fury looks at Jessica with his one good eye, and watches her carefully. Was this a test?

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica Drew shrugs her shoulders a little, "At least you can be pretty sure to get it just how you want it." She says with a grin, "Alright, assesment of the Martian, got it. I'll try to get some more intel on the green guy."

She shakes her head a bit at the follow on question, "Well, there were these tree people upstate, came out like they were trying to give a warning, or were looking for something? Then a local shot one of them. I think he was brought into one of our facilities. The Intergang thing came up though, I'll follow up on that a bit.. could be nothing, but you'll get a report on whatever I find."

Nick Fury has posed:
    Fury nods, and accepts the cup of steaming hot coffee from the scared-to-death level 2 Agent. Fury takes a sip, nods, and waves the man away. "Thanks." Fury says in dismissal of the pooor man. Taking another sip, Fury listens to Jessica, and takes a moment to think.

    "Tree people. I see." Fury nods and says, "Lots of things happening . Hmmm..." Fury shakes his head, and adds, "Looks like you have things well in hand." A pause and a nod.

    "Thank you Agent Drew. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated. I have at least one Agent who knows where her priorities lie. Carry on." Fury nods, and waves to the level 3 Agent again. She had been waiting with the next report, and moves forward quickly to hand the next data pad to Fury. With a quick sip of coffee, and a sideways glance, Fury sighs almost imperceptibly, and reads the next report.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Maybe I'll send the tree people down to Wand." Jessica says with a little hrm as she nods her head and steps away from the Director as she is dismissed, "I bet the hobbits of hogwarts know about tree people."